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[News] Maleficent 2 in Production!!!


I don’t into Disney but when I do, it’s either Elsa, The White Queen or MALEFICENT!

And almost on the clock Maleficent 2 is upon us! 2010 was Alice in Wonderland, 2014 was Maleficent and now we have ourselves a sequel (Through the Looking Glass didn’t happen, okay?!!) You all know how I feel about the first movie. I couldn’t shut up about it, from every single trailer to it coming out!

Maleficent and Aurora are back *Screams in gay* but they are not alone! Look at the set chairs above…That’s right, The Snow Queen is coming!!


Yes, I am with you. I too hoped it would the Elsa somehow coming to the Live Action but alas! Michelle though, I have no qualms whatsoever! I am already salivating at the prospect of the magic battle between the two (if Queen Ingrid does indeed have magic too, which then would make her Elsa so…)

What if it is over Princess Aurora?!

Ok, I got to stop making my brain puff steam! But I can’t help it! Either Queen Ingrid plays the card to turn Aurora against Maleficent, splits them up by insisting that she is family and Aurora should be with her family (that did not work out very well last time but the King was a dick so), or Queen Ingrid turns out to be evil.

Either way, I am there! And I know the core relationship will be between Aurora and Maleficent anyway.

Then again with the shit Disney pulled with Alice the Non-existent sequel…

No, stay positive BG!!!

Just looking at those pics of Angelina and Elle on set make are turning me back to 2014!


PS: Sorry about the top image. I just had a thought of The White Queen and Maleficent being in the same movie and I nearly wet myself (ahem)…


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A Simple Favor [Trailer]

A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00005
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00015 A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).mov - 00012
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00001
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00047 A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00041
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00002

Wow, talk about bait!

Here we have Anna Kendrick, the Anna Kendrick, looking all smote with one hot and irresistible Blake Lively, the two having this thing going on that seems to be way beyond simple friendship, and you know fishes are gonna bite!

I am one of them!

Usually a trailer gives away how the movie will look in terms of vfx and cinematography and I tell you now, I am just salivating at what this movie will look like! I love artistic movies and this promises to be one of them first of all. I am also expecting a smoothly edited movie, that takes its time with scenes, lets you soak in everything before cutting away and this looks to be it too.

So, even without the one master reason, I am already going to watch this when it comes out!

Speaking of the main reason, which is of course GAYNESS, if you just watch the trailers you can’t help but ship Stephanie (Anna) and Emily (Blake). Even in those few minutes you can just sense something in the air and it is not one-sided! It sure as hell doesn’t help that Emily is perspiring hotness and Stephanie looks like a girl with her first crush!

If you don’t know more than that you might wonder then what I mean when I say BAIT. Well, first of all this movie is based off a book with the same title by Darcey Bell. I am of course going to be buying and reading it and while I have a feeling I might regret it, I will still watch the movie because these days you never know, adaptations have started taking liberties with the source material and the movie might go a different route or sprinkle in some stardust!

Anyway these two all have kids, which means husbands and boyfriends but what’s confusing, and perhaps might be telling of some changes from the book (only speculating), in the trailer Stephanie says that she only met Emily a few weeks prior but they consider each other Best Friends? That doesn’t add up!

But then again, the way Stephanie looks at Emily can only be from people that have only recently met (and smitten by).

The story is of course a thriller, which is funny since they both starred alongside Batman Ben Affleck in thrillers; The Accountant (Anna) and The Town (Blake), it is almost as if he rubbed off on them.

Anyway, there is going to be emotions and just seeing the two suffering in the trailers already has me choking up so I know I am in for a wild ride! I wonder if the story will turn out to be like Gone Girl, in that Emily…Okay, I need to get off Ben’s…er…you know what.

Anyway, I am getting that book, like I did Sharp Objects and The Girl With All The Gifts (a movie that took liberties too BTW) and I am also def going to see that movie!


Any who, that is all.


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Fine Deadpool, Let’s Talk


So, finally been to the cinema after a long time and while there I got to see two movies; Solo – A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2. I liked both movies personally and I don’t see what the gripe was all about for Solo (and no, I am not blinded by Emilia’s sexy, sexy, sexiness, okay? Okay!) What fuss? The usual internet trolling, which sadly seemed to affect even my country because for the first time ever, a film saw less than 30 people on opening day in an iMAX screening, in the evening!!!! I was frankly shocked!

