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Too Grande Yukirin!

C3aICZOVYAA1AKN.jpg orig
a84386d1029108d061d9d0afbf6b0f3c_o ca39f4c136fe4a559f270bef23f2b668_o

Like, look at her! Who wouldn’t want to follow her seeing her from behind like that! Aaah just looking at that top pic makes me want to cry! So good, so grande, I totally understand why the Kouhai flock to her!

Dear Photographer, thank you so very much! And hats off to you for you managed to capture THE Yukirin in your photos!

Thank you.

Yeah, I am writing just to say that but I couldn’t resist. I just came across these images on Yukirin’s thread from one of the Japanese boards taken during this year’s Request Hour, where NGT took No.1 BTW,  and I just had to share the feelings these images evoked in me.

I am just so proud to be a supporter of hers.

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Birthday or Love Confession?!

AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00521
AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00474 AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00459
AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00261 AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00216
AKB48 170128 82 LOD 1830 DMM (Yokomichi Yuri Birthday).mp4 - 00365

Of course I am going to talk about my Team 8 Kami’s Birthday Performance! Really, with Yuri, Ikumin and Cho-chan here, there was bound to be drama and boy, drama did we get!

In addition to all the yuri happenings, I also found another crush in new arrival Utada Hikaru sorry, Utada Hatsuka! It has been love at first sight for me with this girl. I was simply drawn to her personality and I hope against all odds that she keeps it and doesn’t lose it down the road. I have a feeling though that she will change, which is unfortunate but until then, looks like my Super 8 List is going to be shifted once again!

To tell the truth though, it is way overdue for an update because team 8 is just soo awesome and with every video I see of them on YouTube my love shifts gears! In fact the list is going to be so different the next time I reveal the updated version you might be shocked. Ah but Yuri is still No.1! She is now THE Kami of Team 8. Nothing can happen to change that now.

But that is not the point of this post. Let’s get back to the birthday performance of Yuri-chan’s that turned into a Love Wars episode…

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[Pics] Four Days To Go!

DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00173
DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00153 DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00145
DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00172 DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00020
DRAMA_SAKI_3.Title1.m2ts - 00158

Only four days to go and SAKI (‘m gonna use caps to differentiate between the Anime and the Live Action) is back to unleash its demons upon the world of Mah-jong. And so I decided to go through the blurays for the four episodes we got so far. I am planning on posting about them before the series continues but first I have gone through the 90min behind the scenes video.

Since this is about those four episodes we got, the other schools are not in here. It is all Kiyosumi just like the early intro episodes of the anime. And also just like those episodes, the girls are still not quite close but I kind of love that fact. Just as Saki and Nodoka grew closer as the series went on, the girls too will get closer as the show goes on.

From what I have seen of them though, they are all as what you see when you watch the show, except one! The girl who plays Nodoka (Super✰Girls’ Asakawa Nana) is totally different from the character she plays! While the other girls are in-line with the characters they are playing, man even that Hirota, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s Hirota Aika, was the perfect choice for Yuki. They are like animated and real versions of each other), Hamabe Minami is Saki and the same goes for the other girls but Nana, she is like the only one actually acting while the other girls are simply themselves.

Off-screen she is totally different from Nodoka. Quite funny too which was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, no, those aren’t fake! The other schools, as we will see, have their own girls who are as big or even bigger than her and since they went out of trouble to find equal representations of the characters, I don’t see how they would settle for a fake when they obviously have access to the real deals.

Anyway, I grabbed some caps from the video so jump ahead to those interested…

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[Pics] Ah! My Goddess!!

002 011
Thank you for your creation God…

It has been a while since I sent a prayer to my Goddess, a very long while, so here is a post to show my love for her and to the members who love her with some pairing pics to feed my dear Readers’ souls.


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I am a Hero [J-Movie]

アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00029 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00071
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00048 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00066
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00076
I am a Hero アイアムアヒーロー

So, there is this zombie apocalypse movie (yes, another one) that recently came out from Japan that got my goggles re-assessed to find out if they are still doing their job right! It has occurred to me that I have been posting about a lot of legit yuri that doesn’t require goggles at all so I figured they needed some re-calibration!

Who am I kidding, the only reason I got this movie was because Nagasawa-kun was in it along with Kasumi-chan. Also the fact that it is a horror movie. Horror is my favourite genre after all, until yuri is made an official genre that can have award nominations that is. And so I went and checked it out.

The movie seems to be based off of a Manga but I am not going to go checking it out, unless someone who has read it tells me otherwise. Movies usually take liberties and in this case I can tell that I would regret checking out that manga so I am going to stick with the movie, thank you very much.

Nagasawa Masami plays Yabu, a woman who used to be a nurse that feels regret at her earlier actions when the breakout first happened. She ran away saving only her self and no one else. Arimura Kasumi on the other hand plays Hiromi, a high school girl that runs into our protag and redeems him and Yabu along the way, while she on the other hand was turning less and less human. We don’t run into Yabu until a bit later into the movie when Hiromi is already turned!

