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B-But It’s the Kiss of Death!!

attempting to give fucks

Not this time Satan!

Do you have any idea who those two are?!!! That is THE Kaho and THE Nana, Komatsu Nana yo!

I can’t believe that I am just getting to know of this nice short drama! It was out last year, like, where the hell have I been?!!

In case anyone missed it, this is from the drama titled “Yume o Ataeru”! It was only 4 episodes short and Kaho just flashed in and out just like that but by the gods, if her time on there wasn’t a treasure!

The moment when you find out that they were those two kids way back when they were little. Theen you find out that not only Kaho’s character (Miiha) remembered those few brief meetings but that Yuuko too, one who should be beyond nostalgia, also remembered Miiha!

Almost as heart punishing as BvS finally letting us truly comprehend that Batman and Superman’s mothers were both Martha! Seriously, all these years reading comics and it never occurred to me! Zack, you’re awesome!

And let’s not forget about the moment when Miiha went in to kiss Yuuko! Actually before even then I was shocked at how welcoming and good natured Miiha was all kind of grown up! I certainly thought she would be animalistic towards Yuuko and I expected her to betray her at one point but she did not!

Then I was kind of surprised at how easy she was kissing Yuuko but then Yuuko did the real thing by retracting instantly! I sighed with relief because this wasn’t a kiss for the sake of kissing! Then Miiha gave Yuuko a few seconds before going in again! If Yuuko had pulled away again I am sure it wouldn’t have happened!

Still kind of out of no-where but really, what do we know? Yuuko is kind of famous and Miiha might have really crushed on her all these years since that moment in their childhood so…

Ahhh! Why am I making excuses? It’s a damn kiss between Kaho and Nana! Logic is irrelevant!

Then came the after! First the reaction after the kiss was very encouraging. They were both smiles and happiness. Miiha, the always optimistic one made Yuuko, one who had been miserable until that time finally be happy and smile and it was so good! They were so ready to be a couple!

Then the sun rose, or as we know it better as, the lesbian dies! Now of course since the actual reason for her death is not known (yes, I am pretty sure everyone thinks it was an accident but fuck that! I saw that look on her face in the car as she had that conversation with her manager about dreams!) I will forgive it.

Not to mention that her death completely changed Yuuko! If she had been miserable before, Miiha’s death totally pulled her from purgatory and dumped her into hell!

There was something there! There was potential! But really, with four episodes, what could have been arch…(Condo Barista Architect)…Oh! Well, forget I said anything! But to be fair this came out before that so…

Any who, streaming sites have it translated so go watch if interested!

Jump ahead for some caps ^^…

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[SNH48] Oshibe to Meshibe MV?! Impossiburu!!

SNH48《夜蝶》正式版MV 李艺彤黄婷婷大胆突破!.mp4 - 00066
SNH48《夜蝶》正式版MV 李艺彤黄婷婷大胆突破!.mp4 - 00043 SNH48《夜蝶》正式版MV 李艺彤黄婷婷大胆突破!.mp4 - 00199
SNH48《夜蝶》正式版MV 李艺彤黄婷婷大胆突破!.mp4 - 00085 SNH48《夜蝶》正式版MV 李艺彤黄婷婷大胆突破!.mp4 - 00086
[Vietsub] Making MV 《Dạ Điệp》 - SNH48 Hoàng Đình Đình, Lý Nghệ Đồng.mp4 - 00021

I don’t believe it! This is real! Ladies and gentlemen, we actually have an MV for Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou. Actually the title of the song in Shanghai is ‘The Night Butterfly’ but really, who cares! The tune is still the same and they are both still gay, gay, GAY!

Okay, so maybe the SNH version was kind of heterofied (the worst! crime! ever!) by introducing not only a guy in the MV but also in the lyrics (the lyrics were also changed) but I will forgive them because the guy is just there to be used by the devilish YiTong (in black)! Also the fact that it was darkened up to 11 (just like every other thing nowadays) and it was more than just being seduced sexually but also to the dark side takes care of all the negatives completely!

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Today is the Day For Truth!

1458529701757 1458529506659
1458529538898 1458529739019
Diana x Lois
New York premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' at Radio City Music Hall - Arrivals Featuring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill Where: New York, United States When: 20 Mar 2016 Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com 1458520536511
1458523702021 1458522516177
Bruce x Clark

Finally! In less than two hours I am going to be witness to something that I am sure is about to change my world. After days of agony waiting for this thing, it is finally here. I have never felt so nervous in my life! Fasted the whole day, my stomach is rumbling but I am not going to eat nothing until about 4 in the morning when the movie is done. I am not leaving the theatre for toilet breaks or nothing! Not this time!

Yes, it is a double bill with Man of Steel going first then BvS. those are both over two hours long so I have to be ready! Oh man, I am so high on adrenaline right now I feel like I can run the 10km distance to the cinema! Yes, there are closer cinemas but there is only one IMAX in the whole country and I sure as hell ain’t gonna watch a movie like this in anything less!

Sorry about this post if anyone is perturbed but I just can’t contain myself…



[Pics] Happy St Patrick’s Day


In this pic post we have MAYUKI…but of course


Awesome but rare combo with the one and only…


The biggest Yukirin World News Ever!


The Children…


Yukirin just having a blast with the NGT girls…


And finally, the movie I didn’t even know I wanted but now feels like the thing I have been waiting for for the whole of my life! Come on, it’s Batman and Superman! I lost myself over Supes in 2013 and he isn’t even my favourite hero!

Speaking of movies, Fingersmith/Agasshi/The Handmaid is upon us. Photos have started to drop. Here is a taste before you jump over…


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Um…Excuse me Ms Yukirin

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody Hatsubai Kinen Nico Nama SP (160308).flv - 00131
AKB48 Kimi wa Melody Hatsubai Kinen Nico Nama SP (160308).flv - 00119 AKB48 Kimi wa Melody Hatsubai Kinen Nico Nama SP (160308).flv - 00134
AKB48 Kimi wa Melody Hatsubai Kinen Nico Nama SP (160308).flv - 00126
But WTF are you doing?!!

There is something up with Yukirin and Miion that I just can’t seem to put my finger on. It’s not just this, there have been other moments too. I hope they don’t drop it before it gets anywhere. Either way I am all for more of the two.

There were many lovely moments in these two Kimi wa Melody LINE and NicNico promo videos so if you haven’t watched them yet, get to it. Yuria and Yui-han also got their Yuki moments. Still, this Miion one was…What even Yukirin? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but it was so out of character for her. Still thinking of this!

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[Vid] What is ‘Food Porn’?

THAT is food porn!

My God! I don’t know why but I am so taken with these vids (They are the same but from different sources just in case one channel hates your country)

I mean, that is Kikawa Yuu and Up Up Girls’ leader Sengoku Minami (what a badass name BTW!)