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Houkago Lost [J-Movie]


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Little Trip
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Rakugaki Uwagai
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Prepare for FEELS and make it treble, for my latest purchase that I’m about to discuss is nothing but FEELS!

First of all, in case anyone doesn’t know, H!O is a place you wanna visit both after, or before reading this post. Most probably should do it before reading because that way you won’t be spoiled. But I know I am not the only one who sometimes can’t contain myself and go out looking for trouble (spoilers) so in that case, go to H!O after reading this. Who knows, you might change your mind watching the movies yourself after reading my thoughts on them.

First of all, I am going to talk about Houkago Lost, then Shushinki Gokko will follow! But even as I just said that, I feel like I should say this about Shushinki Gokko right now. Well, I’m not sure how many of you remember me saying that I had a bad feeling about this movie when I posted about that spin off but I did say it. I knew there had to be a catch in getting that goodness of a spin off! I mean come on, how many movies get that kind of spin offs? I just felt that something was wrong. I had glimpsed of it from the trailers and after having watched the movie, well, let me just say that I hate it when my yuri-sense tingles. It is never wrong!

But that is for another day. Today is Houkago Lost day. But even so, no HAPPY END here. Yeah, sorry to dump this on you even before we start on the damn movie but really, after all this time, unless I have really new members in the community, our hearts should be already hardened when it comes to Yuri ENDINGS. In other words, I am pretty sure none of you are already throwing the towel. Just because the ending isn’t what we want, doesn’t mean the journey there isn’t worth enjoying, and by the jolly, is it ever!

As I mentioned during the trailer post, this movie – Houkago Lost, deals with three stories. They are independent of each other as the only thing they have in common is that bridge where Suuchan’s character drew the one-winged Angel! All characters from the three stories have been to this place under the bridge. Other than that, nothing else in common whatsoever.

miki honoka
Miki Honoka
Takashima Kaho
Sato Sumire
Matsuoka Mayu
Koizumi Aoi

Houkago Lost 放課後ロスト

The first part titled ‘Little Trip’, stars the lovely Miki Honoka as Yuki, a girl who accidentally falls for her class’s Rep Ayako (played by Gravure Idol Takashima Kaho).

The second part titled ‘Rakugaki Uwagai’, and sadly the less interesting and if I am truthful, didn’t pay a lot of attention to because it is irrelevant (read not yuri!), stars our own Suuchan, Sato Sumire but again as I said, no yuri here. Good thing though is that she…Ah there I go again already jumping ahead of myself. Sumire plays an art student named Satomi and…um…that’s all for now.

The 3rd and final act ‘Harmonic’ is thankfully back to yuri, or more of heavy subtext but since there is a kiss let’s scratch the subtext off, shall we? This part stars actresses Matsuoka Mayu who plays Rika, a girl that befriends a loner that decided to distance herself from others because she is to transfer out in a week and thus sees no reason to build attachments. Her name is Kuroi and she is played by actress Koizumi Aoi.

It’s the first act |Little Trip| that I am going to talk extensively about but before I proceed let me just shout out one thing –


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Seriously, two back to back movies where she plays a lesbian and in both situations she gets her heart stepped on, then stoned, then cemented, then finally dumped into Lake Baikal for the ultimate effect! Seriously, what did the girl do to you?!! Give her at least one break, why won’t you!!?!

And I just went and spoiled two whole movies for you all, didn’t I? Sorry dear Readers, but you know me and my relationship with yuri. I’m usually changed one way or another when discussing anything yuri. But in this case, I am not raeging for thy sake but for Honoka-chan’s! Poor Yuki was minding her own business, not giving a tick about the world but the world just couldn’t leave her the hell alone! Nope, it had to come into her life, dropped 100 tonnes of landmines with the label ‘Ayako’ all over them, then just sat back and watched, with a bowl full of popcorn and a jumbo sized 2l cup of coke as poor Yuki’s world came crumbling from all new high then down to absolute zero!

