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Hitomaika V – Welcome Back Maika

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giphy (2)

I don’t have any experience and I don’t mean to belittle the actual events but to me this is like almost what I imagine married couples feel like when they see their loved ones returning from serving!

Like Hitomi’s reaction here in these pics I have seen hit me really hard and by surprise! From what I see she reacted the most out of all the girls! She was near tears from what I see, nay I think she did cry. I really need to see event in video format! Come on Management, you have been really good lately as if you listened to my wish to release =LOVE’s live performances! Ever since my wish we have had like, three, if not four LIVEs already! Granted those were joint LIVEs like Strawberry Project and TIF!

But anyway, let’s get back to Waifu Hitomi and affected she was by Husbando Maika’s return in a blaze of glory, transformed with a different, and very unexpected hair-do but looking as lovely as I remember her!

Speaking of return, this has been the best two months for me! Not only did my Team 8 Oshi Yokomichi Yuri return after taking a long hiatus due to concentrating on her studies, now my =LOVE Oshi Maika has also returned after a period of more than a year!

God, it’s been that long I have felt her absence every single day! Excuse me while I join Waifu Hitomi in crying tears of happiness! I have yet to watch Yuri’s return stage but it’s in the queue. For now I am watching her in the 13th AKB48 Anniversary Stage!

And there I go again going off the rails…



This is kind of bizarre but I am going to start off with the last thing that happened! Because it’s the goddamn best thing that happened that’s why!!!!

So, there I was refreshing my feed like a maniac! In addition to looking for those new Maika pics, I was awaiting Hitomi’s couple tweet with Maika as every other member was dishing out pics of them with Maika but for some reason Hitomi’s was taking its damn torturous time!

I take a break to go watch that new Evil Superman trailer (Brightburn) and some other stuff. I come back and Waifu has a tweet up! At first I am confused thinking I saw things and this is Maika’s post retweeted by Hitomi but no. My brain and eyes are in agreement! This is Hitomi’s account and this is her freakin tweet! She wasn’t posting anything like the others yet because….because…



Like, WTF!!!!?!

Maika hasn’t even been back for a couple of hours and Hitomi is like…Let’s go on a date right this freakin minute yo! Like, How the heck?! Like from what I understood the members too were surprised at her return meaning they did not know she would be coming back!

Like what if she had plans or somethings after the event?! Like how the hell did that happen?! Forget about Maika even for a second! How did Hitomi just go and ask her on a date like?! Did she not even think of like, I don’t know, a get together party with all the members or something? i mean I am sure they had a little bit of something after the vent all of them but that makes this all the more profound!

I am sorry dear Readers, this is out of my limits of sense-making!!!

Like, before Maika had to leave, she all but had a dream about Hitomi, whom she called in tears to make sure that Hitomi was still alive! And now we have this!

This ship is too much for me! The implications of this date and the very fact that it actually happened in the first place are earth shattering! I nee to distance myself away from this date right now before I…

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Calm the heck down Hitomi!

Like seriously, she isn’t going anywhere this time! You don’t have to cling onto her like so! Like, I swear to you all I have never seen Hitomi being this touchy, most definitely not with Maika! In fact it was mostly Maika who was touchy and Hitomi would come off as us people that don’t like physical contact!

In Samuel L Jackson’s voice – “And yet here we are!”

I really need this performance streamed ASAP! Put it on a damn Blu-ray, I will frkkin buy it even if Maika is only showing up for like, 10 minutes in total!

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Look at her here as the girls watch Maika give a speech to the fans. The Rival is only playing since later she look okay when the girls are all together but I am not so sure about Hitomi. I mean, she went as far as covering her face and I bet you a billion euro she has stars in her eyes as she looks up at the approaching Maika here!

God, I need that video! Please be the next Documentary!

Which actually reminds! We haven’t had a documentary since Maika left! I mean we did get the IDOL (episode 8) but we knew we were going to have that when Maika was still here and in fact she was in it! And not to say that the group hasn’t had events since her leave because they have had three major events including the 4th single! So there was a ton of material to cover but yet, no Documentary! And they used to come each month! It’s been a year without one!

A frikkin year!

I guess Management were waiting for Maika too!


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heart eyes motherfuker

And by God! I totally missed the way Maika stares at her Waifu! I don’t know what it is but I just wish I had someone to look at me the way she looks at Hitomi! Like, Jesus! I sure hope Hitomi knows how lucky she is to have the gift of grabbing Maika’s full attention like that!

Like, again, can we have this video please!


God, I miss them so damn much! It’s been over a year but just looking at these pics I can hear Maika’s voice and Hitomi’s embarrassed laughter! And look at that first pic, Hitomi is definitely fighting back tears! I think her heart finally got the jolt it needed! Maybe the distance was what Hitomi all needed!

And now I can’t un-see all the times that it’s going to be her leading the charge! If anything I have taken from this video, it’s that Hitomi all but just declared her solo rights as the Waifu to Maika or the No.1 or the only one!

But if that is the case, then I hope she doesn’t see the other members’ tweets because if she does….I fear for Idol War I breaking out!


Definitely trying to hold back tears!

I really missed the whole group! I haven’t watched a single video of them since Maika left but I do have all of them so I will be binge watching them now that she is back, in preparation for her return! I wonder who she will be with on one of their new Showroom shows they do now! it’s usually three members but I have a feeling they are going to have a special one where they are all present, as a way to welcome Maika back to all other fans that didn’t get to go to the LIVE.

I was really surprised at Hitomi’s reaction. Looking at the other members they don’t look as deeply affected compared to her! This is really doing some weird things to me!

Anyway, that’s that for now. here are some more pics of Maika and the members, courtesy of all the lovely people on twitter who provide us with all these lovely images of =LOVE.

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