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160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00086
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00073 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00112
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00117
impossible bane

“It’s sorcery! it’s heresy! It’s a crime punishable by death! Whoever cut this AKBINGO preview for Kimi no Melody step forward. Your head in to separated from your body! How dare you commit such a crime! Are you new here?! Didn’t you read the damn rule book!?! The very first sentence in that book is ‘Less Yukirin = Profit’! I admire your balls but you are paying for your insolence with your life!”

This is how the emergency meeting today went after the latest episode of AKBINGO finished airing!

I don’t know what the hell happened but I am so not complaining! My mind was about to blow a fuse during the watching of this preview! I swear, the amount of Yukirin in that preview almost made me think she was the centre of this single! So much Yukirin >.<

Ah~ my chest is getting heavy. I think I might cry!

Of course I highly doubt that the actual PV is like this. But even if all the scenes of Yukirin were crammed into this preview, I don’t even give a single damn! The happiness I feel right now if not fake! That is all that matters!

And it isn’t just the screen time. There were others facts like…

160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00073
Yukirin resting on Miion’s lap!! In front of Mayuyu!!!!!!!
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00078
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00086 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00088
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00089 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00112
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00114 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00115
The Top 3 together!! (This is a big deal!)
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00100
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00108
Yukirin and Sakura together (Kinda)
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00136
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00125 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00128
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00126 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00127
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00122
The Legends together…With Takamina ascended to their plane of existence
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00133
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00134 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00137
Sakura-tan just destroying that Maigo getup!
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00090 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00091
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00120
But it all comes down to all the Yukirin Screen time!!!

Dear Readers, I just…I just can’t…This is too much for me. I am debating whether I should get the single or maybe the disappointment will be that damaging after all. I mean, this is just too good to be true! Butt maybe, just maybe it’s time some people learned their lesson? Just maybe?

Oh fuck it, I am so getting this single! And if it turns out to be a disappointment, good fishing guys, good fishing!. You know us Yukirin fans so well. We will take anything no matter the content as long as it is Yukirin damn it!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

9 thoughts on “HERESY!!!!

  1. Well, there’s a little Yui-sama on your caps so I made a comment here… I could make some comments about the rest but I just can’t seem to care enough… But they better make a Wagi center single or something soon or… she will be with the returning gang next time… (Seriously what the FaQ? Why is this a thing now? -_- )

    • *Fastest Comment Trophy Achieved!!*

      Sorry about Sou-kun. I will keep it in mind from now on. I was just too damn excited you know >.<

      As for the question of the Century, I feel like only God can give us the answers to that at this rate.

      Really, am 100% for her joining the others on the higher plane of Almighties. She even feels like she is a part of them here. If she were at one time put together with Acchan and co, I guarantee you she would feel so at home she would say…
      "Fuck everything, I am out of here. Mayuyu, let's go"

  2. I said so on twitter at the time but as soon as these previews originally came out I mentioned that she is technically on the 2nd/3rd row of this senbatsu and gets all this screen time while she centers Green Flash and gets none!?! God darn this Yukirin logic!!!!!!! In Fact this sort feels like it will be the reverse of Green Flash, were we might not see Yjui much in the dance scenes/on tv shows but will see her lots in the MV, sighs, maybe one day we will have both…….

    And how funny that we finally get to see the actual top 3 together outside of an Election single, I mean it’s not like they are a new top 3 either, they have been for a few years now! I guess elections are a different beast and all that but I still think it’s a shame that they are not used together more (at the front of a single though please) I mean the chemistry they have together is great, both on and off the screen (plus think how good shows would be with these 3 doing the talking!)

    That Sakura/Yuki (kinda :p) picture you had here, surely that is more Yuikirin, I mean look how happy Yui is, just to be at her shoulder!! Speaking of Sakura does she now just exclusively use hair styles that Yukirin uses, I swear once her hair was longer again she has only used styles that Yuki does!!

    Finally how is Mion alive still? I mean how do you survive Yukirin resting in your lap, surely that us in-survivable, and even though she managed to survive that how in God’s name did she survive doing it right in front of Mayu!?! people have died for less!!! And even when Mayu gets a chance to rest on Yukirin she still intervenes as in this picture https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CbMm8BMUYAAUuSZ.jpg:large I guess this truly shows that there is something about Mion and that it makes her get away with things that mere mortals could not hope to survive!!

    lastly it’s great seeing Yuko again, honestly I ended up really loving seeing her back in an AKB MV, the rest I was honestly a bit meh on but Yuko brought all her fun and charm back with her 🙂

    • Speakin of green Flash, have you watched that Kami Stage yet? Because unless I fell asleep without knowing it for three minutes and missed it, Where the Hell was Green Flash!!!
      Did they cut it out of the stream? I mean why wear the costumes and not perform it!?! if they didn’t this is a new low! It won’t matter how great this stage was, this is unforgivable!

      What a stage though! An absolute once in a life time stage that’s for sure!

  3. Love Yukirin in this MV! And of course, all the grads are perfect too!

    On an unrelated note: Really hoping Sae gets a grad song on SKE’s single.

    • I think Sae will get a song. Even if it’s not solo PV, she soul get at least a center side. All being said and done she is not only a top Senbatsu member but she is also a 2nd gen!

  4. …I just heard that Sae won’t be in senbatsu for SKE’s new single. I know she’s graduating and all, but still! *not happy*

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