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[Yukirin World] Meanwhile in Shanghai…


第53巻 typeH SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(3) - YouTube.mp4 - 00004
第53巻 typeH SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(3) - YouTube.mp4 - 00002 第53巻 typeN SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(2) - YouTube.mp4 - 00011
第53巻 typeN SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(2) - YouTube.mp4 - 00003 第53巻 typeS SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(1) - YouTube.mp4 - 00006
第53巻 typeS SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(1) - YouTube.mp4 - 00003 第53巻 typeS SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(1) - YouTube.mp4 - 00002
第53巻 typeH SNH48裏総選挙「憧れのAKB48メンバーは誰?」(3) - YouTube.mp4 - 00000
Surpriserin is already at work! 

So, it seems SNH have been doing their own Shirabe segments that came with the latest single. In this particular one, the topic is an AKB Member that you look up to/admire/etc. Well, here are the results and no need to guess where Yukirin ranked!

Okay, even I am surprised this time around I confess. I mean, look at those members up there!! Even Marianne was leh surprised when Yukirin ranked! Sae thought it would be either her or Yuko too. Funny how Sae was just like ‘She’s here’, like it was a matter of time before Yukirin World spread all way to Shanghai. Well, it seems it has already invaded!

Seriously though, Yukirin is a true Dark Horse. Looking at the above list of girls, she is like the odd girl out for some reason and yet she is there! This fact is really telling! There is so much in this ranking’s results that a few people need to be aware of! Those SNH girls know their stuff that’s for sure. If only the local members would learn from them. Can’t believe she touched more members than Acchan and Souchan even! Like, whaaaa

Oh Yukirin, you are one of a kind and I love you all the more for it.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

10 thoughts on “[Yukirin World] Meanwhile in Shanghai…

  1. SHOCK!!! Acchan behind Yukirin!!! (hyperventilating) Give a me bone or something… Man, I seriously need to get over my AtsuYuki fetish. Don’t blame if this re-starts my AtsuYuki novella and makes it even more erotic! (Still hyperventilating) SNH48 has no ideas the seriousness of their ranking! 5 graduates (1rst generation) plus Yukirin. The 6 of them developed really close friendship (and it all began with Acchan! (drooling, hyperventilating, defibrillator ready)).

    When I finally thought I had gotten over Acchan, this happens! Dammit, I starting to need again my AtsuYuki fix. Ok, it’s final, somehow I’m going to get Yukirin and Acchan — Yuko if possible — to share the same screen, and there WILL be a hot smooch scene!

    • Sorry, couldn’t resist after the “Give a me bone or something…” line. 😀
      If you don’t like it then here’s a SENZU BEAN! XD

    • Oh you, you are such a lost cause when it comes to AtsuYuki. You need to go and watch the old epidodes of the shows again, you might find something good.

      Can’t deny that I am a huge shipper as well, even if Acchan is no longer with us. But I swear if she shows up on Yukirin’s graduation two or three years from now I’m gonna lose it. Actually just think Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Tomochin and maybe the Sasaki crowd showing up! That would show that AKS

      • I know! I’m beyond the point-of-no-return. And the more I try to relinquish my self from it, the more I get drawn into. AtsuYuki is at the pinnacle of my imagination with a very select few. But AtsuYuki is the indisputable first place! I know Acchan will return for Yukirin’s graduation single and concert! Despite what everyone else say, no other coupling has their novellesque potential and sensual allure so developed and deeply embedded between them.

        They are a sort of Saphic — i.e. Sapho, the Greek poet — icon. They have this essence of the forbidden that’s so appealing, at the same an elegance and aesthetic so divine and gracious that grabs you. Yukirin would be the lover and Acchan, Sapho, the sense of respect and admiration stops the roses of love and desire from completely flowering. But unquestionably there exists this hidden passion.

      • You say Sapho I hear Sapphic!

      • First some grammatical erratas, the transliteration is Sappho and indeed Sapphic. Now that is out of my system, I apologize for the bad grammar!

        I think I used both words. Though there is no real evidence that Sappho was homosexual, the opposite neither. Remember Lesbian meant something from Lesbos until the 19th Century, more specifically 1890 when the words Lesbian was used to refer to female homosexuality. Sapphic is an archaic term to refer to ‘lesbians’, and academically is more commonly used to refer to Sappho’s poetry. There are various narratives of emotional encounter with women from her but very few are actually descriptions of sex. That said, I would seem rather natural from Sappho to represent those intimate encounters in a lyrical fashion.

        Taking sides, the 7th Century Lesbos was known to have a more public female homosexual populace. So it would make sense if Sappho was one. OK, why am I writing about her and the historical context? Oh, yes my AtsuYuki comparison. There is a famous fragment of Sappho, in which she calls Aphrodite to aid her, for she has found a young love — presumably a female — and she seems to have been turned down and wants that person back with her. You can play with that and make a simile with Yukirin and Acchan.

        Anyways, since it is female-female relationship — romantically or sexually — it could be stated as sapphic.
        Sorry got carried away! I am a fan of Sappho’s poetry. I agree with Plato, she was definitely on par with the Muses. That would make Yukirin her successor as one?!

  2. Oh yeah, there was a topic here… um… Well technically speaking Kashiwagi started as a “background dancer” and now she is top 3, so yeah… that happened….

  3. It’s odd but in terms of stuff like I always find that out in the sister groups (if you can call SNH that) there tends to be an more obvious showing of respect for her, I guess it comes from the way she is with AKB where she does not really have the personality to be respected, in AKB it seems much more that you are her equal however old you are, but the other groups see a top idol who is to be rightfully respected.

    NMB is a good example of this where when she first came many were a bit in awe of her where as now the situation seems similiar to how she is in AKB, at least to me…….

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