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Riorin gets rewarded



Finally Riorin gets to have some alone time (this is only the beginning) with her Idol Yukirin. She got to appear on YUKIRIN TIME, Yukirin’s radio show and of course one does not need to imagine how happy she is about that ^^

I just love how Yukirin takes care of her girls. for Yuiri and Nattsun, she got to perform Temo Demo, one of her most beloved songs with them, then for Sayaya, she went on a date with her, one of the very few to ever get one such social attention from Yukirin! Only the close friends like Miichan, Kitarie and Sasshi get that privilege! Then let’s not forget Hinana scoring the very best of them all, to get to call Yukirin without honorifics!

Ah Yukirin, how can you have so much love in you?! Not only do you tirelessly give to us fans, never showing us anything but a smile except when inappropriate, but you also take great care of your juniors…How can I not love you?! How can anyone not love you?! Really, with every day that passes I am still always wondering why…


Why didn’t you take over the AKB mantle after AtsuYuko? You were the other flavour! There was Acchan, there was Yuko, then there was you! You had the other corner of this triangle! You could have brought a different yet welcome change in the image of AKB. Seriously, I love Mayuyu but just look at her there with those three!! She wasn’t ready yet, it just wasn’t her time. Sure she is stronger than Yukirin in SSK but it’s not about that! She just wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of the whole 48G. And now that they have no idea what to do with themselves AKS decided to just throw us a Yukirin centre, after not even three month have passed since Yasusu all but says how Yukirin is not centre material!

Actually whatever happened to that logic! I am super happy and get even more so every time I think of how miraculous Yukirin being allowed to centre is but…why? After all that talk!? And If Mayuyu is the new Ace, then why not let the two be the WCentre?!! Better yet, this is like the Majisuka Gakuen single as well so SakuYuki would have been a viable option as well! So…why?

AKS, do they even know what they are doing anymore?

Seriously, she’s just too good for this!

Yep, the veil has been lifted. Not gonna fall for your tricks anymore AKS, no more! Not sure what you are up to but I am going to eat your meal of making Yukirin centre, then slap you in the face just when you think your plan is succeeding!

Any way, just wrote to say that. Apologies but these questions have to be asked! ^^


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “Riorin gets rewarded

  1. I think it is well complemented duet, Yukirin and Nyan nyan merge really well. I believe I said that before. Based on skill, popularity and potential, of course Yukirin seemed the best option to replace Acchan and Yuko. But Akimoto said it once, he wanted someone more from the middle end of the spectrum, rather than an “elite.”

    Think of it this way, Yukirin has been a major player in all of AKB48 successes. From Sousenkyo in 2011 to today, she has been part of the top tear members that propelled AKB48 towards two Japan Record Awards and many other accolades. Mayuyu on the other hand is to some extent someone who needs a larger effort to achieve and reach a larger crow. With this we clearly see who has the best profile under the views of Akimoto. To say Yukirin lacks the qualities to be a centre figure or a leader, is a long stretch and a huge fallacy. But I agree, that she needed to show a more clear goal and declare it. Thus giving her fans a vector to work. Also, she needed more confidence. Certainly she has overcome most of those deficiencies, but there still us much more room for improvement. Yukirin and Nyan nyan have a very similar style, musically speaking. So once a decent audio-strip is available I expect a piece of high quality vocals and music, by the outfits I assume it is a track with a very dynamic beat. Never-the-less, vocals play a major role. Based on the assumptions above neither Mayuyu nor Sakura were plausible choices.

    If my memory does not fails, Nyan nyan was approached by Akimoto, before Yukirin was made aware. Thus the scenario now changes and perhaps Nyan nyan requested her partner. We may be witnessing a shift in Yukirin’s character as an individual, as a performer and as an entertainer in the broadest sense of the word.

    Or in a more far-fetched and most probably unlikely conspiracy theory, Aki-P has given up! He knows Yukirin is finally going to make her move and conquer AKB48 in the name of Morning Musume, thus as a tactical response he is putting her at and advantage hoping she will fail. The two risk factors he had to weight, were Nyan nyan (a turned Momusu double agent) and the positions. If it back fires and Yukirin then centres other singles (including Sousenkyou), his plan would have failed and effectively Morning Musume would reign supreme over AKB48, and Yukirin’s failure during the Happy 8 Auditions would have been proved a hoax so she could dominate for her beloved Momusu, the Idol World.