When we first meet Yuki, she is sitting alone on the rooftop of the school and we find out that she has no friends. But only because she prefers it that way. I believe she has more problems than shown which made her that way and in fact it is implied that Ayako also has a lot of her own personal problems other than the bullying at school but these background problems are never explored. Ayako just keeps coming to school every other day with new injuries all over her body, point to DV (Domestic Violence) as Yuki suspected during their café scene. We never learn any more about Yuki’s own but I am sure they are there.

Any way Yuki and Ayako first meet in the movie at the mentioned rooftop, though meeting isn’t the corrected term. As Yuki chillaxes on the roof top listening to some music, out of the door walks Ayako. She only acknowledges Yuki’s presence in the proximity but that was it. We learn that she was asked to come up here by a popular boy who confesses to Ayako right there while Yuki watches. Feeling that she might be intruding, or maybe that her personal space was being invaded, Yuki leaves the two. As she leaves, three of their classmates stop her and it seems they were stalking said guy and one of them is head over heels for him. This of course means one thing, Ayako is now an enemy and thus starts the bullying.

Not really sure why exactly Ayako caught Yuki’s attention but one day after school, as Ayako returns home, still wearing indoor shoes as her outdoors were dumped into muddy waters (those bullies! It’s not her fault she’s too hot for guys to resist her!), Yuki catches sight of her and she follows her into town. Ayako loves music we find out, as Yuki followed her to a Record Store. It is when Ayako exits that the two finally meet face to face. You could call this their first true meeting. Also it would seem their first time talking as well Ayako (Iinchou hence forth) didn’t recognise Yuki at first. Which puts more mystery on why Yuki was so suddenly interested in Iinchou, especially after she had seen her being confessed to, that is if Yuki had that kind of motive, which can’t be true as I have said they have just talked for the first time and also as we will see later.

Yuki invites Iinchou to go hang out together, promising to take her to a nice lace but Iinchou turns her down saying that she is busy, when asked she says she has a lot of things to do, like study. Yuki tells her that she can’t ride the train home the way she was, wearing the school’s indoor shoes while holding her mud-covered outdoor air. Iinchou caves and finally follows Yuki to this place she had mentioned.

The place, turns out to be some kind of coffee shop, or maybe it’s a restaurant, who knows, we only get to see the backside of it. It is hosted by a good-looking Dude but fear not, he is nothing to be worried about. Sure Yuki mentions that he looks at her like a woman, meaning that he might have a thing for her but he might as well be hotter for Iinchou than he is Yuki but again, fear not. Anyway, the next few moments are really telling. If you wanted to dissect this movie and go into all the clues big things are hinted at this first time the two meet face to face.

As usual I will just mention what I got out the scene. First of all, I think that this was the first time that Yuki genuinely started feeling something for Iinchou. Secondary we learn of the dark lives the two lead even though Yuki just placed the words out there without a care. Sadly, we never get to explore Yuki’s problems as they aren’t mentioned ever again and while we never get to meet Iinchou’s family as well, and thus learning more about her problems too, at least in her case more clues are dropped in the form of more bruises and such, all which point to signs of DV (Domestic Violence).

As they sit down to relax, waiting for Iinchou’s washed shoes to dry, Iinchou can’t wait as she pulls out her books to study, not before seducing every living being that was watching her first by taking the tie out, releasing a few buttons, and making poor Yuki produce more saliva than she actually needed. We also learn that Yuki doesn’t have any friends at all when Dick (You know the deal) says how rare it was for Yuki to bring over anyone. Though to tell that truth, that opening scene at the root top was already telling, especially when it was followed up by three of her classmates showing the normalcy of everything.

