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AKBINGO! ep370 – Couples Battle Part1


151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00078
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00063 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00079
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00036 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00035
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00047
Yuiri/Naachan VS Miion/Mogichan

Please I beg of you my lovely Readers, please do not ask why I am just now posting about this because I have no answer for you! Okay, I mean there is a tiny winy reason but it will sound like excuses so I will just leave it be and would appeal to you to leave it as such too. It is better to be late than never anyway, am I right!

I wish to also take this moment to explain something. Most of you have not realised it probably but I have been using a different resource for image links. I wonder if anyone noticed it. The reason for this is that my subscription for extra WordPress storage has run out and this is a bad time (Jan/Feb/March always is). That means that I can’t upload any-more items to my gallery on yuri-goggles. For the moment I am using my other (adult) blog for hosting images until I get my subscription back up again. It is rather expensive for a yearly subscription of only 25G extra and since I am running out of that as well, I have to go for the 100GB which will set me back 160 per year but hey, what am I gonna do? I tried deleting all media before 2016 but at a certain point files couldn’t be deleted any-more so that doesn’t work either.

Sort things out WordPress! For this amount of cash you should be flawless!

So yeah, that is for anyone who noticed things were wonky there for a while, or visited some posts and there were no images showing. Those posts will be the ones before July 2011, as a warning to anyone else.

With that out of the way, let’s move things along…Man, AKBINGO is trying real hard to be relevant again and if they keep dishing out episodes like this, well, they should all but consider it success because MY GOD!!!


151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00032
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00036 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00035
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00038 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00040
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00042 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00044
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00043
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00050 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00052
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00059
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00063 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00066
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00067 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00079
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00071 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00078
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00084
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00091 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00094
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00096
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00100 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00125
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00149 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00159

All them hand-sex >.< I simply can’t hand all this awesomeness! I am pretty sure it is not a fetish, no, that would be too simple an explanation for what I feel whenever I see girls’ hands in contact. Take the words ‘love at first sight’ and decide what you think those words mean. That is what I feel every time I see hands! It simply a magical feeling and this episode knocked me all sides ever conceived just in the first few minutes of the opening sequences! I was already sold that whatever happened next, I would already add this as one of those Top AKBINGO episodes to re-watch every time I am in a craving for something!

So anyway, enter the new segment – Couple Battle! The first contenders are Team 4’s Murayama Yuiri, one of our circle, and by that I mean the Yukirin circle. She is one of the original Kashiwagi Children. Her partner is the new Team 4 sub-Captain Okada Nana. Now, I need to come out and just say it – I did not know this ship existed before this day! Naachan and Yuiri? Shocking news to me, that was! And yet despite that, despite me not knowing of them, they totally went and won me over, making me choose them over the established, and known-of ship that is their rival!

Yeah, I just went and stated who won this battle for me right off the bat so sorry about that.

In the Blue corner meanwhile, we have the ship that almost every current fan knows of and that is the now Team K’s future Ace Mukaichi Mion and one of the girls I keep an eye on in the absence of the one and only. Mion can only of course appear to things like this with only one other person and that is her promise husband Mogi Shinobu. These two are well known presently to the point of their closeness making it into topics of TV shows but I have to confess that I only got into them recently.

The reason to this is because I originally shipped Mogi-chan with Saaho, they were my thing back in the day before Miion fell out of the heavens to claim Mogi-chan all to herself! No, no, I don’t have negatively feelings about that. Like I said, Miion might be considered an Oshi for me and I too ship her with Mogi-chan but I just wanted to lay it out there. These days it is as rare as YukiRena (Let me cry my eternal tears, won’t you) to see Mogi-chan and Saaho being all lovey-dovey. Makes sense though because no one wants to be at the receiving end of that Miion glare. I mean if even Komiharu can’ take it, who will?!

