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[Ahgassi] What If I Told You


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Is it here yet? No? Dammit!!

What if I told you dear Readers that instead of this…


We could have actually had this…?


Yeah, I know I have mentioned this before in one of my earlier Ahgassi posts but the wait for this movie has got me all hungry and I went re-watching my whole list of movies. Last night Actresses was one of the few that I got to watch and that scene between Kim Min-hee and Kim Ok-bin struck me once again with how great it was. In fact I even think that something new came to me this time around. So let’s re-visit it once again…

Actresses.mkv - 00009 Actresses.mkv - 00010
Actresses.mkv - 00011 Actresses.mkv - 00013
Actresses.mkv - 00014 Actresses.mkv - 00015 Actresses.mkv - 00016

Can you feel the flirting? Believe me I did not think of it when I watched this movie like, five years ago but watching it last night I could feel the atmosphere as clear as if I was feeling the heat in a kitchen! It was from their simple exchange hidden with meaning to the way Ok-bin’s voice was quivering quite a bit as if she wasn’t believing herself that she was having that kind of conversation!

Seriously, just replace Ok-bin with a guy and this flat out a come-on. She will be less confused? About what? I can only think of few things she would be confused about at 22 (her age at the time). But there is only one kind of confusion when you take into consideration which turn their conversation took from here.

Actresses.mkv - 00018 Actresses.mkv - 00022
Actresses.mkv - 00027 Actresses.mkv - 00029
Actresses.mkv - 00031
Actresses.mkv - 00034 Actresses.mkv - 00035
Actresses.mkv - 00036
Actresses.mkv - 00038 Actresses.mkv - 00041
Actresses.mkv - 00054 Actresses.mkv - 00057
Actresses.mkv - 00058 Actresses.mkv - 00060
Actresses.mkv - 00065 Actresses.mkv - 00067
Actresses.mkv - 00069 Actresses.mkv - 00070
Actresses.mkv - 00072

Seriously, what are we really taking about here?! I have a feeling this has absolutely little to do with the two of them starring in the same movie and more about the context of said movie! A movie with lots of actresses you say? A movie where the actresses love each other you say? And you want Min-hee to be in one with you, you say?

Seriously, who needs an expert to decipher the meanings in this turn of conversation?! Those enlarged caps have purpose as well. That one after Min-hee supplies that Ok-bin must like her and Ok-bin replying ‘of course’ without hesitation…that pause speaks to me louder than anything!

But what’s even better Min-hee , despite maybe having an inkling of what is actually happening here, she not only answers ‘okay’ but she heats up the conversation even more! How you may ask? Well…


Look at that gif! Just look! Me being me, a person that reads into everything now, from which sides the characters are facing each other, in what positions relative to one another, the looks they have on their faces, what they are doing with their bodies, this scene jut killed me!

I have already mentioned how so-not-calm Ok-bin was here, from the sound of her voice. Let’s speculate for a singe moment that she was nervous coming out to Min-hee right there. Let’s speculate that she is kind of gay. Now take in the way Min-hee is looking up at her with all that cuteness, touching her THIGHS, multiple times, seemingly so okay with what Ok-bin was proposing and then think!

This was 2009. In 2013 Park Chan-wook starts working on a project! That project is based off (according to him. Using the word ‘inspired’ was Waters’ idea after reading the script) the greatest lesbian book to ever been written (as far as I am concerned) – Fingersmith.

In 2014 the casting call starts. We learn that Min-hee was already a part of the project with her role pre-set and she was only made the offer, which she says she waited three days before accepting.

Now here is my question – Is it really farfetched to think that Mar Park, having been incredibly impressed by Ok-bin’s performance as the deranged vampire in Thirst, and already having his sights on Min-hee’s cat-like features and personality, is it to far off to think that he thought of taking on this project with these two in mind as the two leads?!

I think not!!

You see, I believe that there was something that prevented Ok-bin from taking on this role. First off her being cast alongside Min-hee here in Ahgassi is not so inconceivable! In the case that Min-hee was still to play Hideko (Maud) and that her co-cast was still to be younger than her, Ok-bin is still five years younger than Min-hee so she still qualifies. The challenge would be in her body build as she was actually bigger than Min-hee and looked almost older than her.

Which brings me to another specula – What if Ok-bin was actually the one supposed to play Maud/Hideko? Just look at the caps above from ‘The Actresses’ and tell me you don’t see her playing a wealthy Lady with a scrawny maid like Min-hee there?! I think that Ok-bin was to be the Mistress and Min-hee the Handmaiden!

This can be further proved by what Mr Park said about Min-hee. The way he described her was more in line of Sue’s personality than Maud’s. Sue is the more complicated of the two I think. Maud was not putting on two different personalities. She was genuinely being her self with Sue and one can argue it was Sue who was blind to the other side of Maud. Not that it is her fault. She was not told of the real Maud so with that fake pre-conceived character of Maud from Gentleman, add in the different way Sue treated her which made her act differently than she did with the other Maids, and you see that Maud is actually a simple character. It is Sue who was the more complicated of the two and which is why I think Min-hee was meant for that role.

Now of cause this is all specula and I doubt anyone would come out to say that, were it true but it gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

And going back to 2009…

Actresses.mkv - 00079 Actresses.mkv - 00082
Actresses.mkv - 00086 Actresses.mkv - 00090

That ending sure leaves you wondering as well, doesn’t it? What happened between the two after that?! There is this moment in the beginning of the movie where Ok-bin watched Min-hee swagger off her scooter and walk passed her car and her eyes…Oh Lord, what is Ok-bin actually already had a crush on Ok-bin here? What if she just scored a date (and a night of fun) by the end of the movie?

I mean look at her? She sure doesn’t look like she wants out of Min-hee’s wonderful arms!

And that Min-hee! A girl just came out to you and this is what you do to them? Are you aware how these things work or do you think that just because she is a girl that things are different?

or maybe she actually knows what she is doing?!!!


Better stop here before I lose myself in Mousou land!


fullsizephoto101990 fullsizephoto101999
fullsizephoto104878 photo213922

Author: Black Gekikara

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6 thoughts on “[Ahgassi] What If I Told You

  1. It is a miracle of the gods have found something about Ahgassi , not if you’ve seen already but it’s great
    It is important to know that has spolier about the movie


    this gif increased my excitement to see this movie

    • When I saw this gif , just I thought I’d post it here , but I was surprised that someone else has already posted after that what do I bear to wait to be able to see this movie , being a good prestigious and award-winning film is taking longer than normal to be available online , as in my country no chance of being able to watch it in the cinema, I have left is just wait …. wait … wait ! Do not just recording have expected after the premiere and to complete necessary to wait for him to be released, at last I have left is to wait forever!

  2. Glad I’m not alone , I have people to suffer with me. kkkk

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