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Merry Miraculous Christmas!!! 

OMFG you all! I have just had the greatest two days ever, especially today. So much so that I am 100% sure I have used up all my luck for the week. Time to stay indoors until Friday….
Oh yeah, a quick explanation, I am actually in Japan right now, that’s right, I’m saying goodbye to 2017 (what a shit year) in style. More on the trip later but something happened today, something so fateful I still can’t believe it.

I shook hands with Idols!!! And not just any Idols but the latest hotness that is =LOVE!

Like….I’m still freaking out right now hours later!

There I was, planning on having a simple day out to the park, visiting Shrines, you know, nothing major. But the moment I reached the park off Ueno Station and saw that infamous statue of Takamori Saigo (a guy walking a dog wearing a fox mask) I knew I was in for a ride.

If you’ve been here you understand my meaning. Among the many things here there is also an open stage. One I’m sure you’ve seen at least once if you’re into Idols. I think TGS actually performed here too.

Anyway I just decided to drop by, thinking it would probably be closed but looking and behold! =LOVE were actually holding a handshake event there! I instantly went into panic mode! Bringing out my Japonnaise I understood that I could just buy a CD at the entrance and get in.

Once inside I had my priorities. I asked if Risa-chan was there. Yes she was. Lane 2. I queued up. Asked about a performance while waiting. Found out it happened before the handshakes. No biggie, sugar is too high to care. Sadly found out no photos are allowed. Screw that shit! I thought =LOVE were different! I see guys posting pics on twitter!

Anyway line is moving. I am during mind yoga practicing what I’m gonna say! “Merry Christmas. It’s a miracle that we have met. I’m so happy. Do your best”

Yeah, don’t think that’s what I said. I did say them to the other two girls with her but when I got to Risa-chan, I was a train wreak! And she was the least Fisher of them. The others squeezed my hands so hard and would not let go when I was being pushed on except her.

Oh yeah, the others were Saito Nagisa and Oba Hana. That Nagisa is so fearless! She looked me straight in the eye, hers burning, hand so strongly holding mine that I instantly understood! That Hana was also almost as intense!

Meanwhile Risa-chan was so delicate I instantly fell in love again! Seriously, I now know exactly what the fuss is all about. The fuss of the Handshakes of course!

I was also shocked, stupidly, at how big the girls actually are. I thought they would be tiny fairies but they are normal size which shooketh me.

And slightly going back in time to yesterday, I paid a visit to Akihabara. You know exactly why I went there! Anyway I got to have lunch at the Cafe, Yukirin and Mayuyu were not on the day’s menu so I had some Saho pasta. Got to request a PV to be played (you know which) but that is not important! What is important is that Yukirin and Sakura were the Santas on display.

The fact that I am alive of course is the sign that I do not mean they were there in person. Their huge banners were up is what I mean, them I’ve Santa costumes.

Seriously, having too much fun do gotta run but… What a day!

Oh yeah, not washing these hands for two days! Fuck Christmas!




gay princesses

Help, I am chocking! And I don’t even know why!

Seriously, I was eating when I started watching this new Frozen short (Olaf’s Adventures) and suddenly I was laughing to myself which led to chocking on my food!


Okay, Maybe when I get to write about this I will have an answer. Nay, I probably already do have an answer!

Let it go Disney, the cat’s out of the bag on Elsanna!


Runaways 06 – Mein Gott!

marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00051
marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00245 marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00243
marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00027 marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00000
marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00185 marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00093
marvels.runaways.s01e06.1080p.web.h264-tbs.mkv - 00132
I said…
og my god

Too soon! Too fast! Give a person a break, why don’t you Hulu!!

Seriously, I am still trying to digest episode 5 of Runaways and you go and hit me with a stronger punch with this episode!! How am I supposed to hang on until next week? Is there even an episode next week? Oh God, please say there is at least one more episode before these TV show breaks…

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The Parkinson – DEAR FRIEND [MV]

The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00110
The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00038 The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00037
The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00051 The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00070
The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00073 The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00078
The Parkinson - เพื่อนรัก (Dear Friend) - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00020

Those who know how long this MV has been out, that is how long it has taken me in deciding if this MV belongs on this site, in other words, if this MV is relevant! After months I have decided that it is just too good, too sad, too emotional to ignore. It is now one of my favourites but this wasn’t the case when I first watched it. It has quite grown on me, or maybe it is I who has grown? Yes, I know it’s been just over a year but time is time, right?

If you can’t tell yes, that is a guy, or was! He went through the process of changing sex throughout the MV so by the end he is a full-blown Tri or Half-Futa to those familiar with hentai (which you should be if not, I am disappoint!). A Futanari is a true hermaphrodite and since our main here is not full futa and was in fact a guy who went into a transformation, s/he is thus half-futa.

And this post did not start of in a way I imagined so let’s move on.

