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In case anyone is bothered by the silence, I apologise but at the moment college is really busy.On the bright side, in the middle of March, there is a decision to be made and whatever the outcome, I will 50% less busy so there is that.

Now then, Green Flash is only 14 days away from official date of release so marketing is about to happen, if not already happening. Though we have yet to see teases of Nyawage double magazine shoots, Yukirin is already stated to release a Young Magazine shoot and she is looking as fabulous as ever! I have said it a couple of times already so what’s one more – How does she do it? How does Yukirin have this aura about her during photo shoots that she just doesn’t give off otherwise? I just can’t comprehend it. I mean can you imagine if she had that look during performances? The Yukirin World would be waay over populated!

And speaking of Mags, I am looking forward to those double shoots! I mean Nyanyan and Yukirin are already Slayers on their own. Can you just imagine the WIN of the both of them combined?!! I most certainly can’t! I am just looking at those pics of the two above and even if they are just standing there together, my mind is ready to blow! Yeah, March is gonna be awesome!

In addition to Mags, there is of course TV performances too. Music Station riding the wave comes first next week with perhaps the first ever TV performance of Green Flash (That is if AKBINGO doesn’t beat them to it).

And that is all for Green Flash news, now onto the Yukirin World. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a few Japanese Yukirin fans’ blogs and I can’t seem to stop reading their posts even if it takes me like 10min to read and understand a line. And why am I so taken with their blogs? Well, it’s because they collect social network posts from other members regarding Yukirin, especially from the likes of Riorin, Miichan, Sashiko and the other Kashiwagi Children.

Here are a few of the latest finds I couldn’t resist sharing. Sorry but I can’t direct translate posts because I ain’t no Japanese speaker. But I understand the gist of things…

haako kurokawa hazuki
実は昨日、コンサート前にゆきりんさんが はーこの胸を触ってきたんです!!
Yesterday before the concert, Yukirin-san touched my chest
Yukirin: ”…”

Haako: “…eh!”
ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh (>.<)
Yukirin: They are big! (^^)
Haako: “No they…eh? eh?

とりあえず、めっちゃパニックになりましたね( ̄▽ ̄)
Anyway I was really shocked ^^
To think that Yukirin-san the gravure Queen touched my chest!!
After that she pretended like nothing had happened!
That’s so Yukirin-san…
I hope to talk with her again sometime


I…I don’t believe it! And Haako of all people!!! I don’t mean it in a bad way and in fact I know Haako, I have watched her grow (and put on some weight – them delicious thighs) but I know her and she is the on my Namba list but I didn’t think Yukirin was that acquainted with her. To think that other than Milky she has to be the only girl that got the pleasure to be fondled by Yukirin! That sure hit me like a train and it is the reason that got me to write about these posts. This is all your fault (read thanks to ) Milky, and that unit of yours with Yukirin for ‘Heart no Dokusen ken’. Then again, lately Yukirin has even been touching the No.1 butt in AKB (Mayuyu’s of course) so I guess this was long time coming. But still, Haako of all people? Any way moving on…

nagichan shibuya nagisa
Today I performed ‘Yokaze no Shiwaza’
嬉しかったです( ; ; )
Uoooooo….I am really, really, happy!

’Yokaze no Shiwaza’ is Yukirin-san’s song

I loved Yukirin-san even before I joined NMB so I was always listening to this song on my way to school, that’s how much I love this song
嬉しかったです。。。( ; ; )
So when I heard that I would be singing it I was really happy

And then when I joined NMB I always thought of singing that song some day but I thought it was an impossible dream.
I am very very deeply thankful

One of my dreams as an NMB has been realised
I am so happy…


Well, I…well…I don’t know what to say. But I am happy for you Nagisa chan! And Yukirin did reply to this posts telling Nagisa that she totally nailed it. I guess she follows her children’s blogs?

りおりん Riorin
”Kashiwagi-san invited me to go to dinner with her”
みーおん Miion
”On Valentines day Kashiwagi-san told me that my gift was delicious”
こみはる Komiharu
”I too gave Kashiwagi-san a cake on Valentines but she did not tell me that it was good like Miion, even though I made something similar to hers!
大川 Okawa (Riorin)
”When I talked to Yuiri-chan (Bragging?) about Kashiwagi-san inviting me to dinner, she said to me ‘LIES!’”
村山 Murayama (Yuri)
”Well it’s because she also promised me and I haven’t yet gone out with her”

What is this even!?! Riorin brags because she scored a date (join the line Riorin) with Yukirin and the other three are all ready to fight back! Like, what does that even have to do with the conversation Miion? Are you jelly? And when Miion showed u, Komiharu decided to jump it too!

So much drama! Seriously, they could make a TV Drama series around the Kashiwagi Family! Make it happen, someone!

riorin okawa rioyr2
Riorin-san’s kindness is beautiful

I am not kind
I aim to be like Kashiwagi-san, who is respected as both a person and an Idol
I think that it is amazing to be a person that is looked up to so much. Anyway Kashiwagi-san is a Goddess. I love her so much!

Riorin, you are not aiming to be a Reaction Queen? (laughs)

Rather than aiming to be the Reaction Queen, I am aiming for Kashiwagi-san! (O.O)

Then again aiming to be Kashiwagi-san means being the reaction Queen too, huh
Anyway, Kashiwagi-san is the Reaction Queen so it comes to her naturally or is it that it comes to her naturally because she is the Queen? Anyway that’s how I see it


How much do you like Yukirin?


Love her more than anything else in this world!


Wowowo! Slow down girl! ^^

It’s safe to say that Riorin is whipped, huh? She like, takes the cake as the no.1 child of the Kashiwagi Children! She is so not afraid to say her feelings at all! And this is nothing compared to what she has written!

And that’s that. Riorin amazes me every other day! And I am really amazed by this sudden Yukirin boom going on amongst members. Sure I knew about most of them already but it has somehow gotten intense lately.

I am loving it! ^^

Well then, till next time…

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