Anyway Yuki isn’t happy when Iicnhou decides to study right then and not waiting to do it when she gets home. She somehow concludes that Iinchou didn’t actually want to go home if she would help it. She also says that Iinchou is like her in that way, which told me that these two really have problems at home though having watched the whole movie now, I can speculate that maybe Yuki’s problems were more about her sexuality. Might have something to do with the seclusion and being friends with a guy instead. Then again, I might be wrong. But then again, there was that ENDing but then someone else might argue that it might have been because she was doing drugs but I doubt it.

You see, Yuki has these tablet things she carries around with her and consumes from time to time. She had one during that rooftop scene too. But I don’t think that they are drugs, probably mints or something because if she was doing drugs, she would definitely be a part of a group of very lost kinds, and that Guy she is friends with wouldn’t be that clean and Yuki herself would have given off these signs of instability but none of these things exists, she is also super healthy, well, she looks healthy so I really don’t think it is drugs.

But then there is this thing Yuki said after she asks Iinchou if that bruise on her neck (now revealed since Iinchou took off her tie) was her parents’ doing, takes out her pill case then asks Iinchou if she wanted to escape reality (via those things) and promising that it feels good which makes me even more confused. What were those pills exactly! Anyway Iinchou was buried in books and Yuki getting bored kept disturbing her so Iinchou decides to call it quits and leaves. But not before Yuki snatches her iPod from Iinchou’s bag. That Yuki, always thinking ahead. She can either use that as an excuse to see Iinchou again or Iinchou might come to her herself. Which just makes me think that even though she feigned disinterest when Dick mentioned how cute Iinchou was (after she had left) me thinks our dearest Yuki was already hooked, even if she might not have known it herself.

Next day at school, their class seems to be preparing for a play (that we shall never get to watch!) and those girls are still being mean to poor Iinchou! It’s not like they are dating, she turned the guy down so I don’t get what their problem is. But just as Iinchou wished her day would just hurry up and be over already, she catches glimpse of Yuki outside the window trying to catch her attention. It looked like she was motioning for Iinchou to go meet her up on the rooftops. The smile that breaks out on Iinchou’s face from Yuki’s antics is one for the memories.

Cut to the rooftop and we see Yuki sitting there, waiting for Iinchou, who just happens to come up right then. But even though the scenes were cut after the other, while it was clearly morning and the sun was bright when Yuki was outside their classroom, it is already bleak and dreary showing the signs of evening, and we also learn from their conversation that a lot of time has passed since then and that Yuki has been up here waiting for Iinchou to show up for hours. Meaning she casually skipped class waiting for Iinchou to show up, as she says it herself, to which Iinchou asks if she is an idiot. But Yuki is not dumb, she is beautiful! She motions for Iinchou to come up to her level and sit next to her when Iinchou sees that she had her iPod and request it to be returned.

When Iinchou gets comfortable, they have a little talk where Yuki asks her about the CD she was looking for at the record store but Iinchou doesn’t tell. She says it’s a secret and telling wishes invalidates them. Then Yuki goes on to mention how Iinchou is funny and how she is really popular with the boys but Iinchou shows no interest in things like that and says so.

Then out of the blue Yuki gropes her! Turns out she was more surprised than the victim when she found out Iinchou was more stacked than she had thought (Why Yuki, you already went there? You bad girl, you!). Anyway, she continues to attack Iinchou’s boobies and I am just sitting there thinking to myself that Yuki is a lost cause. She is going at a place that she will either reap gold from, or a world of pain!

I was right! I sometimes hate it when I’m right and this is one of those times. Before that though, I just want to mention that as Iinchou heads home later than night, she passes by the tunnel with the sitting Angel which we later find out in Part Two, that it was drawn by Suuchan’s character.

The next morning when Iinchou shows up at school, she is covered in fresh bruises than before and as if to add salt to said bruises, those Meanies are what is waiting for her upon stepping into the school. They don’t waste time attacking her about the Boy that she has no interest in of course and I just can’t help feel how really crappy her life is! You would think that a girl of her stature, who gives off an air of elegance and, dresses smartly not to mention is intelligent on top of being the class Rep would garner her some respect but alas. Not only is life bad at home but she has to keep up with this bullying at school too, and all over a Boy she isn’t even interested in.

