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[Pics] Is This Even For Real?!


IMG_20160701_081322 IMG_20160708_163505
IMG_20160708_163253 CmFdpZiUsAA3DdN.jpg large
CnAURjAUcAA9caw.jpg large
IMG_20160708_163310 Cm1LsErVYAAcDHU.jpg large
Mayuki_Yuki_Kashiwagi [2016.06.14-211320] 柏木 由紀(AKB48 チームB).mp4 - 00008

Like, SRSly!!

dear Mayuki, please just announce that wedding date as that is all that we are waiting for at this rate! Like, are you even kidding me? You know, I really want to meet anyone who knows of AKB48 but doesn’t know who Mayuki are! I really need to meet them as no place is safe! Anywhere they go Mayuki always happens! I mean they do say home is where the heart is so it makes sense for Mayuki World to follow them wherever they go but still!

Even Utage, the one place I thought was safe from Mayuki as Mayuyu seemed to be taking her job there seriously, was not spared! I am of course talking about…


Of course now that I actually have another look, it does look like unlike the other times, this time it is Yukirin who starts things off.

And speaking of this episode, is it only I that always get a smile when Ai-chan and Yukirin perform in these dance battles on the same team? I just, I am this close to starting to ship them two I swear!

But while all is good, the actual reason for this post isn’t actually Mayuki but rather, the meaning of the day before yesterday! By that of course I mean the 15th of July – a very special day as it is my Goddess’ day on which she came into being – Her Birthday! I am ashamed that I did not get to post this on that day but better late than never, right?

Before I go farther, I wish to say to all Yukirinians out there that I hope you are proud to bee a fan and if you are not, you should be! Despite everything Yukirin has reserved her spot in the history of AKB48! Sure it is not being one of the SSK Centres, or any other Centre but really, there are many of those!

What is even more important is that this memory she has created belongs to the people matter more and thus makes the achievement itself that much more important and these are the members themselves I am talking about. Yukirin has garnered so much love from the members that no other Senpai comes even close! I already said it but I will touch upon it again but whoever comes into contact with her, whoever she works with on a project or performs a stage with, those members are always usually affected by and see Yukirin differently.

This was from Shiichan herself if you think I am making it up but even then one is only selecting to ignore the evidence. I am not sure how many follow members’ lives but Yukirin is one of those members that new girls rarely look up to. After time passes, when they meet her then it starts. Think of all the Kashiwagi children (what we call members who Idolise Yukirin) – almost 70% of them did not have her as their Idol in the beginning. And yet now…

And I am going in circles, let’s take a step back in time on Friday. I think I posted last year’s over-whelming number of messages from members to Yukirin on her but if you thought that was a lot, well, try multiplying that by a factor of > 7!! NMB girls, who haven’t seen Yukirin, haven’t performed with her in two or more years, all sent Yukirin heart-warming messages. Girls from Team Bs of old from other sister groups all sent her messages. graduated members sent her messages. Poor NGT girls, who had the luck of being put with Yukirin from the get go, well, I am pretty sure the effects are plain as day! And all to these messages…

Yukirin wrote a personalised reply!!

Like, how can that not make you proud!! Oh yes, if more proof is needed, in the Documentary Book there were various Questionnaires for the members and Yukirin, by almost 40% of the votes, was the most respected member in the 48G by the other members!

We fans are only outside the lass not even looking inside but rather seeing only what is put on display. These members are in the inside. They go through the same everyday life like Yukirin does. They know what goes on in there than we will ever even wish to comprehend. I only recently got this through my thick skull because before I was actually letting what other people said about Yukirin affect me but these days, I see how meaningless those words were, how weightless.

No other member/Kami has touched so many members as Yukirin has. Be it her Kouhai or her own Senpai, everyone treats Yukirin like she was their comrade. There is no distance at all between her and the others.

The only distance that I see and feel is between Management and herself. Not Shinobu though, Shinobu is cool! And that makes me come off as being triggered but I won’t deny that conclusion!

There is more reasons to be proud of Yukirin but I am saving those for the relevant posts to come. For now don’t be brought down by the fact that Yukirin might graduate without ever dominating SSK or solo Centring an AKB single! The latter should have happened by now but I think it is safe to assume that will never happen. Hell, I can see Management approving the Mayuki graduation only because they can deny Yukirin that solo Centre!

But it doesn’t matter! Yukirin doesn’t have to be No.1! Maybe she has to if it means something special to herself but not to us, not to the members! She has already touched us. We will never forget her! The members already know her, see her for what she is and what she is capable of. So be proud!

Be proud.

Be proud to be a Yukirin Fan!

