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An Extra Dose of Suffering With That Yukirin Oshii?


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what is life

You were supposed to be the chosen one NGT48, YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!

I want to laugh at this so hard, I tried to in fact but it was just so painful! You know, I have come to believe that we Yukirin fans out there, in fact and Yukirin herself, we are all simply cursed! There is no other explanation for this and all that has come before! There is simply none!

I was planning on writing an essay of feels the first instant I learned of this but then restrained myself so hard in order to sleep things off that I was almost proud of myself. So sadly, this is going to be a very short post.

As the image says, Yukirin won’t be in NGT48’s 1st single because…wait for it…

She is a Kennin!!!!

Wha-How_Wh-…You all other fans out there of the 48 Family, you are so lucky to never get to know suffering as this! If this was a Puella Magi-verse, we would all have been recruited already to become magical girls because of the sheer amount of despair we hold within our hearts! We have enough to cure entropy!

There we were, smugs on our faces, all seeing nothing but great things from NGT48 because why not? Yukirin is not only…

..a 1st Gen member of NGT48

Because we think that this time there won’t be the repeat of NMB with core fans bashing her as she is now a pure blood of NGT48

AKB48 2nd Sports Meet D4.m2ts - 00041
not only did she help form the 2nd Gen members during Drafting…

but she helped selecting other members during auditions…

We be like, she is part of the skeleton of NGT48. She is doing more than just being a Kennin, the members have talked of how she helps them behind the scenes, the love her like crazy (You all need to watch that Nico Live if you haven’t. The call happens at around 2hr:17min)

Surely there is no way she won’t finally be recognised for her hard work…surely! I mean come on…

CYPWvjmWsAEYOL5.jpg large
…she is like the Face of NGT48…

EwmS92o KhONH3i
…was spreading word about NGT before even NGT was NGT when promoting GF

Speaking of Green Flash the train wreak, there we were thinking that surely Yukirin wouldn’t mis-treated like that ever again.

Well, the joke was on us apparently!

No Kennin in NGT48’s MV! Guess who is the only Kennin? Yukirin! Meanwhile, AKB48’s 43rd single’s Centre is…?

And speaking of the 43rd single, I actually believe that Yukirin said something about the position she was in during RH not being her actual position! Remember that this single will feature AtsuMinaYuko and the other graduated members so she is probably taking over for one of them. Now then the question is, where is her position? Is she even in the MV for the 43rd single?

Okay, all things considered, this is an actual pretty calm post! In all seriousness though, I don’t know what to feel anymore, what to do?This is just…

I really am expecting a book about Yukirin and her time in AKB in the future. Her life in this group is what fiction stuff are all about. How is she still sane? Why is she still doing it? Is her heart made of Steel?

Truly, a true Idol!

How can I ever stop supporting and loving this girl? How? Answer? I can’t! And I was really looking forward to embracing my new life as a Gyouza (watch that NGT Nico Live to get this ref) but this just set me back a step!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

12 thoughts on “An Extra Dose of Suffering With That Yukirin Oshii?

  1. I don’t know how to feel either …
    But I always thought this NGT kennin was a bad idea and only a way to exploit her a bit more before she could leave. So I can say I’m not disappointed, it’s exceeding even my expectations …
    I’m kind of glad I’ve taken some distance from AKB : I still follow, but I lost most of the passion, and it hurts a lot less.
    And now I’m waiting for Yuki’s solo activities (who said maybe a live ?)

  2. Sorry for the off topic but do you know Mayu is in a pretty gay movie this year. They just air it where Mayu is Erika’s Lover. I don’t know you has watched this or not. I just like your review an all

  3. Man, I’m not a Yukirin oshi but just reading this makes me feel some of your pain… They’re just using her, I hope the poor girl gets some proper recognition soon! She really deserves better, especially considering how much effort she’s poured into NGT.

    • Thank you Misty, but we have been saying that same prayer for years and the closest to getting is answered was the Green Flash single. The MV for that still haunts us fans even now .

      I don’t even know anymore

  4. Well at least the fans in NGT like her, unlike those Nambans, at least there is that right……

    Basically this is an utter load of BS and this no Kennin thing is just, well, insulting really, especially given the wider context of the whole single!!

    Guess we should not be overly surprised though right, I mean this decision is just more of the same as far as Yuki is concerned right, it now standard for her to have these types of thing happen to her.

    I guess perhaps as her fans we are in part to blame as to a man, woman or child we are all fully loyal, Yuki does not get “fair weather” fans, no, one you are in you are in for life, no other girl gets this, at least not to the same extent and so we stay loyal (and hopeful) through it all where other girls would see fans drift off if they were put in Yukirin’s position…..

    But then that’s Yukirin right, that loyalty she shows, it’s a trait as her fans that we have all picked up, that despite it all, she just loves being an idol and that we, well we love her for that.

    • I think I have said it before to you but I feel as though her presence in the group will only truly be appreciated when she has left, nobody will be able to fill the whole that she leaves because there are none who will be willing to do so much for so little gain, who will be as popular as she is but who will battle on in whatever bum position is given to her….. perhaps this will be her legacy, girls like Takamina, Acchan and Yuko have their legacies of being leaders or aces, Yukirin won’t have that, she will instead hopefully be remembered as the last true idol who was loyal to the end, who was the rock on which teams and senbatsu’s were built and who, whilst others were busy fighting to lead the group, remembered to take all the other girls along with them down the road…..

      • Too bad not even my feelings of wanting to watch them burn after she leaves will make me stay around once Yukirin has left. Really, I am struggling to watch anything of them without Yukirin. I was thinking of making an exception with NGT but then this went and happened!

        Now sure it ain’t the girls ‘ fault but still. Well, if their love never wavers then I will stay.

        I am more interested in Keiyazaka now than anything AKB to tell the truth.

    • Well, I doubt there are NGT purerist that hate Yukirin. That would make zero sense.

      But really though, do those people don’t see their bulshit for what it is? I mean come on! You just made a Kennin be the Centre and in the same week, the same fuckin day you then say create this no Kennin shitty rule that affects only Yukirin? !

      How more fuckin obvious could they have been?!

      This is common place in Yukirin World but damn it, things keep getting worse that we just can’t get really used to it so of course we will be reacting every time

  5. Alright, I think it’s graduation time for her… (But seriously what the FaQ???)

    • Other fans were saying this for years but I didn’t listen. I feel stupid now for still having hope

      • The problem is not with you or your oshimen… just saying… But if I had to guess… (I’ll be really mean here!) Someone wanted to have a little “tea-time” with her and she said no so after that she was screwed over every time they got the chance to do so…

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