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Wowowo Back up! Back up!!

百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00004
百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00009
 一天還有一天甜 _ What sweet everyday- _ 甘いの天然.mp4 - 00001
百合的測驗(レズの実験/Lesbian Test).mp4 - 00007
 百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00013
MWAM Teaser.mp4 - 00010

What in the name of all that is Holy, is this?!!

After some proud detective skills starting from those poor quality cap dumps on twitter, I finally found a meaningful keyword ‘moetage’ which led me to this YouTube channel.

But that turned out to be only an advertising channel so I went searching but I could not find something meaningful. Man, this is as frustrating as trying to find an online shop that ships internationally for Hasegawa-san’s yuri Mooks. I guess it is time to contact my old friend at JList.

And so if anyone knows something more juicy about this moetage, please do not hesitate to let us know. I am sure there is a site out there just waiting to be discovered that has a well of all those projects in their entirety! Man, if only I understood as much Chinese as I did Japanese, my world would be 100x better because no fandom is as wealthy in content as the Chinese fandom.

Man, finding this channel was like finding a pot of gold, only there was one coin inside! In other words, got so excited that it was impossible for my thirst to be quenched by the little bits that I found.

But really, I am very happy. All those kisses! Seriously, they could have saved those for the real deal but they chose to share them for free so I am very grateful. Thank you moetage and Trolling Worker Company (No, that is a real thing. There is even a major member named Troll. I kid you not)

Before I go back to re-watch these lovely short vids, here is some more caps from them…

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 fullsizephoto681415 fullsizephoto726863doona-bae-and-ji-won-ha-in-ko-ri-a-(2012) a-girl-at-my-door
The Age of Yuri!

Sweet, sweet tears! I so happy right now dear Readers, so very happy! Why is that, you might ask? Well, it is thanks to the event that just took place in Korea – The 37th Blue Dragon Awards, one of the two most recognised awards in Korea, and my lovely movies and actresses above came away with prizes!

What a world we live in!

First up is of course Ahgassi/The Handmaiden, and I do not think that I need to mention yet again what this movie means to me. Fine, I will do it. It’s no big deal really. After all, Ahgassi is only my favourite movie of all time!!!


The Handmaiden was nominated for quite a few awards this time around; Best Picture (Obviously), Best Director (no duh), Best Leading Actress (um hello!), Best Female New-comer (seriously), Best Cinematography (really?), Best Music (Jesus Christ people) and Best Technical Design!

Mein Gott!! Aren’t those all the awards? Okay, no but there are two that it should have been in as well; Best Screen play and Best Editing but I get where they were coming from. That would have been just too much and if it had won those it would have won Best Film which really let’s be serious here – A lesbian movie winning Best Film? In Korea? Not on the Government’s watch it cannot! And also goes for Best Director because being best Director means it comes with either Best Picture or Screenplay and Editing so really, it all comes down to simple mathematics!

But really, who gives a tick!?! I don’t care!! As far as I am concerned it won most of the important awards. Park Chan-wook should have gotten Best Director but alas. I watched the Wailing and train to Busan and I was like, seriously?! You know, I have come to a conclusion that putting some sucker punch in the FEELs department is what constitutes to a good movie these days. Some guy sacrifices themselves to save a little girl and tears everywhere, awards everywhere! Like, seriously!

Anyway, as I was saying, all the important awards we got and the most important of them all being Best Leading Actress which went to our lovely and most definitely missed, Kim Min-hee! Despite everything, despite the despair I felt when I saw that she was the only nominee not in attendance, we all got floored when she was actually announced as the winner! Oh, here comes the FEELs again, raining down like tragedy, raining down like a new emotion…

Okay, slow down me! Sorry about that dear Readers. Back on track, once again Kim Min-hee snatches the Best Actress award (the first being from the Directors’ Choice Awards) for her role as ‘Ahgassi’. I am so not crying! I will so not cry too when T-ara manages something similar in the future! And just like the first half, the other half – The Handmaiden, our lovely fresh-meat Kim Tae-ri also once again snatched the Best New Actress Award!

Friends, hold me!

Oh how I wish that Kim Min-hee was there! How I wish to have seen the two interact like all those times before, just the two of them, in their own world, my Korean Mayuki! I believe that the sheer power of their love would have snatched up that Best Film award had they been there together! But alas, Min-hee was not there, leaving our poor Baby all by herself…or was she?

Still not sure who this mystery Lady is!!!

So, if anyone is feeling a need to fantasize about what the two could have been to had Min-hee been around, jump over for some nostalgia pics of the two being love.

But what of the lovely Bae (Doona). What does she have to do with anything? Well, our Mistress got herself one really important prize and that was the Actress Popularity Award. Why am I mentioning her here? Well, she is only a Lead in ‘As One’ and ‘A Girl at My Door’, two movies in my Top 10 yuri movies list. It’s no big deal at all!!