Basically the movie is about a breakout and then surviving in the post-apocalyptic world. There are many mysteries left to solve, which are really making me want to go read that Manga but I am going to resist! No matter how much I want to know the fate of Hiromi and her powers, or how the relationships progress, I am going to resist! Let’s just stick to the movie…

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Fine H!P, Fine. I’m game!

つばき・カントリー新曲MV!こぶしライブ、ダンス部リハ、生物のお時間、中島ヘアアレンジ MC:佐々木莉佳子・野村みな美【ハロ!ステ#204】.mp4 - 00067
つばき・カントリー新曲MV!こぶしライブ、ダンス部リハ、生物のお時間、中島ヘアアレンジ MC:佐々木莉佳子・野村みな美【ハロ!ステ#204】.mp4 - 00084 つばき・カントリー新曲MV!こぶしライブ、ダンス部リハ、生物のお時間、中島ヘアアレンジ MC:佐々木莉佳子・野村みな美【ハロ!ステ#204】.mp4 - 00085
つばき・カントリー新曲MV!こぶしライブ、ダンス部リハ、生物のお時間、中島ヘアアレンジ MC:佐々木莉佳子・野村みな美【ハロ!ステ#204】.mp4 - 00062
Country Girls – Good Boy / Bad Girl

Looks like Hello! Project is out for blood, my blood! They are really determined in their quest to win me back and I have been trying to resist. I almost succeeded some months back when one of my Kamis (MeiMei of Angerme) graduated but since she wasn’t my Goddess of H!P (that is the one and only Morning! Musume 17’s Ikubo Haruna – who dethroned Yurina of Berryz), I was still connected to H!P.

H!P then went and pulled a couple on me, and one of their wild cards was my H!P top ship as of now – Country Girls’ ChisaMai (Ozeki Mai and Morito Chisaki). I have had my eye on these two for months and months now and with the new PV of theirs, I have just been forced to break one of my customs. Usually a Master Ship of an Idol group I follow has the Kami as one side of the coin but this time things are different. ChisaMai just took over as my H!P master ship.

This did not just happen! There has to have been something previously of the two for them to have enough force to dethrone HaruMaria. First off there has been a lack of HaruMaria and I have found myself actually leaning more towards HaruHaru/Haruna2/WHaruna/HarunaxHaruna (M!M17’s Ikubo Haruna and Ogata Haruna). I still haven’t decided on which ship name to go for yet but I have found them very attractive recently, especially since it seems OHaruna has replaced Maria as IHaruna’s partner in their PVs.

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Time to Level Up!


Did you just notice something different as soon as you got here? Sure it ain’t much but that wasn’t the point. Just like Yukirin had to up her game for ‘Lost in the Supermarket’, I figured it was about time I too stepped my game up!

Using two different blogs just to post one thing was getting really tiresome! You see, and I am sure some of you did notice, for a while now I have been writing posts and putting them up somewhere as drafts, then copying that draft and posting it here. If you click on images I am sure you noticed! Why this though? Why all this hard work? Well, it is because I had ran out of space and WordPress upgrades ain’t cheap!

I have seen many posts about how running your self hosted blog is much cheaper but those are all lies! If you want a true experience then self-hosting is actually going to cost you much more than all that cash (north of 400), it will give you migraines as well because running those things yourself, especially the setup, is no fun task!

But I tried it anyway! the new domain ‘yurigoggles’, previously ‘yuri-goggles’, though they still both belong to me and bring you here, was from that experiment on BlueHost. Needless to say it failed miserably. So I came back but I have used up all my space and thus could not post directly to this blog which is a pain.

And so I leaned on other blogs of mine for space, first it was the black-gekikara-miso one that was supposed to be my R-Rated blog. I used all the 3GB of space up. Next up was Blogspot. There is still plenty of space on it but I had to re-sort the layout and change CSS that resized images automatically before bringing the post here.

It was such a pain!

And so I decided to bite the bullet and go for a WordPress Upgrade.I had two options; Premium or Business. 100 bucks vs 300 per year! All I wanted was more space but WordPress got rid of space upgrades so you had to sign up for a plan. Premium was more reasonable at 100 per year but there was of course a catch. Maximum space was 17GB. Having already used it all up, over 17 (currently at around 17.9), the premium option was no good for me! Only choice left was the Business Plan. At 300 a year that is some decision making challenge right there. Having weighed the pros and cons, I realised that 300 for unlimited space, access to all themes including premium ones that you would pay for otherwise, and all that other stuff that I would never need, seemed like a sweet deal to me.

And so today I decided to cough up 300 bucks for my blog! No more relying on other sites for storage. Ability to change layout any-time I want to anything I want. Option to post videos directly on here, which will come in handy when Youtube gives me the finger, especially with AKB videos! Also I visited my site once as a visitor and saw those ugly ads. Sure they make me money and actually with the Business plan, they would have made me more but I decided to get rid of them! only on this plan can you do that so I did it. Am I stupid? Better stupid than being a beast!

So from now on we are back to normal, even better. No more referrals, no more ads, better experience for everyone, I think. I liked the theme I had before (Yoko), which is free so I kept it. Had a look at some other premium ones but wasn’t so hot on them! Isn’t it weird that when you have the option you don’t see the value in it any more?

Anyway, let’s enjoy the future here together and thank you always for visiting and commenting (to those who do).