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[Pics] The Super 8


1-yuri08 1-yuri37 1-yuri27
2-serika35 3-yui13
4-hitomi40 5-nagichan06
6-sayuna35 7-smilekun07 8-kotone14

As I was saying, my Team 8 favouritism is changing so much that I just had to update my list here, you know, for future reference.  Seriously, if you aren’t aboard the 8-wagon yet, stop being in denial and get all over this, like, right now while it’s still hot! Team 8 isn’t just about the lolis. HKT has those, has had them for years and yet they are no where near Team 8’s awesomeness! Other members seem to think that it’s about the lolis too, what with all those lolis drafted just this weekend (except for NGT, YukiRie know what they are doing) but they are terribly mistaken! It’s not about the lolis at all, Team 8 is just…It just is! And to think they were thinking of disbanding it in one year! HA!

So many girls, so many options! For reasons unknown I am having more trouble adjusting to Team 8 than i was all sister groups before Team 8! It’s madness I know! Every LIVE of this Team I watch my priorities shift except for one, Yuriyan shall never be dethroned! The margin between her and SERIKA, who is No.2 has grown so wide over these weeks it’s laughable! I have a feeling too that come 25th when the Sports Meet Airs and I get to watch it, I am going to fall for her even more! My heart has be punctured just from the images from said event so seeing the video is bound to do some serious damage!

1-yuri26 1-yuri03 1-yuri05
1-yuri14 1-yuri13
 1-yuri11 1-yuri12
1-yuri25 1-yuri24
1-yuri15 1-yuri16 1-yuri19
1-yuri30 1-yuri31
1-yuri17 1-yuri18 1-yuri28
1-yuri35 1-yuri34
1-yuri20 1-yuri22 1-yuri29
1. Yuriyan ~ Yokomichi Yuri
2-serika07 2-serika03
2-serika08 2-serika05 2-serika06
2-serika11 2-serika12
2-serika01 2-serika02 2-serika13
2-serika04 2-serika14
2-serika09 2-serika22 2-serika21
2-serika15 2-serika16
2-serika18 2-serika19
2-serika20 2-serika24 2-serika25
2-serika26 2-serika27
2-serika29 2-serika33 2-serika43
2-serika39 2-serika40 2-serika41
2. SERIKA ~ Nagano Serika
3-yui22 3-yui19
3-yui06 3-yui01 3-yui02
3-yui33 3-yui37
3-yui03 3-yui07 3-yui10
3-yui08 3-yui09 3-yui24 3-yui11
3-yui20 3-yui15 3-yui23
3-yui12 3-yui26 3-yui25
3-yui14 3-yui31 3-yui40 3-yui16
3-yui17 3-yui21 3-yui38
3-yui18 3-yui27
3. Yoko-chan ~ Yokoyama Yui

Previously Ikumin, the official Centre of Team 8 it seems, was this close to Yuriyan but my love for her has dwindled so much that she has even fallen off the Top 10 list as I write this. Sad really but that’s the Achilles heel of AKS’s definition of push! The same thing is happening to Sakura-tan but she is still hanging on to her rank as my 3rd Kami, barely. For Team 8’s 2nd now there stands SERIKA! Trailing her from a lower position is none other than Yoko-chan! MC Hammer was my previous No.3 and before we get further, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I love her less, more than since I don’t see her that much compared to Yoko-chan, Hiichan or Nagisa, mainly due to her positioning and recorders not getting a lot of her, I have come to love the others much more the more I get to see them and as such, Yoko-chan and Nagi-chan have skipped ahead of her.

4-hitomi07 4-hitomi15
 4-hitomi02 4-hitomi09
4-hitomi18 4-hitomi43
4-hitomi11 4-hitomi13 4-hitomi08 4-hitomi03
4-hitomi16 4-hitomi20 4-hitomi21
4-hitomi23 4-hitomi24 4-hitomi25 4-hitomi26

4-hitomi28 4-hitomi33 4-hitomi34 4-hitomi38
4-hitomi52 4-hitomi45 4-hitomi48
4. Hiichan ~ Honda Hitomi

Hiichan retains her 4th position but not for long! I have said it before but I feel like she and Yoko-chan have this rivalry going on that one can only see if they squint and did I squint!! To me every time I see them together especially during KFK, they seem as if they are trying to out-onigiri each other! There is also this glint when they look at each other, if they look at each other that just chills me sometimes. If Team 8 members were warriors Yoko-chan would be that badass lone fighter that no one dares challenge except of course for Hiichan!

Damn~ Now I feel something stirring inside…

5-nagichan21 5-nagichan26
5-nagichan05 5-nagichan07 5-nagichan08
5-nagichan09 5-nagichan11 5-nagichan35
5-nagichan12 5-nagichan15 5-nagichan17 5-nagichan25
5-nagichan29 5-nagichan34 5-nagichan38
5. Nagi-chan ~ Sakaguchi Nagisa

Nagi-chan just about came out of no where and dominated that 5th position like it was nobody’s business! My last ranking she wasn’t even in the Top 20! But here we are, at 5th and I have even yet to see her with Team B!! I am not pushing air when I tell you that once the New Teams start she is going to climb that ladder so fast no one will see it coming! Seriously if she turns into another Sayaya, Yuriyan, best watch out girl!

