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The Villainess [K-movie]

The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00131
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00116 The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00119
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00064 The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00015
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00103 The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00121
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00085

If you have seen this movie already (and if you haven’t, like, what!?!) then you might think that it is not worthy writing about so why do I have it here?

In that case first thing – it is actually worthy a write because it is so the late 90s type of ‘subtext’ yuri! Nay, you don’t even have to go that far back to find this level of yuri being a thing. it has all the signs of things back then! The circumstances are so hard against the girls, like one has a child, has a man in her life (mostly), there is a BAD END and the screen-time is horrible but despite that there is a silver lining!

Of Fan Fiction Possibilities!

But if I am being honest, even though it has debatable yuri (if you think lesbians are all about kissing, making out and confessions that is), the real reason I am writing about it is two things. One – Kim Ok-bin! Two – the irony!

It is no secret that I adore this woman! I have watched all projects of hers that I know of! Mt favourite role of hers is of course Whispering Corridors 4 – Voice followed by her dark side as a vampire in Thirst (by Park Chan-wook) and then her role as her self in 2009’s Actresses.

Those last two roles are a part of why I am writing about this movie! First Park Chan-wook’s Thirst and the way he brought her all out of her for that role. I saw how Mr Park was very fond of her. Then came The Actresses, where she met, and kind of crushed on, none other than Kim Min-hee! They made it on my list of shippable real life actresses! Especially since there was that promise between them two to co-star in a lesbian movie (pitched by Ok-bin herself).

Then came the The Handmaiden! Even after watching some of the trailers, and I believe after seeing the movie still, maybe, I wished, still wished, and kind of am wishing now, that Mar Park had managed to get Ok-bin for the role of either Hideko or Sook-hee because she could pull of either. She is in reality younger than Kim-Min-hee but on appearances she does come off more as Lady-like, Hideko –like whereas Kim Min-hee could have also pulled off a younger Sook-hee due to appearances!

So, there I was wishing that Ok—bin had grabbed that Sook-hee role and then here comes her first major role in what seems like forever and what is her character’s name in The Villainess?

Sook-hee! SOOK-HEE!

I kid you not! That is her character’s name in this movie! Like, ‘you can’t make this shit up’ as the saying goes! I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming! This is just so funny it kind of hurts! Couldn’t get her to play along-side Min-hee but got her to play the character…well, a character with the same name!

I just had to share this moment if disbelief! But beyond that, I quite enjoyed this movie and even though I went in for the action (you won’t believe it but I did not know this was Ok-bin until like a 3rd into the movie when her hair grew longer!!!) but instead what I found was one of my Celebrity crushes Kim- Ok-bin and then some sprinkle of painful yuri!

Yes, like I said there is a BAD END but this is a movie about assassins so it comes with the territory! I was just surprised the main character, Sook-hee (chuckle) even survived by the end. And not only that, there is also the fact that Sook-hee not only had a child from another man (who is waaaaaaay older than her) but she also was with another man, and even though it was a planned relationship, she still fell for him and him her so…

Ah but what else is new, right? veteran yuri citizens know this already and it felt like beating a dead horse after all the progress we have had so I just ignored that and just enjoyed the yuri and action!

The other relevant girl is Min-ju played by Son Min-ji. She was the only one who broke into Sook-hee’s hardened shell at the training facility and dare say, in addition to the baby and that man, she also helped put  a smile of Sook-hee’s face, after a shit of a life she had gone through.

They had their moments that would make even the hardened still ship them, despite there being no hope for them in the movie. First and most important, Min-ju did not just die! She dies saving Sook-hee, and it was one of the bravest ways to go! She jumped between a knife and Sook-hee, a knife that went right through her throat, a moment I knew there was no going back from that, even as she held on long enough to have a final goodbye, which was surprising! I am sure a person would die instantly from that!

In addition to putting a smile back on Sook-hee’s face, Min-ju was also the first person I saw that made her cry again since her father’s death when she was just a young girl. Oh yes, this movie is intense! The things Sook-hee went through as a child…

Anyway, her dying saving Sook-hee was the best act of love in the whole damn movie and so I ship them! The next big moment was during Sook-hee’s release where in front of everyone they shared a moment, HOLDING HANDS, an action actually instigated by Sook-hee herself. Makes me really wish that we got more of their relationship in the facility because they seemed to have grown way closer! Sook-hee asks Min-ju to call her when she gets released into the world in a moment so gay yet so open to the world that…

The third happens much earlier when Sook-hee hasn’t yet learned to smile. They are training and the Bitch-Queen (who later of course strikes up a connection to Sook-hee – befriending) makes Min-ju bleed! Sook-hee wasn’t happy about that. They weren’t yet on speaking terms back then actually and I think this was the moment that they actually connected. Anyway Sook-hee takes up the wooden sword and makes B-Girl bleed right where she made Min-ju bleed! And before she does as she picks up the sword she shares this look with Min-ju that just…

The other comes later when they meet again after Min-ju is released but it is on an assignment! The smile, that pure smile of happiness that Sook-hee gives Min-ju at seeing her again, the heartfelt hug…They took that happiness from us way too soon, as that was the mission that would be their last.