I am calling this a Couple Battle but it is more like us finding out about these couples as these are all info dumpers for those who might not know them, like myself who did not even know that Yuiri and Naachan talked! I don’t even have a single photo of the two of them together!!! It’s pure madness! Then again, from what I found out they are still a new couple, so new that they just started to even hold hands. Even though Naachan seems to want to progress things farther along sooner rather than later as we will be finding out later on.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Mogi-chan and Miion apparently have been doing it like bunnies….um…I mean they have been together for two years already! I just hope they weren’t too taken with that declaration because they are like early twenties newly-weds compared to the granny couple that is Mayuki! Two years? Pfft don’t make me laugh! But compared to others here, that is a pretty big deal so I will give them their moment, this time!

Anyway there were three themes for these segments and the first one was for the lovely couples to tell us how they it all started, their current close relationships I mean. For Miion and Mogi-chan, it all began that one time they were staying in a hotel (no, not like that you lecherous girls!) due to work. From what I understood, Mogi-chan was rooming with a girl that was close to Miion and when Miion came over to play one time, she got to meet Mogi-chan and then things changed, the world turned flat and pink, and it was ruled by one King, His Majesty Mogi Shinobu II!

I kid, I kid!

Apparently before then the two weren’t that close at all. Just goes to show you how something as simple as an encounter can change your life, eh?

On the other side, Naachan and Yuiri had known each other quite already but they were not on daily speaking terms. But one fateful day when Yuiri approached a lost Naachan, lost as in she was worried about personal things, the two started to connect because let’s be honest, if you knew a person as serious as Naachan, you wouldn’t want to go near them for the fear of them springing their life story onto you suddenly.

Of course Naachan isn’t really like that, it is just the vibes she gives off but she is one that keeps to herself and worries alone. Seems like Yuiri was the one that noticed and decided to enter this world of the unknown that is Naachan’s world. She probably wasn’t the only one that noticed, as we hear girls always talk about how serious Naachan is, hell, we got an AKBINGO segment about this very fact! Everyone one knew but only Yuiri had the guts to approach her and that leap of faith rewarded her grandly by Naachan showing Yuiri a side of herself that she has never shown anyone. And apparently they licked so well, they understand each other so well, and if you take Naachan’s personality into consideration, one that is so departed from Yuiri’s own, well, this is movie-worthy material right here!

I did say I was taken with this ship, didn’t I?

151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00185
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00192 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00229
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00232 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00253
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00266
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00279 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00280
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00282 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00310
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00314 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00319
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00316
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00321 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00329
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00331 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00334
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00335
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00342 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00364

The way Naachan adores Yuiri’s face…God!

The second theme the couple told us how are lovey-dovey with one another. This theme was hilarious. We started off with Mogi-chan and Miion and the very first thing they told us is that they share not only beds but baths as well! Queue Mogi-chan acting all embarrassed thus putting weight behind this atrociously high pointer! As if they were out to rule the world, Mogi-chan starts explaining things for us mongrels when she uses those cursed worlds again – ‘Hotel’ and ‘first time’, thus sending Shimada’s panties into a bunch because she is so sexually frustrated and everything she hears instantly turns into adult language!

Not that I blame her, I too was in the same boat! Really, it is all Mogi-chan’s fault. Don’t go pausing on words like that, ya!!

It was all Miion’s doing too but as she explains, she was only trying to close the distance that was still left hanging between them because Mogi-chan wasn’t one to share baths with other girls and according to Miion’s logic, you can’t be close to someone without seeing them nekkid so she takes her time in getting to know Mogi-chan’s body when in shows…for a whole hour!!! And let me tell you now…

One doesn’t not simply take an hour long bath!

Just saying

We even got to see how the two love birds greet each other (read Miion jumping into Mogi-chan’s arms like they were anime characters or something) and also find out that Miion doesn’t need no chair when Mogi-chan is around. Thigh Seat or No Seat!!

We also learn how Komiharu, a member close to both Mogi-chan and Miion, always find herself turning into the legendary-wheel whenever she is with the other two. Sorry Komiharu but…it’s Miion, you know? But despite the fact that Mogi-chan only has eyes for her, Miion always turns into Sadako when someone else gets close to Mogi-chan. Komiharu seems to be the one that finds herself faced with that face most of the time.

