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AI ~ Watashi To Kanojo To Jinkou Chinou [J-Drama]


アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第01夜- 17.10.02 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00272 アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第2夜- 17.10.09 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00062
アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第01夜- 17.10.02 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00020
アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第01夜- 17.10.02 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00252 アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第2夜- 17.10.09 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00180
アイ~私と彼女と人工知能 第2夜- 17.10.09 - 日本综艺 - MioMio弹幕网 - ( ^ω^)你是我的Master吗 - miomio.tv.MP4 - 00243
AI – Watashi To Kanojo To Jinkou Chinou

The yuri story that we deserve but first, credit where credit is due!

Did you fall in love with Ikeda Elaiza watching ‘Boku wa Mari no Naka’? Did you feel robbed when you first get to know her in such a disheartening queer-bait of a story? Well, you are not alone! Either way you choose to look at it, our girl of the year (other than Gal of course) went out of her way to cleanse us new fans of hers by giving us two series that ran back to back. When this show was airing (beginning of last month), ‘Boku wa’ was also airing at the same time, still is in fact.

Our girl did not have to, but she did anyway. She decided to give us another ‘off the books’ series, so to speak, one that actually has yuri, unlike that despicable ‘Boku wa’. I truly hate that show with a passion! But despite my feelings towards the story, I can’t deny that the girls were brilliant in it, especially Elaiza! I have so fallen in love with her since then and I was turning the interwebs hunting for more relevant works of hers when I stumbled upon this gem!


For some mysterious reason the trailers for this show have like a 1:9 like to dislike ratio! I am guessing it is about other gripes other than the yuri because that is actually in here, unlike that baiting in ‘Boku Mari’. No, I am not letting that go until the end of time! Indeed, one of those gripes might be that very series. It was done by the same company as this one and both have limited accessibility in that initially they are only available on FOD (file on demand) where you have to be signed up, a premium member and all that.

Indeed it was very hard finding AI episodes and even when I did they were just low quality but I am sure our saviours DAA will not let us down. Boku Mari is currently on TV which means that if anyone is interested in HQ episodes, they will be getting them soon for sure! I doubt that AI will be shown on TV though. Chances are it will since FujiTV are involved and they own a broadcasting channel. At the very least I hope they release it on Bluray. I would so buy it!

Yes, this is worthy an addition to my collection. It is a two-part story, which is quite disappointing, and I only found out this fact after I spend almost 5 hours hunting for that third episode only to come away empty flashed! But even that being said, there were plans for more episodes beyond the second! There is this very opening scene that was completely lost in translation. That is, in regards to the story because we never get to see it expanded on or visited again but to the ‘Cup half-full’ type of people, they will see it as blatant queer-baiting!

Hmm, maybe that was also one of the reasons for the weird ratio of likes on YouTube trailers!

Me though? I don’t have a problem other than the fact that it ended on episode 2! We got to see them before the shit hit the fan. We got that. We then got the confession! And finally we got the happy ending after the fact! Yeah sure there was a huge gap left behind but seeing as this was more of a CM for Sony and their Artificial Intelligence, it is all expected and thus all good!

Seriously, I am surprised we even got what we got! Things could have gone so wrong so fast! We saw that in that Boku Mari thing! Seriously, it’s as if our girl Elaiza felt compelled to deliver a true yuri show to make up for that thing! Now, not to take her acting in Boku Mari on face value! Even if it was not yuri in terms on the story, she still physically kissed a girl in that so she deserves recognition! And I am happy to find that it felt like she too was being rewarded here! She got to be the epitome of beauty that she truly is! She shone, she stole some more hearts, showed off her beauty and awesome gift of a body from the gods!

What a body!

Indeed, Elaiza plays Momo, a 21 year old model sharing an apartment with the 27 year old Software Developer Shizuku (played by Karina).