What happens next is one of the best, if not the best scenes in the movie! As Iinchou stands there and just lets those girls dampen her already bottom level mood, out comes a Prince riding a white horse (Hey, she is wearing a white cardigan and everything!) ready to battle that three headed dragon and save the princess in distress in the form of one Arikawa Yuki. There I am ready for a good old girl brawl but thankfully what we get is something much better.

Instead of breaking those Bullies’ noses and making them wish they had never messed with her Iinchou, what Yuki does is tell them that they are cutting down the wrong tree. She tells them that Iinchou isn’t interested in neither them nor their boy obsession. She then walks over to Iinchou, places her arms around her shoulders then kisses Iinchou! When they separate she turns to the girls and tell them that it’s because she and Iinchou are like ‘that’. Then she kisses Iinchou again. Then again, then three more times!!!

That’s right, they kissed six times in less than 15 seconds!!! This fact right here, add in the fact that Iinchou didn’t seem that against it (even if she went with it because she thought it was just a prank to get rid of the Bullies) this is the reason why I have loved and half hate the happenings of later in this part of the story. No matter how you slice it, Iinchou too had to have developed something for Yuki! There is no way she would have gone with those kisses if she wasn’t at all into it. In fact she initiated a few of those kisses herself! But I am getting ahead of myself here.

After they get rid of the Bullies, they head back to the roof top where Yuki helps bandage up Iinchou’s bruises. Seriously, they are a couple at this moment even if they don’t think so, this is where any other couple would be established as canon! But I digress.

Iinchou is fed up with life being such a pain to her to which Yuki once again suggest to her to run away from everything from time to time. This time Iinchou takes her up on her offer. Yuki is a bit surprised when Iinchou asks her if she knows where they could find a car and she says she does. I of course knew where they were headed even before it happened. And where lese would that be but Dick’s place?

But to get a car from Dick proved to be a challenge and Iinchou had to resort to using her sexy body, a lot of alcohol and some devilish riles from Yuki to finally get them those car keys. Once they do, they drive through all night and the next morning without a destination in sight!

But as we all know, or as most movies want us to think, when it comes to yuri, one of the girls, usually, nay, most definitely the lesbian will go through a change! Yuki has been pretty A level all through this time up to now so of course when they stopped for a drink and Iinchou got distracted with some song being played nearby by a live duo and Yuki began acting strange, I wasn’t surprised at all.

Most will be surprised though because even if I was expecting it, the way it happened didn’t make sense (Well of course I can speculate that it is jealousy but at this moment in the movie it makes no sense! Iinchou did say she didn’t even know the guy, she was just interested in the song, when Yuki asked her if she knew the performer). Looking at the scene you can’t deduce why Yuki was acting so strangely. What am I talking about? Well, remember that secret Iinchou wasn’t telling Yuki about? You know, the reason why she was at the record store? Well, apparently, the song she had being played had something to do with that secret and as she approached the guy singing it on the street, Yuki began to channel the crazy lesbian (Or is it crazy in love lesbian, I can never tell). She is suddenly angry. She decides to leave for no apparent reason. Iinchou decides to go after her wondering what is up (and so do I) but we never get one. She decides to leave Yuki to run away just like she always does by herself and goes back to the performers.

I was like, Um dear Iinchou, did you forget the part where she saved you from your bullies? Or the part where she suggested you two run away together? Y U so dense for someone who is so knowledgeable! Then again maybe she is that straight? Straight girls are dense to a fault sometimes as we all know. Wait, am I saying that Iinchou is straight? Nah, it can’t be!

The two separate for the rest of the day for Yuki to cool off a bit and she really needs it from the look of things! Yuki looks troubled and I bet that it was because of these new feelings she was developing for Iinchou. She is so lost that she even spills her maybe-not-drugs pills but instead of picking them up, she leaves them there and just walks off, then calls either herself or Iinchou an idiot.

