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Marvel.s.Runaways.S01E10.Hostile.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00143
Marvel.s.Runaways.S01E10.Hostile.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00157 Marvel.s.Runaways.S01E10.Hostile.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00158
Marvel.s.Runaways.S01E09.Doomsday.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00150 Marvel.s.Runaways.S01E09.Doomsday.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00145
Marvel.s.Runaways.S01E09.Doomsday.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00094
~ Nico and Karolina ~
everything.sucks.s01e10.1080p.web.x264-strife.mkv - 00223
everything.sucks.s01e10.1080p.web.x264-strife.mkv - 00232 everything.sucks.s01e10.1080p.web.x264-strife.mkv - 00230everything.sucks.s01e10.1080p.web.x264-strife.mkv - 00153 everything.sucks.s01e10.1080p.web.x264-strife.mkv - 00076
everything.sucks.s01e10.1080p.web.x264-strife.mkv - 00111
~ Kate and Emaline ~

Thank you God, for the birth of streaming sites like HULU, Netflix and AbemaTV! For with them, the world is finally changing! We are finally getting content as it is intended to be consumed without being bound to regional laws (well, not so much), which then results into ‘Murica finally giving us great couples like the above!

Other regions are following suite. Japan shows running on HULU and Netflix are already miles ahead of the normal TV series and while they have yet to start getting into quality yuri shows, they are getting there. Meanwhile America is already into the game with two favourites of the year so far.

First we have the series I already posted about – The Runaways from HULU, a series about characters from a comic book, and I don’t want to say it but…I TOLD YOU SO!!! I had been told that Nico and Karolina have no chance since they didn’t in the comics but then I remembered the McGuffin of them all, Pretty Little Liars’ EMISON and what happened to that canon and I stood by my yuri-sense! I am happy to say that the series did not disappoint!

Thee there came something out of nowhere! Something so new that I actually only found out about it last week, got all episodes and watched them in a single marathon! Thing is the episodes were partially out in HD and so I had to settle for low quality in some of them but I was so invested that I did not even care! Also I knew this being a Netflix series that eventually we would get the top quality ones and they eventually dropped and of course that meant re-watching the whole series! And dear Readers, what a ride!

Both series ended on a note only befitting of a FINISH MOVE hence the best name for the title! Seriously, this year has gone off to a great start and while things might change in the following seasons, that is if there are following seasons (Netflix, get to it! Where is out Gypsy sequel!!?!).

I was lost in what to do, make a music video of these two new awesome couples or write about their finale episodes! In the end I decided to settle for both so a video will be following in the future! Since it has also occurred to me that I have another family on YouTube I did not even know about. So I have to keep them fed too.

Anyway, let’s talk these two finales…

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The Wonder Women [Movie]

Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00634
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00041 Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00042
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00430
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00560 Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00415
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00511
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00578 Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00582
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00640 Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00607
Professor.Marston.and.the.Wonder.Women.2017.BluRay.1080p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv - 00646
Professor Marston And The Wonder Women

Oh! My! God!

The words ‘Well, that was unexpected’ would be an understatement were I to say them about this movie! What I saw was most definitely not what I expected! The kind of movie I expected to get is not the one I got. The story that I also expected is not the one that I got!

Very few movies do that to me and this is one of them! Then again it might have something to do with the fact that I barely watched a trailer of this movie at all! It was only on my radar because it was supposedly about how Wonder Woman was created! You know me, I love me my DCEU movies and we all know about the Wonder Woman movie so really, I wanted to find out more about her and so this movie was on my radar!

Being about the creation of Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman, I thought for some reason that this would be a stupid documentary about some guy that created the character and that was as much as I expected in the beginning. The I remember reading a plot synopsis that mentioned something about the creator’s wife having to look after their kids when he was dead with another woman with whom they had a very ‘special’ relationship!

That desc got my attention enough to put the movie on my watch list down the line! Also that plot made me think that part of the movie would be with the guy dead and then having to explore the women’s relationship but alas, that is also not what happened! The Guy, Professor Marston, played by Luke Evans, lived throughout the movie, even the stupid dramatic scenes of him kicking it multiple times amounted to nothing! He was still kicking and walking just fine until the credits where they tell us then about his inevitable death and blah blah blah!

And so this means that I had to sit through a movie about a Threesome, with a guy, and that is one of the many negatives, for me, about the movie! This kicked me quite harder than usual because despite things starting out with Olive (played by Bella Heathcote and the one whom Diana is modelled after) being in love not with the Prof but with his wife Elizabeth (played by Rebecca Hall). The first falling out they have as they test out another Prof’s creations – The Lie Detector, with which Elizabeth asked him if he was in love with Olive, and it turned out it was true, after all the signs, even Olive says it that she doesn’t love him, she says she loves Elizabeth. She even kisses her to prove her point!

But despite that of course we just can’t have pure lesbians, no, somehow this turns into a Threesome in which Olive loves the Prof too (proved again with a lie detector) and I am like, at least fuckin drop hints that she is getting into him! Don’t just throw that in there and think we won’t notice! This really rubbed me the wrong way! Worse still even till the end, there was always conflict but it was on Elizabeth’s side and every time they were resolved, it just came off as this being more a love story between Olive and Elizabeth than Olive/Elizabeth/Prof.

