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The YukiMilky Has Sailed!!

AKB48 Takamina produced Saturday Night Stage 720p.mp4 - 00087
AKB48 Takamina produced Saturday Night Stage 720p.mp4 - 00081 AKB48 Takamina produced Saturday Night Stage 720p.mp4 - 00093
AKB48 Takamina produced Saturday Night Stage 720p.mp4 - 00109
drag me to hell nosebleed


ACT version fuckin where!!?!!

OMFG This Stage!

Takamina you Goddess!

Okay, I have tried to resist (God knows I have) shipping YukiMilky but every being has their limit and this is mine!

Where is my HD version!? I want to write about this pronto! This is just…OMG!


Nemousu S21 ep 01 – Mayuki? But of course!

160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00001
160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00032 160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00012
160221 AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 21 ep01.ts - 00024

Is there even a need to say more about Mayuki in this day and age?! I think not! But even if the need is not there, I will be damned if I do not talk about them! With BuraGeki (Black x Gekikara) no more, Mayuki is now my Mothership!

That’s right, Mayuki were not my 48G favourite ship before. And that is not just on me. Truthfully, there were more viable ships than Mayuki a couples years back before Majisuka Gakuen! Back then there was just something between Mayuki that stopped them from going all the way. Actually I think separating them (Mayuyu to Team A) was what the Doctor ordered to fully seed their relationship. Before that announcement there was always this invisible wall between them but no more.

And since then they have grown closer as the time passed, which is really strange. Usually when people who are close start building walls between themselves as they grow up/as time passes but not Mayuki! No, they are just taking the opposite direction.

Just look at this opening episode of the 21st season of Nemousu! Mayuki just entered a stadium like that!!! Just, just look at them! And the fact that Mayuyu is the one leading the way, that somehow makes things even more unreal! Looking at them one wouldn’t even think they were the Senpai of the Senpai of the Senpai of the Kouhai!! Somehow they have gotten more carefree as time goes on. of course this is only when they are together, at least in Yukirin’s case I am sure. She still is a responsible Senpai (hence all the idolising by other members)  but when with Mayuyu, nothing else matters!

Definition of Marriage? I think so!

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[Thai-Drama] Condo/Barista/Architect

คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.4 FULL HD - 13 ก.พ.59 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00097
คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.1 FULL HD - เสาร์ 22.00 - 23.00 - ช่อง one - YouTube.mp4 - 00001 คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.1 FULL HD - เสาร์ 22.00 - 23.00 - ช่อง one - YouTube.mp4 - 00002
คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.3 FULL HD - เสาร์ 22.00 - 23.00 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00049
คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.2 FULL HD - เสาร์ 22.00 - 23.00 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00109 คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.3 FULL HD - เสาร์ 22.00 - 23.00 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00150
คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.1 FULL HD - เสาร์ 22.00 - 23.00 - ช่อง one - YouTube.mp4 - 00020
คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.4 FULL HD - 13 ก.พ.59 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00027 คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.4 FULL HD - 13 ก.พ.59 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00021
คอนโด_บาริสต้า_สถาปนิก - EP.4 FULL HD - 13 ก.พ.59 - ช่อง one.mp4 - 00099
Kissing while holding hands!?!!?!!


This is how I feel about this mini-series from Thailand that just finished airing! Subs are already available (Even the subbers were on the ball. Never have I see such speedy subs). Other than that one word, I just can’t seem to find other words to describe the way I feel about The dreamer!

Think of Lily Fever, but instead of 8 five minute episodes, we have 4 one hour episodes! Seriously, it was like Thailand saw Lily Fever and they decided that they could take that and improve upon it, by elongating it! And by the Gods, did they succeed!

Now sure some might be thinking that 4 episodes is still too short but let me assure you that the story of this wonderful show was so perfectly executed that it felt like a season-long show! I already gushed about it in the first post about this but the pacing of this story is on Godly levels! Such perfection! And I don’t mean the actual time jumps taking place in the story (we have a year-long time jump and another 6 months long jump). No, even those time jumps felt so natural because they did not break the story at all. It did not take you out of anything, you didn’t feel like you missed something because of them, in fact there was nothing at all of value that was washed over by the magic of time-jumps like how many TV shows use it as a device to fix things they couldn’t explain.

The relationship development between our main Ladies Pong and Tle…my goodness, I have never been so flabbergasted! Perfect pacing of relationship development in fictional stories can actually be achieved!? Why the hell has no one actually accomplished this task until now? It can be done. ‘The Dreamer’ is actual proof of that. So why are we just getting this now?!

