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Fic – Majisuka Gakuen 5 Extra Cut


150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00020
150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00003 150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00004
150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00021 150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00012

I have no words!

Why do I keep doing this to my poor soul?! Why did I go and watch this show?! It’s like seeing a bottle labelled with CYANIDE, in a chemical store, and still opening it and drinking the contents because you think that it still just might be water in that bottle. Not even a desperate person in a post-apocalyptic world, a world without water, would make that stupid mistake!

And yet here I was!

I am the stupidest person on this planet to have fallen for this crap again! I still can’t even believe what I am going to say but it needs to be said – Season 5 is the worst season of Majisuka Gakuen!

How the hell did this go so wrong?! Seriously, I think people are looking up to AKB for completely wrong reasons. They should be commended for being Masters of fuck-up-ery! I don’t even know where to start about the first three episodes of this fifth piece of unchi!

They had everything! No, they had more than everything! They had Yuko and Assan back! They had them for a whole episode! Guess what they did with those two!!?! Guess what they did with those two along with Torigoya, Black and Nezumi!!!?

I am too embarrassed to even say it!

They got a go ahead to make a rightly rated Majisuka Gakuen! They had swords. They had guns! They have 200+ girls they could pick a great cast from! Some of these girls have great talents they could have utilised in every department to make a great show! Hell, Mao-kyun could have written a masterpiece of a script 1000x better than the actual script!

They have girls that are already established actresses! Assan and Yuko could have easily taken the role of the villain as the Mafia Bosses! They could have had better chance of continuing on directly from 4 with Yabakune as the big bad! I would have swallowed that better than this..this…

Oh forget it!

And so, to take the poison out of my mind, I figured I might as well put together something short – Something that was left out of the script.

Think of this as what should have happened at the funeral with the old Rappappa members that showed up and Minami of course. Sorry but Nezumi ain’t here because as much I wished it, Nezumi had no ties at all with Black, let alone Torigoya, the only Queens of old that showed up to Salt’s funeral. She was also never on good terms with Maeda so seeing them together wouldn’t have made sense.

That’s right, Salt is dead. The main character died at the fuckin beginning of the story!! And she is not alone in the ether world either!

I swear to God this show…Still, I watched this on my own accord so there is no one to blame but myself!

Anyway, have a read at this meeting between the Original Rappappa since they went their separate ways. And like I said, it follows the 2nd episode somewhat so Gekikara ain’t here either.

~ + ~

The car pulled up near the gate and a young woman dressed in a black dress stepped out. The driver of the tax handed her something then drove off. The young woman looked around the entrance for a moment before she went ahead and joined the few others walking ahead of her.

All faces were gloomy and all people, who were mostly women, girls even, were all dressed up in black. They were obviously going to a funeral. Just as the woman was about to cross the gate to the property of her destination, she paused and sought the direction of the voice that had spoken out loud.


The other woman that had called Yuka’s name was of course also dressed in black. She had hair that was combed straight and reached just passed her shoulders. When she caught of Yuka’s face she almost smiled.

“Maeda-san, it’s been a while.”

“Yes it has. How have you been?”

The two shook hands when Maeda-san made it to where Yuka was standing.

“Not bad, an acting job here and there but mostly good I promise.” She winked at Maeda. “What of yourself? When did you…?”

Yuka did not have to finish for Maeda knew very well what she was referring to. The last time the two had seen each other was at school when Maeda got arrested.

“I was only locked up for questioning and was only released two days later because no one came to sign for my release. Bot I too found some acting work so also mostly good.”

“It is strange, isn’t it? To think that someone like us would be in the entertainment business.”

The two continued on towards the reception as they made small talk.

“The world works in mysterious ways…”

Maeda trailed off as she watched the girls crying and others looking miserable around the courtyard.

“Tell me about it! I never thought I would be attending any more funerals this soon, let alone of another fellow student.”

The two grew sombre and didn’t say another word as they made it across the yard.

“Thank you Miss, if you would sign here please…”


The young woman that was bent over the desk at the reception turned her head in Yuka and Maeda’s direction. Her piercing eyes softened just the tiniest bit when she saw them.

“Maeda-san, Yuka-san, it’s good to see you.”

Black walked forward first to Maeda to give her a hug and then to Yuka. Yuka was surprised and it showed plainly on her face. Black figured it ran in the family, the way that they all wore their emotions on their sleeves. If Maeda-san was surprised too, she did not show it.