Here Miion also touches upon the ex-girlfriend. Oh come on, there can only be one. Miion says she can’t ever get over the fact that Saaho got there first. She shared Mogi-chan’s bed first, share baths with her first. Saaho also enjoys herself some Mogi-chan ear-feast too it seems. Um, should someone tell her that there is more than that that Saaho did with Mogi-chan? Probably shouldn’t, I love Saaho too and wouldn’t wanna see her killed and Miion locked away forever. Then again, she is underage so…

I should probably just tell her to get over it already! In lingering to those facts, she also reminds us of what we lost in that ship because of her so she needs to bury the skeletons, so to speak because they belong to not only her but to us shippers too.

Moving onto the other couple, what we get to know of their ‘activities’ first is that they like scissoring…


Oh sorry, my brain just went somewhere so dirty that not even the Prince of Hell would want to go there. Yes, I know they mean this in a very innocent way but whichever way I look at it, I just can’t help myself! Seeing their legs like that, Naachan literally reverse flash-humping Yuiri’s thigh, I just can’t not go there!

Oh yeah, flash-humping is when both parties are still instead of both or one of them moving themselves across the other.

So, first point from these two was scissoring, what is in store for us after that?! Well, not to disappoint, Yuiri lets one drop by saying that Naachan is actually a pervert! Um, yeah, about that Yuiri, you know this is Okada nana we are talking about here, right? There is no ways that Naachan is…What?! You have proof!?

The tale goes that when Yuiri first had a sleep over at Naachan’s home, Naachan wanted them to have the bath together but Yuiri turned her down because she was too shy. Just when she had thought that she had skipped such an embarrassing moment, just as she started un-dressing a creepy voice floated through the air calling her name like some boy ready for some mexing.

That voice was of course was Naachan’s O.O All the while letting herself in without Yuiri’s consent!

In her defence, Naachan says that since it wasn’t her own shower, she wanted to show Yuiri how to use it!

Um, dearest Naachan, I tried that excuse and let me tell you, it never slides! Enjoy your six months behind bars under the charges of provocation of personal privacy and safety! And without even knowing it she lets it slip here that she was using that as an excuse to be let into sharing the shower with Yuiri!

We also learn that in addition to being a total perv, Naachan also like, really likes girl parts…okay, that came out wrong, I meant parts of the female body…okay not getting better but just know it is not in a weird way. Well, it is weird but…Arg, you know what I mean! For example she says that she really loves Miyupon’s eyeballs…

Okay that was totally creepy but apparently that is her and the other girls find that disturbing and wanna stay away from her, Yuiri is the exception. She thinks of it as one of Naachan’s qualities.

Indeed, only person that can be okay with those kinds of sides to a person is their other half! There is no denying it, these two are official!

151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00376
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00387 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00399
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00402 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00403
151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00409 151215 AKBINGO! ep370.ts - 00422

The third and final theme was for the couples to appeal for their love, showing us proof of their affectionate relationships with pictures and stories. Mogi-chan and Miion went first as usual and first Miion brought out some pics of Mogi-chan in her room, showing us a side of the usually boyish girl that we haven’t seen before. Her room is even more girly than the girliest of girls in the 48G! In addition to being brightly coloured, it is a third filled with cute stuffed animals! Heck, even the Mogi-chan in said pic looked as cute as anything! Kind of made me wonder if she really is the top during those nights in the comfort of their own world. I mean Miion actually looks like she could be the top in actuality!

On the other hand, Mogi-chan lets it be known that Miion knows the password to her phone. She gave it to her! Every girl was like, HA! Nope! And I am with them, no one, and I mean no one knows the password to my DIVA (PC)! No one! When I go, everything goes! Forget lovers, family members, no one! I wouldn’t even give it to Yukirin if she asked! Well, not at first anyway. I would need to take all m HDDs out, burn them, bury them, buy a new SSD, then I would tell her my newly created password!

