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Shishunki Gokko ~ Mizuiro no Rakuen [J-Movie]

Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00065
Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00098 Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00177
Shishunki Gokko Spin Off.mkv - 00144
 Mizuiro no Rakuen 水色の楽園

There is no denying that the main movie will have left quite a lot, if not all quite disappointed, or angry, or just around sad because Shishunki Gokko just had to be a typical Japanese yuri movie! And by that I mean no happy end here! Sure they tried to make it ambiguous with that last scene at the library where it looked like Takane had come back to Mika to hopefully patch things up but still, the last act of the movie just didn’t sit well for all of us!

That being said, Shishunki Gokko separates itself from the crowd by doing what has never been done before. It gave us medicine to heal the wounds provided by the main movie in the form of a spin off that is all about Takane and Mika! No other character, and I mean no other character is in this short spin off! Actually, it’s not that short, being just over 30min long!

It’s basically Takane and Mika’s date that they spend at school for some reason. I am inclined to believe that this was because they didn’t get the time to have fun at the pool during the school activities from the main movie so they decided to sneak in when the school is closed so that they could have all the fun they wanted but didn’t get to have.

I believe that I mentioned this too in the main movie review but I still cannot place where this date takes place in the whole timeline. There are some things that come before the movie’s events, then there is those that should take place after some of the movie’s events and then there is those that only make sense after the movie’s events so I am really lost!

If anyone manages to figure out exactly where this ‘Ocean-blue Paradise’ day takes place in the grand scheme of things, please do let me know. That being said, let’s follow our lovely girls as they have all kinds of fun without any interferences!

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Ready or not, Here she comes, and Ur gonna fap

10 19
I’m whatever you want me to be my Goddess!

The SSK is upon us in five or so weeks, but before then, we have to survive a couple of bombs that are going to drop in the Mags leading up to said SSK. The first one of them just dropped (Young Jump) and by the gods! These are going to be some weeks leading up to SSK!

She’s so perfect. I love her!

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Shishunki Gokko [J-Movie]

Shishunki Gokko Main.m2ts - 00244
Shishunki Gokko Main.m2ts - 00380 Shishunki Gokko Main.m2ts - 00658
Shishunki Gokko Main.m2ts - 00563
Shishunki Gokko 思春期ごっこ

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go! The last of the long awaited yuri movies since a year ago today and another of Miki Honoka’s series of dominating projects. This is her best performance to date in any of her works that I have seen and if anyone who watches this does not fall for her till the end of time, I pray for thy wellbeing. She was so good that she made my relationship with this movie so complicated. Even now as we speak, I still find myself lost as to where to place this movie on my list!

Now please there is no reason to panic! Let me assure you that this is a legit yuri movie and in fact there is no het anywhere in sight so stay calm and read on. I have watched this movie about eight times since I got my BD and yet every watch produces a different feeling from me towards the end. But while by that I usually mean that it gets better and better, this time it went back and forth, meaning that I might love it today, but then I watch it again and I am left so angry I wanna throw something! These feelings alternate so you can imagine my confused state as to how to rank this movie!

Remember how back a few months back when I got that Spin off DVD and I mentioned how there had to be a catch for us to be given such an awesome extra of a movie that wasn’t even out yet? Well, watching this movie I was once again proved right. I no longer feel positive about being right anymore! For some reason I am sure that had it been any other movie, the happenings of this movie wouldn’t have affected me that much after all the experience I have but this movie infuriated me from time to time.

From Little Trip (Houkago Lost), to the new movie where she plays a ghost that couldn’t move on to this, I am only praying that poor Miki Honoka did not get irreversible emotional damage from all the hurt her character in all three movies, all three movies that were released in a row suffered through! I obviously haven’t watched the third one (for which she cut her hair I would like to believe but there is another reason I think she cut her hair but much later on that) but the two that I have watched, her character was hurt so deeply that she cried. Her tears in Little Trip were a cake walk for her cries in this movie, let me tell you! I cry every time I watch that scene, but once again, I am getting ahead of myself as usual.

shishunki gokko000
Miki Honoka as Takane & Aoyama Misato as Mika 

The movie stars Miki Honoka, a girl that most, if not all of you will be familiar with by now. She first appeared on this blog, and my gaydar too, all the way back in 2010 I believe, when I found out that there was going to be a Live Action Marimite movie and she was playing Yumi, our main character! She was so young back then! She has starred in a lot of dramas and movies since then. She also has a twitter account in case some of you want to join the stalker list that I am on. Honoka plays Takane, the best girl as she is the one once again, that falls in love with the other main of our story.

