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Being a Yukirin Fan Comes With Conditions



And one of those conditions is sweet suffering!

  • Preview for Green Flash, Yukirin appearance = 3 seconds!
  • Full PV for Green Flash, Yukirin appearence = 6 seconds!
  • Yukirin, the first girl to break the Kami walls!
  • Yukirin, Top 3 for 4 years!
  • Yukirin, Never on the front line! Be it in NMB or even AKB!
  • First Centre ever! This Single was supposed to be!
  • We fans get excited! Only to get this!
  • Naturally we finally speak out. What do the rest see us as?
  • Losers because the butt hurt is unwarranted.
  • My reaction?
  • -__________________________________________________________-

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I have a report length worth of things to say about this subject but I am just not going to bother because if anyone who bashes us for our disagreement with this treatment would never understand if this simple thing doesn’t make sense to them right away! They know nothing! They see Yukirin’s success outside of AKB and they just don’t understand. They don’t see the big picture! No essay of showing how Yukirin’s success is her own and hers alone and no other comes even close to her success in the 48G would get them to see the light so let’s just let them say what they want, ne?

And with that out of the way, to you fans out there, I am letting you know that I know how you feel right now! If this were America there is no way AKS would have gotten away with this. Seriously, there has been less logical reasons to sue corporations than this. Why exactly is this a Yukirin Centre? Why is it a Kojiharu Centre? Even fans in Japan are being confused by this treatment!

I just don’t understand why Yukirin was made Centre for this, let alone making a big deal out of it. If she wasn’t the Centre and didn’t even appear in the PV at all, we would be sad but it would be expected! We Yukirin fans are used to this! But Yukirin is Centre! They announced it themselves. This wasn’t up to speculation! Her first Centre, a centre even none Yukirinians have been waiting for and then this?!

What are we going to do? I mean there is no one who would blame Yukirin for this single’s failure, if it did fail but I doubt that, because all she did is provide her wonderful voice and Green Flash as a song is awesome (the rapping not so much) and Yukirin’s dominating voice is the first reasons for this. So if some decide to drop their purchases, I don’t blame you. I for one am dropping down from all version to just Type A! Because even all being said and done, Yukirin’s voice in wonderful to listen to and kind of makes me think of this as her solo single.

I say that but let me assure you that calm is the last state I am in! I am ready to combust from all these feels! Seriously, why were they named Centres for this single? I don’t get it! And by the gods no one mention promoting new Gens, I beg of you! There are no new gens to promote in this single! Who in this single is so new that they need promoting?! Seriously, who?!! And even if it was promoting New gens, why not make the them Centre then? Why do this to Yukirin! Now of all times?!! Why?!!

I, I just don’t get it. I am so lost I don’t even know what to do with these feelings I have! Okay, changing my banner and theme to match our feelings. You know, Yukirin’s tears there put a whole new meaning to those covers! Why her?! What did she do to you AKS? What? It’s her first Centre!…Why?


But thank the Lord that we have something other fans don’t have! And that is Yukirin outside of AKB! Those delicious solo LIVEs! You know what to do dear fans! Whip out your Yukirin World DVDs and Blurays and lets cleanse ourselves of these negative feelings. Our Goddess wouldn’t want us to suffer like this. She is our very prime example of purity, let’s not contaminate her by our negative feelings, ne?

And with that said, I am off to see Motto Muchuu ni Sasechauzo to put some happiness back inside my heart.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

6 thoughts on “Being a Yukirin Fan Comes With Conditions

  1. I think I can understand how you feel.

    Since I watched the MV some hours ago, I’m furious and it’s not calming down (I should be asleep already but I’m boiling).
    In French, I would say “c’est la goute d’eau qui fait déborder le vase” : I had enough.
    I was already slowing down, but now I’m stopping my support to AKB : I won’t buy this single.

    An exception : I will get votes for the sounsenkyo, but that’s all. I will then exclusively be a Yukirin fan for her activities outside of the group.

    • here ,here. I think it’s funny now that fans will be buying AKB singles not to support the group but rather to get Yukirin out of there (Center = GTFO!) and really, who is counting Green Flash as Yukirin Centre single after this?!

  2. It would be better for her to graduate from the group and go solo. She would get treated better that way. There’s nothing left in the family that would be beneficial for her I fear. I just don’t remember a case when a supposed “center” girl was treated like this. Even Sashihara (who is nowhere near Kashiwagi’s level nor real center material) was given more screen time (maybe too much but that’s my own opinion) than Wagi. This is ridiculous, but I don’t feel like laughing. But yeah, keep pushing the new gen… keep pushing girls like Shimazaki, because those are the members who bring success to the group, right? (Sarcasm) You know, members, who don’t really want to do this job because they just want to be friends with everyone and not being anyone’s rival. (Yes, I’m talking about Shimazaki here.) Or, you know… members whose fans are rich MOFOs who can buy thousands of votes per person.

