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What even AKS, what even!!



  • Sayaya out of B to 4. (You did not!)
  • Moechan to B instead of Hinana
  • Miichan from 4 to K! (Are u mad)
  • Sashiko from HKT to AKB (Why the hell not?)
  • Yukirin from only AKB kennin to sister to only AKB kennin to sister (Huh? ver2)
  • Yukirin from NMB (Okay….)
  • Yukirin Kennin (Huh? But didn’t you just cancel it?)
  • Yukirin to Niigata! (WTF?!! ver2!)
  • Tripping on Team 8 (Leeches!)
  • Yankee B (Well, it didn’t change with Umechan and Mayuki are still there so…)
  • 1.1 years since last shuffle! (I will buy the brand to save you people from yourselves!)
  • 13yr old kennin! (Sashikooooo, WTH are you doing?!)
  • Future NMB ace? Put her in Team A (Those damn leeches!)
  • HKT Ace, leave her in Team A
  • While we are at it, put all the comedians in A too. (No, it can’t be…)
  • That means Shiichan and Maachun too. (Nooooooo!)
  • No, we won’t return her to NMB. (Sanovabitch!)
  • Future future Ace, (Naanyan) in A too
  • Nope not done! It’s the double centre generation so…
  • let’s make Paruru a solo center for the new single! (You, you,…)
  • Oh yeah, she stays in A too.
  • And BTW, Make the future Souchan A’s Captain, again, you know for the lulz
  • We love A. (…)
  • Team 8 Center? Put her in team K
  • Actually take all the sister Aces and put them all in AKB!
  • But we neglected B last time. Let’s give them Team 8’s fav (K.Nagisa)
  • Ricchan graduating
  • Annin not participating in SSK
  • Kojiharu laughing at Yukirin’s fate for always being screwed by fate
  • Renacchi and Milky back to B and Yukirin
  • Marina and Mayuyu reunited
  • Yuria and Milky on the same team (Oh snap! Thank the Lord for Yukirin staying)
  • Yuria-cap!, Ryouka Sub (Oh Lord!)
  • Oh yeah, get rid of that forever KKS nonsense! Promote that girl already!

Basically the happenings of today’s concert! I don’t know what to think of this fandom anymore! Actually I do. Here is what I have to say about it…


I Black Gekikara will be graduating from the 48 fandom.
Date? Same date Yukirin leaves.
Please take care of me until then.
Thank you.

I am being serious. I am so done with this! These people have no idea what the hell they are doing anymore. It’s just they just go with the flow, with the thing that will spark reactions from the media and fans. They no longer even care the form of said reactions. It’s all about money now. Gone are the days when the 48G was about the fans. Now we are slaves just taking what is handed to us. It’s all so sad really!

This shuffle and its very existence makes absolutely no sense to me! Not at this moment in time. I am so done! Yukirin is the only thing after all that’s keeping me here.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

13 thoughts on “What even AKS, what even!!

  1. I think Yukirin will be a plus for NGT48, albeit for a short time. I’m taking her jest of graduating with Nyan nyan seriously, those two are on the same wagon! This sousenkyou will most likely be Yukirin’s send-off. And in all honesty, it would be better for NGT if Yukirin was rather transferred than concurrent. They’ll need her more than AKB48. Will miss her in NMB48.

    Personally, I don’t follow AKB48 Groups much now-a-days but keep a close track on Nyanwage — the only coupling keeping me from being completely devoted to AtsuYuki!

    Though I am surprised and shocked about this shuffle, this is what keeps AKB48 Group from stagnation. I disagree with it and would have done it different, but at the end of the day, it is all a decision made by those with authority. With Ricchan graduating and Annin not participating in Sousenkyo 2015, the ghost of graduation lurks around her. Perhaps the Iwate incident was even more traumatic than we believe.

    Anyways, for the Generational Succession to take place, those leaders of the old generation must leave. Nyanwage are certainly expected to Wgraduate, and sincerely that seems a rather alluring idea. Then Yukirin get’s Nyan nyan to sign with her label and the two become a duet! OK, I know that is delusional but, we could get that pleasant surprise.

    But mark my words: Nyan nyan out, Yukirin will follow! Be it a couple months later, but she will! I’m a firm believer Nyanwage are more connected and are a tight system. It would only be natural for them leave with a big impact! And what would be better than their expected and feared Wgraduation? Affair anyone?

    • As I said to Willmark, I was all for Yukirin’s Kennin this time around. I was not a fan of her NMB one even though the members made me start to think positively of it.

      But with Niigata it makes sense and I do feel the same as you that if they were going to send her there they should have moved her completely and made her the Alpha there. But there is the B spirit that Yukirin carries which means that as long as she is here they can’t move her from B so at best it had to be a Kennin.

      Seeing as they haven’t even started the auditions though, there is still time.

  2. Same thoughts. Now it’s about the interest of the media and not about fans and the group itself.
    Ricchan was expected, though I feel really sorry because she had a really bright future.
    Then all the kennins and what not.
    Though on one hand I kind of find the good side of the kennins. But on the other hand… It’s almost nonsense.
    This group… I really don’t know what to feel for this group anymore too….

  3. The only reason I’m still in the fandom right now is HKT, haha. If I hadn’t oshihen-ed to Anai Chihiro, I’d probably have long gone from here.

  4. Um…

    yeah… This sums it up I guess…

  5. I totally agree with the general dislike of this shuffle . Primarily because i think it wasn’t the proper time and because once again the management clearly shows that what really matters to them is the main AKB group.
    I can sincerely and honestly assure all of you ,that if you want to feel content with a management working not only for the money but also for the fans and the girls you should pay a visit to HKT .
    It’s well known by the majority of fans involved in the 48 world that the HKT management are always paying close attwntion to what the fans and the girls want. Thats why the only girls that have graduated from HKT have been girls who have been in scandals , so no really a management issue.
    If you compare that to the current situation of SKE ….
    And if you happened to have an oshi on HKT you can be sure that she wont be graduating in at least 3 or 4 years 😃

  6. Last year shuffle killed most of my interest in the 48G (I’m still following a bit of SKE and Yuki, a few occasional TV programs, not much more) so it’s the first shuffle without much emotional charge. In a certain way, it feels almost nice.
    Since they started them, I’m against kennins. Yuki lost time and effort this past year with her kennin in NMB, she will lose more time and effort next year with the new subgroup.
    Thing is, her kennin activities are preventing her from pursuing most of her solo activities. I wouldn’t be surprised if her 4th live is postponed …
    I’m so waiting for her graduation, I hope she’ll follow Haruna or something.

  7. I’m tired of the concurrent position stuff and wish they would just stop doing it. There are more than enough girls in each group, try promoting some of the lesser known so they can get some popularity instead of spreading out the popular ones everywhere. People are just going to get tired of them.

  8. This is just…

    I’m happy about Rena solely being an SKE member again (now she’ll have more time to spend around Jurina! Woot! WMatsui=Amazing), Yuihan’s captaincy, and Kitarie’s NGT one too, but everything else?

    It sucks that Rina’s graduating, but I sort of understand. Still hate it and the fact that Annin won’t be participating in the SSK though. And can we just move Yukirin back to Team B completely? No kennin positions, no nothing? She belongs with Mayuyu! 🙂 What are you doing AKS?

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