“How have you two been?”

“You don’t know? We are both celebrities! In fact you should be asking for our autographs right now”

Black looked to Maeda, who just shook her head.

“Okay, so we are not Ishihara Satomi popular but we are still actors.”

“Sorry but I don’t keep up with those things.”

“Oh Black, looks like you are still living a boring life as usual. I would have thought Gekikara changed you by now.”

Maeda cut in then

“Where is Gekikara?”

“Oh, she couldn’t make it. We had already had something happening today so I came alone.”

Black then turned to Yuka.

“So where is-“

“Hello you guys…”

The three turned to see one Torigoya swerve her way to them. She stuck out like a sore thumb with her huge coat she had on and the high heels. She looked straight out of a Magazine shoot. All eyes that had already been glued to the trio due to their prosperity were now on Torigoya and for completely different reasons.

“Hello to you too Torigoya and, my, what awesome funeral clothes you have!”

Maeda smacked Yuka on the arm lightly for her mocking. Then again maybe it shouldn’t have been necessary since Torigoya didn’t seem that offended.

“Thanks Yuko! I spent a great deal of time trying to find the right clothes.”

There was an awkward silence at the mention of the name. Torigoya studied the trio when no one said anything.

“What is it?”

“What did you call me?”

“Huh? You are Yuka, aren’t you? On no, did I mess your names up again? I thought for sure you were Yuka! Sorry Yuki!”

Torigoya crushed Yuka’s face within her bosom in a strong embrace.

“No you’re not wrong Torigoya. That is Yuka.”

Black almost smiled.

“She is? Then what was the problem?”

“No problem at all. She just didn’t hear you is all.”

Maeda tried to get rid of the situation before the day got any worse.

“Oi, you are holding up the queue! Don’t make me whip out my badge!”

Yuka struggled to breathe when Torigoya finally let her go and turned her attention to the owner of the new voice.

“Minami-chan! Long time no see! But I thought you are a chef now?”

Minami walked the extra feet to join the four old acquaintances.

“You are not with the Police anymore?”

Maeda looked a bit surprised at the news.

“That’s right. I just didn’t think that it was the right job for me. Frankly I am wondering why I didn’t become a chef in the first place.”

“Hey I have a great idea! We should meet up at your restaurant to catch up after here!”

“I’m with Yuka-chan!”

Black nodded and the others all turned to Maeda for her answer.

“Well, it’s not like I have any plans so…”

“Then it’s settled! It’s okay, right Minami-chan?”

“Of course Torigoya but you guys need to sign in now. There’s a huge line of people behind you.”

Indeed there were students waiting in line but they seemed more interested in the legendary Rappappa than the reception.

Having finished handing over her condolence gift and signing in, Black moved off to the side with Minami and waited for the others to do the same. Minami had already arrived and was helping with the preparations.

The funeral commenced normally and Rappappa went forward together and said their silent prayers to the resting Salt. They didn’t know her that well but she was a member of not only Majisuka Jogakuen but also the last leader of Rappappa.

She was one of theirs.

Afterwards the Senpai moved off to their reserved seats and only observed their juniors. It had to be a very hard time for them, especially since they were closer to Salt and being so young. This was probably the very first time they had been to a funeral.

“So, that’s the new Rappappa…”

Yuka whispered to the group. They all turned to watch the girls that seemed most distraught out of all those that were present.

“Yeah, there is Otabe, whom you all know, to her left is Yoga and Magic. They are three of the four Queens and Bakamono couldn’t make it. She was the fourth but has graduated.”

Minami introduced the new Rappappa to them.

“Otabe is a Queen?”

“Yeah! Salt was the leader. Don’t ask me why that is though, I am not sure either”

“Who is that standing next to Otabe?”

“Oh, that’s Sakura. She transferred in last term from Kagoshima. She wanted to take over but she lost to Salt.”

Black studied the girl.

“Ho? She must be strong then if she took on Rappappa. Remind you of anyone Maeda?”

Yuka nudged Maeda’s sides, who just ignored her

“From Kagoshima?”

“Oh yeah, you are originally from Kagoshima too Black, aren’t you?”

Minami turned to Black at Torigoya’s words.

“Is that true?”

“It is true, no matter how much I wish it weren’t”

The turn Black’s voice took towards the end got the message across.