Later after the sun has set, she returns to that place she thought she might find Iinchou but the group had already scattered and there was no one is sight. Looking like one sad puppy she decides to just wander aimlessly until a balloon, with a thread wrapping around her ill case appears in her way. She picks it up and then we hear Iinchou’s voice. She welcomes her back like she has been waiting all this time for Yuki to return. She then suggests they go eat something, which to Yuki at the moment probably sounds like a date!

Like Iinchou, why are you so cool! You can’t keep doing this. How can you expect Yuki to not fall for you even more when you keep enticing her like that?! But the more Yuki feels for Iinchou, the more lost she becomes (read bitchy!) so while the first time as I said I was lost as to why Yuki was being so mean to Iinchou, now I do know why which is why when on their way back, Iinchou asked if she could put on the CD she had bought but Yuki said no! Iinchou put it in anyway thinking that maybe Yuki was only playing. Yuki wasn’t playing though and she turned off that music to make the ride back so quietly uncomfortable!

Then stop at a diner to ‘eat something’ but the drama continues. Yuki is on fire! She is being kind of a bitch to Iinchou and I don’t like it, even if she might just be lost in her wild emotions! Iinchou says that nothing changes for her, be it at home or away from home (she is still hurt either way) but she thanks Yuki for getting away with her because she found something she had been looking for. You would think Yuki would be happy about that. Iinchou was really trying but instead Yuki suggested that she should then return home (in a not very mice way).

I wanted to rip out my hair!

Ah but Yuki wasn’t done, not even remotely! She starts firing at Iinchou about change, saying that things don’t change and if they do, they change in an instant while on the other side of the table, poor Iinchou doesn’t even have any idea why Yuki was being like this! She didn’t know why she was so angry all of a sudden.

And it was at this moment that my Yuri-sense kicked in! I suddenly had a very bad feeling! It is kind of formulaic actually when you think about it. Writers usually use it as a scapegoat to give us BAD ENDs. I am of course talking about turning our lesbians into bitches. They break their character so that any resolution no matter how bad will be justified. Yuki had been a good girl all this time and suddenly, for no apparent reason, she is so mean to Iinchou? Yeah, I had a very bad feeling alright!

Queue a scene change later and we find ourselves in a dark parking lot as we enter the climax of this story! Inside the car, Iinchou is sound asleep while Yuki is wide awake, contemplating as she plays with the balloon (She still has it!). But when Yuki finally calls out to s sleeping Iinchou, we find out that she was still awake! Not surprising since I don’t think anyone would be asleep with so many questions (mostly to do with Yuki’s peculiar behaviour).

Yuki asks her is she hates her. Iinchou is taken by surprise and she wonders why Yuki wants to know that. Iinchou doesn’t answer the question though. Yuki then confesses that she loves her, Satou Ayako (Iinchou). Could have fooled anyone, and probably did, with the way she had just treated Iinchou only moments before! But to me all that bad treatment kind of made sense at this moment because I knew it was her confusing feelings for Iinchou that made her act so strange.


Ladies and Gentlemen, if you think that Yuki was a bitch up to this moment, you have no idea! The impossible happens and it is now Iinchou’s turn to u-bitch Yuki! Yeah, I am in the same boat as you and I have watched this movie three times already!

See, after confessing her feelings, Iinchou doesn’t say anything in reply. She is so still and quiet which might send the wrong message to anyone in Yuki’s shoes. Yuki leans offer to seal her confession with a kiss but not even 5cm in and Iinchou bolts, pushing Yuki back like she had stage two measles! Ah but she did not stop there! Suddenly two girls kissing was a crime worse than murder!

Yeah, totally pulled my hair out!

Like, didn’t you just kiss six times in less than a quarter of a minute only days prior?!! WTF even!! It was like I was watching a whole differently story from the one I started out with! Like, WTH is this?! I swear I thought that Iinchou was only playing and that she would turn around and reveal the joke in a moment but that did not happen!