Theirs is a complicated relationship but it doesn’t seem so on the surface in the beginning but when a certain AI enters their life, things take a dramatic turn! On the surface it is Momo that gives us a glimpse into her troubled life and a hint at her feelings towards Shizuki! Yeah, sure, she has like, only boy friends (not boyfriends), brings them over to their apartment regularly, to the unpleasantness of Shizuku, but for what reason? You could clearly see that she was more interested in Shizuku than she was her friends! You could see the disappointed and sad feelings on her face whenever Shizuku declined to join them!

Indeed, all of the yuri was because of Momo because she was the one who had feelings for Shizuku! But aside from that her life was still not perfect! Really, I think Erika in Helter Skelter showed us the true face of modelling but even though Elaiza should be at her peak, she is not happy! She cries in the middle of photoshoots, has break downs as she questions her life and then there is the other most problematic thing – her feelings for Shizuku!

As for Shizuku, she too is not living the time of her life! She is hitting 30 and almost all her classmates are married and her Kouhais at the company are getting ahead of her! Her life is basically stalled, loveless, uninspired! As to where she stands in regards to Momo, she is jealous of her. Jealous of her beauty, jealous of her popularity with the guys, jealous of her youth!

These two have problems but they are each own’s problems! They don’t talk about their lives despite living together! It takes the arrival of the AI that Shizuku’s boss asked her to test out for them to change!

They get close to the AI. They talk to it about things they do not talk to each other about! The AI knows them even more than they know themselves and it takes this AI for the two to finally confront one another, to truly see who the other is. With its help, even though some of the help came in bad packages, like revealing the bad things the two thought of each other, the two got to really know one another and Momo got the courage to confess her feelings for Shizuku and for Shizuku to finally see the real Momo!

The two gave each other what each needed, even though it was right there beside them from the beginning! Yes, I was disappointed a little bit with the way things abruptly ended because I was sure that the opening scene of Momo crawling up a sleeping Shizuku’s body to kiss her, only for Shizuku to open her eyes and stare right into Momo’s before she does, even though I know that was supposed to show up again, it never did!

Suring the no so great help from the Ai we even saw some flashbacks that we did not know about meaning that there definitely was more than what could fit into two episodes but we did not get them!

All in all, I am glad we at least got something from Japan this year! Something had to make up for that thing! No, I am never gonna live down the disappointment I got from that show Boku Mari!


Anyway, here are caps galore and the dowloads. Just SD quality tho >.< But best you believe it when I find HQ episodes the post will be updated!



Author: Black Gekikara

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22 thoughts on “AI ~ Watashi To Kanojo To Jinkou Chinou [J-Drama]

  1. I had heard about this jdrama but did not know that it would be only 2 episodes I will take a look for sure, it seems worthwhile after reading this whole post talking about it. The actress who makes the model I’ve seen several jobs with her this year seems to have started to gain a lot of prominence, I hope she gets more good projects.
    It was released a Filipino movie that at one time was eyeing, I think in another post I talked about him Baka Burkas, is far from surpassing The Haidmaiden, but that’s what we have for the moment.

    This is the link I found available: https://oload.stream/f/7_bt_RIVYWQ/

    I loved the post as always very explanatory, waiting for the next ones!

  2. Do you know where to watch the sequel/spin-off? It is said in Listal that there are 4 additional episodes.

    Also, did you blog already about the extended version/director’s cut of The Handmaiden? I heard that it is more romantic (shows more SookheexHideko scenes/additional 20 minutes) but I don’t know where to watch it. If yes, can you please send me the link?

    Lastly, have you watched Futari Monologue? Someone else also commented to one of your blogs about it but I don’t know if you have watched it already. It’s cute. It’s about ex-best friends that want to be friends again but they misunderstand each other a lot. I’ve watched the episodes of the show and it’s really funny and amazing.

  3. You know where I can find subtitles?

  4. well I’m so glad that you’re finally back and bring us this amazing AI story. on another note have you ever watch this video or ads about some Chinese dating apps for lesbians? They make some short movie and it’s so cute…
    here is the link if you haven’t watched it already

  5. Minna san..can you share Subtitle link ? Onegai

  6. Hello! Were you able to get the spinoff episodes? I’d like to watch them but i don’t know how 😥

  7. I’ve been searching the subs for a year and still no result. Hope a subber pick up this someday 😭

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