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Brace Yourselves – The Kagoshima Duel Is Upon Us


150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00203
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00260 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00362
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00294
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00296 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00316
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00312
giphy oh no
Oh no you didn’t!!!

Like, WHY?

This is not funny at all! Others think that this was done for teh lulz but Yukirin has been in the worse top all rankings, in fact she was the worst two rankings ago and even with this many girls (almost triple the first ranking numbers) she is still the worst lucky girl of the whole 48G! Doing it once is funny, twice, a snicker, thrice? Not so sure!

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00136
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00140 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00309
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00311

Words right out of my own mouth Yukirin, right out of my frikkin mind! WHY?!!!

Sou-chan comforting Yukirin (who chose to go to Miichan’s side BTW) on the side,  either way you slice it this doesn’t make any sense! If this is a way for management to push girls, then why give Yukirin a Centre just before these rankings?! Then again, rumour is that Kojiharu chose her as co-Centre so maybe AKS is just that evil!

What’s even worse is that the girl Yukirin was up against was none other than the rising force that is Sakura-tan, a girl from the same home frikkin town and the worst they could have chosen for this! ‘Oh you want a Kagoshima Centre? Fine, here is one! You can only have one!’!

On the other hand, maybe this is a way of pushing the two Kagoshima girls. They know Yukirin fans might not take this well and we are bound to retaliate (We are actually already in motion for SSK) and they are just motivating us which is kind of a plus I guess? 

Or maybe this is Fate/s way of shipping CBS and maybe playing muse to AKS and Yasusu for the future hinting at the possibilities? But even if that is so, this is one shitty way of doing it!

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00157

Seriously look at those eyes! I was afraid she was about to cry! Yukirin was about to CRY!!! Well screw you Fate and your un-funny humour! What got me though was the way some members seemed a bit affected by this as well. See AKS, everyone is fed up with this bull! Even Yukirin is at the breaking point!!!! Seriously I was imagining her grabbing Mayuyu’s hand, bowing to Souchan thanking her for everything and just hi-tailing it out of there with Mayuyu!! To hell with all this…

And there  Iwas enjoying my CENTER KASHIWAGI thinking that maybe it is actually going to happen and have the No.1 for a change…

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00200
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00237

Sae-chan was darn right – THIS IS NOT FUNNY! I don’t even think anyone laughed! Seriously, I apologise to all the fellow Yukirinians who wanted Yukirin to get the hell out of Doge months ago and I was against it.

Get your ass out of Doge Yukirin!

But you know what’s funny? I actually didn’t know who was left along with Yukirin until it was revealed to be Sakura-tan! And don’t tell me I was the only one! Don’t lie to me! So you can imagine how both devastated and excited I was at the reveal! And it was in the moment I knew there is no way in hell Yukirin is going to be made out 1st!

Stupid AKS playing my my feels like I was their damn toy and they were two years old! Darn, I need some Yukirin smiles to get be back into a good mood…

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00206
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00207 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00322
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00271
Much better!

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00300 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00363

Well, I hope you are happy wherever you are Sakura! I mean, you have to be. All these chances you got to be close to Yukirin in these passed months and starting out the year just as close too…Looks like AKS chose their Kagoshima girl. Thank the Lord that the rest of the world from AKS actually has some sense and treats Yukirin accordingly.

Seriously, why are you still with them Yukirin? Oh wait…Mayuyu! Okay then…

150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00275
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00276 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00277
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00281
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00283 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00287
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00285 150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00286
150203 AKBINGO! ep325.ts - 00290

And saying bye with some GREEN FLASH caps…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

4 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves – The Kagoshima Duel Is Upon Us

  1. Seriously though… that Chevy looks Pretty Neat! 😀

  2. Well personally I’m not sure how any girl who is being fought over for by Sakura, Mayuyu, Rena, Yui, most others, the Children can ever been seen as being un-lucky, that logic just doesn’t fit for me…….

    Also I guess there is the old adage about how sometimes losing on AKBingo can often make you the winner (that screen time) so I guess in that regard Yuki did alright….

    But with this I just felt everyone was bored/fed-up with the whole thing, not just Yuki the whole room was like, Oh Yuki again…. Oh…. ahhh.. yeah… whatever (Of course Yuki being Yuki goes along with it best she could) I even feel as though there was a crack in the idol persona armor of Yuki here where her annoyance almost boiled over, not so much because of the fortunes (seriously she’s gotta be past caring at this point) but because she has been chosen again, more than likely thanks to that darn “reaction queen” persona (a note on that, notice how Nishino Miki ranked low again as well, just saying)

    Still wasn’t all bad, we did get, what I’m lovining calling “caring corner” for Yuki after the result https://blackgekikara.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/150203-akbingo-ep325-ts-00136.jpg might of been a stupid way to see it but I have to say it was nice to see the care and love in those eyes for Yuki, a sliver lining if you will……

    Speaking of caring I only noticed this reading through this article but look at Sayanee here, looks as though all she wants to do in jump over to Yukirin and give her a hug and tell her it’s all going to be OK, seriously Sayanee not you too!!! https://blackgekikara.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/150203-akbingo-ep325-ts-00311.jpg

    Apart from that I take what I always get from these episodes, nothing……

    So, moving on then!!

    • Yeah, that Sayanee looks ready to jump over to Yukirin and envelope her in a big hug ^^
      It seems to me too that just about everybody else is fed up with the mis-treatment of Yukirin. Sure it was for laughs but why not make her 1st and Sakura last? It would make for a more funny moment because Sakura is the thing now and Yukirin has always been the last in line so…
      Even Yukirin is done! If Green Flash hadn’t happened then I might have let this slide but for it to happen and them doing this!!! Like…
      Did you hear what Yukirin said there too? I kind of left it out in my post but she was worried about sucking the other members good luck with her! See? They are starting to make her feel like she is a necessity now just being in AKB! Soon she will be too guilty to stay then she will have to graduate!
      Actually in the Yukirin TIME for 31st Jan, she was talking about the surprise of Centre and she mentioned that she might given the impression of graduating with her being aired with NyanNyan!


      Anyway, I can’t wait for the KB tour in Kagoshima! If Sakura and Yukirin aren’t in that tour I will smash things!

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