    Even if I don’t really like Kashiwagi that much, still I think she is way better Idol material and 95% of the members in the family.

    But by all means, promote others, please… I don’t see how that could go wrong. (Sarcasm)

    Guess what will happen when she and other old gen members will say enough is enough and just leave.


  3. You know I said I would RANT! if it ended up like this but really I feel as though here I am preaching to the converted, that and that I could pretty much copy and paste the last rant I went on in this website and use it again here in pretty much every single way…..

    At least others get to share our injustice this time at least, there’s gonna be many a Kojiharu fan calling foul for a start, let alone Rena, Mayu (for a change) Takamina, Sasshi, Sayanee (BTW how is she older gen whilst Jurina isn’t, Jurina was senbatsu before NMB were even around?!) Kinda feels like a cheeky slap in the face to them, as well as a MASSIVE slap in the face To Yuki (and Nyan also) girls who, lets be honest, are holding the whole 48 group together at the moment.

    Now I fully appreciate the need to bring newer members (I Assume new gen in this case is code for Sakura and possibly Yuria…… and Mako I guess and er….. nope, that’s all I’ve got) on (judging but this MV they really need so work doing but still) even the senior members is the 48 groups see this as well but the way this was done just seems so disrespectful to both Yuki (and Nyan) and to their fans

    And that’s what really eats me up, not how much she is in the PV for a “Center” or anything like that but the way in which she and indeed Nyan were basically used to generate news before the younger members took over in the PV, I mean I fail to see what else the plan was here, I mean after the announcement the news generated was all around Yukirin finally getting her chance as center, it was the biggest buzz over a center since Nyan got her chance in Heart Eleki……. but after that? Well, nothing, sure she gets to be center of the song (again hardly) but AKS can stomach that for once again ringing Yukirin’s popularity out for the sake of others nowhere near her league as an idol and in the end it’s this bullshittery that I cannot stand!!!

    And the clever bastards get us to want to buy it anyway because we want to keep the million streak going, not because we don’t want Yukirin to be the center of the song that doesn’t reach it , no, it’s that they know full well that Yuki will blame herself for it and that we, as her loyal fans know that she will blame herself and so will by copies anyway so that Yuki won’t feel bad about not making a million even though we are angry at her getting getting screwed in this single……. and this makes me even madder!!! They are playing off our love for Yukirin in such a bad way (I know it happens usually but this is wrong)

    I guess at least the song is good, it’s my favorite AKB song for quite a while actually and it’s so nice to see Yuki’s voice being more dominant then it usually is in an AKB single and I sure I will enjoy the promotion and the live performances of this song….. but it’s not enough to wash that dirty taste out of my mouth, that taste of feeling very much being cheated…….

  4. I was so excited when I heard the announcement… I was like ” hell yeah !! For one our Yuki gets what she deserves ” The costume seemed cool and the song sounded awesome !! I was like logging on my cdjp account and pre-ordered all types right away, ’cause I want this single to be successful ! For our Yuki !!

    But when I saw the preview, the covers and especially the full PV… I logged on my cdjp again and then ask them to cancel my order and make another order w just regular type A and N (since I was hopeful that Yuki would sing NMB coupling song but sadly she didnt).

    Honestly, I would be lying if I say I understand what is going on here, ’cause I fcking dont ! (sorry for the curse word) Did they want all the ‘older’ senbatsu otas to be upsetted and drived their sell ? I dont know… But I think they came in a wrong way…

    And what I am upsetted the most is that THIS IS HER FIRST CENTER !!! And look at what they did to her… She even 755ed herself that she wasnt in the drama scene… Our Queen was not deserved this ! Maybe Im done w how this AKS kingdom is treating her…. I am beyond furious…

    Well at least the song is good and Yuki voice can be heard clearly and wonderfully….

    • Dear OOPZ-IE, welcome and thanks for commenting.

      What you are saying is something all of us Yukirinians have definitely gone through. But after you get some time to cool off you realise that it was our fault for expecting anything more after all this time.

      I mean, it’s not something new, we have gone through this all our Yukirin lives so really we should have expected it. The sudden Yukirin centre, just months after Yasusu even spelt out how Yukirin isn’t centre material, should have raised flags but alas, too excited were we that we let our guards down. Which spelled trouble the instant the PV hit.

      But it seems that our rage finally broke through if that Music Station performance is any indication. Everything was as it was supposed to be and that Senbatsu man…

      Also Yukirin is appearing on shows now with young gens for promotion and she and Kojiharu are gonna be in a radio drama with Sakura-tan and Yuria as we saw.

      Talk about redemption.

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