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My CBS and Mayuki Heart…


160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00334
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00341
Mayuki High 5!
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00381
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00387
Cherry Blossom Snow acting all I don’t even…

Before I get to talk about the awesome new arc of AKBINGO! that was the exact episode which gave us this Request Hour 2016 performance of the 43rd single – Kimi no Melody, an episode which as if it was some kind of fate that as soon as I had posted the Pocky Game entry, I went to watch the AKBINGO! later and guess what was in it…


I kid you not, there was Pocky Games on AKBINGO!! For some reason I was so shocked by seeing them do it even after seeing episodes like this and those that came way earlier back in the day before the 2010s. I guess it really was because of that Pocky Game post!

But that is for another time, for now the topic is about this 43rd single RH performance…

160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00329
If you would have preferred this Top three instead, raise your hand…

Seriously though, lets look at that center area for a moment. First of all we have from the left; Sayanee – The top of NMB. Then we have Sashiko – the top of HKT. Then Yukirin – the top of AKB. Including Jurina since she is ahead of the others and closer to Yukirin – the top of SKE. Then we have the New Sou-chan to close the deal! Like, why wasn’t this it?! How hard can it be to make things right? I don’t get it!

Apart from that perspective, if you take into account that Sayanee and Yui-han are actually a bit behind Yukirin, and when you shift the focus a bit on the left, then you find yourself with the THREE! And by that I mean Miichan, Sashiko and Yukirin of course! I don’t about you all but the best part of this performance to me were these incredible formations ^^

Sadly, those are not the actual formations and things will change with the PV or even LIVE performances perhaps, when the missing graduated members come back to claim their places. We already know Sashiko and Yukirin are not in their actual positions, bummer. meaning that no more Mayuki High Fives! Or the delicious CBS damn it! Which is why I am savouring this opportunity for all it’s worth! Speaking of changing formations, here comes the switch…

160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00331 160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00332
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00334 160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00336
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00341
That smile…

For the love of all that is yuri, this couple Mayuki…

9 years…It’s been nine years and if anything about their relationship has changed, it is that they have gotten even closer than they were in the beginning! Despite all the challenges they faces, being split up, into different teams, Yukirin being whisked away as Kennin, scandals arising that would have shattered anything especially with Mayuyu’s view on such matters, all these thorns and yet they are even closer now! Mayuyu has never looked so free and happy, Yukirin is no longer just receiving but giving as well when it comes to affections. Hell, even this very high five she seemed to actually be going for a hug. If you look closer she had her arms widened ready for Mayuyu but Mayuyu went for the High Five!

This amount of chemistry, the fact that they are the top of their group and yet no one had even had the simple thought of putting them in a project together, centring single, starting a new series with them as the protags…Like, why?! Either way you look at it this is a very goof business decision, so why?! I mean I know it most definitely has to do with the fact that the other party is Yukirin but…why? Can’t one see past that even for the simple fact of making cash?! Is the hate for Yukirin so strong?! What did she do exactly?

Anyway back to the topic at hand, how much happiness do you dear Readers see in that smile of Mayuyu’s? Looks like a thousand suns to me! So much happiness that even Juri couldn’t help but bask in it! You know, I wonder if some girls find themselves jealous of these two, hoping for a friend like these two have. That will probably never happen. There needs to be a Yukirin in that relationship for it to work and there is only one Yukirin.

Remember during the early days when Mayuyu was actually more close with Love-tan and even there was a war between Love-tan and Yukirin? But as we learned a certain RH, even the Mayuyu/Love-tan ship sank to the ice-berg that was rivalry! Just like every other ship that comes close, they always succumb to the fact that at the end of the day, they are all rivals. This is the same with SayaMilky, was the same with WMatsui, and if I shipped Sakuruppi, I don’t even need to voice that, do I?

I am still holding out for a Mayuki single even with everything that is happening, or not happening. If we take logic from before, even though it really pains me to think that now it is two times that Sakura has centred a AKB48 single before Yukirin, last time Yukirin double centred Green Flash after Sakura double centred Kibouteki Refrain. So maybe, just maybe Yukirin will single Centre the 44th Voting single for the 45th?

HA! Tough chance of that happening.

But speaking of other sister from Kagoshima…

160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00353 160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00356
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00357
Is that…!?!!

OMG, it so is! That is Yukirin’s hand on Sakura-tan’s shoulder!!


And look at that face Sakura makes!! If this were a cartoon, I can just imagine the colour of said face! Her ears, nose, eyes, mouth would be steaming and everything! If it wasn’t for the fact that I was a shipper, I would be so jealous right now! I betcha Yuria is trying real hard not to shift her eyes to the right because she fears of the hardship of hiding her venom!

Man, I so going to miss this. I would have liked to see it on TV shows from different angles, I am pretty sure MJ would have Yukrin’s perspective. I wonder who that spot belongs to originally.

160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00363
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00364
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00378
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00381

You all already are are that I am an odd one so you won’t mind me simply melting at the fact that if you watch those two instances where CBS share looks, in either instance one sneaks a peek and is caught by the other!

I don’t know, I am just sitting here grinning just watching Sakura in the first instance steal a look first before Yukirin turns her way, then later it is Yukirin who sneaks a glance first before Sakura turns to her!

Then there is the reactions upon being caught…

160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00370 160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00382
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00387
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00372 160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00375
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00376
I would even take this formation for Top 3…anything else really…
160202 AKBINGO! ep376.ts - 00386

Either way you slice it that was Kagoshima heavy! I kind of feel sorry for Karin-chan. Butt she is really doing her best. Her battles are stronger because Team 8 is filled with some crazy girls and Karin wasn’t so fortunate to get that first push that raised the bar. hell, she even got confused for someone else during Team 8’s first performance of their second stage, which really, really, pissed me off! I am hoping Yukirin gives her a nod sometime.

IMG_20151130_150736 IMG_20151229_040021 IMG_20151229_042258
Here be Karin, in case you don’t know what she looks like…

Anywho, this being a CBS and Mayuki post, how about some pics? Mayuki really was active towards the end of the year and soon afterwards so I will save those pics for a dedicated post. Here is some CBS for now…

CZ5pDGEUkAAVw1n.jpg large IMG_20160130_141107
IMG_20151129_120926 IMG_20151129_120912

I almost want to be mad but on the other hand, she might be the reason this is happening so…

Have a good day everyone ^^

Author: Black Gekikara

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2 thoughts on “My CBS and Mayuki Heart…

  1. amazing post as always… sakura.. she is getting more and more looks like yukirin these days

  2. MaYuki is the mother ship, does more need to be said?

    But you are right, it’s amazing that the have stayed so close, indeed gotten closer over the years, I guess it’s the difference between “idol” friends and “real” friends, these two truly are friends, great friends really, when you think about the competitive atmosphere and all that in AKB, for these two to pretty much ignore most of it for the sake of their friendship is pretty darn amazing and this is without any shipping put into the equation, you add that and you get x9000!!!!!!!

    And you are right about the front of this single Sasshi, Yuki, Sayanee, Jurina, Yui, Miichan and of course Sakura, I mean that makes sense right, I mean it both celebrates the past but also looks towards the future…… sighs……

    Sakura and Yukirin always amuse me, like I do think generally they are getting closer but their best moments are when they are not thinking about it, like in this performance they were all sweet with each other, but give them time to think and they are suddenly much more “proper” with each other, not sure fully why this might be but it’s totally cute to watch 😀

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