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‘Yes or No’ – Just got pwned!

Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00033
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00003 Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00030
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00018
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00075 Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00067
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00126 Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00125
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00394
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00155 Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00385
Love_Among_Us.2014-DVDRip.x264.AC3-SeeingMole.mkv - 00301

What did I just watch!?!! Is that Apinya?!! I haven’t seen her since…4Bia! Have missed her terribly and then when I next see her it’s in this movie?!!! Oh my God! I am flipping out right now! It’s almost 5 am here, that’s right, 5 am, it’s Monday Morning and I am still awake! This movie has kept me up since half 2! Yes, it has taken me that long to watch it, and I ain’t finished yet!!! Still at the 47min mark in a 92 minute movie!!!

I am such a lost cause when it comes to yuri, aren’t I? It’s gonna be a long day but do I even care? Nope! The movie doesn’t have subs and I don’t know a single word of Thai but do I care still?! HA! HA! Any way I just wanted to share this because it’s going to be a while before I post about this one and I just can’t keep this excitement to myself until then!

Seriously, I am still flipping out over this movie, and I ain’t even done watching! If you will excuse me, I need to get back to rainbow land…

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So it begins

1332f12b w_2015-13_y5toy8cmnd426qjv cdn.akb48.co.jp

In case anyone is bothered by the silence, I apologise but at the moment college is really busy.On the bright side, in the middle of March, there is a decision to be made and whatever the outcome, I will 50% less busy so there is that.

Now then, Green Flash is only 14 days away from official date of release so marketing is about to happen, if not already happening. Though we have yet to see teases of Nyawage double magazine shoots, Yukirin is already stated to release a Young Magazine shoot and she is looking as fabulous as ever! I have said it a couple of times already so what’s one more – How does she do it? How does Yukirin have this aura about her during photo shoots that she just doesn’t give off otherwise? I just can’t comprehend it. I mean can you imagine if she had that look during performances? The Yukirin World would be waay over populated!

And speaking of Mags, I am looking forward to those double shoots! I mean Nyanyan and Yukirin are already Slayers on their own. Can you just imagine the WIN of the both of them combined?!! I most certainly can’t! I am just looking at those pics of the two above and even if they are just standing there together, my mind is ready to blow! Yeah, March is gonna be awesome!

In addition to Mags, there is of course TV performances too. Music Station riding the wave comes first next week with perhaps the first ever TV performance of Green Flash (That is if AKBINGO doesn’t beat them to it).

And that is all for Green Flash news, now onto the Yukirin World. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a few Japanese Yukirin fans’ blogs and I can’t seem to stop reading their posts even if it takes me like 10min to read and understand a line. And why am I so taken with their blogs? Well, it’s because they collect social network posts from other members regarding Yukirin, especially from the likes of Riorin, Miichan, Sashiko and the other Kashiwagi Children.

Here are a few of the latest finds I couldn’t resist sharing. Sorry but I can’t direct translate posts because I ain’t no Japanese speaker. But I understand the gist of things…

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So, there is a rumour floating around…

my body is ready

Obviously there is no way this is true! But dear God if it if is, IF IT IS…You were all warned in advance! Just don’t say that I did not warn you when or if this does happen! What’s scary too is the fact that I can actually see it happening despite the fact that I haven’t given that possibility any thought until now!

Yeah, not really believing it but why now? Last time it was Yokohama Arena! it and TDC (City Hall) which is bigger? Either way going from an Arena to a Dome is serious business! If it indeed does happen, this is going to put Yukirin on a whole different level as an Idol. Seriously, I am only writing about this because I did not consider this at all before now. Then again, there is SSA (Saitama Super Arena) that is like the pavement to TD so she has to conquer that first, maybe.

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Being a Yukirin Fan Comes With Conditions


And one of those conditions is sweet suffering!

  • Preview for Green Flash, Yukirin appearance = 3 seconds!
  • Full PV for Green Flash, Yukirin appearence = 6 seconds!
  • Yukirin, the first girl to break the Kami walls!
  • Yukirin, Top 3 for 4 years!
  • Yukirin, Never on the front line! Be it in NMB or even AKB!
  • First Centre ever! This Single was supposed to be!
  • We fans get excited! Only to get this!
  • Naturally we finally speak out. What do the rest see us as?
  • Losers because the butt hurt is unwarranted.
  • My reaction?
  • -__________________________________________________________-

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Valentine Wars – Sayaya VS Jurina VS Soukantoku!

Sayaya’s Chocolate to Yukirin
Jurina’s choco to Yukirin
Yukirin’s chocolate to…Sou-chan!!!!!

Takamina wins? Sayaya says ‘not so fast!, I have a letter!’

Dear Yukirin,
It’s Valentine’s Day

If it’s okay with you, please have this
The next time you are free
Please play with me again
From Saya


Well, that was sure surprising! Not only did they go on a date together to an amusement park, first of all, how did Sayaya manage to accomplish that!?!! Girl have known Yukirin for years and haven’t had that chance yet! Apart from the usual crowd (Sashiko, Miichan Mayuyu etc) I don’t remember Yukirin having a day out with anyone else just the two of them!!! That Sayaya, how!?!! But wait there is more, she has apparently landed herself a guest appearance to Yukirin TIME as well! Not even a month has passed since the date and she has already!!!!

Riorin, what are even doing!?!! I have yet to hear about your chocolate to Yukirin! Sure you already went insane imagining what you would do if Yukirin gave you chocolate for Valentines

大川莉央 29分前

大川莉央 28分前

大川莉央 28分前

大川莉央 28分前

Basically she would turn into a Goddess!!! Oh Riorin, still, that choco you are making better be for Yukirin or else Sayaya is gonna beat you! For crying out loud, even Jurina, a girl from Nagoya beat you to it! Girl, you better impress with that hand made chocolate!

But while all that is well and good, Yukirin, a person we know who sucks at cooking, (Have you ever seen her cook? me neither!) went out her way and made Soukantoku chocolate!!! I mean this is their last valentine as members but still! You better preserve that chocolate Takamina, for it’s the most precious thing!


Yukirin really is Black hearted! Probably having read about Riorin’s fantasies, she went and got her a whole bag of chocolates! What is it you want the poor girl to do Yukirin, die of happiness!?!!

Yeah, looks like Riorin is a step ahead after all! I mean come on, she went and got a bag of chocolates from Yukirin!!! Then again maybe they were just bought from the shop because I can’t think of Yukirin putting Riorin and Takamina on the same stance, then again, why didn’t she just make extra instead of buying and then making choco’s too!!

Yeah, that Riorin must be the happiest camper this Valentines! Oh yeah, Miion apparently gave Yukirin a cake too. Not chocolate but a whole cake! I only wish there were pics, >.< And not just her, other members too got Yukirin chocos, seriously, she is super hot in the 48G at the moment! I wonder why!