Aoyama Yuki plays Mika, Takane’s classmate, best friend and secret love, well, until the climax of the movie that is. She loves books and her favourite author is Hanaoka Namie, a librarian at the local library that is a washed out writer despite still being a young woman. Namie plays a major role in the fate of Takane and Mika’s relationship. Mika’s dream is of course to be a fictional writer and though most will miss it, also very intelligent. Sure Takane called her an idiot but I don’t think she was that air-headed. Let’s just say for now that the secret love thing might have been Takane’s view on things. Then again there is the way she acted during the climax but that was kind of realistic, maybe so it is kind of hard to judge her. Before I drive myself crazy, let’s just get this over with, shall we?

All yuri fans out there, I wish to take this opportunity to mention something that I just realised, thanks to this movie. There is no denying that we have to suffer a lot mostly due to BAD ENDs or getting disappointed when for some reason the writers, or the directors get wet feet and suddenly turn our lesbian characters straight or dump that destination of the story all together.

Even with all that, I realised that most of the time, we always get the best stories! It’s not just me, right? I find all yuri stories more thought out, more feel-inducing, more impactful than the normal romance stories. I just figured this out recently so if anyone is looking for a reason as to why they love yuri despite all the pain, here is the reason.

Shishunki Gokko’s story falls into that same awesome story category. Before the movie, no one would think that it would be as serious as it turned out to be. I too was expecting cute girls doing cute things, or straight up fluff yuri (since we knew already from the synopsis that it would be yuri) so I was not fully prepared for what we got.

The final trailer kind of hinted at the seriousness when we saw that look on Takane’s face as she stared Namie down! But even then I did not think that it would be as deep as the movie actually turned out to be. If I were to promise you something about this movie it’s that it takes yuri seriously!

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SunAm Girls High School Detective Squad [K-Drama]

SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00087
SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00025 SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00032
SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E11.150225.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00013 SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E12.150304.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00165
SunAm.Girls.High.School.Detective.Squad.E12.150304.1080p.HDTV.AAC.x264-KAGA.mkv - 00174
Soo-yeon and Eun-bin’s story

So, you all probably already know about this, huh? What, with all the publicity this couple got when it first hit the audiences with this drama’s episode 11 (through to 12). Seriously, that day you didn’t even need to Google their names, or the character names, all you needed was the show’s title and and almost all the first 12 pages of Google results were about these two! You would think that this was the first time we got to see a gay couple in Korean drama! Seriously Korean, have you forgotten about PotW? That was way back in 2008 and it even won awards including Best Couple by Moon Chae-won and Moon Geun-young actually! I don’t remember them getting this much attention at the time. So why now? Okay, so those two did not get to kiss but their relationship was more mature and almost did it but that may have had to do with the fact that Painter of the Wind was more mature in general.

Not that Sunam Girls isn’t that mature but even though the themes are a bit complicated, the fact that these are still students takes the seriousness out of it a bit. Oh well, at the very least Soo-yeon and Eun-bin’s story was very solid even if it was just a causality and not the main problem. Then again maybe that was a good thing. Still though, even if they weren’t the main thing in this arc (No doubt they stole the episodes, nay, the whole show really), their story was the best IMO.

Seriously though, unless I have missed a lot in these years that I have not been following K-Dramas, has it really been 7 years since we last got a couple in a Korean drama? Too bad that this was just a part of the show and not a stand-alone series. But I have a feeling that with how a hot topic this shake in the waters of an experiment it produced, who knows, we might get a spin off series dedicated to these lovely girls.

