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[Pics] Happy St Patrick’s Day



In this pic post we have MAYUKI…but of course


Awesome but rare combo with the one and only…


The biggest Yukirin World News Ever!


The Children…


Yukirin just having a blast with the NGT girls…


And finally, the movie I didn’t even know I wanted but now feels like the thing I have been waiting for for the whole of my life! Come on, it’s Batman and Superman! I lost myself over Supes in 2013 and he isn’t even my favourite hero!

Speaking of movies, Fingersmith/Agasshi/The Handmaid is upon us. Photos have started to drop. Here is a taste before you jump over…


the_one-01 the_one-02
the_one-04 the_one-07
the_one-03 the_one-11
the_one-10 the_one-09
unnamed(1) unnamed(2) - Copy
the_one-06 the_one-08
MAYUKI – A ship I’ll go down with!

What?! You thought I would start with anything else? Dear Reader, I am disappoint!

It can’t me who has noticed just how happy Yukirin seems as of late! You would think with everything she would be the exact opposite but no! No matter where she goes, which members she is with, what she is doing, Yukirin has been exuding this happiness that just seems to affect you (and the girls too!).

Now take that and and Mayuyu into the mix and you got this incredible wave of fluffiness that just makes you smile and want these two to be around forever!

Love them both so much!

secondary_waifu-02 secondary_waifu-03
secondary_waifu-04 secondary_waifu-08secondary_waifu-05
secondary_waifu-06 secondary_waifu-09
secondary_waifu-10 secondary_waifu-11 secondary_waifu-12

Look at these waivu! Look at miion push her way into the fray! I swear if she has her arms around Yukirin’s waist I’ll…

Oh yeah, the pics in this post are photos from these past few weeks in case anyone is wondering about the rest of the waivu!

awesomely_unusual-1 awesomely_unusual-3

How Rare! How so precious! These are photos I am sure will never happen ever again! Yes, the possibilities are there. Acchan might come back for another single, Nanase and Yukirin meet inside that game she loves so all the time and Ikumin is an AKB member. The possibilities are in the positive numbers but the photos will not happen again, I just have a feeling.

So forgive me while I appreciate these!

yukirin-09 yukirin-11
yukirin-01 yukirin-16
yukirin-02 yukirin-03
yukirin-04 yukirin-05 yukirin-06
yukirin-07 yukirin-23
yukirin-13 yukirin-14 yukirin-15
yukirin-18 yukirin-19 yukirin-20
yukirin-21 yukirin-22
yukirin-17 yukirin-24
yukirin-25 yukirin-26

Then comes the moment – That’s me when my eyes read Maddie’s tweet:


This is like the ultimate gift to the fans who have been crying out for a new Solo Live and to Yukirin who has gone through so much!

Oh my God! it all makes sense now! All that happiness she has been leaking! She was just too giddy with this secret, knowing that her World was about to have rainfall of happiness fall onto the earth!

I am this happy and I am not even attending! I can’t imagine how the local fans feel! Damn them, I feel so jealous of them! Even if I had the money for a week in Japan at hand, I can’t go in this period! Final Semester of my studying life. Too much stuff to do!

But you best believe it! I am buying all the 20-Disc Bluray release, or whatever number of discs it has!

One-man Tour! Jesus Yukirin! Dear Watanabe, Avex, Yukiring, Shinobu and whoever had a helping hand in this, I thank you from the bottom of my hear and on the behalf of other Yukirinians that haven’t said it already!

Thank you!

Like, I don’t even care that this is gonna impact hugely on SSK since the National tour takes places and ends merely days before SSK! Actually fuck SSK, Yukirin and AKB singles just hasn’t been doing anything for us for years now! Of course I will be voting and might be my contribution in leau of attending the tours!

Seriously, a national tour…I can’t even…Beginning in Niigata and ending in Kagoshima, talk about planning! That is so Yukirin! I am so expecting her to pimp the NGT girls in that first LIVE, even though NGT fucked her over in their first ever original PV! Butt this is my Goddess we are talking about.