“I heard that you are good with kids. Maybe you could have a talk with Sakura sometimes? Sakura is…”

Minami paused and the others waited for her to finish but didn’t push.

“I will…think about it.”

“Hey, maybe we should go and introduce ourselves! I mean they are our descendants, sort of…”

Yuko stifled at Torigoya’s words but then fought her laughter since it was an inappropriate place for it.

“Torigoya, you mean they are your successors”

Torigoya turned to Black

“Huh? Oh yeah, that”

“We will, after the funeral. I have a feeling they need to talk to someone.”

“You mean they need someone to talk some sense into them!”

“I don’t think right now is the time for that kind of talk.”

“You are right Black but they are most likely to act rashly sooner rather than later.”

“Black wasn’t suggesting we give them a month Yuka!”


“Should I invite them over for that dinner later as well?”

“Oh come on, where is the fun in that? How about we give them a surprise visit at their school?”

“Why don’t I like the sound of your ‘surprise’?”

“Please Maeda, don’t lay dumb. You know very well what I mean and you most definitely will like it.”

“Um, sorry but I don’t think they would be much of a fun time for you.”

“You too? Why do I feel like everyone is against me?”

Yuka sulked back in her seat.

“I’m not”

“Thanks Torigoya, that means a lot to me”

Everyone ignored Yuka as Minami confirmed if she should invite the new Rappappa over. They agreed and Minami walked over to the group to pass the invitation.

Across the room Otabe looked up when she caught someone approaching from the corner of her eye. Sakura spoke first…


“Hey Sakura, guys, are you holding up okay?”

Otabe eyed her

“Who are you?”

“Oh, I apologise. I’m Takamina, a friend of Sakura’s there. Well, you could say I’m her guardian while she stays in Tokyo.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Otabe”



“A pleasure. Well, I am not sure if Sakura told you but I ran a restaurant not far from here. I know your Senpai and they were going to come over later today for a get together. They wanted to see if you could make it.”

Minami motioned back to the older girls.


Otabe whispered to herself and her eyes widened when she saw Maeda.

“Of course we will come. What time?”

“How about 4 o’clock?”

“That’s fine. We will be there.”

Minami studied Otabe.

“Why don’t you go say hello”

Otabe stood up unsteadily. The others also stood up and followed her over to where Minami had come from to meet their Senior Founders.



… Finis…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “Fic – Majisuka Gakuen 5 Extra Cut

  1. So…… you are now going to see this story though right………. Because as the new series sucks balls I would like a better Majisuka story going on please!!

  2. First of all. Sorry I couldn’t read this earlier but I was shopping with yuiHAN! 😀
    Anyway. I see you had a bad time watching this “sad excuse for a Majisuka dorama” of a thingy. It’s a weak copy of an already weak special NMB48 “dorama” from the Teppen Tottande DVD. But it looks like not just Fuuko will get shot in this one though.

    Somehow you still managed to make something better out of it. I guess if life gives you onions you can still make lem… erm.. What was I saying? 😀

    Oh yeah. I was screaming RUN Sakura! RUN! RUN or Maeda will eat you! 😀 Wait. Are we still doing MG2 jokes? No. Then sorry.

    You always seems to cut off the ending in your first shot. I guess it is going to be a trend. But considering the huge amount of reference material you were given… (sarcasm) I would say you really brought out the essence of the new and amazing series (still sarcasm).
    (At least in your case the camera was not shaking. All this series need is more lens flares and explosions, really.)

    There’s still hope for this series though:
    Dark humor incoming in:




    We can still have tasty and spicy Necrophilia! 😀

    No! I’m just joking here because how bad this abomination is. I still have a question though.

    Why didn’t they hire you to make a collaboration with Mao-chan to make a better series is beyond me…

    Anyway I’m not going to rate your work because you literally had nothing to work with here. One note though. Why did Minami say she’s Takamina? Takamina is in AKB48 (which is cannon now for some reason) not a chef. I also doubt it is the “woman detective” from MG2 as not even Otabe is the same. (Who still have the lipstick btw… sigh…)

    A side question: Ishihara who? 😀 (nantene~)

    Ijou, Kragoin deshita!

    • It was supposed to be a filler thus the sudden cut. If I feel like it afterwards, it would be easier continuing but even if I don’t there is the rest of the shitty show to fill that void

      And how strange it is that I caught all your jokes this time around!

      Takamina is a mystery character so any name would do.

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