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My anime soul has been tickled…

yande.re 315967 caster cleavage dress fate_stay_night fate_stay_night_unlimited_blade_works saber shimabukuro_ricardo skirt_lift stockings thighhighs
yande.re 174202 aoi_(houkago_no_pleiades) houkago_no_pleiades kouno_megumi megane nanako_(houkago_no_pleiades) subaru_(houkago_no_pleiades) thighhighs yande.re 316034 hello!!_kin'iro_mosaic kin'iro_mosaic kujou_karen matsubara_honoka mimata_hiroshi waitress
yande.re 314918 hibike!_euphonium ikeda_shouko kousaka_reina oumae_kumiko seifuku
yande.re 315976 cleavage gym_uniform megane nagato_yuki nagato_yuki-chan_no_shoushitsu suzumiya_haruhi yande.re 311141 asakura_ryouko megane nagato_yuki nagato_yuki-chan_no_shoushitsu seifuku
yande.re 312668 einhart_stratos fate_testarossa heterochromia mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha seifuku shimizu_yumi takamachi_nanoha vivio
New Anime I’m checking out!

So, new season of anime starts this week (Some have already even began) and in what feels like forever, I think I’m about to have more than 2 weekly shows I follow! Fate/Stay Night UBW returns this weekend and you betcha ya I am watching this one episode by episode! And this second part of the show is promising to be twice, if not three times better than the first half of the show. I watched the movie and if it is anything to go with, there is promising to be some great moments in this second half! Contract…enough said!

Nanofate return to us in the form of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivio and while I am one of the few, if not the only one, that did not read that manga ( I am not a great fun of diluted series. A’s was a hard pill to swallow when Hayate appeared, the giant bed is what saved StrikerS when I heard that even more characters were appearing in these manga spin offs, I was done) I love NanoFate so… And from what I hear, NanoFate are still married to each other (fuck the curse that affects only girls!!) and Vivio is gotten herself her own Fate so I might bite. Okay, I will bite, this is Nanoha we are talking about here. She does still have screen time, right? NanoFate are still relevant to the story, aren’t they?

As for Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Suzumiya Yuki, I will just point you to my name on twitter! And to those who know of it, I wrote a fic titled just that! I was a very hardcore shipper of Yuki and Haruhi back in the day, which is really mind-boggling seeing as the series doesn’t even remotely support the two. But I did read the novels and there is that one volume where they went skiing and Yuki fell sick! That volume turned me into an animal! I couldn’t stop thinking about those two to the point of starting a fic of them! So of course I am going to watch this spinoff that focuses on Yuki (Just like my dead fic lol) and while I know they will take every chance to set these two up as rivals for Kyon, I will drink up all their interactions with glee. And even if it doesn’t work out with Kyon, which I know it won’t even before the series airs, Yuki still has that deranged lover of hers Asakura Ryouko so we are covered in that area too.

Hello!! Golden Mosaic looks like it will be a fun watch too. And really, with an all girl cast, what could possibly go wrong?

Too bad Hibike Euphonium K-ON!!! can’t say the same. Introducing guys in my K-ON!!! Damn it KyoAni, don’t you learn!! And of course they chose to actually put in a relationship card between the members unlike K-ON! and K-ON!! They are going to make us ship those girls with a past and then totally stomp on our hearts like they did with their last movie! That’s still a fresh wound you bastards!

Houkago no Pleiades is also looking good, if they follow the four ONAs from before. I loved those and I totally shipped Subaru and Aoi back then. Hopefully their relationship will still be intact during this long run.

And there you have it, the series that I will be checking out from the get go. Of course there is always a hidden gem and I will find it and watch it too. But for now, I will settle for these.


Zero [J-Movie]

ZERO.m2ts - 00404
ZERO.m2ts - 00015 ZERO.m2ts - 00069
ZERO.m2ts - 00341 ZERO.m2ts - 00598
ZERO.m2ts - 00456
Zero 零

You know that thing that Japan generally thinks of LGBT? You know, where being gay is a phase that teens go through and that once they are adults they outgrow? Where it’s okay to be gay, as long as you are still young? Well, this is what this movie is about, that is, the  main message it seems to send! That is one of the only two things that I don’t like about this movie! This ‘gay is only a phase’ thing really rubbed me the wrong way! Worse still they even turned it into a curse. A curse that affects only girls because there are no gay men in Japan apparently, oops, I meant gay boys since grown-ups can’t be gay having outgrown such nonsense. I am totally tasting metal in my mouth right now!

The other is that they tried so hard to be intelligent by mixing in human elements into what is supposed to be a supernatural/horror movie! If any one of you watched those promotional videos I posted a while back while this movie was in cinemas, Ayami was saying something about her character Aya being the next Sadako which really brought my hopes up even higher about this movie seeing as I am a great horror fan. So you can imagine my disappointment when in the movie, apparently the Aya ghost was not the one causing all the deaths but rather humans! Okay, that really pissed me off! You can’t compete with Sadako, Kuchisake Onna or any other legendary villains like that, nope! If they had made Ghost Aya the villain that she was supposed to be instead of trying to be wise bums, this would have been a 5 star horror and the birth of the next Gen villain but alas. Seriously, Michi did not even get to take a photo, not a single photo, with that famous camera of the Fatal Frame series we know and love! Not one!!! All the rage!

