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So, You Think You Love THE HANDMAIDEN

That’s Cute…

And I am not even done yet!

There’s still a lot missing from my collection including the Japanese Version, Taiwan Version, the American Version and so many others from the looks of that special arts book that came with my #PlainArchive purchase, which showcases all the covers and posters of The HANDMAIDEN from around the world!

I gotta catch’em all!

Now dear Reader, that is love for THE HANDMAIDEN!



Vid – Madness [Sharp Objects]


Dear Everyone,

Here is a vid of Ammille from  Sharp Objects! The fact that it exists can only mean one thing –  I am very happy with the ending! So happy in fact that I forgive the series the shenanigans it was pulling in the last few episodes, even messing up my kiss! Still bitter but I can forgive!

And so I was so happy that I couldn’t stop myself from making a video of it. Fear not though, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be making a post. Oh I will! I still need to vent!

But for now, enjoy….

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Vid – Come Alive [Spider Lilies]

Spider Lilies is of course my 2nd Favourite Lesbian movie of all time as listed in my Ten Commandments post.

This movie is close to perfection. I should have made a video of it long before but I have been waiting for a Bluray or even HD rip to do it. Unfortunately there was no such luck and so I have chosen to wait no longer and use my DVD source instead. So forgive the less than usual quality.

As for the movie, the reasons it resonates with me so much is first and foremost, the depth of Jade’s love for Takeko! A love that lasted for ten years in the absence of her first and only love in Takeko! Seriously, the only other love that I can think of that rivals Jade is Homura’s love for Madoka that survived lifetimes and tragedies unknown to no man that would drive anyone insane!

Another reason is also what Takeko went through but in the end she overcame all that pain and fear and chose to love again, to love Jade.

And finally speaking of pain, I am forever grateful that despite everything we did not have a BAD END! I am still in shock, 10 years later, that we did not get a BAD END given what the story was and looking at the other films at the time.

Really, Spider Lilies is one of those rare gems that I am glad I got the chance to see and own.

The only reason it is on second place is because the ending was too safe. If anyone isn’t paying attention they would not understand it and in fact in the beginning I detested the ending because I did not get it then but now I do.

Anyway, enjoy the vid, supported by yet another song from Leona Lewis…

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One Clexa Vid to Rule Em All!!

Rarely do I post others’ videos on here but MY GOD! That’s Beautiful!

Clexa – Clarke and Lexa from the CW show The 100 is and will always be one of the top ships of TV! Forget it being part of infamous Burry-Ur-Gays trope collateral, forget it being down-played in the latest season, Clarke and Lexa deserve to put added to the Hall of Gay Fame!

Speaking of the latest season, I am probably the only one on this and now that I think about it I am questioning my optimism levels, but man, did I think that CW were getting the balls to bring in Madi into the mix! Yes, yes, I know all about the age thing and all that but come on! At one point I honestly thought they would have Madi have fantasies of Clarke and Lexa together given that she experienced getting lit on fire!

I guess gayness is still a much worse impact to the society than being burned alive!

But as usual I was giving shows more credit than they deserve as they avoided that route harder than WB is avoiding the JL fallout. But not only did they get cold feet but they went all out with that trope of using Madi to push Clarke and Dick (In case you are new here I am talking about that Bell-something Dude) together!

Oh well, at the very least we got some good stuff from Clarke and Madi since the very first episode. And really, I am sure someone will write that fic! I mean I am still surprised they did not go there! it was right there! Madi was always wondering why Clarke would look at her weirdly sometimes or why she was so against her becoming the new Commander. The only way would have been for Lexa to show her why, like all the other Commanders showed her their lives.

Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk and once all is said and done, Clexa is still the Master Ship of the show!

Anyway, enjoy this lovely vid but somehow I think all my Readers have already seen it.


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[GAY48] Combo Breaker!


@yappari_teamb just posted this on Twitter, obviously for Mayuki, showcasing how they have been holding hands since 2007, and through my woes of missing the bestest ship ever in the history of the Idol world, I spied what was behind them…


Like, talk about a combo breaker! Seriously, if on their left had been either Kojiyuu or Atsumina, I would have had this cap touched up, printed in poster format, framed, and then put up on the wall in my living room about the chimney!


And yes, I am aware that I haven’t yet touched upon Mayuyu’s graduation but my heart is just not ready yet for that! Add in the pain of my other Oshii leaving (Ikoma-kun and Maachun) and really, it is all just too much to have gotten over yet!

But it will be coming…

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[Sharp Objects] Cake & Poison – The Cake

Sharp.Objects.S01E06.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF.mkv - 00030

Dear Readers,

I am pissed! I am royally pissed!! I am so very pissed off right now!!!

Yes, I know! This is the opposite of what I should be feeling after seeing this week’s Sharp Objects! I should be rejoicing! I should be on cloud nine! I should be celebrating Sharp Objects as the greatest show of this year, nay, one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen!

But I am not!

I should have seen this coming, now that I think about it! There seems to have been a shift somewhere, I can’t put my finger on it! But there was something that changed about this show! There is a sign that I ignored, actually it was the reason why I have not posted about episodes 4 and 5 but this is not the post for raging!

That post is coming soon when I get my hands on a high quality version of episode 6. And so while you all wait, just so that you are not confused about my sudden face-heel-turn, having not read the book but having been watching the show, below after the jump are some excerpts from my beloved ‘Rolling Roulette’ part in the book!

I urge you to please read these excerpts carefully! Take every sentence in. Draw the scenes out in your mind. Then read again as you do that. See the absolute undiluted lesbianism in these scenes.

Read these then think of the episode.

Then wait for my reaction and reason why I feel like getting piss-drunk right now, binge every TV show that I have in collection and just about forget what I have just been witness to!

SPOILER: Do whatever the fuck you want to the story but fucking with my yuri is where you’re fuckin cancelled! You hear me show runners!!?!!

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My Wishlist

A1WF4wAMacL._SL1500_ (1) 715ii8m5ooL._SL1500_
1808_love_photo_aka2_04 1808_love_photo_aka2_08
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Last post for the day, I swear!

But in all seriousness, these two are my top Wishlist items for the moment! Not buying anything else until I get my hands on these two awesome Bluray Collections! We have already talked Kurokouchi! We have yet to talk Kakegurui Live Action but I have already watched it and the anime too! The Bluray is out now and I want my hands on it!

Speaking of Kakegurui, Season 2 has been announced for next year and not only that, a movie is also coming next year! Kind of interesting seeing as we have yet to even have a second season of the anime!

Anyway, I can’t wait for more Yumeko (Hamabe Minami AKA Saki) and Meari (Morikawa Aoi-sama)! Interestingly, the drama actually had more yuri than the anime! These two’s relationship was given more depth (even if it was little) in the drama than the anime so more of that and I am game! I mean, the show ended on Yumeko going to buy Meari a frikkin sandwich, which was asked for in such a…

Anyway, let’s not forget about Gouriki Ayame-sama as an awesomely laid back gay investigator in crime drama Kurokochi! I want muh Blurays so I can make muh music videos!

And by the gods, those Teokure CAUTION =LOVE photo sets! I will give anything to anyone that can point me where I can buy them! Anything to get those Hitomaika and Anrisa sets!! Please I will give anything!

And I just realised that I have not yet made a dedicated =LOVE post explaining my stance on the group yet! That is coming! I am just not in the mood since my Kami is currently out of service due to sickness (Missed the TIF and everything) Really miss her! Actually maybe that is one reason to post about them now! But I am out of free time >.<

At the very least you know where I stand in terms of ships, right?

Anyway, yeah, that is all for today. Sorry for the post dumps!


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