Pong and Tle’s relationship development…Jesus! I confess that every other second I was waiting for their relationship to fall into the tropes trap! Queue my surprise when none of the clichés we have come to expect in our yuri shows and relationships actually made it into theirs! The naturalness with which their closeness went from strangers to girl-friends has never, ever, crossed these eyes of mine in all movies, TV shows and anime that I have seen, and I have seen a lot!

Using homophobia as an excuse to make the couple work? In 2016?! Bitch please, not in this show! The guy actually taking the girl in the end even though they don’t deserve her just because he is a guy or plot? Fuck that shit! The couple ending up splitting by the end because of reason? Get out of here!

None of that crap made it into this show! But if that did not make it in then it means that this is an emotionless, fluff story that never in a million years would ever actually happen. If you are concerned about this, well don’t be! I know a lot of people and have witnessed a lot of relationships, a few even developed right in my circle and I have also witnessed some of these’ complete life-cycle so let me assure you the Pong and Tle’s relationship is as natural and real as any other!

There were many moments were I closed my eyes in resignation in the inevitable because I was just expecting them to fall into the usual traps but at all turns I was proved wrong! All the recipes for disaster were there. Be it the main heroine’s close guy friend, good looking, also in love with her! Put down your hand if you didn’t think we were in for a train wreak from the very beginning as soon as you saw Pong and Ted interact! I thought so.

Many things could have happened, there could have been something between Pong and her Boss, or they could have did a curve ball with Pong and that sexy CEO, or there could have been a threesome between ted, Tle and Pong, with the disastrous implications being that there is actually no yuri whatsoever. Or maybe Pong could have forced herself on ted just to prove that she wasn’t gay, or it could have been an emo fiesta with Tle and her issues an also Pong and her own workplace issues.

But none of that happened!

Dear Readers, I can’t praise this series enough! The distance between it and my favourite Drama ever is under zero decimal numbers! The series with that trophy, after 6 frikkin years still, is South Korea and W-Moon’s ‘The Painter of the Wind’. I have a feeling that just one more episode, nay, just a couple of more time with this series could have guaranteed it as the new Queen of that list.

It was that great!

The only issue, that I personally have, it is not s negative really just me, it is that Tle’s drama was kind of over-done. Yes, I know those situations are real, I have been in a few of them, and by them I mean not being able to pay one’s bills, but come on! Hiring people to wreak her place? Starting fights with a girl? Throwing stones through windows?! They just took it too far! Now of course this is okay in fictional stories to exaggerate things but in a world which has every other aspect tolerable and realistic and then going and doing that?! It just cracked the perfect world they had built for this story is all I am saying. It came off even worse when you take Tle’s kind character into account! There was just so much clashing there.

Okay, so maybe that was a kind of big issue for me and most probably why this is only my No.2 TV drama instead of the Queen! Really, I don’t think I needed any extra time with the story. The timeline was perfect so it really has to be this issue with Tle. I mean even Pong had issues at her job but they weren’t extreme. They were handled the way you would think they would be handled. When the scandal was brought to light in front of the CEO, the accused did not jump through the window, the CEO did not break character, there wasn’t invisible police appearing out of thin air! It wasn’t a moustache-twirling villain either.

I just did not like the way Tle was handled. I don’t believe we even needed that issue in the first place. Sure we got Tle to have a sleep over (and in the same bed!!!) with Pong because her electricity was cut off for not paying her bills (she lived in her café) but they could have just had a normal sleep over, especially since they were established to have that closeness! At the very least they shouldn’t have drawn it out and even make it into parts of the story (forcing Tle to leave) because in the end all it did was deny us of some awesome Pong/Tle moments.

But then again, maybe it was because of these things that I got to appreciate the couple as much as I am!

Dear Readers, if you haven’t watched this series, just like Sarah Waters’ book – Fingersmith, this short mini-series is one of the things that should be experienced once in your life-time! If you don’t watch this series (or read that book) you are going to have regrets in your after life, no matter where you will end up. Yes, not even heaven’s glory will save you from the regret! So get to it while you still have a chance!

The GD links are on this YT channel. And you know where to get the Book (^^).

Best. Mini-series. Ever!

I was really shocked by this series! Thailand has been on a roll lately. Not only did they have a yaoi series running along-side Hormones S3 in the back end of last year, which also has yaoi and yuri, but they started off 2016 with a bang with this lovely series with execution of a homosexual TV show I have ever encountered! No bullshit, just great chemistry and relationship development! They managed to build and deliver a concept of true love without the generic devices, red strings of fate, surviving break-ups, multiple relationships, triangles, you name it! None of that made it into here. It made for a perfect viewing experience, leaving one wandering what they had just witnessed!