But this post is not about Solo (And oh so sexy…ahem)! This post is about Deadpool 2, the movie that I loved a lot, actually, laughed so much and made me realise that I did not waste that wonderful day before my birthday!

But you want to know the shocker? The shocker is that I did not love it for the reason I actually went to see it in the first place! I of course watched and loved the first Deadpool, but not in cinemas. I had to wait for it to be home released! But this time I went all in and it was of course because of all the talk of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (henceforth to be known as NTW) being gay and the lovely, lovely Yukio (pink haired and oh so gothic Asian girl) being her girlfriend!

Now as you might guess, there is a lot of whining out there about the couple and other things and while I think they have the wrong reasons to be whiny, I have to join them but my reasons are much simpler.

It’s 2018, almost half-way to 2019 and yet in addition to the two very annoying clichés about lesbians, and Deadpool being a frikkin rated 16 (probably R in US), the movie went ahead and pulled another Power Rangers Movie crap where they go out of their way to tell you how their characters are gay but they don’t show you at all!

It Power Rangers there was no action on Becky’s part to tell you at all that she was gay! If she did not say it during that campfire there is no way you would know. And even in knowing, the movie was showing you the opposite with her constantly in situations with Zack. That was so annoying to me!

As for Deadpool 2, it did something even worse. The clichés were already bumming me out but then they went out of their way to slap you in the face with the two like (hold hands and shout out she is your girlfriend without anyone asking you about it or how about resting heads the next time you appear so they know that yes you are girlfriends)

God, that got on my nerves so hard! I swear I ship Colossus and Deadpool, heck, I even ship Cable and Deadpool more than those two! I mean, God, couldn’t you just have them be walked in on by Wade while he was at the mansion and them stammering at having been caught and thus giving themselves away then if you wanted you could confirm that later? They don’t have to be doing anything inappropriate, and the fact that I am saying this in a damn 16-rated movie just adds salt!

God, that was so painful! Like, why was even Yukio, nay, include NTW in there too, why where they here? They were not needed in the story! Colossus was the only necessary piece here! Like, those two showed up and did only one thing! Yukio lied up Juggernaut’s legs and NTW blasted him once and that was it! That was their contribution!

I am all for representation but not like this, not to be put on display like this! It’s frikkin 2018, almost one tenth of the world supports gay marriage, like, get outta here with that unnecessary bul…

Okay, I am calm. I am calm!

Other than that though, I am glad I went to see it. It was a great experience. I needed a good laugh. We already have plenty of great lesbian characters so it’s not like we are starved and really, like I said, those two were in there for a few forgettable moments so…

Ah but I agree with Wade, Yukio is super cute!

Bye Yukio~

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Nacchan wa Mada Shinjuku [JMovie]

NACCHAN.mkv - 00517
NACCHAN.mkv - 00082 NACCHAN.mkv - 00122
NACCHAN.mkv - 00724
NACCHAN.mkv - 00254 NACCHAN.mkv - 00632
NACCHAN.mkv - 00450 NACCHAN.mkv - 01271
NACCHAN.mkv - 00377

Nacchan wa Mada Shinjuku なっちゃんはまだ新宿


Japan has gone and done it again! Just when I thought surely there can’t be a movie that can leave me completely confused anymore, a Japanese Director, a female one at that, goes and slaps me in the face to wake me up with yet another crazy entry onto an already long enough list!

Just as I speculated in my Trailer Post, everything came to pass just like I thought they would! Nacchan and Aki’s relationship was exactly like I figured it would be. So then you might ask, what then was so complex about the movie?

Well, you will just have to watch it yourself to find out! Yes, I know what happened. It seemed straight forward enough. But damn, am I confused as all hell!! There is like, three or more different movies in this one movie! Let me break them down for yous…

The first one goes like this – Aki has a crush on a guy. She has been crashing on since Lord knows how long! But the guy has a girlfriend – her name is Nacchan. Aki is so obsessed with Nacchan to the point that when they meet out of nowhere, when one day Naachan shows up in Aki’s closet, she keeps their interactions a secret like some kind of deranged person. Deranged because she has never met Nacchan. She doesn’t know how she looks like. She once asked the guy for a picture but he refused! So she keeps their life together a secret from everyone! She doesn’t even tell her Best Friend Ai!

