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Out With The Old, In With The New!

Step aside Miki/Misa, The Queen Ship is Here!!

You have served me well this past year as my Wallpaper young one, but your time is up! The throne has found its Queens!

Speaking of…


If Anyone has a link to this Taiwanese Site, I am on my Knees!

But wait, we are not done…

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Blessed be…

lord S

Our Father who lifteth great weight,

And maketh great gains in Heaven,

Lord Snyder be thy name,

Thy Snyderverse come,

Thy directors cuts be done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily dank teasers,

Our prancing Wonder Woman’s,

Our jacked Aquamen,

Our lit af Supermen,

And our Bruce Wayne swagger

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those with beardethed knecks and blogs,

And lead us not into rainbows, one liners, or post credits scenes

But deliver us from WB executives and green tomatoes.


Just in case it wasn’t clear…

Those who know will understand! This is a gospel from Verse Reddit, Chapter DC_Cinematic.

Happy Tuesday!


[Ahgassi] Oh The Torture! The Delicious Torture!

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Of waiting for this movie has no equals! And it just occurred to me that the movie has only been out in cinemas not even a month! Hell, it’s pure hell, the days between me knowing about this movie to the day I get to hold that gift from God of a Bluray boxset of Ahgassi/The Handmaiden!

Why am I posting this? Well, it is not because of the lovely pics that are courtesy of a forum that Anon K referred to me but rather because of the below vid, which, at the 19min45s mark, the Lady got to the ‘TOOTH SCENE’. And the rest is history…

Seriously, everything I read about that scene just makes me melt and I haven’t even seen the movie! I already knew it would knock me side ways just from the trailers and clips but I thought it might have been my strange tastes! The way now all reviewers are talking about it…well…All seems true, the thought that that scene is actually more intense than the sex scenes! Hell, I already did a post where Kim Tae-ri herself says that scene was harder on her compared to the nudity and sex!

Dear Mr Park, if yo have that scene in all three POVs, and also an extended version on the Uncut Bluray and also a deleted bit of it, or maybe some behind the scenes of unused footage of it, I will worship you too every Tuesday!

So, while I try not to turn into bones as I await this movie, here are some more pics…

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Dear Holy Mother in Heaven…

160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00069
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00030 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00152
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00066
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00060 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00118
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00080 160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00107
160618 Music Fair AKB48 SP.ts - 00113

Finally, FINALLY!!! Finally dear Yukirinians! Finally we get a public Yukirin Flying Get! Frikkin Finally!!!

Oh Jesus muh FEELs!

Please everyone, give me a moment! I need to savour this moment for all Eternity! Oh God, Yukirin centred Flying Get…Yukirin frikkin centred Flying Get!!! I am so…I don’t even-

Okay, okay! I am trying to be calm over here but it ain’t working! I need a bottle of vitamins to sedate me because I am in dire need of a relaxant! This show was…Oh dearest MUSIC FAIR, and you too Mayuyu!

Thank you so very much all of you! Thank you Mayuyu for taking this day off (probably for CROW’S BLOOD as Sakura-tan was also missing) because if you were here, I am sure Yukirin wouldn’t have had such awesome positions! Thank you Lord, for having this episode be filmed at this exact moment! Thank you MUSIC FAIR, for this awesome show! Thank you!

Oh yes, this is the episode of MUSIC FAIR that aired on the same day as the SSK, hence why it has been in the shadows but calling out to all Yukirinians, if you haven’t watched it, please get out right now and watch it! Such great Yukirin shots, positions and I don’t know if the happiness just made everything that much better, the whole performances were just so great to watch!

The whole episode was dedicated to AKB and they did not even have time for the usual talk as they went straight into the medley of all voting and elections singles up to Halloween Night! As a bonus of course they also did Kimi wa Melody in different costumes!

In addition, we got to see some clips from the past SSKs including cute, cute young Yukirin when she broke the Kami wall for the others to follow suit! Girls took turns centring, with Miion taking over for Yuko as usual, Annin and Souhan for Mayuyu and sometimes Yukirin for Mayuyu as well! Sayanee centred Bokutachi wa T, Renacchi also double cantered!

All was just so marvellous but what took the cake was none other than Yukirin centring FLYING GET! It has bugged me ever since AtsuYuko’s graduation that Yukirin never took over as the Center because to me, Flying Get is Yukirin’s song! In case anyone doesn’t know, that was the single when she went from a Non-Kami to standing right next to THE AtsuYuko!

It was a moment that I shall never forget! My very first SSK I watched LIVE and I remember the screams in the crowds when Yukirin was called! That was a moment I think that shall never be beat! I don’t that even getting No.1 now would gain the same reaction now. It might come close but not to have a cigar! It was just such a magical moment!

So whenever I saw Yukirin standing on the side while others took over for Acchan I was like, seriously?!

But now, finally! We finally get it! I don’t even care that it was scraps because Mayuyu was not there! They could have easily had Annin or Souhan centre this time even without Mayuyu so this is a sure cause for FEELs and dear Readers do I have FEELs!

Forget about SSK, where the only good thing was seeing the Kashiwagi Children rank and  move up (Sayaya >.<~) this right here is what has made my weekend! And it wasn’t just centring Furage, Yukirin had some great positions in this! Be it middle, back or front…Just…Hanyan~

Thank you Lord. Thank you MUSIC FAIR! Thank you Mayuyu!

And dearest Kragorin, about your question…


Jump over for more caps…

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[News] About Time You Got Off Ur Butt Japan!

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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto ~Samasama Kyunkyun Daisakusen~!

What, with Korea kicking it and taking names all this past year while dead silence from you!

About time you gave us something, in a new drama starting in July starring Fujita Nicole, Takeda Rena and Inoue Sonoko and from the looks of things, this is going to be one to check out, at least once! Looks promising but I hope Rena gets in on that action! I loved her in the 3rd episode of that short and lovely episodic Real Onigokko Rising TV series and have been dying to see more of her in a related drama and here we are!

Now please, please Japan, please don’t let me down this time! Times have changed! Please do not fall back to the clichéd safe gameplay! Take a risk! Give us a un-expected ending!

Now, if only I can get my hands on that teaser! I mean, the drama is just weeks away, there has to be a video…Where are you ma pretty? Nyehehehe…