I really hop this mini-series gets the buzz it deserves so that other countries and companies can get motivated. There is no need to half-ass things in the world we live in today! Yes, people will give you looks if you are a girl making out with your girlfriend or a guy doing the chummy in the middle of the street with your boyfriend but why do that?! Even straight couples get the disgusted eye when they do it publicly, it about decency. Just hold hand, share smiles, everyone will be jealous and look on with longing as they wish they had someone that made them as happy as you are.

It isn’t that hard to make a good homosexual show without bringing up the phobia, or other feelings that give writers excuses to not go all the way and either sugar-coat things, shy away and either kill off one of the partners, turn them straight, make the guy win etc…’The Dreamer’ did it, everyone else can do it! Sure you can tackle the phobia issue and the public reaction but be realistic about it.

~ The Dreamer – Condo/Barista/Architect ~

That title is going to be in my memory until the day it stops functioning! Pong and Tle have already reserved their space in the top favourite ships! Every time I watch a yuri show from now on, I am going to be using ‘The Dreamer’ as the base line for calculations! It is my KPI for good yuri shows as of this very moment!

Everything about Pong and Tle’s relationship was on point! It was like the creator of this story had a dream, woke up as soon as it was finished and started right away to put that dream to paper while it was still fresh in its perfection. You know what I mean! Have you ever gotten that dream that you were sure was so brilliant that were you to transfer that dream into reality you would change the world? It’s like in the dream you were at the pinnacle of your capabilities, hundred times more intelligent and that if only you could take that information and turn it into reality…Oh my God, is this how all those world changers come to be so successful? By turning these dreams into reality?

Notes personally taken…

That is what I think of ‘The Dreamer’s story as. From the way that Pong and Tle’s first meeting is actually the exact same way that we last see them, to the two being such soulmates in that without even knowing it at all, or intending to, Tle was constantly motivating and inspiring Pong just from her everyday actions…Such perfection!

And the kiss!! Forget the drama kisses that you saw in Hormones! Forget all the others kisses that came out of nowhere, that felt unnecessary or unwarranted! Pong and Tle’s kiss was so perfectly timed that I did not even react like I usually do. I wasn’t screaming in surprise (in a good way)! I wasn’t hiding half of my face in embarrassment because it felt forced. I wasn’t frowning because it was not gained.

I was just blissfully happy when it actually happened because it was just so the right moment. And then I died a little when Pong just leaned in for another on her own accord opposite Tle instigating the first one, after that look of the two just drowning in each other’s souls through their eyes.

Perfect Kiss(es)!

But what was even more surprising to me was the fact that despite the two being so close, growing so close, if they had not ended up together, we viewers would not have felt cheated, at least not so much. There wasn’t promises that could have not been kept had things ended a different way. They did not go out of their way to make the two blatantly END-GAME. No one was lusting after the other. Even when we might have thought that Tle might have had a crush on Pong, something happens to let us know we know nothing!

When we think that Pong might actually have been gay all along, we find out that the thought had never even crossed her mind when her singer friend points out to her that Tle might have had a crush on her instead of Ted and Pong is surprised because Tle is a girl. She doesn’t over-react in a way that many straight characters are written and in fact she goes into detective mode to find out of Tle was actually in love with her. Which was actually pretty hilarious!

But then just as you would think that it was Tle’s chance to use that as a boost of motivation and come onto Pong, she is more thrown off by Pong’s suddenly strange behaviour. And even though soon after Tle does give her a deep glance that teases to there being some truth to the matter soon after, it ends up more of Pong being the one with more love towards Tle than Tle her.

I just loved this fact! Their relationship grew over time so perfectly in balance that be it turning out to be that they were not actually romantically attracted to one another, be it that they were, either road would have been perfectly plausible and acceptable. And it is this fact, despite the writers having the perfect escape route, they chose not to cower away. They raised their heads high, proud and gave us what has to be the best executed relationship ever!

It mostly definitely is my favourite development!

I will say it again; I implore you all to watch this show!

But you must be getting tired of all the text so how about some pics…

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160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00086
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00073 160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00112
160216 AKBINGO! ep378.ts - 00117
impossible bane

“It’s sorcery! it’s heresy! It’s a crime punishable by death! Whoever cut this AKBINGO preview for Kimi no Melody step forward. Your head in to separated from your body! How dare you commit such a crime! Are you new here?! Didn’t you read the damn rule book!?! The very first sentence in that book is ‘Less Yukirin = Profit’! I admire your balls but you are paying for your insolence with your life!”

This is how the emergency meeting today went after the latest episode of AKBINGO finished airing!

I don’t know what the hell happened but I am so not complaining! My mind was about to blow a fuse during the watching of this preview! I swear, the amount of Yukirin in that preview almost made me think she was the centre of this single! So much Yukirin >.<

Ah~ my chest is getting heavy. I think I might cry!

