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[M!M17] Jealousy! Jealousy!

モーニング娘。'17『ジェラシー ジェラシー』(Morning Musume。'17[Jealousy Jealousy])(Promotion Edit).MKV - 00012
モーニング娘。'17『BRAND NEW MORNING』(Morning Musume。'17[BRAND NEW MORNING])(Promotion Edit).MKV - 00011 モーニング娘。'17『BRAND NEW MORNING』(Morning Musume。'17[BRAND NEW MORNING])(Promotion Edit).MKV - 00044
モーニング娘。'17『ジェラシー ジェラシー』(Morning Musume。'17[Jealousy Jealousy])(Promotion Edit).MKV - 00002 モーニング娘。'17『ジェラシー ジェラシー』(Morning Musume。'17[Jealousy Jealousy])(Promotion Edit).MKV - 00000
モーニング娘。'17『ジェラシー ジェラシー』(Morning Musume。'17[Jealousy Jealousy])(Promotion Edit).MKV - 00046
HaruMaria VS Haruna2

Alright, that’s it! I am convinced that there are spies who frequent here from H!P and AKS! There is no other explanation why things that I speculate on happen from time to time like this! I fail to believe it is a coincidence! Those are too many an occurrence for them to be that and if they were, then why am I not out on the streets making money with my awesome psychic powers!?

And so I have to choose to believe that there are spies among you dear Readers! Okay, who is it? Come now, I am going to bite you! Confess this instant! It will make you feel much better believe me!

Keh, just kidding! Keep up the good work out there, okay!

So, like I said in my last Hello Project post, Team Tsunku has managed to win me over! To those who do not know, believe it or not I was into Hello Project before I was AKB, even though by the time I got into Idols AKB was already on the scene too. At the time I knew nothing at all and it took me a long while to find out that my chosen H!P had already graduated!!! That girl was Mikitty, Fujimoto Miki. And so when my heart sunk after that very first Idol heart-break, I veered away from H!P, even though I had already been drown to the other groups with Yukirin threatening to dethrone Mikitty as my Koshii (Kami Oshii)! It was during this period when Mikitty’s absence hit me hard, that I discovered AKB!

Since then it was a challenge getting back into H!P and with more girls leaving that I was used to, well, things did not get any better! It wasn’t until the 9th Gen came onto the scene that my interest in that area kind of sparked a new life within me, and then not until Ikubo Haruna appeared and made me ship her with Michishige, in addition with these new groups forming around them that were bringing interesting new girls that I started to secretly keep an eye out for H!P happenings!

But even then I was not fully back in yet! Until now! It could have actually been earlier but MeiMei’s graduation pushed that back a bit! With the power of yuri though, in my H!P top ship in HaruMaria (Iikubo Harina and Makino Maria), add in my growing interesting in other groups and ships and well, resistance is futile! Haruna2 (Iikubo Haruna and Ogata Haruna), AyaRei (Hamaura Ayano and Inoue Rei) of Kobushi Factory, MaiSaki (Ozeki Mai and Morito Chisaki) of Country Girls, TomoYuki (Kanazawa Tomoko and Takagi Sayuki) of Juice=Juice and Kisao (Niinuma Kisora and Akiyama Mao) of Tsubaki Factory, have proven to be quite the irresistible attractions!

So, what of this spy business, well, I was mentioning some time back how HaruMaria seemed to be losing fervour because it seemed like Haruna2 were being pushed, in that Ogata seemed to becoming the new partner for Iikubo but then the PVs for their new single hit and what do those awesome guys go and do? Not only do they still LET THEM FIGHT, but they also let Maria win, totally putting me in a completely win-win situation! I was getting kind of sad seeing that they seemed to be dropping my Top Ship but then at the same time I was totally falling in love with Haruna2. So, you see my position, and when they went and not only did they give me both HaruMaria but also Haruna2, make HaruMaria the dominant ship once more, after making them fight, well, let’s just say someone is very happy to be alive!

Now to be fair it is not just the yuri that hooked me back into H!P. They are doing something now that made AKB famous but totally seem to have forgotten about in their blindness due to all the cask around them and that is the importance of the lyrics of their songs!