There is nothing to relate to but it is safe to say that Soo-yeon and Eun-bin are my second favourite K-drama couple after Yoon-bok and Jeong-hyang from PotW! That is still my favourite K-Drama, nay, favourite asian drama of all time even to this day! No couple will ever beat those two, not yet at least! Who knows, if Soo-yon and Eun-bin had gotten their own series, maybe they would have put up a good fight and they were great, really great, but that ending…

“♪ Thought of you as my mountain top
♪ Thought of you as my peak
♪ Thought of you as everything…
♪ I’ve had but couldn’t keep
♪ Everything I’ve had but couldn’t keep”

Sometimes an ending that doesn’t give a clear conclusion is worse than a BAD END! Sure others will no doubt see it a a positive one and in fact I too did the first time around when I wasn’t paying attention to their expressions! But after that first time, I did, I paid attention especially to Soo-yeon! She looked absolutely dead inside! There is no way we were meant us to take this the positive way! And that song that accompanied the last scenes didn’t help matters at all. It really sucks! Soo-yeon really deserved to be happy! The girls sacrificed a lot, herself really, to protect Eun-bin, the person she loves! And even after all that, she still had to suffer more because now the world had eyes on her and her life was forever changed. Eun-bin was saved but depending on how much she loves Soo-yeon, she too is going to be in a world of pain.

She has two options the way I see it, she can either decide to suffer with Soo-yeon and throw away all the hard work that Soo-yeon went through to protect her by coming out too and continuing to see Soo-yeon but no longer in secrecy. Or she could still see Soo-yeon in secret but now that Soo-yeon is under the radar, all will be watching and soon enough the two will be caught and since Eun-bin would not be prepared, the damage might be much worse than if she had come out herself. There might be other issues to consider in her case too that make her so afraid of people finding out about her.

So deep and so good their story is and this is all from what could happen after their part in the series not what did happen! The best arc in the series hands down! These two really deserve their own series that should extend past the ending of ep12 and consequently their story in the series! Despite them having no more than 15min of a two hour arc, their story feels much much longer than that. It feels like I watched a movie of them two.

But like I said, you all have probably already been acquainted with these two, YouTube is filled with their videos, all Korean sites have an article about them, facebook and tumblr, Jesus! So this post will be brief…

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Houkago no Pleiades TV ep01-02

[HorribleSubs] Houkago no Pleiades - 02 [1080p].mkv - 00044
[HorribleSubs] Houkago no Pleiades - 01 [1080p].mkv - 00058 [HorribleSubs] Houkago no Pleiades - 01 [1080p].mkv - 00057[HorribleSubs] Houkago no Pleiades - 01 [1080p].mkv - 00077 [HorribleSubs] Houkago no Pleiades - 02 [1080p].mkv - 00001
[HorribleSubs] Houkago no Pleiades - 02 [1080p].mkv - 00039
GAINAX? Who are yo-…Oh! You mean GAYNAX!

Yes, YES! I’m back and totally feeling like I am 16 again! Might have something to do with the fact that I just bribed the Devil to get out of hell and I am feeling as fresh as a new born!

Yes, some awesome Foo went and leaked the BvS trailer on Friday just after I had written that post! It was so instant and so unexpected that my poor heart couldn’t handle it! And I had major plans for this weekend too. Just looked into my journal to remind myself what I had planned, you know memory loss due to death! But for some strange reason the last entry was last week! Weird!

Oh well, now what I am doing is going through my CAPs folder and just picking out caps of videos I have not blogged about yet and this anime, Houkago no Pleiades, was on top of the list (sorted by Date Modified of course). And so I decided to do that one first. I also was surprised by how many things I have yet to blog about! There is like a month’s worth of posts from my CAPs folder, if I post 10 posts a week that is. Sadly can’t be that active due to college but summer is almost here (Then again I will be working full time then too so…Ah~ah).

Back to the anime at hand though, All I have to say is ‘thank you GAYNAX’! Seriously, I loved those short OVA eps from way back then about this project and even though there is a cloud in my memories which tells me that something not so nice happened, there is no doubt that Aoi (Blue haired) and Subaru (Pinku) had a great deal of moments in those four short OVAs. So much so that I was really pumped for this series even if it were only to give us those moments from the OVAs. So then, did GAYINAX deliver?

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