Of course I highly doubt that the actual PV is like this. But even if all the scenes of Yukirin were crammed into this preview, I don’t even give a single damn! The happiness I feel right now if not fake! That is all that matters!

And it isn’t just the screen time. There were others facts like…

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Yukirin Stealing Hearts of Members Since…

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o0480036013567227522 o0480036013567227567
Mote Level – Over 90000!

It’s February 14th dear Readers. You know what that means. While you and I are sitting there dreaming of getting even 1 chocolate gift on this romantic day, here comes Yukirin!

These are only a fraction of the girls that Yukirin got chocolate from this Valentine’s! That’s right, only a fraction! Who gets that many chocolates! These are no gifts, these are offerings!

Offering to a Goddess!

And you know what Yukirin says about all of this?

Yukirin: Mayu, I think I am losing my touch in my old age.

And Mayuyu after loling her eyes be like…

Mayuyu: Good. I was running out of conspicuous ways to kill them all!

I mean, come on! I thought it was record breaking last time! And here is a thought, girls who gave last time aren’t even listed here! And you just know that there is no frikking way that Riorin is not going to give Yukirin some chocolates, no frikking way!

What is also interesting is that this time we have some older members who also gave Yukirin so you can’t excuse it as a fresh crush any-more.

Who are all these girls you don’t recognise you ask? Well, those will be 2nd Draftees and NGT members! What is so significant about the girl in that first pic? Well dear Reader, that girl be Honma Hinata (Hina-tan). She is like, my NGT Oshi! You know I have one for each group! AKB48/G’s and the Goddess of the Kami is of course the one and only. SKE48’s was Rena, NMB48’s was Maachun, HKT48’s is Sakura-tan, JKT48’s is of course Harugon and in SNH48 I have Xiao-Ai there to take care of things!

Yup, I have no idea what happened there myself either. I was so sure that OgiYuka would be my NGT48 Oshi but things really got weird when I got to know the girls and it was really hard but Hinata-chan (Goddamn I love that name) just put out her foot farther than others. I will of course do a Top 10 list of my NGT girls at some point. I was just so taken by this group. I see a very bright future for this particular sister I tell you all!

Today, I also learned of some juicy and much needed info too. First I learned that Yukirin actually not only knows of Ayu-chan’s (Yamabe Ayu – Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Yamabe Miyu’s imouto!!!!) but she totally finds her all sorts of adorable! Yukirin said this on yesterday’s Yukirin Time! You rarely get to hear Yukirin gush about how cute a girls is, in the context of cute young. The only two girls I have heard her to to lengths of like this are Ayu-chan and NGT’s Okapa!

If you have been here a while, you know I love TGS and that Yamabe Miyu, the former leader (now Mei is the leader) is like totally my favourite among my favourite Idol Group! That’s right, TGS is my favourite Idol Group now. Well, they are no longer Idols but…you get the gist! When I heard Miyu’s imouto not only joined AKB but got into Team B, the Team with my favourite Idol/person/ ever, well, no need for me to spell things out.

I was worried at first because unlike the other two Draftee, Yukirin wasn’t on Ayu-chan’s radar. But from what Yukirin said on YukiTai, I don’t even know why I was worried! We have all heard this over and over, of how members just can’t help but get pulled into the Yukirin World once they meet her, perform with her, see her perform. We have witnessed it ourselves and even Ayu-chan here is more proof if one needs it. Come a new questionnaire of who is one’s favourite Senpai, I guarantee you that Yukirin would fill that box on Ayu-chan’s paper!

This info just fills me with great joy, you know! And this is happening all over in NGT48 too. There is already proof enough for anyone. I know I keep getting back to it but that New year Nico Live Special is a must watch! Watch as girls wet themselves just at a simple phone call from Yukirin, who was at NHK hall rehearsals for Utagassen, then proceed to go into depression when the call ends.

Seriously, what is it about Yukirin? I mean I know what it is but, what is it?!! It doesn’t make sense to me I am just saying! This level of popularity among fellow members is just so out of this world! I have most definitely never seen it not even in other groups out there. So it all comes down to the member in question – Yukirin, what are you!!?

Yukirin World is real dear Readers, and its populace is growing!

Back to Valentine’s, the girls from which Yukirin got chocos, some reluctantly so (Tatsumaki, I ma looking at you!!) include, the above, Hirari, Aeri, Seichan, Naochan, Renapon, Yuami, Mihachan, Nanakochan, Miyabichan and MauMauchan.

Whew, I felt out of breath just typing those! And these are the only ones that handed them over at the Handshake events. There is definitely more that didn’t get photo’d!

I mean, damn girl, if I wasn’t a worshipper, I would even feel remotely jealous! This level of attraction is inhuman! Photos of these other listed girls are after the jump…

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