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[AKB48Show] Um…Miion? Miion! MIION!?!!!


AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00079
You sure are very charmy with Yukirin!
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00031
You sure are very touchy with Yukirin!
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00098
You sure are very entranced by Yukirin’s lips!

We welcome thee to Yukirin World!

Okay, something is very up! I just did a quick search and it turns out these two have been put together quite a few times than normal. Something is very up! And if the PV for the SSK single delivers, things are about to be pumped up to 11 with these two! To those who don’t know, Yukirin in the PV for the 44th single has feelings for Miion and there was a tease released where Yukirin tried to kiss Miion in the damn auditorium! She got pushed away but the PV is 12 min long so maybe there is more to that?

Anyway, I did not post about it because I am waiting for the full PV to hit before I attempt suicide via heart attacks. But before that time comes, we have to survive AKB48Show, next Saturday’s episode to be exact, as in that YukiMiion have a conto, just the two of them, where Yukirin plays the Werewolf and Miion the Little red Riding Hood!

NHK release a BTS/interview for the skit and my God! In the less than three minutes of the video, Miion touched Yukirin 8 times. Eight times!!! And in those minutes, I think she only made eye contact with Yukirin only once or twice at most, because all the time she turned to Yukirin, her eyes were glued on Yukirin lips! I kid you not!

Either these two actually kissed in that PV and Miion is under a never ending spell, or they did not let them kiss and Miion is under a never-ending grudge and regret, still wondering how it would feel, if only that…that director-san could have let them kiss! Damn them! Maybe she should have let Yukirin-san kiss her and say she was nervous pushing Yukirin and couldn’t do it? Ah but it was too late!

Man, I can’t wait for this skit. And if it weren’t set in stone, let me make it so now – YukiMiion is a go! Being shipped by the all new BG Couriers – Faster than a falling star, having your ships before you even decide to ship them – Switch to BG Couriers!

Caps and Gifs after the jump…

AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00021 AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00031
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00042 AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00070
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00089
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00104 AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00112
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00124
The abnormal times Miion touched Yukirin within the span of 2m55s!!!!
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00009 AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00016
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00058 AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00064
AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00067 AKB48 SHOW!#113 コント「赤ずきん」収録後インタビュー.mp4 - 00098
Her eyes probably have the word ‘LIPS’ in huge characters!
Oh man, they were so on point with this!
The way she wraps her arm around Yukirin! Those looks….Ahhhh!
You didn’t just put your arm around Yukirin waist! You so didn’t!

And all that’s on everyone’s mind is – What does Mayuyu think of this?! Well, see Image of The Week!



Miion hungry for Senpai


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “[AKB48Show] Um…Miion? Miion! MIION!?!!!

  1. OK so first off I have to say how amazing this all is, that Yuki/Mion is becoming a thing!! I mean they are my top two now really and so to have them coming together in glorious harmony is nothing short of spectacular!!

    And Mion seems to have fallen hard too, though perhaps this should not surprise us, this is Mion after all, look at her and Mogi, when Mion decides to fall for someone she truly means it!! (and yes I’m hoping that Mion will give jealous death stares to anyone with Yukirin like she does with Mogi!)

    Also I have to point out how comfortable around each other they were, I mean surely something has to of been happening for at least a little while right, surely you just don’t suddenly end up like these two do in this vid, I mean seriously this was darn near enough MaYuki level, and I do not say that lightly!!!!

    But then this is the power of Yukirin though isn’t it, I mean you could not imagine this happening with any other senior member of AKB despite what everyone says time and time again the younger members say how nice she is, Nana the other day, whilst on Mayo’s internet type interview show, whilst answering a question about which senior was scary replied with “all of them, Apart from Yuki” I think that sums it up pretty nicely, and explains how these sort of great event can happen 🙂 It also could explain why Yuki was chose to be in those scenes with Mion in the MV in the first place, I don’t think it would be to far fetched to think that out of the possible candidates for the role that Mion would perhaps feel the most comfortable doing it with Yukirin…..

    I guess it’s another great example of the rock that Yuki has been over the last few years bridging that gap in the change over period in AKB.

    Right, I’m off to watch the video again now!!! 😀

    • Remember the days when people were bashing Yukirin saying she lacked what it took to be Center because she apparently did not have the spirit of Competition? I would like to see them now. I did not understand that then and I do not now either!

      No member has ever been loved by their fellow members even as close as Yukirin is. She has closed the gap between Senpai and Kouhai almost completely. Member from different Gens, different Groups, different age gaps, all get on very well with her.

      If that isn’t the defition of Idol, I don’t know what is! You see her being paired up with girls that are so different from her it wouldn’t work, in Stages, in PVs, in Units, and everytime she always wins them over, even when the start is bumpy.

      The Kashiwagi Children sound proud when they say she is the member they look up to. It almost brings a tear to my eye really. Despite the happenings of last year, they never gave up. Yuiri seemed kind of mad at Myao during the RH when she did the thing. Kira, even after the event still proudly said Yukirin was the Senpai she adored most.

      As for Miion, lasr weekend’s YukiTai Yukirin said how close she is with the new gens including Renacchi and Miion. Ad we remember the LINE live where she said Miion was the member she was getting close to lately.

      It does seem like someone is paying attention up there, they just seem to ignore everything when it comes to Mayuki for some reason!

      Wel, you know where I stand on YukiMiion. I have already written two fics of them, and it the PV delivers, well, there is no need to state the obvious!

  2. Hi! I want to watch it, but I cannot, cause my country is banned, even when I tried from youtube or nico nico video.
    Can somebody upload the video in MF or related? pleaase I really want to watch it!
    Thank you!

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