6-sayuna05 6-sayuna07
6-sayuna01 6-sayuna15 6-sayuna23 6-sayuna24
6-sayuna04 6-sayuna14
6-sayuna25 6-sayuna11 6-sayuna10
6-sayuna31 6-sayuna21
6-sayuna22 6-sayuna26 6-sayuna27 6-sayuna28

6. MC Hammer ~ Hama Sayuna

As for kawaii, kawaii MCHammer-chan, seriously, how can anyone not love her at first glance? How tiny she is and yet she isn’t just a loli like Baby-face (Rira)! If her sharp features don’t demand your full attention as soon as your eyes are greeted with her parson, her character will win you over! You won’t believe how funny this girl is! I only wish she had a better position! All in time I guess, all in time, just like that inevitable double Centre of Yuriyan and SERIKA I know will drop any time now…

7-smilekun19 7-smilekun20
7-smilekun11 7-smilekun05 7-smilekun09
7-smilekun16 7-smilekun10 7-smilekun15
7-smilekun18 7-smilekun21 7-smilekun23 7-smilekun24
7. Kurenyan ~ Cho Kurena

Then we have Smile-kun –  True Dead Eyes! Last time she was tied with Sugar-chan (Nanami) for the 8th position and over these past weeks she has been through a tough fight! Not only was she fighting to keep her Super 8-status but she was fighting Smile-chan (Yuuna) for best smile, still! My fetish with dimples and those dead eyes of hers saw her not only win against the 2nd best smile in Team 8 but also saw her jump up a place to 7th! Those guitar skills of hers also helped BTW!

8-kotone15 8-kotone08
8-kotone11 8-kotone21 8-kotone23
8-kotone25 8-kotone26 8-kotone33 8-kotone34
8. Kocchan ~ Hitomi Kotone

And finally, the other dark horse that took my world by storm –  Kotone, The Yamato Nadeshiko of Team 8! The grace this girl possesses is rivalled by no other! I just can’t stop staring at her every time she is in focus! I have found myself many times just pausing the video just so I can stare at her for extended silent periods of time! Very scary!! She closes out the elevated existence that is the Super 8, my Super 8 of Team 8!

I had originally planned to stop this post here but since we are on the subject I figured I should mention the new girls that I have my eyes on and also touch on a few others that I already had my eyes on.

ex-miyu04 ex-miyu05 ex-miyu16
ex-miyu07 ex-miyu22
ex-miyu10 ex-miyu18 ex-miyu19
Shitao Miu

First up is a girl that even if neither Hiichan, their parents, Management or everyone else but me notices it, this girl Miyu has got to be Hiichan’s long lost sister! No one knows it but me and I am not saying nothing for I await the moment when the veil of deceit is lifted the truth is made bare for all concerned to see! Seriously, those two are just so alike! Hiichan’s father, or maybe it’s Miyu’s father since she is older, must have had a forgotten night out that resulted in the birth of Hiichan and nobody said nothing! But don’t tell anyone of this, okay?

ex-kaorudono03 ex-kaorudono06
ex-kaorudono02 ex-kaorudono14 ex-kaorudono16
ex-kaorudono07 ex-kaorudono08 ex-kaorudono09
Takaoka Kaoru

Then we have a girl I like to call Kaoru-dono (a la Rurouin Kenshin). I just love her seriousness! I rarely like that type of personality but strangely it works for her and I just can’t have enough! I love her facial structure too. After MC Hammer, she is the next person I recognise straight away after seeing her once due to her sharp features! Also she looks cool playing that cello if I am truthful.

ex-tokyo07 ex-tokyo18
ex-tokyo11 ex-tokyo12
ex-tokyo01 ex-tokyo04 ex-tokyo05
ex-tokyo06 ex-tokyo16 ex-tokyo20
ex-tokyo08 ex-tokyo13 ex-tokyo14
YuiYui ~ Oguri Yui

Or Tokyo, as I prefer to call her. She really is cute isn’t she! insufferably so >.<

ex-thesetwo1 ex-thesetwo6
Erina & Nanase

And finally these two! Do I even need to say anything about them? Individually they meant nothing but together, once I saw them together once I was struck! Now I can’t help but look to see if the both of them are present in every performance!

Anywho yeah, Team 8 is the one good thing AKS has come up with in recent memory and really, it’s more of an accident seeing as they were only seeing it as an experiment that was soon to be ended after a year. Suckers didn’t think the concept would be this successful and now they are going to milk it for all its worth! Oh well, as long as we still profit too I ain’t complaining!

Good night

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  1. Been here, stole some Yoko-tan pictures, then left…

  2. Speaking about 8. Did you see Donna Bae on Sense8? Awe! That’s awesome! o7

  3. Great phoyos of these girls 🙂 ^_^

  4. Hi,
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  5. I too am a big Team 8 fan. My oshiman is Hama Sayuna!… I love all 47 in a way, but there is only room in my heart for Hamachan! I loved reading everything that you wrote and the pics were superb. I look forward to enjoying more of you blog!

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