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Pics – Prepare Thy Bodies Ma Comrades


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For, the Goddess of Gavure is about to descend upon us!

I have a question, and I know you know what it is I am going to ask because I ask it all the time but I have yet to get an answer – How? How can she project such a different personality when it comes to Photos?! It seems to me like she has a different side that she gives off in every media, be it acting on screen, taking professional photos, or the usual idol be it in performances or personal photos.

Seriously, can you just imagine if this side she gives off in shoots was the one she always showed in AKB performances?! I can’t even handle it! I am aware I am coming off as a fanatic but the other members are so damn lucky she, for whatever reason, decided not to bring this in AKB because the slayage would be out of this world!

Actually now that I think about it, maybe this is the side that Yasusu wants Yukirin to bring to AKB but she just isn’t doing it (She is so good >.<) but dear Yasusu, are you sure you want this Yukirin in AKB? Think of your poor babies!

Anyway, the battle continues after the jump!

mayuki-1 mayuki-2
mayuki-3 mayuki-6

Some things are just the way they are. They are facts! One of those things is Mayuki! There maybe many rivals, there are many Yuki ships, but at the end of they day, there is always that one ship that rules them all! No other ship even is a contender. Some would like to think SaeYuki but even as appealing as that ship is, even as it would seem to be the most logical of the Yuki ships, SaeYuki is beta compared to Mayuki!

IMG_20141203_010528 IMG_20141203_010531

I mean SaeYuki will give us pics like these, but you will never see these kind of pics from Mayuki. On the other hand…

IMG_20141216_153836 tumblr_n8lldbChQF1r8e7rio1_1280

This is what we get from Mayuki! Please tell me you see the difference! Sae for her part has no Yukirin way, she is just that good of a girl meaning she would be like that to any other partner. Yukirin for her part on the SaeYuki side, probably has a Sae Yukirin inside of her but it is too blurred and it would be the same if any other girl was brave enough to act towards her like Sae does.On the other hand, Mayuyu doesn’t even try to work for this side of Yukirin reserved just for her. No one will ever be like Mayuyu is to Yukirin. Can’t speak for Mayuyu since I just can’t place her in regards to Yukirin, she keeps sending mixed signals that I am ready to shout at her to make up her damn mind! Still, Mayuki have a vibe like no other. You just get to accept this ship like it is mother nature! The ship that even media approves.

That being aid, there are other ships, some fanatical like a many of min, like CBS…

Music Station 20150227.ts - 00192

And can I take this opportunity to say how happy I am for the Green Flash line-up?!!! All them delicious 2 shots of CBS to look forward to >.< Poor Sakura couldn’t stop herself from grinning even if her life depended on it!


Then there is YukiRena, Rena is all ready to just devour Yukirin on that stage! Dear Yasusu, Y U No give us a drama or something with these two as the protagonists!?!! Even Management is throwing you bones since forever in all those Covers but you just don’t act!! Do it Nao! What are you waiting for!

yuiyuki-7 tumblr_nkhsdkVx5i1qzoy2oo3_1280
BvAKCpWCcAEhmjF.jpg large yuiyuki-1
yuiyuki-2 yuiyuki-4yuiyuki-3 yuiyuki-5

Then of course lately there is a boom of new ships. Maybe not so knew in regards with Yuihanbut I am expecting things to escalate from here especially with Yuihan as the ne next Souchan. Why am I thinking this? Well I can’t think of a better support for Yuihan in the challenging role she is about to partake beginning late this year. Yukirin is after all now one of Takamina’s…

yukimina-1 yukimina-2
yukimina-3 yukimina-4

Wait, what’s this! Yukirin just went out to dinner with Takamina just the two of them? The day before yesterday?!! Wha…?! I knew all those looks towards Souchan from Yukirin were about to open a can of gay but I did not think it would be this early!! Damn Yukirin, you are great at everything you set your mind on!

Anyway as I was saying, Yukirin is one of Takamina’s right hand men at the moment as we saw her at back stage of 2014’s Tokyo Dome where Takamina asked her to give a few words of wisdom to the members. And not just in AKB, in one of photos from the rehearsals of NMB48’s current tour, I saw her giving advice to the members next to Sayanee!