And of ‘The World of Us’? Most of you probably did not know, really, neither did I, that the director of that movie was actually just making her debut with that movie! That’s right, that was her debut and she won the Best New Director Award deservingly! See people, both new (her – Yoon Ga-eun) and old (Park Chan-wook) directors are pushing the world in the right direction by bring awareness and reducing prejudice of homosexuality and other humanitarian issues through quality work! Others need to and I am sure are going to follow their example and soon it will be the Age of Yuri and CBMs!

What a time to be alive! What a year! Seriously 2016, you are awesome!

Have a nice one you all and I hope you got yourselves something nice today (All them discounts)…

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Ar Urt [K-Movie]

허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00070
허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00028
 허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00041
허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00013
 허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00056
허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00022
 허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00055
허성완감독 단편영화 ‘위르트에서’.MKV - 00008

Ar Urt 위르트에서

“Movies need to be feature-length to be good”

Said no one ever!

But I bet anything that many people think that way! The Oscars have most definitely though that way for a long time. They give short-features a category of their own instead of putting them with the others. But the fact that they are Oscar worthy, no matter which it is, goes to show that there can be awesome short films out there. This one in particular, my dearest Readers, is such excellency!

Seriously, the movies just keep rolling in, aren’t they? Yeah sure this did not just popup, It was up on YouTube way back in July and it is I that has just stumbled upon it now. But who is to say that there are not a lot more of hidden gems to be discovered for the year? Best be assured, I am on the hunt until the year is over! This is my holiday plan! I am going to be hunting for hidden treasures that are lurking in the interwebs and believe me, if they are there…I WILL FIND THEM!!

But Ar Urt…What a brilliant short film! There are subs and though they are lacking, I am sure you will get the gist of things for sure. I am only mentioning it because the film uses poems and hidden quotations which I think might make it hard for most to grasp because you cannot tell where the art and dialogue differ. But that is what this short film is – a small piece of art that uses word art in conjunction with the story telling and scene composition.

I am a sucker for intelligent plot devices and one of my favourites is when the open scene directly or indirectly connects with the ending scene! I always melt when that happens. It is the first sign that lets me know that I have totally missed something and that I need to go back and re-watch the movie to pick up the dots that connect the final line from point A to B.

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[T-ara] So I heard…

Tellu - T-ara - I Will Pain Until Today (161110 Mnet M!Countdown) [Comeback Stage].mkv - 00003 Tellu - T-ara - Tiamo (161113 SBS Inkigayo) [Comeback Stage].mkv - 00009
Tellu - T-ara - Tiamo (161113 SBS Inkigayo) [Comeback Stage].mkv - 00002 Tellu - T-ara - Tiamo (161113 SBS Inkigayo) [Comeback Stage].mkv - 00004
Tellu - T-ara - Tiamo (161113 SBS Inkigayo) [Comeback Stage].mkv - 00003 Tellu - T-ara - Tiamo (161113 SBS Inkigayo) [Comeback Stage].mkv - 00005
Now I have to ship Ji-Q too?! Fine, I’ll do it!

…during my hunt for all the live performances for Tiamo, because that’s what I always do when they release a song, I stumbled upon some sad queens who were saying that T-ara failed to get the No.1 spot on station rankings in Tiamo’s first week!

Like, What in the name of…?!! How?! Wh-No, I know the why, but…why?!!! This is why we can’t have nice things! Ah forget it, at least the rest of the world is level-headed. I will just take my happy from them. Like China who love T-ara the most out of all the KPop groups and aren’t afraid to show it with their support…


And the queens, who took on the rest of the fandoms in the music industry and totally showed them who is Boss by winning the fandom battle to rule all battles…


And yes, this was a defence match meaning that the previous war was also won by the Queens (T-ara fanbase FYI). Wondering why the girls are always happy despite the circumstances? it is because they know they are loved by many outside fans.  Sadly, I totally missed the war but no more! Next time I am so signing up for a uniform and a weapon. I am ready!

Never give up, please keep on fighting T-ara! We will all be right with you.



Girl on the Edge [K-Movie]

Girl.on.the.Edge.2015.HDRip.1080p.H264.AAC-STY.mp4 - 00018 Girl.on.the.Edge.2015.HDRip.1080p.H264.AAC-STY.mp4 - 00014
Girl.on.the.Edge.2015.HDRip.1080p.H264.AAC-STY.mp4 - 00221 Girl.on.the.Edge.2015.HDRip.1080p.H264.AAC-STY.mp4 - 00319
Girl.on.the.Edge.2015.HDRip.1080p.H264.AAC-STY.mp4 - 00324
Girl on the Edge 여고생

And yet another hidden gem from South Korea! Can we say, best country in yuri cinema? I am inclined to say best country in yuri cinema! They have most definitely stolen this year hands down! No other country comes even close! I mean, you did not even know about this. But we knew about ‘Ahgassi’ and ‘Our Love Story’ and who knows, there might be something else still hidden and waiting to be discovered! I mean I so did not know about this project until literally three days ago and it was by accident! No one mentioned it, I did not see any trailers nor caps on Tumblr or twitter, at least the users I am following none of them knew about this one!

But here we are! Just over a month out of the year and BAM! In our faces!

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