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[Ahgassi]It’s Confirmed – God Is On My Side!


아가씨' 임이 오는 소리 MV.mp4 - 00023
아가씨' 임이 오는 소리 MV.mp4 - 00024 아가씨' 임이 오는 소리 MV.mp4 - 00030
“Dat Scene”
”Dat OST/Cover”

Dear Readers, what is happening?! Please, someone tell me! Is this all the luck that was missing the latter half of last year? Is it all accumulating to this one focal point in my entire existence? This is the moment! This right here, this very year, is going down in my history as the moment that I shall never forget, along with the very moment that I get to own this movie and watch it for the very first time! Those moments are never ever going to be forgotten! I am going to take a photo of me tomorrow, sign it with this movie’s title, frame it, and put it in my will to be buried alongside me when I go!

Has anybody ever been this crazy about something? I think not! So please, do bear with me with all this Ahgassi related posts! I won’t be mad at you if you decide to leave and never come back until a year later when I have finally watched the movie! That is how much this movie means to be! That is how much Fingersmith means to me!

Where to even begin, as far as the subject of this post is concerned? Anyhow, I was out getting from work, on the bus, too tired my eyes gluing the eyelids together from lack of energy, when I see a notif about a comment from another of my lovely, lovely, Readers – Jennyshinvi (you Goddess!)letting me know that there might just be a new video that I have not watched!

I visited the youtube link…This was six hour ago! I feel like I just woke up! I have literally watched the new preview of the Official Music Video of the Ahgassi, more than 45 times since then!!!

OMG! It’s so good! The MV! The Music! Everything is Oh So Good! I am not just being a fangirl! This is legit and you will see after the jump when you watch the video yourselves (if you have not already!)!

I don’t believe this but this movie might actually beat the actual book! From the very little I have seen, especially of Sue’s view, the book’s only let-down was how un-romantic Sue’s (the first arc) POV was! You had to be a deep thinker, looking beyond the layers and with some experience in the power of goggles to catch the feelings in certain scenes in the book and this was intentional because Sue was innocent that way, in that though she grew up in London, she was real pure at the core. They had sheltered her from the worst of the world so she lacked expression of her feelings. This was part of her character as we see when we get to Maud’s Arc and POV!

The movie wins in that department because now we get to actually see what happened and clearly catch the Sue’s emotions from her actions, physical expressions and that is almost tens of times better than the book in that regard! I have already seen this in the movie and it is already a winner! Mr Park Chan-Wook was the perfect pick to adapt this challenging book and he pulled it off!

Other than that, I am not attacking anyone but I find it funny that while almost every one was flipping their hats when the movie was announced thinking that the gay was in jeopardy, the exact opposite seems to be happening! The Director actually added in more gayness! That’s right, Fingersmith is gayer in this movie than in the book! I have already seen multiple scenes that were altered from the book, only in the positive light, in that they were made gayer!

Examples include, from this very video, the boat scene – In the book, Sue wanted so bad to hold Maud but she dared not because of what awaited them and because of RFR. Here instead, and with a twist, Maud reaches out to intertwine their fingers (Heart-rate Intensifies!)! it is Maud, the last person you expected to do it, doing it here! Oh My Goodness gracious!

The other example is THAT FRIKKIN BATH SCENE! Jesus! And here I thought I had seen all there was to see about that scene, and that only what was left was Maud’s POV! OMG is this it? That tooth scene was not that at all gay in the book! Not even close! First of all Sue was not aware at all what was going on! Maud too was not truly comprehending the feelings within her at that moment. There was no Sue holding Maud’s head like that! it was not in the bath, as I said before, a bath that Sue seems to be joining in one of the trailers! Sue and Maud never, ever shared a bath in the book!!!! But that is not even the point! The point is about that moment where Maud caresses Sue’s elbow! That is so not in the book! And that is so so GAY! So is Sue’s reaction to the caress!

Oh Jesus dear Readers, I think this movie is going to be the end all be all for me! From now on, every movie to cross my path will be judged based on this movie!

And another last but most definitely not least example of scene changes, is that last shot we see in this Music Video with the two running off into the distance! that did so not happen in the book! Could it be the actual ending or perhaps one of Maud’s dreams?

Someone please give me this movie now! I will do anything! You hear me? I will do anything!

God is so good to me right now! And the reason why I decided on that title is because of the Soundtrack! The OST cover to be precise! It was just a day ago, literally a day ago, that I wished that the DVD covers would be based on those two posters of Maud and Sue (Hideko and Sook-hee) and now…Look at it! Look at that OST cover! If experience has taught me anything it is that OST and DVD covers are never that hugely different! We have Sue on the OST Cover taking front so is it really that un-fathomable to think that the DVD (Oh God please make it Blu-ray) cover will be the Maud version? No it isn’t!!

Literally, my wish just got (semi) granted!


Speaking of the OST, I have had the song on full repeat as I write this post! That’s right, a full version of the song is already online (Blessed Internetz) and my God! I haven’t wanted a Korean Soundtrack this bad since Voice Letter! What are you slacking off for Korea, get to selling this already! Let us have something to keep us going until the movie comes to us!

Seriously, the song is so good, so perfect for the movie’s story that I cried. I literally cried watching this video the first few times. I listened to the song, thought of the story of Fingersmith and I just cried! I don’t understand a word in the lyrics but the music just fits the story so perfectly that I just felt it in my bones! The power of music dear Readers, the power of music!

What is going to happen to me when I finally know what the lyrics mean? I better prepare the bed to watch this while I am laying down because I know I am going to need my comfortable blankets to protect my poor being!