What happened was Yuki turning on her back, looking unseeing up to the sky, sadder than a kicked puppy that she looked like. Iinchou then reached for her iPod which she offered to Yuki saying it was in thanks for loving her! I was screaming! She doesn’t want your frikkin iPod girl!! You were supposed to be so wise with all those books you read! Like, WTH!! At the very least wait until much later when Yuki has healed a little bit, have a talk about it, apologise for reacting that way then give her the iPod as a parting gift because you can’t keep up this relationship with Yuki’s feelings now a part of the equation!

Yuki was right. When things change, they change in an instant and what an instant this was!

Poor Yuki does what any other person in her place would do. She curls up and breaks down in tears! Iinchou tries to comfort her by stroking her back and I am like, stop that! She doesn’t need your comfort right now! But even the sweet moment is broken when Iinchou’s phone rings at that moment. Turns out that her parents had divorced and she is to leave to live with her Mother.

Next time at school, Yuki watches from the rooftop as Iinchou leaves. When Iinchou turns to look up at her, Yuki turns away, showing that she is still mad at Iinchou. And just like that Iinchou leaves, starts a new school and that is the end of that! Yuki probably ends up either being friends with the three Bullies or she was just making them her bitches from that last scene! Either way this is it!

I don’t need to say that I was disappointed with the way things turned out, do I? I mean okay, even if they might have ended up separating anyway due to Iinchou’s parents’ divorce, at the very least they would have left on good terms. They would have had these nice memories to think over later in their futures but with the way things ended here?!

We don’t know what Iinchou thinks of Yuki. We don’t know what Yuki decided to do with those feelings or how she was impacted. If you are going to separate them anyway why did you not give their relationship a happy end at the very least?! Or better yet, give them some time before separating so that they can have that final talk! Let them say goodbye! Don’t leave things hanging! If you were short on time, increase the runtime! Or better yet cut out that second story because frankly, I have no idea why it is in there!

Yeah dear Readers, my yuri-sense was right on them money! Things went downhill superfast and they stayed there! Still, even with all that salt in the wound, this is still my favourite part of the movie! My yuri powers activating prove as much! This can’t be said for the other parts, even if the last part was lililicious as well!


Houkago Lost Main.mkv - 00472 Houkago Lost Main.mkv - 00476
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Houkago Lost Main.mkv - 00499

The second (Suuchan) act was so irrelevant that I don’t even remember much about it! All I know is that some girl was being mean to Suuchan because of a guy who liked Suuchan and might have been childhood friends with but in fact Suuchan did not like like that. She totally dumped his ass when he confessed to her making you wonder what the whole thing was about. Total waste of movie space if you ask me! Now if Suuchan was instead actually in love with the girl, making this an interesting triangle, then I would have bitten but even my yuri-sense failed me here meaning there was nothing at all for me here.


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The third act is more interesting than the second in that even though the two girls had a week together, they still got closer with Rika managing to break through Kuroi’s walls and befriend her in the span of a few days and Kuroi letting herself close to Rika, even though she knows she will be leaving in seven days and won’t see Rika anymore!

Their chemistry was right up gay alley and Kuroi actually suggested twice that they should kiss, which I think they did one but the camera was at a bad angle and Rika’s reaction was confusing, leaving me doubt if they kissed at all! The first time it was when they were recording a couple that was making out below them but they did not get the sound perfectly. You see, the two spent almost their time recording all kinds of noises, background sounds, which was kind of Kuroi’s hobby that Rika grew to like as well. Rika even recorded herself taking a shower (ooh!) but the fun in that scenario was lessened with the fact that her parents could be heard shouting at each other in the background.

