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Ma Body Is So Ready!


160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00280
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00265
Maki: So, you free tonight?
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00240
Mai: …Are you Serious?!
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00274
Maki: Obviously. I am getting a nosebleed just thinking of the morning after!
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00280
Mai: ????
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00276
Kaoru: %*&^$
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00305

Dear Mr Bousman, I thank you for this spiritual bread I am about to receive (on the 23rd of July), for you have taken my fantasies and hopes and made them reality but actually having CBS work on a project together!

Also I wish to send a shout out to the Awesome Editor on AKBINGO! that helps in our fight to get the world to know the value of Yukirin! Thank you for once again using Yukirin as the bait in your advertisements. And I don’t mean that in a bad way! It shows the value that she holds for this business!

Last time, even if they used almost all of her scenes, it was with the Kimi wa Melody, on AKBINGO, and this time, they are using her to advertise a drama that she isn’t even the protag of! I didn’t catch the words’ meaning 100% but I am pretty damn sure this is also partly thanks to Mr Bousman! I have a feeling that he has already been trapped in our world – The Yukirin World! And so with that reasoning, it is safe to say that ‘Step Aside SakuMayu, the real star of this show is not yous!

In all seriousness though, CBS are actually going to be facing off, finally, and if all that is being said is true, they are even going to be jumping to second base! Oh Lord, Maybe, I am not ready for this after all…

160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00221
160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00224 160628 AKBINGO! ep396.ts - 00230

But it’s not just about CBS! The caps above are very interesting to me and have made my mind wriggle and wriggle trying to think of the different scenarios and relationships going on here.

First of all we know Yukirin is the Queen Bee of this school and yes, she brings with her all the qualities of that type of Queen (Dear Story Writer, you know your shit very well. Perfect casting choice! I don’t even care she isn’t the protag) which includes being a biatch and a bully! That circle includes Yankee Soul Yuria, Chibi Miion, and Kato Kato Katto…ahem!

But this type of circle I thought would be one of the ‘bad guys’ so to speak, meaning that there is no business for Mayuyu, the good guy, and Odd Girl Bully Magnet Annin being there near this batch of the crowd! They are obviously not compatible however way you look at it.

And we also know Sakura-tan would be joining them soon so what gives? There are some theories I can think of from past experience. In addition to what we know of Mai (Yukirin’s character), there is the fact that she is actually a good person underneath. All the meanness, and that what turned her cruel was something that happened to her mother.

The first thing that popped into my head with this info was that she would not be dying but rather be redeemed, which might be the actual out-come to all the people Maki (Sakura-tan’s character) comes across and while that might be after being killed, it matters not because I read something about this being a world where humanity conquered death or something which means that girls might have to be killed to be saved if that is the case.

Anyway, Mai is naturally good and her mean side is only a front. This brings up some interesting things and these have to do with all those around Mai. One of those has to be acquainted with the real (nice) Mai. Either they were childhood friends or as equally close. This might explain why Annin, a girl that looks like she would be one of the targets of this Bully Club, is actually sitting in their vicinity. Annin’s and Maki’s interactions might be when Maki gets to know the real Yukirin and maybe decides to handle things differently this time around.

That role though can also belong to Kaoru. Maybe they are not as close as they were before and Kaoru might not really agree with this new style that Mai has got going but they are still close that she would sit with them during breaks as Kaoru looks like the kind that doesn’t make friends easily so it is either with Mai or alone! On the other hand Mai maybe still looks out for Kaoru because even if she turned to the dark side, she still cares for her friend so that might be why those two can still be in each other’s presence, that is until the Mysterious Transfer Student Maki (Sakura-tan) shows up and ‘steals’ Kaoru away from Mai.

Mai, who has lost her mother and why she turned to this path, only for this new student to show up and threaten to steal someone close to her once more. Enter the rivalry that might push Mai over the edge, only to actually turn out that Maki saves her from herself in the end!

In the end she takes Maki in and they become surrogate sisters…Amen!

Okay, that derailed  quickly, time to get back on track here with the other members of the Mean Girls! What is Mai’s relationship with Yuria, Miion and Renacchi’s characters? Renacchi is perhaps the easiest. She seems like that girl that is just close to Mai simply because of her popularity. She looks like she would betray Mai the instant her shine dulls and even become the new Queen Bee! She is all friendly and smiles now but once shit hits Mai’s fan, you know she is going to bail and either join the new leader or become one herself. Apologies but that is what springs to mind when I see her character.

Miion seems like the ‘sheep’ type of character. She will run to the next town, skipping out of class, to go buy that juice that Mai needed yesterday…with a dumb smile on her face all the while, even as sweat dribbles down her fine, fine lips and those awesome freckles, and is being beaten down by Mai’s words of her smelling like a street-sleeper even if it isn’t true. Yeah, I wouldn’t put that past Mr Bousman.

Yes, yes, Yasusu is writing the script but since I doubt the original had those plans for Yukirin’s character…

Anyway…The tricky one is Yuria’s character! Why is she in this band? She is obviously the muscle, probably on the student council too (disciplinary committee every one?) so what is her deal here? Oh wait, I just got it…Could it be? Is she the boyish character that has a major crush on the School Beauty? Actually, what if these two are actually the childhood friends and Yuria has been the one there for Mai all this time? Over-protectively defending her from bullies and wannabe confessors! But in fact she has had major feelings for Mai all this time and she has nicely waited until we reached this point in their lives to finally come out and confess (due to something that Transfer Student did I am sure!!!) which might not go down well, especially with how Mai is currently!

But again, later as Mai gets back to her senses after she is put off her high horse (damn you Transfer Student) and finally realise that she had all she ever wanted right there with her all this time but did not know it until she lost it, she will reconnect with Yuria and who knows, maybe even hook up?

But then how would that work when she later falls for her initially surrogate Imouto?!


I am blowing my fuhttps://yuri-goggles.com/2016/02/17/heresy/se here when I know full well none of this is actually going to make it into the actual show! But what if it is actually better than this mousou of mine?!

AHHHHHHHHH Hurry your ass up CROW’S BLOOD!


But seriously Hot Damn Yukirin looks super fine in this! No wonder Mr Bousman couldn’t resist!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

3 thoughts on “Ma Body Is So Ready!

  1. I’m trying very hard not to get overly excited about this, I mean we have been very much burned before over getting excited over these types of projects and this is the hardest so far, I mean for a start, Yuria and Mion are there, that in itself brings up madness to me and this is before we even get to MaYuki and even Yuki’s girl of choice Annin in the background there!!!

    And you are right, the hints that these girls, or at least most of them are not your stereotypical “bad girls” group and that there is more too them better not end up being a dick move for the sake of drumming up interest or I will be a very sad person…..

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