It’s like, 4 in the morning so I better leg it. Jump over for the gifs galore and the video…

First meeting is always to be savoured!
Pigeons watching Bees!
This scene is going to be the death of me! And we are not even to sex yet!
Eyes only for each other!
When Sue knew she fucked up!
Yep! Sue fucked up gud!
The love in her just her looks! Good Lord!
Running to Happy Ever After!

EDIT: Subbed


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23 thoughts on “[Ahgassi]It’s Confirmed – God Is On My Side!

  1. Hey im back! Thanks for dedicating a post to me haha and guess what! Im actually a korean living in australia and i just got news i can watch it on the 18th/19th for the Sydney film festival! I’m so happy! I thought i had to wait till September haha omg ;_; and im thinking of possibly going to both dates and i might….might try to film it with my phone (secretly). I’ve never done something illegal like this so im a bit scared but if u want it i can try i think…depends how it goes on the night and if i can get the angle right without anyone noticing i guess. But here’s the link to that news i gave you earlier, http://news.joins.com/article/20014446 apparently theres also a 183minute PCW directors cut version too but they dont know if they will release that or not. It said it will probably depend on how successful this movie is (cause the article was written on May 12th before release date).

    • It’s not worth it, you could get into trouble for a low quality bad sound mobile video. Just tell us how was it and that’s good. If you know Korean you could translate the lyrics, it’s way less of a hassle than recording a 2+ hour movie 😉

      Also look at that Korean box office! Total Success!

    • Hey the youtube video if u click cc has subs for atleast 1 min and 30 secs of this song. Also this is my second time writing this post >> it didnt post for some reason gah! Anyways yes ! i love how its getting good reception from people! Some things i wanna say
      – Heres the link to the photo book of this movie by PCW if you would like to purchase it, it has global shipping but probably not for long so grab it now! when u can http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=812307358
      – It’s interesting i saw this on another website but you can see the demographics for this movie ticket owners and 60/70% of the audience is women! http://i.imgur.com/M7GT4y6.jpg & http://imgur.com/7jMMrkH.jpg
      yas! im happy because theres this ongoing small joke in korea where some ppl say ‘if you watch aggasi all the men cant stand up when it ends’ (cause its ‘erotic’ >>) so im glad women are appreciating this more in korea.
      – Some behind the scenes pictures and descriptions, theyre in korean but i might post brief descriptions after my exams and assignments (haha im a uni student ;-;)http://www.cine21.com/news/view/mag_id/84314

      -Idk if you guys have seen but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvPnNI3R2D4 this whole video is adorable lol many small cute moments between the two. I will translate 2 of my fav moments
      1:53 onwards
      Q: Who did you most rely/depend upon during filiming?
      TR: Oh, my role in the movie is as a maid so of course i was with Agassi a lot in the scenes. So just being with unnie at the filming set itself gave me a lot of strength.
      Reporter: Today did you match your outfits with Agassi?
      TR: Aha yes it is a couple look ^^
      Reporter: Min Hee ssi you seemed to have grabbed the mic is there anything you would like to say?
      MH: She was really, totally unlike a rookie actress was very good at the filming set. She is very honest and there is really nothing i helped her with. She did so well and i’m very thankful towards her.

      2:35 onwards
      Q: Someone said you usually/normally liked Kim Min Hee
      TR: Ah yes, Without knowing the fact that i was gunna be acting with KMH unnie, while discussing with PCW director he asked me which female actress do i like. And at that moment/time i was deeply ‘in love’/had fallen in love with Min Hee unnie and for a while i was watching at all of her previous works in one whole go. So i told him without hesitation it was Kim Min Hee unni- oh sunbaenim (means like senpai, haha she suddenly realised it was a press conference so speaks formally) . And the director seemed to have really liked that so i thought, oh she must be a person he likes too *laughs* But to be able to work together i was SOOOO Happy, being next to unnie and watching her i learnt a lot and yes it was a fun time :D.

    • why wont this let me post ;_;

  2. omfg im done with this shitty internet i hav. why did it end up spamming T___________T sorry can someone delete my double posts like all of them ;_;

  3. I don’t know if you see this yet, but this clip has many scences in movie with engsub

  4. heres another video i found with a more new(?) scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1J8r3NOV8A

  5. yeah.. i like korean movies

  6. Btw, have you ever watched the extended version of this movie? It’s like the version that showing that most of the good scenes got cut out (which is shows more about sookhee and hideko’s relationship)

  7. btw, can you upload the eng sub of the extended version on gdrive and send the links to me? please, i’m so poor but i want to by them after i get a job 😦 after i download it, i will confirm to you so you can deleting it again

    • Here you go.

      Only for 1080p (might work for 720p too) and I’m not sure which version of the source they used. Depending on which country there might be more logos before the movie and thus putting the subs out of sync.

      Put two subs so try your luck ^^

      • it’s okay >_< i really feel thankful for this! i really love this movie, even still watching it like almost every day cause i love lesb… thriller movies

      • Why are you censoring LESBIAN? Are you tying to start a fight?!!!

        Heh, just kidding!

        The Handmaiden is the best because it is not just a lesbian movie. In fact the lesbianism part doesn’t matter, it is just love between two people!

      • i’m sorry lol, i mean… (i don’t want to be that obvious kekekek)… actually, instead of that… i think the handmaiden just bring “lesbian movie” into the next level… like, it’s pure, full of angsty and jealousy, mystery, and also… don’t forget about feminism in the storyline of it

  8. please where can i watch with sub indonesia

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