When did she get this amount of power?!

Anyway, Yuihan is in good hands. If anyone will dare give her a hard time, they had better watch out for Waruri—

yuki-24 yuki-22
yuki-26 yuki-28

I’m sorry guys, that wasn’t very cool of me, dumping Warurin onto you just like that >.< That’s right, Yukirin did Waruki (And Sayanee’s solo I heard?) during the last NMB tour concert! Here’s my money, take it Yoshimoto and give me ma Blurays!

sayayuki-2 sayayuki-4 yukifami-30

And speaking of new ships, Sayaya is on fire! Now she is into posting photoshopped couple images if herself and Yukirin! I’m like, gurl, slow down! At this rate you are going to join Riorin at the top of ‘Yukirin-san do want’ list! And we all know how crazy for Yukirin Roirin is! Speaking of Riorin, the Yukirin Time episode she appeared in is already up on Youtube (28th Feb). Go listen to it!

7565aa63-s nyawage-06
nyawage-07 nyawage-01
nyawage-05 nyawage-10
nyawage-17 nyawage-16
nyawage-18 nyawage-15
nyawage-00 nyawage-08
150302-0033230750000 150302-0033260208000
nyawage-13 150302-0033500256000nyawage-20 nyawage-19nyawage-02 nyawage-03 nyawage-04
nyawage-09 nyawage-11 nyawage-12

Then of course with the release of Green Flash being tomorrow, to commemorate Nyawage’s Double Centre, I went image hunting and girl, was I surprised to be bormbarded with all the Nyawage goodness! For some reason I didn’t expect so many pics, and what’s more interesting is that they go all the way back to 2009!!!

And can we like, just talk about Green Flash sebnatsu and how awesome Nyawage look in those LIVE performance outfits!!!


You know, I now understand why Yasusu doesn’t Yukirin at the front lines! Like, looking at that cap, does anyone else exist behind Yukirin!?!! Add in Nyanyan, Souchan and this front line is just simply overkill!! And the present line-up is like, the greatest thing ever! Also notice how this time it isn’t Takamina helming the group just like she would usually do when another is Centre! She was like,Yukirin can handle herself!

Music Station 20150227.ts - 00064
Rena, Yuria, Kojiharu, Sashiko, Souchan, Yukirin, Sakura, Mayuyu, Yuihan!

my god

I said, DAT Senbatsu >.<

yuki-02 yuki-03yuki-04 yuki-10 yuki-11
yuki-12 yuki-13 yuki-14
yuki-15 yuki-16 yuki-17
yuki-18 yuki-19
yuki-20 yuki-21
yukifami-21 yuki-29 yukifami-31
yuki-01 yuki-30

Meanwhile in Kagoshima Tourism Office…


And finally, Yukirin and others…

yukifami-01 yukifami-03 yukifami-05
yukifami-06 yukifami-11 yukifami-26
yukifami-08 yukifami-13yukifami-04 yukifami-07
yukifami-09 yukifami-10
yukifami-12 yukifami-14
yukifami-15 yukifami-17yukifami-18 yukifami-19
yukifami-20 yukifami-22
yukifami-23 yukifami-24
yukifami-27 yukifami-28

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

9 thoughts on “Pics – Prepare Thy Bodies Ma Comrades

  1. Ah, precious, tasty, metric science…

  2. One cannot simply answer why Yuki does what she does in photoshoots, it takes many years of research before you are even deemed worth enough to begin to answer the great question!!! Seriously though this is a levels thing, and how Yukirin, unlike many of the AKB crop has these levels she reaches for certain things, her “lets kill all humanity” level she goes to for photo’s is one of them

    There is a reason that the MaYuki rule exists you know……. and despite us spotting all the other ships (of which I have kinda lost count) and even with my growing soft spot for the Yui/Yuki couple I know that it’s all about MaYuki, they are the be all and end all irregardless of what ever argument you make against it, you could show you any clip of them together to prove this too, I seriously have not ever seen two other idols be so different then they are with anyone else when they are together, they are pretty much their own joint entity together, it’s, even after all these years, still amazing to watch

