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AKBINGO ep333 – Muchaburi Master Kashiwagi


150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00222
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00214 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00209150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00226


I was planning to blog about the volleyball game but forget that for a moment! DAT performance of the latest single totally whipped me to mars and back! Forget just keeping it on the jackets! YukiRena just invaded the damned choreography! Now they are together in the formation and I swear I saw them doing something…


Are they, are they seriously dancing for each other?! Are they seriously!?! Oh my heart, help me, I am dying. i can’t handle all this goodness! What’s that? I’m blowing things out of proportions? Such a small thing you say? only seconds worthy you say?! You dear, whoever you are, need to get acquainted with the phrase ‘Best things come in small packages’!

Oh dear Lord, I…I seriously don’t even know. I want to leave the episode and just go lie in bed right now so I can continue this happiness in the land of dreams! Dear AKS, I don’t even care if you don’t put Yukirin in the PV! Give all the screen time to Yasusenbatsu for all I care, this is enough for me! And thank you cameraman who filmed this angle! It is in a very bad position so I doubt we will be seeing it in LIVE performances except in 360º domes so I am declaring this the miracle shot of the year, at least so far!

Sigh, do I really need to continue on with this episode? What’s that? It has Muchaburi Master Kashiwagi so it’s a given? Fine, fine, I will do something more…

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00025
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00002 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00008
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00010 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00026

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00031

I love how Yukirin always tries to hide behind so young members could get more focus. I mean she knows and she said it herself that it doesn’t matter where she is as long as fans find her (and we always do, thanks to all that experience because of AKS) but I really love this selfless side of hers. Too bad this time she was the main. Her face when Sata called her out was priceless. She was like, seriously Dude, read the signs LOL

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00015
Sorry Milky but Yukirin only has eyes for Nana-chan.

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00046 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00047
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00048 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00033
Muchaburi Master Kashiwagi, scored 100% in all her penalties!
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00052
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00054 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00055
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00136 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00138
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00139 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00140
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00141 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00142
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00143 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00147
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00150 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00151
Queue a great service to Yukirin when they showed some of her best Muchaburi moments. Sigh, those were the days…

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00111 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00114
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00119 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00121
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00133
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00125 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00129
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00072
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00104
I ship it. By it I mean RyoRion of course! And believe it or not, Rion had her arm around Ryoha’s waist in that bottom cap yo! >.< And though irrelevant to this episode, I found this like, today actually…

19 - 1fd
Yep, totally shipping!
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00058 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00063
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00065 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00066
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00068 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00074
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00076
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00083 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00078
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00084 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00089
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00080

Mirurun’s delicious lips! I still think she has the best lips in the whole 48G! Meru-chan a close second!
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00081
Nana wa panikku!
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00105 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00090
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00106
Mirurun’s reaction when Tani got that thing out of her mouth was awesome!
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00171
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00092 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00159
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00161
Delicious AkaYuki! I ‘m gonna miss them the most when Yukirin leaves NMB!
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00251
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00246 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00176
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00177 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00179
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00181
That awesome moment when Ripopo thinks she has no gag but it turns out that she just created one! That was super funny BTW!

As you can see, this week was about Muchaburi Dodgeball and the match was between SKE and NMB in reflection to their battle of singles that released the same day. From what I hear SKE won that battle, which is no surprise from the singles gone by really. But even though the battle is seemingly settled, our dodgeball battle isn’t over yet as it returns next week!

Another awesome thing about this episode other than it being a dodgeball match with members that I actually care about this time around, Yukirin got some treats for a change. Not only did they show us her past moments again, but she also won another title to all to all the titles on her name – Muchaburi Master!  Good times indeed. But before I go, remember that thing that happened at the end of the episode? Yeah, I have to go back to that…

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00182 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00183
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00187
She is still the Reaction Queen after all! And Takamina’s reaction too LOL She probably was glad she decided to graduate. Then again, even if she was still around there is no way Yasusu would do that to her. Or anyone else that matters but Yukirin? She is fair game apparently! Too bad for them Yukirin is actually really pumped for NGT!

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00192
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00205 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00203
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00214
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00211 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00212
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00209
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00206 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00190
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00197
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00201
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00235 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00240
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00241

Yeah, that performance was just awesome! Yes, I just upgraded Nagi-chan to God-status after this also her concurrence with Team B! And was it just me or was that into so Bokura no Eurika-isc? Probably just me! My Kami’s were almost accounted for except there was no good close-up on Ikoma-kun>.< But really, I have no qualms about anything, not after this…

150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00217 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00218
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00221
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00222 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00223150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00224
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00227 150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00191
150331 AKBINGO! ep333.ts - 00200
All that YukiRena goodness! I’m one happy shipper you all!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

3 thoughts on “AKBINGO ep333 – Muchaburi Master Kashiwagi

  1. Before I say anything else I have to say that I’m really loving Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai as a song and for it to follow right after Green Flash, that’s two quality songs after each other you know I’m not sure I can properly remember the last time AKS managed that (for me anyway) It’s going right onto my playlist I can tell you that!

    Plus it will be forever remembered as the song that, even if just for this day, gave us YukiRena dancing like this!!! Sure the rest of the dance looked like a proper mess (big senbatsus always do, and this one had tricky coreo so what else did we expect apart from a, lets be honest, clusterfuck. BIG SENBATSUS NEVER WORK!!!) Still it was a sweet as moment and so good to see them together in a song, so very very good (even down to the way they dance it in AKB and SKE style XD)

    Not much anger over the line up around which is interesting when you look at the butthurt potential in it (even KatoRena the girl that they never give up on, even now when there are so many exciting new options, Mako, Mion, Sayaya anyone? no?) but then I guess most people kinda figured out what the deal with this lineup was so we all quickly moved on

    Interesting Yuki’s bit about going to NGT got into this episode too (but more on this later) Still it’s nice it got a mention and I’m glad Yuki is taking it in all the right ways, I just hope she is allowed the time to make her mark there, more so than she was able to at NMB….

    Which leads us nicely onto AKBingo! I did not expect this episode to turn out the way it did, it sort of became like a best of Yukirin episode, at least as far as dodgeball is concerned, it was a nice nod (if unexpected) to Yuki 🙂

    It was good to see Yuki in a show like this with NMB actually, in fact this has been the only time I think, it was nice to see her in this environment with them and nice to see that she was part of the team (not that the Namba girls ever thought otherwise) looking at it now, it feels as though it was a shame that we did not get more of this. good to see a strong showing from Mirurun here too (her expressions were just the best), it very much looks like she is going to be the third wheel in NMB going forward so it’s nice to see this. Apart from that it was perhaps unsurprising to see how NMB dominated this show, I think they had a good chance to anyway but adding the Yuki highlights on top of that made it overkill for them (despite a brave fightback from Tani)

    All hail the Muchaburi Master! I guess 😀

    • Don’t forget, this continues on next week too. This episode though >.< That surprise YukiRena and that surprise Yukirin focus, surprises everywhere! Kind of makes me wonder why that didn't give us Yukirin during the Green Flash weeks though but like I said, not complaining at all. Not after the awesome END with YukiRena! My God, that was just WOW! Iam really hoping that they get to centre a single together. Better yet for it to be the cool single before the Janken, especially since Rena won't be in the SSK single that would be a welcome shout out!

      Also just realised that Green Flash should have been their single, especially seeing as Kojiharu already has a solo to her name. Kinda wonder why I didn't think of this before. I guess Nyawage were too blinding even for me

  2. There was one thing that pissed me off in this episode… can you guess what that was?

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