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My anime soul has been tickled…


yande.re 315967 caster cleavage dress fate_stay_night fate_stay_night_unlimited_blade_works saber shimabukuro_ricardo skirt_lift stockings thighhighs
yande.re 174202 aoi_(houkago_no_pleiades) houkago_no_pleiades kouno_megumi megane nanako_(houkago_no_pleiades) subaru_(houkago_no_pleiades) thighhighs yande.re 316034 hello!!_kin'iro_mosaic kin'iro_mosaic kujou_karen matsubara_honoka mimata_hiroshi waitress
yande.re 314918 hibike!_euphonium ikeda_shouko kousaka_reina oumae_kumiko seifuku
yande.re 315976 cleavage gym_uniform megane nagato_yuki nagato_yuki-chan_no_shoushitsu suzumiya_haruhi yande.re 311141 asakura_ryouko megane nagato_yuki nagato_yuki-chan_no_shoushitsu seifuku
yande.re 312668 einhart_stratos fate_testarossa heterochromia mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha seifuku shimizu_yumi takamachi_nanoha vivio
New Anime I’m checking out!

So, new season of anime starts this week (Some have already even began) and in what feels like forever, I think I’m about to have more than 2 weekly shows I follow! Fate/Stay Night UBW returns this weekend and you betcha ya I am watching this one episode by episode! And this second part of the show is promising to be twice, if not three times better than the first half of the show. I watched the movie and if it is anything to go with, there is promising to be some great moments in this second half! Contract…enough said!

Nanofate return to us in the form of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivio and while I am one of the few, if not the only one, that did not read that manga ( I am not a great fun of diluted series. A’s was a hard pill to swallow when Hayate appeared, the giant bed is what saved StrikerS when I heard that even more characters were appearing in these manga spin offs, I was done) I love NanoFate so… And from what I hear, NanoFate are still married to each other (fuck the curse that affects only girls!!) and Vivio is gotten herself her own Fate so I might bite. Okay, I will bite, this is Nanoha we are talking about here. She does still have screen time, right? NanoFate are still relevant to the story, aren’t they?

As for Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Suzumiya Yuki, I will just point you to my name on twitter! And to those who know of it, I wrote a fic titled just that! I was a very hardcore shipper of Yuki and Haruhi back in the day, which is really mind-boggling seeing as the series doesn’t even remotely support the two. But I did read the novels and there is that one volume where they went skiing and Yuki fell sick! That volume turned me into an animal! I couldn’t stop thinking about those two to the point of starting a fic of them! So of course I am going to watch this spinoff that focuses on Yuki (Just like my dead fic lol) and while I know they will take every chance to set these two up as rivals for Kyon, I will drink up all their interactions with glee. And even if it doesn’t work out with Kyon, which I know it won’t even before the series airs, Yuki still has that deranged lover of hers Asakura Ryouko so we are covered in that area too.

Hello!! Golden Mosaic looks like it will be a fun watch too. And really, with an all girl cast, what could possibly go wrong?

Too bad Hibike Euphonium K-ON!!! can’t say the same. Introducing guys in my K-ON!!! Damn it KyoAni, don’t you learn!! And of course they chose to actually put in a relationship card between the members unlike K-ON! and K-ON!! They are going to make us ship those girls with a past and then totally stomp on our hearts like they did with their last movie! That’s still a fresh wound you bastards!

Houkago no Pleiades is also looking good, if they follow the four ONAs from before. I loved those and I totally shipped Subaru and Aoi back then. Hopefully their relationship will still be intact during this long run.

And there you have it, the series that I will be checking out from the get go. Of course there is always a hidden gem and I will find it and watch it too. But for now, I will settle for these.

Author: Black Gekikara

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3 thoughts on “My anime soul has been tickled…

  1. aahhh, now this topic is right up my alley — since I’m a big anime otaku. I’ve been at it for years, my trusty goggles always at hand. 😛 For me last year (2014) was the golden age of anime yuri, with the magnificent Sakura Trick opening for winter, Inugami-san in spring, Fate/kaleid in summer, and Yuki Yuna to close out the fall, not to mention a host of other subtext-laden moe/slice-of-life series (Hanayamata, Love Live, Saki National, Order a Rabbit, etc. etc.)

    In fact, it’s only until recently that I’ve started to understand the appeals of 3-D girls:


    • Could I then count on you to fill me in on what series I might have missed? Maybe?

      And I know your situation. I too was first introduced to wonderful Japan through anime. I used to watch those old shows like Fist of the North, Apple Seed, Bubblegum Crisis etc. Now look where I am.

      • I’d be happy to oblige! Though I’m not sure if you mean recent shows or older ones too so I’d briefly touch on both. As you know canon yuri anime are extremely rare, especially ones with a good end. So if you haven’t already checked out these fan favorites you definitely owe it to yourself to give them a try when you have a chance:

        Yurikuma Arashi (just finished last week)
        Sakura Trick (last year)
        Strawberry Panic (oldie but goodie)
        Sasameki Koto (“a cute girl who likes cute girls” — can’t get much yurier than that XD )
        Shoujo Sect (NSFW!)

        The following while may not be canon nevertheless have strong subtext, and also GOOD end:

        Kiddy GiRL-AND (has one of the longest onscreen yuri kiss on record)
        Candy☆Boy (wincest!!)
        El Cazador de la Bruja
        Murder Princess

        There’s also a few canon or strong subtext yuri series with bad end that I do like, but you’ve watched enough live action series with bad end so I don’t know if you still have room left to stomach them.

        In the future when a good yuri series comes along I’d be sure to drop you a note.

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