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Okay, we have to talk…

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I’m sorry, I can’t hold it in anymore!  It’s been a few days already! JL is only a day away and I just have to talk about the thing that is MAYUKI’s graduation before I totally combust or go into hibernation mode!

No, this is not the TDC situation all over again!

Yes, I am sad, very much so for Yukirin and fellow fans that stan Mayuyu. I am also very happy for Mayuyu and hope for her success in her future! Yes, I cried during the concert! All is as it should be in that regard but this is not that post!


This is a MAYUKI post and I need to say one thing right now…

PS: Terrible language ahead, tread carefully…



Seriously, what the flying fuck!!!?

This was Mayuyu’s graduation, right?! Mayuyu is gone, right?! It was THE Watanabe Mayu that graduated, right?! So, where the fuck was all the Mayuki!?! Seriously, WTFFITS!?!

That was it?! Eleven fuckin years together in AKB, widely recognised as the BEST SHIP in the history of Jpop! Their relationship so rare no one in their right mind would ever even imagine seeing it replicated! THE MAYUKI that we have been having like it was bread for breakfast before the graduation and even now after the fact (They have just appeared together on a TV show, just the two of them, yay!)!


The Ship to end all ships! And all they got to do was to sing a song that was on a theatre CD of some single that was just even recently released!!! 11 fuckin years! Not one double centre for a single! 11 fuckin years, with 8 of those spent in the top 5 spots in popularity!

11 years of hard-work and they did not even get something special for the both of them on one of them leaving!!! Like WTF even!?!! Not a special song just for their separation, not a special PV just for the two of them, or even the both of them as centers on Mayuyu’s graduation single?!!!

What! The! Actual! Fuck?!!!

Mayuyu chose the songs to be performed at her graduation? What a load of horse shit!!! You fuckin expect me to believe that Mayuyu would have only one song with her and Yukirin alone? And that the song was THAT!!

Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!

Where are the fuckin Magazine shoots of the two!?! We should have gotten a shitload of these prior to the concert, nay, ever since the announcement! Instead what do we get after the fact?


Wait, what the hell?! What is Sashiko doing here?!! What the fuck is this shit?! Why are you here Sasshi!?? Girl, I have come a long way to love you but here, my dear girl, here, belong, you do not!!

Like, what is this even?!! Sashiko, Sashihara Rino, is 5th Gen! She is 2, TWO generations away from MAYUKI! All previous graduates have had their fellow Gen members in closed-off send offs! They’ve had special PVs just for them! But when it comes to MAYUKI, suddenly generations don’t matter (You damn well know what I mean)!?!

Just when I thought AKS couldn’t get anymore shitty!

Like, in what world is Sashiko at the same level of connection that MAYUKI have with one another to warranty this, this robbing!? Don’t fuckin tell me it’s because of those BBQ get together they have been having…in the past year! That means nothing! Hell, even watching those you can clearly see that Sashiko is freaking third wheeling! Like just look at these caps even…

20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_02.38.20_[2017.11.14_23.31.50] 20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_02.38.28_[2017.11.14_23.32.24]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_02.38.30_[2017.11.14_23.32.35]
This Cameraman gets it!

I swear to you all, just go watch all the other major graduations! AtsuMina, KojiYuu, WMatsui, SayaMilky…Then come back and watch this and tell me you aren’t disappointed! This was supposed to be their moment if any. They have been denied so much that this was the one moment they would shine as MAYUKI! But alas!

After that then, figure in the fact that out of all of them MAYUKI have had both the longest and the closest relationship and then, tell me you are not insanely disappointed!

Then when you are done with that, go hunt down the magazines of said couples released around the time of graduations, then if you are not done, go watch their graduation singles! Yes, dear Readers, MAYUKI just graduated without an A side on their name! Can you believe that? I most definitely fuckin can’t!

I am so sad that I feel physical pain in my chest right now just thinking about it!

Like, WTF?!

I’m sorry you all! I just…I needed to vent but I have to stop right now and cleanse my soul or else I will end up in hell without a chance for redemption! Yes, soul-cleansing sounds good, right now. Let’s see…

20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.00_[2017.11.14_23.27.19]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.03_[2017.11.14_23.27.48] 20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.43_[2017.11.14_23.30.07]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.18_[2017.11.14_23.31.00]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.24_[2017.11.14_23.28.35] 20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.28_[2017.11.14_23.28.53]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.31_[2017.11.14_23.29.22] 20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.32_[2017.11.14_23.29.37]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.37_[2017.11.14_23.29.47]

Ah fuck, not good. reverse, reverse!!!!

20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.14_[2017.11.14_23.30.32]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.17_[2017.11.14_23.30.51] 20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.15_[2017.11.14_23.30.40]
20171031 渡辺麻友最終コンサート ~みんなの夢が叶いますように~ 独占完全生中継 [BSスカパー!].ts_snapshot_03.16.09_[2017.11.14_23.28.04]
now kiss


I am so sorry girls! You deserved better than this! You deserved so much better!

Now, excuse me while I go re-watch Part 1 of this graduation that mysteriously happened in 2014 at the Tokyo Dome!

Author: Black Gekikara

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One thought on “Okay, we have to talk…

  1. I’ve been so busy, I totally forgot about Mayuyu’s graduation events -the myriad of relation issues also- so I guess my comment will be rather insipid… After Acchan’s graduation those many ages ago, I kind of got over the emotional toll. The fact I’ve never been a fan of Mayuyu does somehow make me a bit more apathetic to her leave. I stand by my thesis that Acchan has always been the graduation with the most impact for AKB48 as a whole thus a marketing gold mine. Mayuyu is just following a trend of the “senior” generations leaving. Yuko was seen as Acchan’s immediate successor, thus the fanfare had to continue. Mayuyu on the other hand got to battle the hegemony out with Sasshi and she lost, thus it also lost marketing value. Mayuyu could indeed have selected the songs, it was her graduation concert not “their” and maybe she was proving that to herself first then to shipper or she just felt that one song had a lot of power for her. Whatever the reason it cannot be denied she had drifted apart from Yukirin in terms of visible or appreciable contact. In many ways the concert could have represented that. I always saw them like the older and annoying little sister pair, even Yukirin having a more maternal role, and this could be the representation when the kid decides to say farewell to her abode and tell the world she’s ready to face it. I think when Yukirin takes her leave it’ll be a grandeur festivity, since she has impacted not only AKB48 but also managed to root herself in NMB48 -as briefly as it was she is still beloved by the kansai gals- and of course NGT48. Plausibly then you might get your mayuki overdose, though I wouldn’t make much hopes for that…

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