    Probably the most pleasing aspect about this year so far has been the emergence of the Kashiwagi Children and a more general outpouring of love from the kiddies to Yukirin, I really have enjoyed seeing Sayaya pull of miracles in terms of going out with Yukirin, and seeing Riorin crazy Yuki love and all those comments from the kiddies who see Yukirin (rightly) as the one to follow 🙂 (still say Yuiri is my favorite, she loved Yukirin before it was cool to dammit!! <3)

    As for the green flash performance, well it was awesome and it was great to see Nyanwage take the reins of the group and handle to whole thing with and effortless ease that, to be honest, I expected from two truly top class idols. And boy did they look good during the performance too, they just look like they belonged as centers and that they had been doing it for years (plus they will forever look amazing next to each other) They looked like leaders, like centers and really we have not had that since Acchan/Yuko in my opinion.

    But I guess there in lies the problem because in this single to to part of the senbatsu, just dominated over the rest, you hardly noticed the likes of Paruru and Jurina or Kojimako (do I dare even say Mayu, seriously she disappeared in this!!) ( also fair play to Yuria by the way for, in my opinion, toughing it out, seriously that Yuria could be the one to rule them all) they just don't have the ability to stand out further back such as a Sasshi or a Yuki could and so they kinda need to be shoved to the front to be noticed a bit more, just a concept I thought upon here……

    My last thought goes to Rena, because she just looks so devastatingly amazingly beautiful in her performance outfit, I would be happy if he wore it from now until the end of times I really would!!!

    • It’s a double edged sword I’m afraid. For Yukirin, no matter where she was placed, we can pick her up instantly and to tell the truth, now that she is in front, all I am seeing differently is that the previous feeling is just prolonged with her increased screen time but nothing much else. All thanks to Yukirin putting in her all no matter where she is, having fun no matter what position, knowing that no matter where she is, we are always watching her and she is right!

      Yuko and Sashiko are like that and i am guessing that this is the difference from them and the others. And to think that Yukirin hasn’t been an official centre (SSK) yet and she is at that level! My Goddess, too awesome!

  3. I’ve been avoiding this post for a long time. “A frog in a well does not the great seas” goes an ancient adage, Yukirin is an “idol extravaganza”, she’s like a vintage wine. To truly experience her, one must carefully intake her aroma, figure and marvel. I’m not a connoisseur, but Yukirin has this inebriating quality.

    She really does transform from a mosaic into pure and ecstatic sensuality. Her exuberant charm can enchant even the toughest of critics. I must retract my simile to wine, she is more like Moonshine! Gosh, the kick that thing packs…Just like Yukirin. Few woman have a body that can claim to be stellar. She has the curves, the bust and the derrièr (for a more inclusive term) in equilibrium, harmony!

    Be it flesh, dreams or photographs, she is outstandingly gorgeous. I am going to write a truth no male can deny –some females neither– WE WANT A BARE YUKIRIN PB! (That sentence was written under my sister’s instruction, and so anything that follows). In the early 1990’s there was a song by this artist self-titles Right Said Fred (the artist) and the song was called I’m too sexy. A perfect song for Yukirin. Just imagine her singing “I’m too sexy for my shirt” as she rips it entirely… (OK, now that Mika is rolling on the floor laughing I conclude this post, before the says anything more…)

    • If we can get a Mayuyu Nekkid Cover PB, We can totally demand a Yukirin one too! (Psst, who is Mika?)

      • Mika is my sister’s name. Well actually her name is Michaela, since she doesn’t like it, she always calls herself Mika. Though her girl-friend’s name is actually Mika, and she can call her Michaela… Not nice sis! I know she’ll read this.

        In her twisted and very sexual mind, Mika (sister) probably meant the entire PB being full of nude Yukirin pictures. Though I could second that on an artistic basis. Now that she’s had her fun, probably enough for a long period of time…I re-assume complete control over my e-mail.

  4. I’d say this with as much restraint as I could but… Yukirin is hot!!!

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