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[Yukirin World] It’s too soon Milky

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CBwDmaeUoAALwHM.jpg large
It’s too soon!


And dear Mayuyu, this is no time for peace-signs yo. Look behind you! The other Watanabe is already puts the moves on Mamarin! They haven’t even started the new teams yet and she is already at it! That Milky! And don’t even get me started on that Sakura->Yukirin <- Mayuyu positioning >.< Also Sayanee, what are you doing to Renacchi? Not that she was complaining or anything.

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Look at these Babies fighting over Yukirin! And it seems that Aerin was adopted without my knowledge. Lately I can’t help but see Yukirin in her posts but I just noticed it. This is thanks to these photo sets of course. There she was enjoying some alone time with Yukirin who was getting that daily massage when in walks Tatsumaki! Enjoy the glare battle! Too bad not fighting is allowed in the Yukirin World so of course it ended in a kawaii moment!

BTW, Riorin was watching from across the room like some A-rank stalker. A-rank because no stalker is that cute!

CBGxm6KUwAE_DJF f639e114kl

Ah but when it comes to stalking, no one beats Hinana-chan! Though she wouldn’t call it that. She prefers to be called Mamarin’s bodyguard. You’d think she would be busy hand-shaking but forget the fans, Yukirin is more important (just kidding).


Now that’s just creepy Meru! Now, you are not the only one who takes photos of a sleeping Yukirin but Milky is that type of person. You have no excuse seeing as she is right next to you. That means you should have had time to see her awake and thus take a photo of the two of you then. Maybe she was too shy? Even as boisterous as Meru-chan is, this is still Yukirin we are talking about. Anyway good to see that she is still one of the kids. She is probably awaiting Yukirin’s 4th Solo Live like the rest of us Yukirinians! Still, I’m wondering how these two found each other in that position!

 IMG_20150401_070649 IMG_20150401_070651 IMG_20150401_070653

From Singapore with love. Sexy Yukirin is sexy! Her trip sure didn’t last long though. You’d think she would take this opportunity to relax, maybe a week but alas, duty calls. And from what I hear, she hasn’t even rested a single day since coming back to Japan. Ah my poor girl.

CBpkNyBUgAAyMe1.jpg large

From Sexy to Kawaii in a period of t-10 seconds! From what I hear too about this event, Yukirin Kabe-don’d Juri! This is the second time I am reading about Yukirin Kabe-don’ing someone and still no pics!!! The first time was on Mayuyu and now Juri!! Where are my pics?!! And of course of all the concerts they didn’t give us the best ones. How can you not give us the Kagoshima Concert darn it AKS!


Dear K-fans, fear not. Your precious is in great hands. Mamarin will take good care of Moe-chan for you! I mean look at her there! She has never been this over-possessive over someone before. She’s like ready to shelter Moe-chan from a Nuke!

4fe65ffe IMG_7305
Megu-chan get!
IMG_20150325_130719 o09601280phgh
Ego-chan get!
More Draftee s for the Kashiwagi Menu!

Ah Nagisa! Seems like forever since I last saw a two-shot of you with Yukirin! And what better way to do it than commemorate Yukirin’s NMB concurrency by taking it while wearing Don’t Look Back costumes! I’m really gonna miss Yukirin with NMB girls!

(AKB48G) AKB48 SHOW! ep68 150404.ts - 00008
A very viable reaction!
(AKB48G) AKB48 SHOW! ep68 150404.ts - 00014
Others get upset. Others cry their eyes out. Meanwhile Yukirin…

She’s got a heart of diamonds!

(AKB48G) AKB48 SHOW! ep68 150404.ts - 00031 (AKB48G) AKB48 SHOW! ep68 150404.ts - 00019
(AKB48G) AKB48 SHOW! ep68 150404.ts - 00023

Sayaya sure is riding that Yukirin Date bus for all its worthy, huh! Even Takamina knows how rare it is for Yukirin to take Kouhai’s out! And of course AKS, those Evil B had to come and ruin everything! How dare they even entertain the idea of moving Draftees!?! That is their whole concept, it defines them, being in the teams they were drafted in! What is the point of the event after this stupid move of yours! People are gonna be less excited now to get members in certain teams because, well, they might be moved in a few months to other teams!

Ah Sayaya, don’t go!!!












Nakki appeared on Sayaya’s latest radio broadcast and they had this convo about Yukirin where Sayaya asked her if she had a member she looked up to or liked. Hence commences Sayaya just fan-girling over Yukirin like she was the one asked the question and not the host! Looks like she made the pleasure of watching Yukirin’s solos. There is no saving her after knowing this fact! Heh


And finally, SashiYuki is always a pleasure!

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  1. That horse is cute though! XD

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