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There’s Ships. The’re Couples. Then There is…


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Cfhbr6VVIAAmRPr.jpg orig IMG_20160413_093147

So you have been seeing lots of MAYUKi (Officially MayuYukirin まゆゆきりん) lately. You are wondering and thinking something is afoot. Well dearest Reader, you are most definitely not alone!

For me ,it did not hit until I saw Yukirin’s banner that had that awesome Team B tour silhouette of Mayuki. I mean, me being me, I am always on a lookout for Mayuki so things did not click right away but that doesn’t mean that I did not notice how easy it was finding pics of the two.

There is most definitely something going on there. They are having meals together now like, every other day. Mayuyu is posting all kinds of vines with her and Yukirin. Something is afoot! I don’t know if she is feeling threatened with all the love and attention Yukirin has been getting from the other members, (especially those NGT girls ^_-) but Mayuyu seems to be on fire!

She is all out now, isn’t afraid any-more to show her affections towards Yukirin, unlike before where it felt like Yukirin did all the loving. Now it’s almost the exact opposite. Perhaps Mayuyu is one of those so-called Late bloomers? I mean, she is one that isn’t interested in humans (unless it is Yukirin of course) so her being this late is ‘feeling it’, might I put it that way, isn’t such a surprise. And don’t get me started on that RH2016 Mayuki MC!!!

Then there is that (Skirt Hirari) photoshoot…

IMG_20160502_095824 IMG_20160502_095648


Do you guys see Yukirin’s hand on the monitor zoom in? Do you guys see it?!!!! Fuck! I love the fact that it is only a silhouette, there is something much more magical that we only see a sketch of them like that. it looks almost, forbidden, like they are unseen, untouchable, in their own world (almost like they always are but you know, more private).

And yet, I can’t help but want to see the emotions in both their faces. Especially Mayuyu’s on the monitor there.


I am not even gonna waste my time asking what the hell is this? What they are shooting for. For whatever it is, I am going to use any means necessary to get it.


o10801920p o10801920pvcv
(From Shinobu – the only one on Yukirin’s side in AKS)

Just look at the way Mayuyu looks at Yukirin! Just, just look! God these two! How rare their relationship is! How did this even happen?! There is no way in all existence that this relationship is even possible. It makes no sense. They could have easily been AtsuYuko, SayaMilky, WMatsui, Sakuruppi! There has always been debates on who is the real Team B Ace. Even before Mayuyu transferred to team A and was the Centre of Team B there was still the question amongst fans.

Mayuyu too actually was kind of a blur. Most of the time it seemed like Yukirin was the only one giving and giving and I remember seeing people giving out to Yukirin for her lack of competitiveness especially towards Mayuyu. Things could have gone so wrong (or so normal).

But they did not!

Like, How can I not ship?

IMG_20160502_030552 IMG_20160502_030550
From the new Team B PV (Did you notice how they are always together?!)
CeeeH1XWQAAWxw6.jpg large
Mayuyu’s B-Day during the Takamina concerts
Cheeky Mayuki ^^
Cd-XoKVUYAAFyVY.jpg large CdepdMLUAAA5duE.jpg large
IMG_20160502_132717 IMG_20160502_132327
IMG_20160502_132400 ChXPFsZU4AIOOze.jpg large
IMG_20160425_165748 IMG_20160413_093147 IMG_20160413_093145
IMG_20160413_093142 IMG_20160413_093137 Ce1VPbwUAAA3wJ4.jpg large
IMG_20160407_115517 IMG_20160326_064522
IMG_20160326_064519 unnamed(1)
Just look at how happy they are together!
Mayuyu’s hand! Mayuyu’s frikkin hand!! Mayuyu look!

I mean come on! You are among close friends, hell, even family at this rate. The least you could do is keep your affections on the down low but Noooooo! Mayuyu gives give no fucks!

IMG_20160328_104951 Cfh_yxhUAAIL413.jpg large

So, I don’t know how many of you remember that tweet about Mayuki submitting their SSK application at the same it. Well, that was exactly how it was! Even the pics seem to have been taken at the same time!

They literally handed it their applications at the same time! None of that standing in line, or waiting for the other to put in theirs before the other does too. Nope…


My theory of these two graduating TOGETHER keeps getting more and more fuel!

IMG_20160327_180931 unnamed(2)
IMG_20160310_081934 IMG_20160310_081200
Perfect, just, perfect. No wonder Team B is the IDOL team!
IMG_20160328_000956 IMG_20160316_045601
IMG_20160326_140630 IMG_20160326_140629
IMG_20160307_131305 IMG_20160307_131302
Get Out Sashiko!

Here I was thinking of changing the header. Well, out goes that idea!

Long Live MAYUKI!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

21 thoughts on “There’s Ships. The’re Couples. Then There is…

  1. the pic from Mayu’s twitter is different from Yuki’s twitter @@

  2. sweetest pair..evarr
    graduate together…
    on team b 10 years anniversary

    at least i hope they announced it like a year before so i could go to a mountain and sit under waterfall or something to prepared my hearth

  3. AFAIK that skirt hirari pic is for AKB Shimbun but I dunno which issue (the latest or upcoming as we’re speaking, I guess).