This is serious business! So Mogi-chan definitely gains high points from me for this act! That is some heavenly levels of trust there!

On the other side of the couples…On the other side…

Forgive me, I had to take a moment to calm my [ahem]

So, going back to that first time that Yuiri slept over at Naachan’s, a scene takes place.

It’s the middle of the night. The two girls in Naachan’s room, Naachan on the floor with Yuiri being offered Naachan’s bed instead, the two just can’t seem to be able to sleep! After many moments of letting her thoughts flow into the night air with felt sighs, Naachan finally speaks. She asks if Yuiri is asleep, despite knowing full well that the other girl was still awake. But she had to ask just in case the other girl wasn’t in the mood for heavy talk.

Yuiri answers letting Naachan know that she meant what she had said. She will be there for Naachan for whatever or whenever Naachan needed her. But Naachan’s goes silent again, seemingly re-thinking the decision. But Yuiri doesn’t let her, she presses on, asking her lightly, invitingly, what was on her mind. Naachan asks if she could turn on the light, surprising Yuiri. Yuiri doesn’t see why not and the two are basked in light once more.

Yuiri watches as Naachan instead of coming back to her futon, she instead makes a beeline for the drawers, she pics up a small box, wrapped in gift paper. Yuiri’s breath catches! Her heart picks up pace and soon it is thundering in her chest so loudly she almost doesn’t hear the first few words that come out of Naachan’s mouth, Naachan, who was suddenly very close Yuiri fears she could hear her racing heart.

Her brains starting working overtime and begins to understand the words being spoken, in low tones, as to not awaken anyone else in the house, or was it more to keep this just between the two of them…All Yuri gets to catch is gratitude of what, she is not sure but she can’t do anything but node and just accept whatever Naachan ‘s saying, promising, giving…Giving that includes the wrapped gift box which feels so heavy and very slippery in her grasp she fears she would drop it if not careful.

She squeezes the box a bit too hard in order to prevent just that, which sees the box cave into itself and then suddenly, warm hands are covering hers. Naachan is looking hat her with concerned eyes, which soften after some assuring words from Yuiri. Those hands take the box back into their possession and they are un-wrapping it. Within, are two shiny necklaces…

“This one is for you, and this is for me. See? they match!”

Then a smile that erases the night and wills the day into being as it acts as a faux sun. Suddenly, Yuiri can’t help it any longer. She…


Alright, that’s it! I’m so done!


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

6 thoughts on “AKBINGO! ep370 – Couples Battle Part1

  1. My beloved Tapioka-chan have turned into a monster… I can’t… I won’t live on like this… Good bye Tapioka… Sigh… I need someone else… “Oh, hi Ryoka, how have you been?”

  2. Damn me but Naachan had me when she held pinky fingers with Yuiri, it was so fricking perfect for them that I was done even at that point, I mean Naachan has this amazing sincerity about her that just flows though everything she does that is, very attractive, you can kinda see how she could take over from Yukirin as the head of multiple ships (I mean the whole Naachan/Yuiri and Naachan/Megu situation is what we always dreamed of in a MaYukiRena situation isn’t it!)

    And I’m glad for Yuiri, as an original Kashiwagi Child (before that was even a thing) I mean all I could think of when watching this is that I was glad she had someone caring like Naachan in her life (Yes I got to that point with these two!!) Sure, Mion and Mogi were more open and well, loving in their love but Naachan and Yuiri’s shyer love won me over completely!

    Speaking of Mion, the more I see her the more I like her, it’s just that she stays so damn true to herself, her whole love affair with mogi being a good example, even being picked as Yuko’s successor and her recent pushes have not changed who she is (like they have with others) she is the same girl she was all along and that makes me love her even more (but then perhaps this is what Yuko saw in her in the first place)

  3. have you watch ooku ?

  4. Mehhhhh Nana x Yuiri rocks ❤
    hngggghh. Does anyone knows the song when Nana x Yuiri couple when they're doing their entrance scene? It was a cute song ❤

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