    • Ignore? Nah! How about we add in Sasshi in the Momusu gundan?! Then again, Sasshi is also on the yasusu brigade so…

      I of course completely agree with NyaYuki, the only other contenders would have been Takamina! I am not against Nyan, not at all, you must have realised how she is missing in the whole of this post! I love these two together and ever since Umeda Team B have been having an inkling of them together, then we got the two doing that KojiYuu song at RH2014!!!!
      And I do so love Heart Ereki, as I hear so does Yukirin! Their voices are just so pleasing to listen to. Not too strong and overshadowing but also not weak at all! I never get tired of listening to Yukirin’s MCs, I don’t think anyone speaks that perfectly! There is no way anyone would not understand what she says, and it’s not just the voice but the way she controls her voice.
      And let’s not get into the physical bases! Actually let’s! How sexy these two are?!! I haven’t yet listened to the single (I refuse to listen to those crappy qualities) but if these two’s song doesn’t do them justice, AKS is pure evil!
      I also agree about the matching with Mayuyu and Sakura. But really let’s be honest, since when had AKS cared about quality of voices?! It has always been about $$$$$ or pampering so really, I wasn’t taking compatibility into consideration but rather how AKS would do their thing!

      • Sasshi is a transient being. She is where the possibilities of causing an uproar are. H!P in general is far more tight and controlled than AKB48, so I would not place her in the Momusu Army. I liked Sasshi before her scandal, then she’s become kind of annoying to me. But that aside, only Nyan Nyan and Yukirin have openly declared Momusu to be their north. As far as I am aware, the best double agent would be Nyan Nyan, of course Yukirin being the real Morning Musume spy.

        And sadly, you are right, quality has been lacking AKB48 since Acchan graduated. This makes me wonder, if Yukirin had indeed joined the first generation of AKB48, how would she have developed? She would have probably centre sooner?

        All this Yukirin & MM, reminds me of last nights dream: Renai Revolution 21 at Budokan, an yes with the best Momusu line-up and of course KY. Gochin and Yukirin leading the pack!

  2. Lets start with Riorin, that girl must of been bouncing off the walls during that whole episode of Yukirin time (possibly being a wee bit creepy about the whole thing knowing her) but it’s funny that yet again we see Yukirin being nice to one of the children 🙂 And it’s sweet that Yukirin does so much for them

    But that is Yuki isn’t it, I think more than many members you kinda get something back when you show an interest in her as a member (and as fan too) I mean more then most she seems to be on a much more personal level with the younger members, failing that they seem to all be much more confident and comfortable around Yuki then with most of the other senior members, I guess a lot of that is thanks to how true Yuki seems, like I think she counts those who she tends to be around as her actual friends and even if she spends time with less people it’s the people she truly wants to be around and I think there are many girls who like/respect that about her (Kinda a bit like Takamina in many regards, who I think more and more is who Yukirin in some ways tends to want to be like)

    As for Yuki’s center, well I’m going to enjoy it, even if there is some ulterior motive,

    • Sorry about that….

      even if there is an ulterior motive, she is still the center for this and I for one want to celebrate that fact.

      I do agree though it does seem such a funny time to suddenly give Yuki a center position, and I very much like Shiro’s theory that Nyan wanted Yukirin for her partner, even if not then as I have said before I’m kinda glad it’s Nyan, not only as it acknowledges tWo real troopers of AKB but also because it gives Yukirin a center with someone she truly respects, It’s odd but I think that the only three seniors left to Yuki are the three that will effect her the most when they leave (if they do before she does), taking Miichan out of the equation (as she is Yuki’s friend and is a different proposition) I think that the two seniors that Yuki has always respected, and in time grown to like, are Nyan and Takamina so for Yuki’s first center to be with one of them (yes even though we miss out on possible MaYuki or CBS) is kinda nice (especially Nyan too as TakaYuki can have their last moment in a live duet in Taka’s last concert or stage which will just be so emotionally epic!! – Seriously I’m thinking that Yuki will cry at Taka’s graduation!!

      anyway, getting back on track it is odd that the time is now, right after Yasusu went out and said that she was too important as a support member or whatever BS he said, still it’s kinda made him look a bit daft and I must admit I did enjoy that aspect about this if nothing else, but them sometimes management see writing that is on the wall, they see that Takamina is leaving, they know that Nyan is flirting with the idea of graduating for sure and what does that leave them? A new GM who will be superb at her job but does not have the presence of Takamina yet, a still kinda Shy girl from Kagoshima, An idol who’s been pushed for center for years who has never made it and has kinda damaged her health, A Namba girl who is perhaps actually too good in some ways and takes to much attention, an awesome idol… who spends half her time looking after the HKT kiddies and a center who is a thousand times better when she is around her Mama and they have Yukirin…… just saying that she’s perhaps more important to management then they like to let on…..

      Was Yukirin ever third in line after Acchan/Yuko? Maybe she was but maybe when the decision was made that Mayuyu was the long game then things changed, Mayuyu is a great idol and I love her but she is not the solo presence that Acchan and Yuko were, she needed (still needs) the support of the team around her and what better team to be her pillars than Takamina, Nyan, Sasshi and her beloved Yuki (this is before Sasshi went rouge and went and won the election of course XD) So yeah Yuki’s career has been as the king-maker since that point but I wonder if management had a thought…. I wonder if they though what if….. what if our king-maker…… becomes the king herself…….

      So like BlackGeki I will take this Yuki center in on hand but my other hand is ready to strike if it is needed!!

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