    You know, my heart flutters from all these lovey-dovey moments with my OTPs lately. First ChiiNatsu, NOW MAYUKI TOO!!!! What have I done to deserve this luxury?!?!?!?!


  4. I’m not fan of Mayu or yukirin but it’s good now, Mayu in the past was weird she thinks an idol was just her in the entire group and with her mind of just follow anime and anisongs, cosplay and danso, critics, she was not a real idol either, but i like her now more cause she is more mature, yukirin was always a true image of an idol like perfect.
    Akb for me was funny and interesting because they were idols but they don’t really seem idols, everyone has they own personality Atsuko was like tsundere, serious and gloomy, takamina was happy, weird laugh, good Singer and a leader, not an idol in apearence but she truly is akb, yuko was bright, funny, perv, fill with happiness at least what seems to the eyes of the fans, she was in her way of sing, act and dance a true performer she was less idol like but she really was a top performer a natural talent, akimoto sayaka my oshi was a performer too, i like the was she sing, and act, and she was funny, she have energy and she was proud of her life and her family and friends, she never back when in akbingo was bullied by everyone, i love her for that.
    Mariko, Tomochin and Haruna have her own persona and was very funny, Sae the ikemen, Sasshi the hetare, wota, she surprissed me, she’s more inteligent for variety, mc, and business than anyone, before i don’t really like her much just normal in akb i don’t dislike anyone, but now i really like her i guess her scandal was the best for her, i like hkt48 the are sweet kids, i like more members and personalities jurina, rena, churi, sayanee, milky, chori,etc.
    Now i don’t follow akb that much the new generation it’s like all very similar and no personality at all, but paruru or sakura are the next in the center position.
    I hope yukirin sing, her sing is good, Mayu for me i really don’t like her voice much, she’s beautifull so i hope she could be an actress, a singer too.
    Mayu was the only one that get married was like don’t care at all, maybe she’s more mature, i understand that maybe she don’t want to get married, in japan it’s like everyone think only when you get married you are truly happy, i think it’s stupid but it’s the way of think in japan, i know a lot about japanese people and japan, and mayu it’s a very japanese person, don’t like show her emotions, don’t like to everyone show that emotion, strict, she hate scandals and not proper behavior, she like to show and image to outside that is not real in the house.
    This is not talk bad of Mayu japanese people are like that, just people that have travel, living in other countries or married a foreigner could be a little different.
    I think she just was like that before with yukirin cause she see her like a rival, not just her but any other girl, now she is the center and no one could change that so she’s more relax now.

    • WOW…

      Um, where to start…Not enough Yukirin? hehe, I kid.

      Yeah, I agree with mostly what you are saying. AKB now has the problem of over saturation, and there is no sign of stopping. They have lost what used to make AKB so great, as you said, they were idols that weren’t. It was okay when just a few were Idol-like, because then it was a trait and not a necessity, like how it is now.

      I personally can’t get into HKT. I don’t know what their image is. NMB are sexy cool. SKE are strong. AKB is the base. What is HKT? They used to bee the loli group but now? Not so much. And they are trying to change, sometimes they are trying to be cool, other times they are trying to be sexy and I am like, you are trying too hard! Find your base or you are going to lose your identity.

      I agree too about the graduates and how unique they were. That is a rarely only reserved for the old gens left. Once they leave, well, someone is screwed. You see it. When the new girls try to create that distinct image, it comes off now as weird. Like Sakura and her clutzy thing. I really couldn’t stand her in the Sports Festivals, especially the rope jumping. Jesus! You can’t believe she is my No.4 kami, but she is.

      Meh, once the 3rd gens leave, I am done as well, unless something magical happens.

  5. LOL Like I always say, there really is many a reason why they are the Mothership!! Nothing else has or will ever come close to the bond that MaYuki have.

    Interesting though it seems as though MaYuki has become more public than ever recently, Perhaps those crazy NGT fangirls were the last straw for Mayu in what has seemed like an ever increasing escalation of people suddenly trying to lay claim to Yukirin (That Mion, seriously where did all that crazy suddenly come from?!?) and she has decided to remind us why the MaYuki rule is there, or perhaps it’s simple than that, perhaps Mayu knows something that we don’t, something that Yukirin has perhaps told her (and a select few others) that has made Mayu throw all caution to the wind and just do everything with Yuki, whilst she can, if you know what I mean.

    either way, I’m going to do what I always have done, just gonna enjoy MaYuki, for as long as possible……..

    • We know it, like the back of our hands – That there is nothing and never will be a pair with the relationship that Mayuki has.

      But still, I can’t h rew help but be awed by them every single time. So please, bear with me while I praise them till the end of time. They really deserve it.

  6. This old video is so good check Sayanee just looking Milky and Mayu just looking Yukirin. Por Suda Akari no one watching her.

  7. This video is so good is an old one but you see Sayanee looking just to milky and mayu just to yukirin.

  8. oh my heart T_T I was waiting for too long *cry*

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