God, even the last scene, it was all about Elizabeth, their fate, the fate of if Olive would come and live with them again, it still came down to Elizabeth and her finally coming to terms, fully, about her feelings for Olive. She was an on and off that one. very erratic! She made Olive cry countless times, only her actually, she is the one that made Olive cry. The first time they met, she made her cry. The last time they meet again towards the end when Elizabeth finally says ‘Fuck You’ to society and mans up…Oops, sorry feminists…Womans up and confesses her love to Olive in addition to having the confidence to take on the world but with Olive by her side, she still made her cry!

All the sweet moments, the gazes, the sensual, attractions that go un-noticed by many, they were all between the two women! Seriously, I can’t help but think that the writer finally gave into the social pressure and had to modify the story to include Olive loving the Prof too! It was just so superficial and stood out!

God, even during the sex he seemed like a third wheel! Ah but what do I know! A movie about Wonder Woman’s creation, a movie supposed to build confidence and challenge the norms ends up still taking a knee to them.

Speaking of that, here we have yet another short-coming! The reaction to these three’s relationship from the people around them! We know how they were impacted, actually, it was mostly Elizabeth who was visibly impacted negatively about what other people thought of them! The other two were taking it pretty well. We know they got the shoulder like, that is normal but they did not go the whole mile! We never got to see ‘the negativity’ on screen. It was all ‘assumed’ which I really hate! I mean, there you were surprising me with the sex scenes and the hardcore relationships you’ve got going and the idea that this was how Diana Prince, THE WONDER WOMAN, was created but then you still fall short on the message that you are trying to send! Yes, I know you are just narrating the already happened events but I am pretty sure if I got the book it would have a more realistic take on how everyone reacted to these three being in that kind of relationship, especially in those times!

But other than that, the movie is great! I like surprising movies and this was one of them!Like I said, Elizabeth and Olive had these ‘moments’ that are just so A class! A focus on the eyes as they look at each other. The body language as they are intimate! Seriously, if not for the threesome thing (I really have a threesomephobia) this would be up there to top 5 territory!! But alas, the Prof is still alive, they both got children from him and even though in the end Elizabeth finally chose Olive over society, finally revealed her real feelings, and even if Olive loves her dearly, there is still the thing!

I don’t understand why they just couldn’t keep it like: Prof loves Olive and Elizabeth. Olive loves Elizabeth. Elizabeth loves Prof but eventually loves Olive back. God, I mean at least try to give the Prof and Olive some alone time too to show that she indeed fell in love with him and loves him and you can see it but nope! it was usually with Elizabeth!

Like, there is this very hot moment where the Prof and Elizabeth are sneaked into Olive’s dormitory. There is some kind of initiation going on. Some girl breaks a rule and Olive is chosen to punish her – by spanking her. The Prof and Elizabeth are watching. Olive knows they are watching her. She sees them in their hiding place. As she spanks the other girl something happens! Elizabeth gets turned on and seeing this, despite at first being against the act (Olive is such a nice girl, at least I think she is) to the point of crying, Olive catches onto what is happening to Elizabeth. The Prof is there next to her, giving her a hand-job but Elizabeth’s eyes are locked onto Olive’s. They are almost connected at an emotional level because when Elizabeth shivers, Olive swallows and her eyes dilates as if they are connected!

Like, this movie guys, seriously!

And there is many more moments like that, like the ‘rope’ scene, that inspired Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth/Hestia! I won’t spoil, you will just have to see it for yourselves!

In al seriously, other than my personal gripes, this is such a great movie! You should see it. Just remember the cautious warning of this being a Threesome! But like I said, this was written as a Olive/Elizabeth story first then modified later because the Husband just doesn’t fit in the intimacy!

Anyway, jump over for all caps.

And, sorry to take so long posting. I promise to get back into the game…soon!

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Vid – Gravity of Love [Hideko/Sook-hee]


Sorry to keep you waiting!

It begins…

Seeing as this song is one of the Top 3 lesbian video songs (seriously, you can’t call yourself a yuri video maker if you haven’t used either of these songs: Gravity of Love, Everything She Said and Bring Me To Life!)

Obviously, if I was going to use one of them, especially Enigma’s Gravity of Love, then it had to be for a special fandom! And really, The HANDMAIDEN is the holy grail of Lesbian movies!

It is THE lesbian Movie!

Which made it nigh impossible to try and make a somewhat PG video of it >.<

Anyway, enjoy!


Vid – Say Something [MadoHomu]


Still couldn’t find the perfect song for this anime! But really, it being by all time favourite,  with my favourite anime ship, about my favourite female character in Homuran-chan…chances of finding the perfect song were pretty low to begin with so I just decided to go with the next best thing.

There will be another song in the future but for now, since I am in that mood, here is one low on happy…



Nogizaka Danso Returns

Ikuchan! Miona!! Nanase!!! >.<

But something is very wrong with this video. I can’t put my finger on it but something is wrong and stopping me from losing my mind over this CM/Next Single?/Making of!

A Cookie to who knows what’s wrong…