And I am done. Sorry for the rumbling. Jump ahead for the pics (Most of which are from this Friday by the members)…

6f3aadac8bcd04ded65eda2a0646b30c ngt_1468586603917
12758bc78407a29053673061f8addc8f CnW5TN5UEAAyA-i.jpg large
IMG_20160626_230416 IMG_20160715_222727
CnYGFc4UkAE-9DD.jpg large
J2PRkYvQKz4ucg9d.mp4 - 00001 J2PRkYvQKz4ucg9d.mp4 - 00004
J2PRkYvQKz4ucg9d.mp4 - 00036 J2PRkYvQKz4ucg9d.mp4 - 00031
J2PRkYvQKz4ucg9d.mp4 - 00046 J2PRkYvQKz4ucg9d.mp4 - 00048
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00006 udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00007
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00026 udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00024
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00028 udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00033
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00035 udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00036
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00040 udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00044
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00049
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00051
udnDAV6Cd6TqaMLy.mp4 - 00052
Everyone wants a piece of Yukirin! Cardboard cut-out? It doesn’t matter!
And NGT girls, especially you Noeppi, please control thyselves!
Cl1cb_4UoAEh1xJ.jpg large
16ef2d67e460809f815d754a5ddecaac 101000171d77f1e56c49b20c130e55da
3bc275a4cdc31aafbeb95c1a0c2c44f8 CnVfDR8VYAEE6j6.jpg large
12758bc78407a29053673061f8addc8f 62a5ece234dfc90aef860b55ffe7b006
IMG_20160713_184722 CnX6cLfUkAExZOP
IMG_20160716_144648 IMG_20160716_144953
CnZbOr0VUAA6NKt CmBAioBXIAQIPtu.jpg large
IMG_20160629_080442 CnfBe2SVIAANu93.jpg orig
35659559db1061d1c0490daad1913b10 Cm9ekftUkAE1qGm.jpg large
IMG_20160707_124916 IMG_20160715_214113
CmcPfbYVMAEA8eB.jpg large CnY0XCQUIAAIttb
c4376dcff084910a3db4f9dc1e47cd71 ae522db00655195b4f79443f68ff5cc1
IMG_20160715_085523 IMG_20160715_085746
IMG_20160621_213756 IMG_20160704_170657
CnaOg3nVMAAg_Kp CnVeT2iVIAAtQ9s CnVbu65VMAAFj1F
CnX-W9fUkAAg820.jpg large CnYSyYrUEAAqx6v
CnYSyYsUIAAVm6L 82f9dab0-6a0a-46ee-92ba-38b9f736c21b
CnX3AZ1VMAAnC5W 369ad49937d41622775e7dd52c779823
98b160ce-a551-4cf5-a09f-0eb7e36a3b4d cd9378d7-38da-45fb-a7d1-202b3ae1e89a Ch3DmbiU4AAO9tT.jpg large
866038f07c0c0135fcce55ccf9e7937a a08a5818e5e2964ebdeab682e560059a
cae57112-afc8-4bf3-8c7e-bb8eea8ae09c IMG_20160715_223702
Ch5ziN6VEAAPhOY.jpg large IMG_20160715_223328 IMG_20160717_170645
ngt_1468585494025 CnYtzBPVUAA-oar IMG_20160715_222538
o19201440p nakano160425
With Other Members
0_2099625 9382ba739a5e6fabe89c92a990ba4ec2
4e9384100a2b93a1f9fc4bdad9c0489b 36e4bb3393fc55fcb444835fa4853b12 80c74230a2fa236126c21417f84f45ed
88fac410260b098d87ec77f6f39003c5 6029d1daf9211297a1f752ec8694ee9f a7c7206c92e34c9d852caa16df6585db
CiNQ23XVEAArrMd.jpg large CiSfrGBVAAAfUkc.jpg large ccb98a11f31c809082681bd6a9f756e9 CiLWRKaVAAA0a-m.jpg large
IMG_20160502_231834 cf8d4755ea9fb0c29aefc3788a5ae4af
Ci6x_JBVAAAKhb4.jpg large CnfAvx2VMAAJD1M.jpg orig
CluLMowVAAAYBcB.jpg large ea165fc4f3fc94ec5277c855903c7113
IMG_20160515_152241 IMG_20160515_152245
IMG_20160515_152249 IMG_20160515_152252
tumblr_oac0wtsUud1uwhf0co4_1280 tumblr_oac0wtsUud1uwhf0co7_1280 tumblr_oac0wtsUud1uwhf0co9_1280
tumblr_oac0wtsUud1uwhf0co2_1280 tumblr_oac0wtsUud1uwhf0co6_1280

Happy 25th!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

7 thoughts on “[Pics] Is This Even For Real?!

  1. MaYuki at the moment seem to have gone into complete overdrive at the moment, I mean in all the years of MaYuki I don’t think we have ever had this much content for this amount of time!!

    Of course this could be because they know something that we do not which is causing this extra content (i.e graduation, dare I even say double graduation?) but that is something that I shall not worry about, I will just enjoy the glorious bounty put in front of me, jsut as God intended :p

    The love Yuki got on her Birthday was amazing, especially when it came from the girls from NMB and places like that, it’s was really touching to see that they still have such found memories of Yukirin for that brief period of time that they were together, it speaks volumes for Yukirin too who really is a person who once you meet, changes peoples perspectives about her, like you say not many people come into the 48 groups idolizing Yuki but so many do so after they have met her, but that is so much better really, they fall in love with Kashiwagi Yuki the person rather than Yukirin the idol and perhaps that is what makes her special.

    • Since Yukirin said she doesn’t want drama, I doubt it would be any time soon.

      But seeing how much more work she is getting these days, almost as if someone is afraid of her leaving and pretending to love her, you might be onto something there.

      I am still touched with the B-Day happenings! And members falling in love with the person and not the Idol, doesn’t that make her an even better Idol because it means she is truly that good at the core and thus a natural born Idol.

      An Idol’s Idol..

  2. You missed one picture:

  3. Super photo collection!

    I (HEART) Yukirin!

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