This MV was recommended to be by someone and back then I was really strict when it comes to yuri. I was one of those, it ain’t yuri unless there is confessions and kissing and sex so I was really rubbed the wrong way when I opened up that YouTube link, only to be bombarded with Tran. And so the MV was buried and forgotten about for some time. Then I lost internet and I was going through my VID collection (Short videos which includes mostly MVs) when this came up again and I gob-smacked at how interesting this MV is.

At first I was reluctant in giving this observation since it might have been wrong and people might have been hurt by my insensitivity on the matter but the more times I watched the MV the more my theory was supported so I am going to say it.

Imagine going through all the trouble, all the pain, all that dedication, just to get close to the girl you love! Imagine changing yourself almost completely just to be close to the person you love! Imagine going through all of that only for them to not be affected as you imagined, as you hoped they would!

Now, of course the Crush here is not to blame! It’s not like she told hem (him/her) to go and change hemself! She did not know that s#he loved her. This was all on hem! So when the girl ended up crushing on someone else completely and choosing to be just friends with hem, no one here is to blame! I guess you could say that the Crush should have noticed that her friend must have had different expectations but then again, almost a third of the Earth’s population would be to blame for not noticing that people had crushes on them and not acting on them!

So, here we have a MV tackling multiple issues including homosexuality, identity crisis, gender issues, unrequited love and the complexity of friendship. Like, the first time I did not even think of this. All I saw was a, and pardon my language here, all I saw was a fake girl in a supposed lesbian MV so I got royally pissed.

Also when I finally finished it the first time, I guess the ending helped in better acceptance of this music video. After some despairing, not to anyone’s fault, not the Crush, not our girl/boy…Okay, in the end it is a girl so I might as well think of hem as a she! Anyway our girl in the end conjures up enough courage to visit her Crush, interrupt her phone conversation to this boy-crush (thankfully we never get to see him) by kissing her right on the lips, in a kiss so heartfelt, so strong that there was no place for misunderstandings!

Notice that the Crush despite being completely surprised, did not react negatively, did not pull away from the kiss (which went on for quite some time in kissing times), gently brought her phone down, probably forgetting to even end the call, and just stared dumbfounded at her friend.

You could clearly see that she finally got it, she got it and got it good. All her world probably got turned on its head. She was definitely going to have to re-evaluate it. I actually felt for her. Her life is going to get real complicated now whatever she decides. If they stay friends, they are going to have to put up with some garbage. They are not going to be together like they were. And they had some really cute moments.

They went on dates, Our Girl would help the Crush in some aww situations like reaching taller shelves that the Crush can’t reach. Doing each other’s make-up. Speaking of which, that lip-stick scene was so hot I was expecting something to happen. The Crush almost seemed to be figuring something out whether it be our Girl’s feelings for her or her own feelings but they had to be interrupted by that mysterious boy-crush!

They were such friends that they seemed to be having the time of their life together. There is also this scene where they are walking hand-in-hand and the mystery-guy shows up and the two have to separate but they do so slowly, almost like they wish to prolong that physical connection they have with each other for as long as possible!

But the heart was not just in their moments. Our Girl’s side of the story was just too heart-breaking as well. Here she had her crush being taken from her. Meanwhile on the other hand she is struggling with her own life probably second guessing her choices wondering what the point was! The pain she went through physically with the surgery on the side, there was the pain of heart-break and the pain of thinking that it was all for nothing! The scene where she would be alone crying, thy were filmed so well that only a monster would not feel for her.

Seriously, I am happy that in the end it seemed like her efforts were re-warded, at the very recognised! I am going to continue believing that her Crush returned her feelings in the end. She showed signs too, like I mention in the hand scene and the lip-stick scene! I am happy the more I think about it the more I love this MV.

And that is that.


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Runaways [HULU-Series]

Marvels.Runaways.S01E05.Kingdom.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00121
Marvels.Runaways.S01E05.Kingdom.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00176 Marvels.Runaways.S01E05.Kingdom.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00175
Marvels.Runaways.S01E05.Kingdom.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00058 Marvels.Runaways.S01E05.Kingdom.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00061
Marvels.Runaways.S01E05.Kingdom.1080p.Hulu.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-QOQ.mkv - 00124
My Gaydar is off the charts!

Just started watching ‘Runaways’ and my God! If this ship ends up happening (Do not say a word you all who read the source material!) this is going down as the best build of a relationship in a history of gay relationships! The signs have so carefully been teased, so perfectly crafted that it is almost unreal!I will just say it…

If Karolina isn’t gay then I don’t know what gay is! And if she isn’t hot for Nico then I am blind and need to get my goggles. Yes, I took them off for this one, especially after that fifth episode! An episode after which I went back and the signs I missed were staring at me in the face!

Okay, I don’t have time so I am going to fly through this. let’s go… Continue reading