Like, have you dear Readers listened to their latest songs? And this applies to all groups! You should totally follow them on Youtube. They always release the promotional versions of their songs even before release day in full and with English subtitles! Seriously, H!P is going to be at the top soon once again if they keep this new strategy up! And the quality of their PVs, Jesus! Only the 46 Family on Team Yasusu even dreams of touching the quality of H!P’s PVs! And don’t get me started on their LIVEs, especially the those awesome, awesome Hello Project Seasonal Festivals! The first time I watched one, which was the Winter 2015 one, I almost cried out in disbelief! LIVEs were so supposed to be the Team Yasusu’s Holy Grail but the only one worth anything recently has been the Kojimatsuri and that is obviously a one-time thing!

But I am getting distracted once again. Back to the lyrics, all of their songs are so relevant it surprises me how Tsunku can come up with so many topics relevant to the world at the moment for each group! That’s two or three songs for each single from each group! And they are all quality songs! For example, in the current singles releasing/soon to be released, Morning Musume 17 are all about the jealous between girls in their song ‘Jealousy Jealousy’, which I am surprised no one has written a song about yet, otherwise there would be outcry of copypasta, amirite?! Meanwhile Tsubaki Factory are also talking about the state of the internet right in their song ‘Just Try’, which is about rumour-mongering and spreading the hate because people prefer to discuss bad news instead of the good. And these are only from the latest of the releases!

And it is evident that people are beginning to notice so if H!P keeps this up, they are going to pull a Ryzen in this Idol world and now that they are back, the prospect of my Goddess graduating (with her waifu) doesn’t seem to doom-like to my Idol life! It will surely take me a few months to get back but at least I have somewhere to get back to now! So, great work Hello!Project!

Alright, enough talk, time to get to the REAL meaning behind the Jealousy Jealousy song. While everyone else is focusing on the lyrics, taking them at face value, there is me on the other hand, me, who was actually the target for this song! All I saw in the Jealousy Jealousy PV was the fight going on between Maria and Haruna(O).

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Tsumi no Yohaku [J-Movie]

罪の余白.mkv - 00317
罪の余白.mkv - 00179 罪の余白.mkv - 00180
罪の余白.mkv - 00189 罪の余白.mkv - 00268罪の余白.mkv - 00328
Tsumi no Yohaku 罪の余白

What is right vs Love. Finding Love amidst evil actions. One’s security getting in the way of Love. Criminals have hearts too. How far people are willing to go when backed up against a wall.

Tsumi no Yohaku AKA Crime’s Blank, a 2015 awesome crime drama takes on all these issues and statements and all I have to say is, forget the likes of Romeo and Juliet, this is what tragic love is all about! I have never had my heart pulled in all directions when it comes to the villains in movies like it was this time around! Maybe it is expected seeing as this villain, Saki (played by the captain of X21’s Yoshimoto Miyu), is actually also the protagonist of the story, even though her end was a BAD ONE, which makes her an actual villain in the end instead of an anti-heroine!

I can hear someone going ‘why now?’, well, the credit goes to this new drama that was recommended to me currently airing titled ‘Kuzu no Honkai’, which, if you are an anime person, you know of this as the anime version is also currently airing, and the main girl sure moves around. I am still at episode 2 and having been blown away by Miyu’s performance in those two episodes (are idols really allowed to do that?!!), I remembered that there was a movie she was supposed to be in and so I went and looked for it and dear Readers, am I glad I remembered it!

This girl is just so good! Add her in a big budget movie like Tsumi no Yohaku and man, what a ride! But it was not just her that got me to stay and write about this movie, nope, the other girls too both Uno Narumi (who plays our other half in Maho) and Yoshida Mikako (who plays the catalyst Kana). Those two were also great in their roles and their performances added greatly to the overall feel of the movie bringing that oomph to the punch!

Obviously the point and focus of this post is going to be on our ship in Saki and Maho! Having decided that maybe we have had enough of Korean Movie posts, this was kind of an excellent timing if you ask me! Better still the fact that Tsumi no Yohaku also has the same themes of the last movie talked about, the short ‘End of Summer’. Our main characters almost were similar but ended up taking different routes, an outcome that was also influenced by their partners.

Both having tragic endings but of different magnitude and brought on by opposite circumstances, makes me one sad but also happy citizen! And so I am thinking maybe I should approach this post by way of comparing this and End of Summer? Nah, nothing ever goes according to plan where I am concerned!

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2016 Idol Earnings!

money money money

Redone and Translated from the original Magazine article for your comprehension (see after the break for the original scans), here be your answer, to all those who are wondering why girls are still auditioning for the Yasusu Movement!