When she learns that the guy and Naachan broke up, she wastes no time (granted all her friends were rooting for her and pushed her on) in confessing her feelings which were returned! A point after which of course High School is over, Aki moves away to Shinjuku (Nacchan’s favourite destination once upon a time) and the two go their separate ways.

Ten years later Aki is Ai and their male friend’s band manager! She has all but forgotten about Nacchan but her body hasn’t forgotten because she keeps buying those soft creams that Nacchan’s loved so much. So much so that at one point when she opened the fridge they all came flowing out! it was a fridge full of soft creams!

But won’t you know it, an internet Idol by the name Natsuko walks into her life and ten year ago come flashing back.

They hit her so hard she flips out on her boyfriend (still the same guy) for forgetting Nacchan when she told him that she had met her. The two re-unite and it seems like even Nacchan had forgotten, nay, not forgotten, she seemed as if she had never met Aki before. But they start all over, they have met again. Happy End?

The other movie is that Aki is so damaged that going back to the very beginning, she is so obsessed with this girl Naachan that the guy was seeing that she completely conjures her up from the figment of her own imagination! All interactions with Nacchan, the fact that she just showed up in her closet. The fact that the movie even makes it clear from early on that Nacchan is not real because after almost every scene we are shown that Aki is talking to herself!

The scene of them going their separate ways after Aki and the guy begin seeing each other is a real metaphor of Aki’s mind letting go of the ghost of this girl that the Dude she like was seeing but no more so she can stop obsessing over her.

Then ten years later when she meets a woman named Nacchan, looking almost exactly like her made-up Nacchan, she has finally met the real woman. Aki’s life goes back into a spiral! She begins losing it! She comes clean of her High School Days when she was fantasizing about Nacchan and the two decide to finally be friends for real and hopefully get together. Happy End?

But wait, there is another third movie here! The High School Days are the same as the second movie but instead of ten years later Nacchan being the real deal, Nacchan is still just in Aki’s imagination! But in this version Aki’s obsession with Nacchan is of hate. She really loathes Nacchan – the girl that her crush first dated, first kissed, even first had sex with! So when once more she meets Nacchan, it only makes sense that she would flip out…to the point of actually stabbing Nacchan with a box-cutter!

Yep, that actually happened…towards the end of the movie too! Bad End? Not in the way you think, for you see, this time finally Aki comes to her senses and asks for forgiveness. Nacchan being the super girl that she is forgives her and Aki finally says her goodbye to the girl of her imagination because this was it. This was the end. Time to face reality and stick with it until the end! Nacchan disappears, probably forever but something new has just been brewed…Ai’s last song was almost basically like a love letter to Aki and the way the movie ended…with Ai running to tackle a prodigal friend after she returns in an awesome hug. We don’t see it but I am sure it was super gay!

So yeah, confused yet? I am with you! The closest of these three to the actual movie is probably movie two! Aki never met the real Nacchan! And in regards to the gayness, putting aside the fact that Aki conjured up Nacchan, it was actually Nacchan who was in love with Aki! She even says it! I am also willing to bet my all that the reason she and the guy broke up was on her and because of Aki! But we also have to remember that Nacchan was not real, so what was she?

Was she like Fukada Kyoko’s Angel character in the movie Tenshi? Was she just Aki’s guardian Angel? I don’t know and will never know because this movie doesn’t tell you anything at all about Nacchan! What school did she go to? It was definitely different because she had a different uniform. Yes, you can see her here in Aki’s class but she is not real, remember?

What is so confused still is the fact that some things that happen are so real and so unexplainable that my brain just wants to explode! Like ten years later when Nacchan seems to interact with other people during her photoshoot or in the meeting when they meet again! Aki also accesses a website with Nacchan on it!

That was the same Nacchan that disappears towards the end of the movie so like…

What! The! Actual! _ _ _ _!?!

Oh well, I was already prepared way back when during the trailer so I will just settle for the delusional yuri vibes (since Nacchan is not real) with Aki almost kissing Nacchan, the glorious Hand-sex with a sleeping Nacchan, the confession, the cuddling…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Anyway, jump over for caps and the goodies to make up your own minds about this crazy movie! Yes, I did say I was getting this and I don’t lie (well, not often)…


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