Other than those two facts, this movie was really great. Which isn’t saying much seeing as those two points I just touched upon are what make this movie’s gears move! You see, the main thread in this movie is that there is a curse that breaks lose when a girl kisses the photo of the girl she likes. Apparently this has been going on for generations in this school (There is a whole gallery of lovers from years past) and up until the current head sister’s school days, the curse was un-stoppable as in every graduating class there was always a couple the loved each other so much that instead of growing up and having to be separated, they would commit suicide in order to freeze their time together forever. The head sister was one of these girls and was in love too once. But when they went to commit suicide together with the girl she loved, the head nun cheated and did not fall with her lover. That apparently broke the curse!

But with Aya’s arrival, the curse began anew. Girls would fall for her to the point of them breaking out the curse all over again by kissing her photo, which we actually find out wasn’t her photo but more on that later. Aya who is also being affected by the curse by being bombarded with weird visions, decides to lock herself in her room for the whole last term. Also because she couldn’t handle the way her fellow students looked at her wherever she would go and as she said, did not understand the feeling of a girl loving another girl (to which Michi replies that she doesn’t even understand the feeling of loving a boy. I gave her 10 points for that BTW!).

And so the movie opens around this time, only a few days left to go before graduation, Aya is still locked up in her room, the girls are going crazy without their Aya, the curse is spreading and getting stronger. And in the process bodies begin to fall like sheep.


Nakajo Ayami as Aya
Morikawa Aoi as Mitchi

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What even AKS, what even!!


  • Sayaya out of B to 4. (You did not!)
  • Moechan to B instead of Hinana
  • Miichan from 4 to K! (Are u mad)
  • Sashiko from HKT to AKB (Why the hell not?)
  • Yukirin from only AKB kennin to sister to only AKB kennin to sister (Huh? ver2)
  • Yukirin from NMB (Okay….)
  • Yukirin Kennin (Huh? But didn’t you just cancel it?)
  • Yukirin to Niigata! (WTF?!! ver2!)
  • Tripping on Team 8 (Leeches!)
  • Yankee B (Well, it didn’t change with Umechan and Mayuki are still there so…)
  • 1.1 years since last shuffle! (I will buy the brand to save you people from yourselves!)
  • 13yr old kennin! (Sashikooooo, WTH are you doing?!)
  • Future NMB ace? Put her in Team A (Those damn leeches!)
  • HKT Ace, leave her in Team A
  • While we are at it, put all the comedians in A too. (No, it can’t be…)
  • That means Shiichan and Maachun too. (Nooooooo!)
  • No, we won’t return her to NMB. (Sanovabitch!)
  • Future future Ace, (Naanyan) in A too
  • Nope not done! It’s the double centre generation so…
  • let’s make Paruru a solo center for the new single! (You, you,…)
  • Oh yeah, she stays in A too.
  • And BTW, Make the future Souchan A’s Captain, again, you know for the lulz
  • We love A. (…)
  • Team 8 Center? Put her in team K
  • Actually take all the sister Aces and put them all in AKB!
  • But we neglected B last time. Let’s give them Team 8’s fav (K.Nagisa)
  • Ricchan graduating
  • Annin not participating in SSK
  • Kojiharu laughing at Yukirin’s fate for always being screwed by fate
  • Renacchi and Milky back to B and Yukirin
  • Marina and Mayuyu reunited
  • Yuria and Milky on the same team (Oh snap! Thank the Lord for Yukirin staying)
  • Yuria-cap!, Ryouka Sub (Oh Lord!)
  • Oh yeah, get rid of that forever KKS nonsense! Promote that girl already!

Basically the happenings of today’s concert! I don’t know what to think of this fandom anymore! Actually I do. Here is what I have to say about it…

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[Yukirin World] Is that a battle cry I hear?

CA7lV8sWoAACUCn.jpg largegfg CA7lV89WgAELUFT.jpg large

OMG! It so is! Time to get cracking dear Yukirinians! I’m starting next week to do the thing. Can you hear me sillythings? Get the champagne ready, or something! And that Yukirin, always herself even now. The way she said the word and then did the laugh like she was some kind of evil mastermind or something! She was the 5th AKB member to submit her application and the 1st NMB! Apparently she did it in the first 30mins like she was lining up for that thing hours before! This is SRS Business dear Yukirinians!

Ahh I long to see some Yukirin tears. I know she won’t cry when she doesn’t get the No.1 but she will definitely cry when she does. Mark my words! My dreams/delusions don’t lie! I felt something there that is beyond simple delusions. Mousou powers are nothing to take kindly. Just ask Juri-baby!