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9th – Miao Miao


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Ah Miao Miao, the movie that intensified my fetish for hand-sex! Hands, hands, hands!! For the love of hands I love this movie, despite the FEELs induced by watching it.

If you are not new here you know what hands mean to me. if you are new here then let me tell you now that I would rather have hand-sex than actual sex or make-out scenes! That’s how crazy  I am for hands! With what Miao Miao did with hands, well, let me just say that the reason this movie isn’t No.1 is because I am a Martyr, deciding to sacrifice for the greater good, which is logic, my logic, because this is my list but my heart and my mind conflict when it comes to this movie so…

I don’t know, seeing couples holding hands seems way more romantic to me than kissing or sex. It comes off as more emotionally effective. But that’s just me.

Sandrine Pinna as Xiao Ai
Jiayan Ke as Miao Miao

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Miao Miao places emphasis on hands than any other movie I have seen. In fact, our girl Xiao Ai fell in love with Miao because of her hands! She held those hands every moment she got. She used those hands as both her physical (on the train with her period) and emotional (to handle her confusing feelings for Miao Miao) medicine and comfort.

The real reason that this movie is not at the top but instead at ninth place is because of two reasons that actually play off each other. The first being that Xiao Ai never confessed her love to Miao Miao and thus leaving the love one-sided. Now of course I can’t stand this one-sidedness most times, especially if it is because the girl wants their ‘friend’ to be happy and stand on the side and watch as the man takes the girl away from them.

I am looking at you Tomoyo!!!!

This is not the case with Xiao Ai. Well, it kind of is but she didn’t push Miao onto the guy. What she did was make sure the guy was OK and that he did not hurt Miao in the long run and also made sure that he would explain himself well to Miao instead of leaving her heart in tatters.

Moreover, even if she did not confess, there were many moments where Xiao Ai tried to show how deeply she cared for Miao Miao but Miao rejected her intimacy some times. We of course know that Miao knew Xiao Ai loved her and this is the second reason why the movie did not make it higher on the list.

At some point in the movie Miao Miao found out that Xiao Ai loved her. She hints at this in the epilogue where she says she was happy with the time she had spent in Taiwan because she got to fall in love and also got to be loved by someone.

In fact there is that moment when they were saying goodbye at the airport and it looked like Ai wanted to say something and the look on Miao’s face was of anticipation and a kind of acceptance. Then a little before at the café when Miao saw the changed Ai (she had cut her hair to match Miao’s) there was a moment where I thought Miao had finally found that hidden love she had for Ai. There was soft adoration in her eyes and I thought something was going to happen right there and then but nothing did happen. I am sure that if Ai had confessed then, even if Miao was going to leave, I am sure something positive would have come out of it.

This is a very good movie when you think deeply of the characters. Like if Miao knew Ai was in love with her, despite being in love with another person, she still let Ai have her fun even if that was kind of like giving Ai hollow hope. She let Ai fall harder for her but I guess that is how good a character Miao was. She was such a good girl.

Meanwhile despite having all those confusing feelings for Miao and actually knowing that her love for the guy would go nowhere because she knew the guy’s secret, she still helped Miao get that date. Both she as Miao were facing hardships because of their feelings for the person they loved but Ai handled hers a bit better than Miao, even if she was hurt the most out of this.

First of all she loved a person of the same sex. that person was only going to stay with them for a limited amount of time. Even if they had gone stead their life together would have been very short-lived. Then the fact that the person she loved was Miao, who was dealing with her feelings as well. Feelings that she dealt with by disappearing and skipping school and thus adding even more pain to Ai’s heart because now she couldn’t even get to see Miao. Finally as Miao’s feelings got stronger, so did her actions towards Ai change. She started to push her way and in the process also making Ai more miserable.

But it was in this separation that Ai finally understood what those feelings meant so I guess something good came out of Miao’s hurtful actions.

The movie is good at such aa level but it is the hopelessness that puts it lower on the list. No one ended up happy, well except the Dude since he made up with his boyfriend. And okay, so maybe Miao also was a bit happy because even if she ended up falling for the wrong guy, she at least also had someone who loved her in Ai. And if we are digging we can say that Ai also got something out of all of this. Miao was so obviously her first love so you can see it as having the experience of heart-break and thus being prepared for future relationships and also she got to figure out her sexuality. then again this is her only time falling in love so who knows if she found a good Guy later on in her life.

But other than that, Miao loved the wrong guy. Ai loved the wrong girl. She did not get to confess and thus will forever have that feeling of regret follow her around. And what of Miao? Will she bee left wondering what could have been? Would things have changed, her life, had she made an effort to love Ai back? All those questions and uncertainties are what lowered this movie.

FEELs are great but not when they are all negative. Now of course not all of the movie is like that. if that were the case Miao Miao would not have made it on this list. The earlier parts of the made were made up of the good kind of FEELs and the characters were so well written and real that I find myself re-watching this movie from time to time despite the ending.

Also I have never seen a movie that showed a person falling in love and the aftermath like Miao Miao handled it! This of course is on Ai’s side of love. I don’t know, I never quite understood Miao’s fascination with the Dude! They rarely even talked! She knew nothing about him. it just came out nowhere! But for Ai we saw it grow with every moment she spent with Miao. With knew exactly when her feeling became strong enough to be love. We cried with her when she realised she lost Miao without letting her know how she felt (even if Miao already knew). We got frustrated with her when she got confused by what she was feeling and also when Miao was just being difficult.

Sandrine Pinna really did a good job of displaying this evolution. She was so believable in what she was feeling. I commend both her and the movie for being able to do this. You wouldn’t think this was a 1h23m movie and that she wasn’t even the main character! That is not enough time to have such as great character development.

Another commendation for the movie is that it actually did the thing! it denied the main girl their love, in a drama movie, and not only that, but they actually made the guy gay! She wasn’t denied just to break the status quo but she got denied because it was real. The guy was not only gay but he also had someone else he loved. Just like Ai who she denied/could not return her feelings because she could not help it, the guy could not return hers because he could not help it either. Not only was he not interested in girls (which made him come off as a complete dick in the beginning before the bomb drop) but he had someone else he loved. The difference was that in his case that someone else also loved him and was still waiting for him.

Oh my God! I just thought of something just now. What if back in Japan a boy or even another girl falls for Miao! What if she then also pulled the Dude back in Taiwan and finally realises that she loved Ai instead. Ai is still waiting for her definitely.

Oh Lord. Now I want that sequel!

Anyway I already posted about this movie in detail. If interested go read all about it.

Well then, until next time…

Author: Black Gekikara

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6 thoughts on “9th – Miao Miao

  1. Hi, have you seen Ohoku 2016 (tv mini series)?

  2. the one with erika sawajiri and watanabe mayu…

  3. I did not watch this film and just read your post while lurking your blog. I just wanted to say that the plot is low. If this was reversed with the gender – the movie was about two men instead who will take the place of the two original characters who will go through the boring and low plot and there a girl who is secretly gay and ended with happy ending I would have pleasant feelings reading about. Not gonna watch this even the performance of one thespian is good.

  4. do you know where can i get english sub for it..or maybe link? oh its ooku?? i didnt know, hehe..

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