She is so precious!

And the last one in Kagoshima, I am hoping Sakura makes an appearance. She is AKB now after all though I won’t be bummed out if she doesn’t, but I want her to be there, but…Ahhhhhh

All this great news is pumping me full of adrenaline, which I really need right now! And speaking of adrenaline…

CdbUHO3UUAAbUPS.jpg large
bvs-01 bvs-02 bvs-03
bvs-17 bvs-04
bvs-05 bvs-06 bvs-07bvs-08
Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice bvs-09
Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
happy tears

This frikkin movie!

I love action movies! I have said this the moment I started this blog in my About Page! Batman is my favourite superhero followed by Wondy, Zack Snyder my favourite visual visual director and MoS my favourite superman movie!

Now you know what this movie means to me!

Already got tickets for the Easter Weekend. Now the challenge is to survive until the 24th, not get sick or get bodily harm. I will go on diet if it means to stay healthy until the 24th. College is off for the break this Friday so you best believe it that I ain’t leaving my house until the 24th! Not for anything!

These seven days are going to be sheer torture!

Already started getting things together to keep me 100% occupied so I can stay away from the internet and safe until the 24th.

Moving on…

yukirin_and_ngt-04 yukirin_and_ngt-01
yukirin_and_ngt-02 yukirin_and_ngt-03 yukirin_and_ngt-05
yukirin_and_ngt-06 yukirin_and_ngt-07 yukirin_and_ngt-12
yukirin_and_ngt-08 yukirin_and_ngt-09
yukirin_and_ngt-10 yukirin_and_ngt-11 yukirin_and_ngt-15
yukirin_and_ngt-13 yukirin_and_ngt-18
yukirin_and_ngt-16 yukirin_and_ngt-21 yukirin_and_ngt-28
yukirin_and_ngt-20 yukirin_and_ngt-22
yukirin_and_ngt-23 yukirin_and_ngt-24
yukirin_and_ngt-26 yukirin_and_ngt-30
yukirin_and_ngt-25 yukirin_and_ngt-31

Yukirin having fun with the girls of Niigata, or the girls having fun with Yukirin. However you want to look at it! But man, Yukirin is so lovable! No one that crosses her path is safe, especially the innocent ones! One you go Yukirin, you can’t go back!

Indeed, just like her phrase, once she traps you into the Yukirin World, not even the Doctor can safe you!

And after all this effort of building this relationship, just watch as before this year is even over, Yukirin is pulled away from her Kennin!

Oh crap, I shouldn’t have thought that! Now it’s gonna happen. I just know it!


the_children-04 other-1 other-3
other-2 other-4
the_children-02 the_children-05
the_children-03 the_children-08
the_children-09 the_children-10
Yukirin and the Children/Others

Not a lot of AKB children photos lately. Those NGT girls are having all the Yukirin!

you_know_you_would_watch_this_gangbang-3 you_know_you_would_watch_this_gangbang-4
you_know_you_would_watch_this_gangbang-1 you_know_you_would_watch_this_gangbang-5
The captions say it all!

And finally, that moment when Yukirin made her appearance of Sashikita! Okappa’s reaction, Sashiko’s reaction!

I can’t…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “[Pics] Happy St Patrick’s Day

  1. Hallo… From your very potpourri post it really seems your more than excited. The news of the tour got almost the entire fan base galvanized.

  2. I smelled Yui-sama so I came here. Then I heard the goat chewing on something so I stayed. Then I saw this:

    You should know better than to share something like this. You know I’m a big hentai, right? Riiiight? (That picture just screams for unnecessary censorship so badly! 😛 )

    Anyway, I’m taking DINA’s new OL suits and I’ll be going now… Oh, and I guess yer goin’ to get drunk are ya lass? 😀

  3. i started to like yukirin because of your blog
    btw.. i just watched sakuratan birthday stages team kvi.. found out she sing yukirin solo song, i personally shipping jurisaku, but i think you would like it

  4. Mayuki turned in their applications for the SSK at the same time. How does that make you feel? 😀

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