Anyway since they couldn’t get the kissing sound correctly, Kuroi suggested that they kiss (to record themselves). Rika of course shot that suggestion down. It wasn’t until later towards the end, the last day they would be seeing each other, the day of the school festival actually, that Kuroi brought it up again. This time she did lean in and (maybe) kiss Rika. But it was so dark I couldn’t see and the angle was really bad too. Also as I said Rika’s reaction wasn’t the one I was looking for so…

But then thing is that you could feel the pain when Kuroi left. It was only seven days but (about 20mins to us) but the story progressed so well as it managed to make me feel their connection and how painful it was when the time came to go their separate ways. Sure it was a really short period of time for them to develop deep feeling like love but had they spent any more time together, I have no doubt that it would have happened. Rika was only moments away, nay, she probably was already in love with Kuroi but hadn’t just come to terms with the feelings.

Kuroi on the other hand might have already realised it but having had the set knowledge that she would be leaving no matter what, she might have put stops in the way and seemed better off of the two at their separation.

To tell the truth though, these two were actually the cutest couple of the movie. They had more nice and less itchy scenes than even Yuki/Iinchou. Like there was this scene where Rika sees Kuroi going into off-limit toilets. She follows her there and when Kuroi comes out, she asks her what she was doing in a place like that to which Kuroi answers that she was playing with herself! The look on Rika’s face was just priceless!

There was more, like this one time Rika played hero when she saved Kuroi from this version’s three stooges, though they aren’t bullies here and are more like they were trying to get Kuroi to join their circle but as I said, Kuroi didn’t want to get close to anyone. Well, they did kill a bird which maybe makes them a bit of bullies! Either way that scored their leader a punch in the gut from Kuroi as she left. Too bad it wasn’t a kiss. Seems like it would have been a worse punishment! Then again, not a good idea when she had just (maybe) kissed Risa a few hours prior.

Another great moment was when Rika actually broke through Kuroi’s walls and told her to stop playing 1 person games and instead play with her. Then there is another where she took an ear phone from one of Kuroi’s ear and put it in her ear, then sat as close to Kuroi as she could and the two listened to the sounds of nature than Kuroi had been listening to. Then she also pulled a Yuki when she followed Kuroi from school into town!

Seriously, if it weren’t for another not so good end, this third story might have beat the first one as my favourite. They even had a better parting than Yuki and Iinchou. Even if it was in tears of sorrow, I would take that over the other ending! Both Rika and Kuroi were crying as Kuroi walked away which really kicked me in the solar plexus but at the same time, gave me a great sense of their feelings towards each other than Yuki and Iinchou’s parting did theirs!

And so, there you have it. Houkago Lost. Two yurific parts out of the three in the whole movie and yet they both leave us with bitter-sweet feelings. Yuki and Iinchou’s was the most painful and kind of rage inducing! The characters’ face heel turns towards the end really rubbed me the wrong way. If it had stopped at Yuki, I would have swallowed the pill and my delusion of the cause being her confusing feelings might have sufficed! But to suddenly turn Iinchou into a homophobe was a total dick move, pardon my language!

Rika and Kuroi’s story was fluffier even if we knew from the get go that there wouldn’t be GOOD END as Kuroi would be leaving in seven days. Their scenes were just sugar coated and their parting had more emotion and I believe to others, this might be the better of the two. Still, I personally take the first part because of anything, Yuki came to terms with her feelings. She made them clear when she confessed. That fact means so much more to me. Also the fact that they kissed, actually kissed six times in less than 15 seconds! Speaking of, gifs are in order!

And one
four and five
And of course Rika and Kuroi

Lovely movie despite those endings!





Lose your afterschool time too!


Author: Black Gekikara

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  1. Where can I watch this with english sub? thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Interesting recommendations! o7

  3. thank you very much for always gives me movie review..
    since i don’t understand japanese your writing really help me to understand the story a little bit.. 🙂
    don’t stop writing okay?? hehehe
    thanks once again…

  4. Hi, May I ask, Where to watch the movie? It’s hard to find the movie…. Thank u in advance

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