So yeah, no hopes in this movie that I totally loved what we got! This is old school type of yuri. I grew up on it. It defined me! So to me it is yuri.

Anyway, that is all. Jump over for all caps…


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EMMA & PAM – ยังไม่ชิน~Still~ [MV]

[Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00070
[Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00013 [Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00036
[Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00047
[Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00066 [Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00067
[Official MV] - ยังไม่ชิน (Still) - EMMA PAM - YouTube.MKV - 00073
Emma and Pam be like…

And this is the MV I was talking about in the previous post. As you can see the main girl here is also one of the two main leads in the movie ‘The Promise’, which I can’t wait to see by the way! Also, Pam and Emma!

Also like I said, this is not a yuri MV, per say, but there is something here. Something other than the Emma and Pam teasing of course! And I will say it again, I was very lucky that I got to see the series ‘TheUnderwear’ before knowing these girls because I have a condition of shipping a couple before I watch the series and when it turns out that they are not a thing, usually my enjoyment of that series goes out the window! How bad is this condition you ask? Well, I have only watched two episodes of Yuru Yuri. That is how bad it is!

So, I was lucky that I got to see the series before I got to know Emma and Pam because I would have gone in shipping these two and then Jay and Yin would have been a lost cause in the end! I did say my condition was bad.

Here in this MV they just have small flirty scenes (interestingly with Pam being the dominator) and also they play Devil’s Advocate in trying to turn our girl to the Dark, Best Gay Side of the Force! And right after she seemingly got dumped by her boyfriend. Sly girls you two!

Hell, they even have a ceremony, which was only missing some making out to show the true power of the Dark Yuri Side but since it looks like they managed to win the girl over in the end, I forgive them!

Anyway yeah, I can’t wait for that movie to drop!


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MILD – ถอนหายใจ~SIGH~ [MV]

MILD - ถอนหายใจ - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00085
MILD - ถอนหายใจ - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00012 MILD - ถอนหายใจ - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00021
MILD - ถอนหายใจ - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00052 MILD - ถอนหายใจ - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00062
MILD - ถอนหายใจ - (OFFICIAL MV) - YouTube.MKV - 00070

Talk about slapping Japan in the face the day right after!

Thailand be like, dearest Sis Japan, let me show you how to make a proper yuri MV and an even better ending without using the cheat code that is extra time and dialogue!

Now, I love me some dramatic MVs but let’s be honest here, the drama parts in Sweet Memory were wasted! All that build up, and it led to nothing! Just another generic, sad, the world of lesbians in not a happy one motif that we have seen hundreds of times done before! Like, people today aren’t even that prejudiced anymore! Sure in some countries they still are but not in the modern world!

Get with the times Japan!

Thank God we have other options in South Korea, Murica and Thailand here giving us a proper MV that gives you hope! Seriously, this MV is like the opposite of Sweet Memory in that it begins without hope, with the het then ends with a bang, with the yuri!

But that’s not even the best part! The best part is that exactly the OPPOSITE of the other MV, here we get the girl making out, and I mean MAKING OUT with the girl whereas the Guy doesn’t even get to kiss the girl! Yeah they cuddle and rub faces but that’s it! No kissing! Meanwhile our girl…

Speaking of, I did not think it would be this soon but I knew that our girls that starred in one of the movies I am waiting for ‘The Promise’, would be booming and only a few weeks later here we are. The Lead has already landed a role and in MV, a lesbian MV and her co-star, has also landed an MV role. Though not quite as GAY (at least on the surface) it is also very relevant. More on that in the next post though.

I don’t know if I should take this as a sign for good things to come in that movie since they are actually playing Mother/Daughter characters but damn it, I can’t help it! When are you releasing the Blu-rays for ‘The Promise’ Thailand!?!!

Anyway I don’t know what the story if this MV is all about, maybe the three don’t know that there is a triangle, or maybe they are friends and they know what is going on, or maybe the just found out and are arguing over cheating, I don’t know! Who is cheating on whom, I don’t know!

But since our girl seems the most passionate about it maybe she was being cheated on by her girl? But since the other girl also seemed peeved at our girl maybe the two were the alpha couple? I mean they are the ones who had the most heated make-out session so…

Anyway, watch the MV and judge for yourselves. Oh yeah, in the case that anyone can’t see these YouTube videos, do always let me know. I can get them for you for DL.