That right there is the money earning rankings for all Idols in Japan for last year and 10 of the Top 11 earners on that list are all from Team Yasusu!

Now, I am not sure on what basis exactly is this being evaluated but the results are very surprising indeed! Only 10 million difference between Yukirin and Sashiko?! Like, how?! What did Yukirin do last year other than her tour and Majisuka Play compared to all the TV shows, all those HKT tours that Sashiko was in! Seriously, every single day until this very moment whenever you go on these sites to grab your vids, there is like 80% of files with Sashihara Rino in the title!

Girls from other groups who have been appearing in Dramas and Movies are not even in the top 20! Like, I don’t even know what is going on but I am happy for Yukirin. Evidence suggests that it is because of Yukirin TIME but many other girls do radio shows regularly as well so…

Either way, I am happy for her, and the Team Yasusu girls! See kids, hard work and patience pays. Hang in there and you shall be rewarded in the long run.

Anyway, saw this yesterday searching for some daily Yukirin bread and found it quite interesting, in more ways than one, like how low last year’s earnings were compared to 2014 where the 11th ranker (who was actually Matsui Rena), earned more than Sashiko did last year!

Jump over for the scans and have a lovely day you all…

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TGS Got Me Like…

I was so not ready for that Pre-Dawn PV!

Thank you Avex, only other ship that hasn’t let me down yet other than Mayuki is HitoMiyu and OKAY that’s it! HitoMiyu are getting their own fan-vid!



End of Summer [K-Movie]

End of Summer  여름의 끝자락 (2015).mp4 - 00087
End of Summer  여름의 끝자락 (2015).mp4 - 00043 End of Summer  여름의 끝자락 (2015).mp4 - 00049
End of Summer  여름의 끝자락 (2015).mp4 - 00314 End of Summer  여름의 끝자락 (2015).mp4 - 00319
End of Summer  여름의 끝자락 (2015).mp4 - 00344
End of Summer / Summer’s Tail 여름의 끝자락

And yet another lovely short movie from Korean because, South Korea is awesome that’s why! And just like the one, literally the last post I put up, End of Summer is also as good as any other movie length feature! This time though the story here is super heavy, lots of FEELs with this one and I am pretty sure it won an award in its year at the festival, which was 2015. The fact that it was one of the selected five, and the only yuri movie in that selection that got the Plain Archive treatment, is testament to that.

Yes, I wanted to get that DVD but I was late to the pre-orders that just a day after release, I was already too late. They were old out! Thank God it was actually already up on Vimeo even before then and with English subtitles too so I was not left in the dark. So you all too will be able to watch it if you want, in case you do not want to be spoiled before you watch it, jump to the end of the post for the link to Vimeo.

This nice short really packs a heavy punch! The fact that it is so real and that the characters are very relatable in addition to what they go through being something so common, makes this one of my favourite shorts but really, the fact that I am writing about it should be telling already.

Yes, if you know that there is something I should know about but haven’t written about despite many comments letting me know about it, it means that I have seen it but that it wasn’t to my palate. Sometimes I have already seen it but it is still in the queue to be written about. For example, I thank you all for the Moon Young (Kim Tae-ri) shout out but do you really think I do not know about that!! You must be crazy! Lovely, but crazy!

True story, even before The Handmaiden, I already knew about Moon Young but only saw a short clip and there was none of that goodness that is in the current version everyone is going crazy about or by the gods, believe you me I would already have blogged about it. As things stand, I only need to find the best version, grab some caps and we are a go!

Same goes for the TV show Night Light. I watched 12 episodes of that show but dropped it because the amount of yuri was equally negated with the amount of hetero and with the same characters! Now, if someone tells me that the crack ship I actually had going in the awesomely developed friendship between Se-jin and Ma-ri, is looking up, then I am all aboard gain. Otherwise, my yuri-sense didn’t tingle at all in the 12 episodes I watch between Se-jin and Yi-kyung. Now, if you are telling me I missed something in the later episodes I did not watch, then I will jump right back in and maybe talk about it.

One last thing before we get back to the topic at hand, this is about Mediafire. Yes, I know many people these days can’t excuse a site that takes more than a second to load but please be patient with MF. It is still one of the best free sites (well, under 200MB) around from the old days and it takes a few seconds for the folders and files to show up so hold off on closing that tab thinking the links or site is broken.

With that out of the way, let’s get it on!

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