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I truly apologise about that, if you actually believed it, but this post is about the Majisuka Gakuen Play and no, Rena/Gekikara won’t be appearing…


No, I will never be over that. Never! And so forgive me while I leave that train of thought behind because I still cant the feels even if I want to talk about how my name came to be…

Before we start, does anyone remember this tumblr post of mine? I posted that April last year and while this is not an anime, it is a new project with BLACK-san as the main character! Now the question is – Is it okay with you if I gloat? Pretty please?! Can I delude myself in thinking that that post of mine had a little bit of something to do with us getting this Stage Play with BLACK? No?


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200% Concentration!
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200% Attention!
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200% Bro-some!
200% Effort!
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100% Yukirin!

Remember my conversation about pride yesterday? Well, here is something else to be proud of. If you haven’t watched these little LINE Majisuka Play videos, do it, as a Yukirin Fan, you owe it to yourself!

Look at that Yukirin there! I believe a couple of days back she said something about looking forward to a Yukirin we have not seen before and from these little glances into the backstage of the play, I am already crying that I have to wait for the Blurays to get to watch this play!

Another bit of info to chew on, the past couple of days I am sure you have come across tidbits of Yukirin having a hard time with the practices for the play. If you have been in a play before, or have attended a play before, like, I, then your only question would be – how is she even able to do it! Just yesterday, my good friend and a great Yukirinian sillythings shared a bit of trivia that on the day of AKB Festival, Yukirin practiced until 3am (that is morning hours) and then right after, instead of going to sleep, she started practicing for the festival. She had a solo stage along with a Mayuki stage that day so north of 10 songs were practiced – a number that was given. More info was, and this is a given seeing what has been going on with the Idol groups these past days with Music Day and FNS, Yukirin won’t have time to practice again until two days before the play!!!!!

Like, how?! Do you guys have any idea how long it takes play actors to practice for a single stage?! She is the main character, meaning she will have the boatload of lines to memorise and even if she can practice a bit at home, if she has the time, she still needs to meet the other members and practice with them but as we heard, that is a very rare chance!

And all this without even thinking of the other works like Gravure and all that. A week or two ago for example, she had Young Magazine shootings! Who knows what else is on her plate!

And plays are nothing to sneeze at! You can’t ask for a retake when you mess up your lines. When a line disappears from your mind, you are gonna feel the implications of it all with thousands of eyes on you!

And yet look at that the form she is in in these backstage videos! You couldn’t even believe it that she is a moyashi girl by character, kind of like Rena. Actually she did say that people were wondering if she really hadn’t been in a fight before because of how much power she displays in her physique when practicing the action scenes!

You wouldn’t think that seeing her usually, would you! It’s like she completely transforms when she is doing a job! I remember in NMB’s Don’t Look Back single, that high kick she did someone made fun of it saying that it would take your head clean off if she kicked you! I think they were right!

Yukirin is truly a Super Idol!

The more I think of her and how much she loves the Idol world, how much she puts into everything, I find myself loving her more and more! 8 years knowing Yukirin, 7 years noticing her, 6 years worshipping her and I am still discovering more depth to my love for her!

May God bless Yukirin!

I really can’t wait for this play! I am going to watch the first Majisuka Play which I put on hold because of the very raw wounds I had suffered (yes, more than one) in preparation for this one!

Amazon Japan, here I come…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “Yes. YES! YESSSSSSS!!

  1. Haa, I just saw a tweet about this and coincidentally I’m in Tokyo during that time, but I already spent too much money on concert tickets and I have no idea how AKB ticketing works :/ Plus 8800 yen… excluding possible resale fees. Meh. Whyyy…
    (seriously, I spent almost 1000€ on concert tickets and I still need food… ;; )

  2. You know I look through the ranks of AKB and the sister groups and I struggle to find another girl there who has had to manage a workload like Yukirins for a long as Yuki has. I mean she always seems to be doing stuff and right now it’s at ridiculous levels, indeed she must be a super idol to manage what it a crazy schedule right now!!

    But then this is Yukirin right, she has always been one to push herself and to work hard, you expect this from her, she loves what she does and she’s willing to work for it, you don’t get the title of the “idol’s idol” for nothing nor do you get the levels of respect that Yukirin does for just coasting along.

    But at the same time it always feels like Yuki is never alone, it’s the thing to me that has always made her stand apart from the other “Kamis” of old for me and this video shows it off perfectly, I mean if you put Acchan or Yuko, heck even Sasshi in here as the lead then there would be star and cast type feel to the whole thing but not with Yuki, she is one of the team, she fits in with the crowd. Look at the members here, I mean they hold the “Kamis” in awe on the whole but see Yuki as, well, Yuki, it’s perhaps one of Yuki’s lasting legacies in AKB that I will always fondly remember her for and here it means that they are there for Yuki, many of them have said as much on various social media forms, it’s really quite amazing!

    Lastly I am very much looking forward to the YukiNana pairing that will come out of this play, there is just something about them together that I just really like!! 😀

  3. I’m okay with swords, but guns… sigh… 欲しくないでがんす‼

    I feel for you… I really do. I’ve got one of the best presents via “Majisuka Gakuen Kyoto chifu shugakuryokou” and what are you going to get? Whatever that think is going to be… I wish I could say… I’m sorry.

  4. It’s been a long, long time since I checked here. But the title of this post got me wondering, what it might be about. Thus I read it; in many ways this isn’t a new Yukirin or one we’ve never seen before, rather the Yukirin that has been hidden waiting for the right moment to re-emerge.

    Maybe in a way, we see what we want to see. This time perhaps she’s showing what she wants to show. Sounds ambiguous and riddle-like, but being a entertainer like Yukirin, means showing the audience what they want to see, however this might be the Yukirin she always wanted us to see. But that is just existential -Kierkegaardian crisis anyone?

    I concur with the awesomeness of Yukirin assessment. Theater is always an enlightening experience for playwrights, actors and directors alike. It is a very different environment. However, I know, Yukirin will simply shine -as she always does- and prove once again she’s not your regular idol, she’s transcended into a place only those with the drive, the skill and the charisma can go. I think of Yukirin as a Geisha. She’s definitely above the rest and in a place few artist in the current medium can claim.

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