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Yes! I’m Not Alone!

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So, while I was cracking away trying to find that Madohomu wedding figurine set, I saw a search result that I just had to read! And guess what I found in the Madohomu section?

I seriously never even considered that there would be others that think of Madoka like I do! Rebellion sealed the deal for me! Homura’s feelings compared to Chikane’s were on a whole different level! In fact I planned a contrast post between Madoka and Kannazuki but it fell into limbo because I just thought there were few who thought Madoka and Homura were better than Chikane and Himeko! Well now, would you look at that! I am so happy! I didn’t find any signs of the figurines but this makes me really happy!

And since men are still good, jump over for some Madohomu memories…

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Madoka is Happy, I’m Happy!


My NGT purchase from HMV is finally here! And with it, some Homurambo!

Sadly, I missed the sale on Homucifer, which would have been the best to go with Madokami on my shelf but alas, I was late to the game and missed it! So I took the next best thing – Homurambo!

Madoka finally has her other half and that makes me happy to see her happy, also HMV was so nice to me, giving me my very first towel and poster and to make things more awesome, Yukirin is no both of them!

Happys everywhere!

Also it makes me incredibly happy to see that my theory of those CD covers was on point! If you remember in my other post about this single, I speculated that if you put the covers together, Captain Kitarie would lead the group while Senpai Yukirin would bring out the rear and that they were communicating to each other.

Well, will you look at that towel with all covers put together! So, so happy!

As for Madoka, I saw a very interesting figure set of the two that I want to get my hands on no matter what! If anyone knows where I can order this…


Please, for all that is holy, tell me! I want this ultimate figure set in my life!

Anyway, jump over for more pics of the swag…

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Pre-orders are now open to those interested!

ONLY 100 COPIES are available to international customers (now 99) so get to it while you still can! Had to stay up way later than before just to grab my copy as soon as the orders went live. Not making the mistake of waiting again!

If you are reading this, thank you very much dear Plain Archive! Please keep up the unparalleled work!


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【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00120
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00010 【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00052
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00022 充電なんか終わりだよ【Full ver.】“Easter Bunny _ イースターバニー” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY - YouTube.MP4 - 00036
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00154
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00042 充電なんか終わりだよ【Full ver.】“Easter Bunny _ イースターバニー” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY - YouTube.MP4 - 00007
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00128

Do you all remember that post I made about these girls way back when? I didn’t even know that they were an Idol group, probably were only being formed back then but even after they did, I missed their time as LADYBABY and only got back to them after LADY BEARD left then and their name changed to The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY.

Ah but make no mistake, I have known Rei-chan (Black haired) way, way back even before that Escape Dream MV was ever conceived! Before she became this type of idol, she was a different kind of Idol. Try looking up “IMBD Kuromiya Rei” Yes, that’s IMBD not IMDB! Don’t let Google try to correct you! Some of those videos I think are on A!O but I believe they got her surname wrong there. I am sure you will get to them with ‘Rei’ but there are some Reis in H!P so look carefully!

As for the other part of this equation, Kaneko Rie, I don’t know but about her, except for the impossible fact that I think she is cuter than Rei! Rei, Rie, they should have named them K2R or R2 or something!

So anyway, before yesterday, there I was just enjoying some of their subtexty PVs like ‘Easter Bunny’ (See end of post for video) when they went and did the thing! They went and brought Omori Seiko into the mix! Like, you know what is going to happen when you bring Omori Seiko in!

GAYNESS happens!

Like, it wasn’t even an official PV, but rather kind of a behind the scenes video put together but with Seiko music! And yet, and yet, this was times and times more gayer than all their PVs combined! How many times did they kiss? I don’t even…

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Welcome Home Doctor!

Doctor.Who.2005.S10E01.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTb.mkv - 00118
Doctor.Who.2005.S10E01.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTb.mkv - 00000 Doctor.Who.2005.S10E01.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTb.mkv - 00004Doctor.Who.2005.S10E01.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTb.mkv - 00115 Doctor.Who.2005.S10E01.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTb.mkv - 00051
Doctor.Who.2005.S10E01.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTb.mkv - 00123
Space and Time has no Power over GAY!
Akemi Homura agrees!

Finally, finally dear Readers, a relevant Doctor Who post! Oh, how I have waited for this moment! Ten seasons, 10 whole seasons and we are finally here Ladies and Gentlemen! Finally, a season of Doctor Who worth writing about, here on this particular blog that is!

I already said it, in the other post, and the only one, of Doctor Who, which was about the LIVE show, but I am a huge fan of Doctor Who! Well, the 2005 gen that is! I have been following this show since then! And since it is a given, Tennant is my favourite Doctor, then Capaldi (the current one and in this episode)! As for the companions, Rose is a no brainer as my fav then Bill!!! Now, not to be mistaken by favourite female character in the series! That honour goes to the one and only River Song!

From what I understand, this is going to be Capaldi’s last season as the Doctor, which is really sad because I have a feeling it is going to go down as my favourites, especially if Bill and Heather pull through, which I think they will but more on that soon. I really love Capaldi! it is such a breath of fresh air to have a Doctor that isn’t so tied down to the companion, who are always lessened down in appeal because of their attraction to him!

Ah but this season, this season things are different, completely different! You won’t see Bill lusting after the Doctor this time! And the Doctor himself is not the green horns that have come before! Capaldi is a warrior Doctor so he is kick-ass first then mingle! Nay, Bill is a whole different companion partner! She is not only not into boys and only has eyes for the Ladies, but by the end of episode 1 of the season 10, she is already taken!

And best you stay away because her love is right there on the top of the food chain! She took out Daleks like they were nothing! Time and Space mean nothing to her! She is even better than TARDIS and this is when she is not complete yet! Once she has all the knowledge she needs, she will be of godly levels!

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Fantasy v Reality


Dear Readers,

I cannot tell anymore what is fantasy and what is reality! In a world where your dreams come true very often kind of makes fantasy and reality blur that line between them! In a time where you get a Fingersmith movie adaptation by one Park Chan-wook, a time where you get gems like ‘Chikyuu de tatta Futari” and “A Girl at My Door“, like, these are all things that I only fantasized about only years ago.

And today, dear Friends, today I just found this wonderful post on Plain Archive’s Instagram! You all do not know this but every week in the top posts for the day, that is posts read most during the day, ‘More On The Silenced‘ has been in the top 10 even just the day before yesterday it was up there.

This means that people really are still interested in this movie despite having been out for a long while. I already own the DVD, if you remember my post about that but I was kind of not expecting a Bluray at all and only dreamed of the possibility!

No more dreaming for me! Plain Archive is on the ball and you know what this means – Subtitles!!! Yes, official subs for this hidden gem of a movie! I liked that post then went to their site to pre-order faster than I am supposed to be able to!

But when I got there, it was not in the pre-order list! was I TOO SOON™? I think I was too!

I am now content to wait for their version of Ahgassi and the American version in August if I am going to be getting The Silenced soon.

Just look at that fabulous swag though >.< I can’t wait to get my grabby paws on them. Bluray of The Silenced…