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MACO – Sweet Memory [MV]

MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00011
MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00065 MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00067
MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00133
MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00190 MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00215
MACO「Sweet Memory」Music Video〜アルバム「メトロノーム」発売中 - YouTube.MP4 - 00228
crying tears cry feels

There is nothing more painful than Complicated Unrequited Love!

There. I said it and I mean it!

Especially the kind that has misunderstandings like in this newly released lovely Music Video from MACO. It came out two weeks ago and I have only managed to watch it twice because it is just too painful to watch! And the second was because I wanted to refresh my mind right before writing about it now. Otherwise I wouldn’t have re-visited it so soon.

Yes, yes, I should be used to the pain but pain it is and no matter how many times you experience it, it still is painful! I guess I should be proud that my heart is strong enough to keep going even after all this time. I mean, this feeling goes all the way back to the Card Captor Sakura days with Tomoyo. Seriously, whenever I think of unrequited love she always comes to mind first!

But really, even Daidouji Tomoyo doesn’t have anything on our girl Saki here in this MV! I mean Tomoyo’s quandary was straight forward. She loved Sakura, who loved someone else but not to undermine her. There is always that question of whether Sakura would have gone with Tomoyo had Tomoyo confessed her love for her. I mean Sakura was just that good. And that doesn’t mean that it would be pity love. No, At times it seemed like Sakura too loved Tomoyo and that if only Tomoyo had…

Anyway Saki here has it worse! Despite not confessing (hence the subject at hand) she still lost everything! She lost not only her friendship and a token of her love (the painting, which reminded me of Takane and Mika, like, badly) but she also lost any chance of ever confessing because there was now that void that just erased most of the possibility of a positive outcome to the confession.

There is also the baggage of her Crush’s boyfriend falling for her and breaking up with her friend over her despite not having any feelings whatsoever for him! Speaking of which, I fuckin hate that shit! That kiss was so not necessary! They did not even show the actual couple, the straight girl kissing the guy but they had to show our Lesbian kissing him!?! Minus a billion points japan!

So, not only did our girl, a Lesbian, lose her first kiss to a Guy, but she lost her Crush and her friend over it but also got her hopes crushed! Like, how painful is that! And what is worse is that she had two chances to confess but she was just too scared! Okay, so maybe the first time would have gone misunderstood since her friend just wanted to see an example of a confession because her way was not enough according to Saki but still, if she had put in the emotion I am sure her Crush would have picked up something. Something to keep on her mind for later.

And of course there is also the pain of seeing the one you love just having a great time with their boyfriend, a time that cuts into your time, meaning you are spending less and less time together and also that whenever you are together she is thinking of her boyfriend…

Yeah…Fells everywhere! Then there is that fact that Saki’s Crush destroyed the painting of hers that Saki had poured her soul into which would have been the best reminder of her love. Oh the pain she felt during that scene! I am just trying to imagine what Tomoyo would have felt had Sakura burned all her videos….Okay, let’s not go there! But this is what Saki was feeling here!

Poor girl, even Four years later she still felt deeply for her lost love! So ingrained in her mind was that simple act of hugging that she managed to repaint the scene to remind her of their time in place of that destroyed one of her Crush that she also still kept!

Man, just thinking about it makes my heart heavy so I will just leave you all here…

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Futari Monologue [J-Web Drama]

ふたりモノローグ 01  隣の席の元・親友.MKV - 00113
ふたりモノローグ 02 もっと見せてそのねじれ ほか.mp4 - 00011 ふたりモノローグ 02 もっと見せてそのねじれ ほか.mp4 - 00012
ふたりモノローグ 01  隣の席の元・親友.MKV - 00058 ふたりモノローグ 01  隣の席の元・親友.MKV - 00057
ふたりモノローグ 01  隣の席の元・親友.MKV - 00107 ふたりモノローグ 01  隣の席の元・親友.MKV - 00000
ふたりモノローグ 02 もっと見せてそのねじれ ほか.mp4 - 00026

Japan’s Answer to Lily Fever!

So, I finally got my grabby hands on all episodes of this cute series so I figured it is about time I posted about it. As we know episode 01 has been available for a while now on YouTube (kink at the end) but the other episodes have been a nightmare to find. I think currently there are about three on YT subbed in Thai, or was that Indo? I can’t remember.

Anyway, I had to go directly to the AbemaTV site and get things done myself if I wanted good quality and less watermarks. Thankfully it was possible, so I…keep a careful eye out. There are six episodes in total, in case anyone did not know.

Sadly, the other series I just posted about at an AI with Ikeda, is proving to be quite the challenge finding the rest of the episodes. yes, apparently there are four more but getting them was difficult. At this rate I am just going to pray that DAA delivers! But seeing as it is a web series of sorts, in that it is an on-demand series, chances of getting it are at the minimum!

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