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[The Handmaiden] Round 2 Let’s go!


The Handmaiden, 2016.1920x1080P.FHD.H264.AC3-NWB.mp4 - 00010
The Handmaiden, 2016.1920x1080P.FHD.H264.AC3-NWB.mp4 - 00002
The Handmaiden, 2016.1920x1080P.FHD.H264.AC3-NWB.mp4 - 00011
The Handmaiden, 2016.1920x1080P.FHD.H264.AC3-NWB.mp4 - 00003

I am an idiot!

I am a complete idiot for thinking for even a second that I was ready for this movie! I was a fool to think that just because there are no English subs, I would be able to handle The Handmaiden because since I would not understand a thing, I would be safe from all the extreme emotional bombs.

I couldn’t!

Last time I stopped at around the 40min mark. That was two days ago! Guess how much progress I have made since then?

4 minutes! 4 FRIKKIN MINUTES!!!!

And yes, I have watched something every day since then. The thing is that on every watch I begin from the very start of the movie once again. Despite that I can’t help pausing every damn second to catch the emotions and all the nuances of every scene. Catching what makes Sook-hee and Hideko tick. What attracts them to each other. How their feelings develop with every scene and trying to decipher how much time has passed!

Finally I made it to where I had left off but I was not ready! I know what is coming, I knew, everyone has spoiled me already, not that I mind, but despite knowing, I am scared for my life to go beyond this point!

Just those four precious minutes more to bring me to the 45min mark, have taken me hours to finally stop looping and pausing the damn movie just to soak in what is happening! The emotions on the display are out of this world! I still can’t believe I am looking at Kim Min-hee, playing Maud, in an adaptation of Fingersmith – my favourite book ever!

Kim Tae-ri too – Okay, this is just un-believable! There is no way that she is not an actress but rather a journalist student! There is no way The Handmaiden is her first film/major project in acting!

No way!

That young woman wore her emotions in her eyes so perfectly I finally understood the meaning – Eyes are the windows to one’s soul!

What perfect casting! Not just the casting, everything else about The Handmaiden is simply perfection! I am sorry BBC adaptation, even you original source material Fingersmith, but you both lose to this movie in terms of yuri! The only thing the book has over the movie is story structure/pacing/plot etc but it is a book which has the luxury of time and thus able to accomplish the mentioned.

For a movie to be able to do what The Handmaiden did – that is pure magic!

So, after today I am faced with the first sex scene challenge! It has been real difficult getting over just the kissing scene in these four minutes to today, how the hell am I going to survive the next scene?!

I guess it’s time to start writing my will. then time to go to the church and pray for enlightenment just in case I find myself at the gates of judgement!

Pray for me dearest Readers…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

4 thoughts on “[The Handmaiden] Round 2 Let’s go!

  1. Every day when I come look at his blog, it has become a habit, so for other reasons as this particular reason! The Handmaiden surpassed as I said in a previous post all my expectations, I confess I have not read the book (although I will read with absolute certainty!), But watched the special bbc, not devaluing of course, but the Korean version was too perfect! I missed some situations that occurred in the miniseries and the film does not, but made no lack ounce, about five minutes ago I finished watching it subtitled (from the day that leaves raw was in search of a legend and my happiness found!), I could not help commenting here and share the legend with you and all the readers of your case blog someone wants, anyway after watching Agassi came to a conclusion, very well worth all the wait (long wait even !), loved every moment, the way has been shown to perspectiva of each character and the story was too perfect, I admit that after this film turned a big fan of Kim Tae-ri and even more of Kim Min-hee, which majestic performance of two unmatched chemistry, not only the two but the cast overall. I confess that besides all got to laugh with the character of Kim Tae-ri at times, I needed a yuri movie decent and finished properly, these last months have not had much luck with my otp’s with increasingly tragic end than the other but as Agassi reward got me through it all!
    Thanks for always bring so interesting posts and that always comes something new in the world yuri worth checking out.

    link RAW+SUB ENG/PT

    • I love you I love you I love you Oh My God I love you!!!

      Thank you so very much Marcelle! I knew it! I knew it wouldn’t take long before the subs hit! Sure these are rushed and not perfect but oh my god, I would take subs with 1 word out of a sentenced translated for this movie!

      Anything for this movie!

      And really, I am with you. As I have said, the only thing the other Fingersmith adaptation and the original have on Ahgassi is the plot and story. That original story is just so grand, it is why Fingersmith is my favourite book.

      In terms of yuri, The Handmaiden wipes the floor with the others!

      Seriously, thank you so very much. I am now off to start once again from the very beginning to watch now with actually understanding words said.

      Thank you.

      • Glad I could help, without subtitles watch with an understanding say that failure on many occasions (put many as watched at least 3 to 4 times during the week do not understand much) as really this legend said not guarantee 100% precision but the dialogue have to be understood in virtually every scene, only in one or two needed some time to reflect a little more to understand what was going on, even more than I was comparing this version with the English, which is a thing not advise too, because in my view proved almost being another story but with that air in common. Watch, to leave the official subtitles that will be of great help!

      • I have watched it six times without subs and 2 with. well, the first 5o minutes that is. I still haven’t gotten further than that!

        This is madness!

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