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Yukirin Fangirls be Fangirling!


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Was all over the net looking up anything related to Green Flash and I fell upon these posts from other members about Yukirin, mostly about Kazanbai and I thought it great that she receives this much love from fellow members. Seems Kazanbai has stolen a couple of hearts as well.  Here is what’s what…

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Sakura-tan about Kazanbai




Basically only Sakura truly knows the meaning of this song! Need translations for 100% understanding though. Anyone? sillythings?

Riorin about Kazanbai


If given the chance, Riorin would have Yukirin’s babies without even a second’s thought! This girl’s fangirl power is nothing to sneeze at! The way she speaks of Kazanbai and Yukirin just makes me wanna fall into a coma until the BDs are out so I can see Yukirin shining. Oh wait, Kazanbai was in her 2nd and 3rd solo live! Re-watch sceduled!

Then there’s Shige too…


And Nakki


Seriously, the way all these girls are talking about Kazanbai just makes me so very happy! Didn’t make it into Top 10 but this much love from members speaks volumes! I really want to listen to this like, right now…*Pulls out French Kiss single*



But it wasn’t just Kazanbai, Heart no Dokusenken also received much love! All the way from the likes of MikuMiku, to Riorin (but of course) to…






Sakura-tan! I love how she thinks Milky cute compared to Yukirin’s sexiness! That’s the difference between the two you all! And I am totally loving all this new confidence from Sakura towards Yukirin. It was a miracle before reading a post about Yukirin from her but now we not only get some but two in two days! And better yet she isn’t afraid to speak her mind (Yukirin’s sexiness making her heart race!!!!) Ahhh, life is good!

Then there’s Hinana too…









She received a surprise of her life during the 4th day of RH2015 when Yukirin asked her to call her Yukirin (Not Yukirin-san like many other Kouhai call her). Need translation for this one too because it sounds real funny (her reaction). All this Kouhai loving Yukirin is dishing out is also out of the blue and yet a very much welcome change!

8cda8156 IMG_20150125_174508
2015 = Yukirin year = Best year!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

6 thoughts on “Yukirin Fangirls be Fangirling!

  1. It’s so nice to see the Kashiwagi children going strong here 🙂 And it’s great to see them be so much more public about it these days as well (it’s this whole 2015 thing, it must be!!!!) and it was nice to see it after the, well I guess disappointment of not getting a solo in the top 10 like she has done the last few years (kinda more quantity of quality this year)

    Perhaps Sakura has found her way to speak to Yuki, the poor girl might not be able to breathe long enough to speak to Yuki when she is close to her but she can pour her heart out in her blogs and posts, lets just hope that Yukirin is reading them….

    I expect nothing less but love from Riorin for Yukrin, she be serious about her Yuki love (along with Yuiri) even so much as that she even chose Yukirin as her bestest over the other girl who was there, in front of her, crying, full on crying that she was thinking about choosing Yuki over her and after all that Riorin still chose Yuki!!!! That girl be serious!!!!!

    It goes a long way I guess to see that even the respectful Kohai call Yukirin “Yukirin-san” it might be subtle but it’s a nice indication of how much more relaxed of a person she might be to approach then the likes of Takamina or Mayuyu or even a Yuihan who more often are named in the more traditional way of Takahashi-san etc, it’s a subtle difference I think but the difference is there, so whilst Hinana may well of been shocked by Yuki wanting her to just call her Yukirin, maybe it is not that surprising….

    Also I wonder if HKT members in general kinda see Yuki differently than others, mainly I think that this is due to Sasshi (BECAUSE SASSHI!!!!) I mean as an HKT member you see the almighty Sasshi and the princess of AKB being, well, a couple of goofs when they are together must make you see Yuki in a more different light to ususal….. just a though :p

    • Well, as much as she would like to appear differently, Sasshi is also a Yukirin lover and since she has no one in HKT to fangirl with, she settles for telling tales! And since she can’t come out and say it, she settles for teasing Yukirin in MCs! Seriously, every single MC she has to attack Yukirin, oops, I meant to show her love for Yukirin! ^^

      As for Sakura, I think it would be too strange if Yukirin didn’t change something in their relationship, given how she is interacting with the young ones these days. Like, did you see that pic where she actually had her hand on Sakura’s back during that MC with Takamina counselling Sakura as she cried?!!

      *Dies some more*

      • Yes I did see that picture 🙂 Can’t help but think that Sakura’s tears there though had turned to tears of joy when Yukirin gently laid her hand on Sakura’s back :p

        So Sasshi’s teasing is a way of showing love, I guess that is a pretty regular way for people to actually show their love so I will allow it!! 😀

  2. wondering what are they talking about.., someone please translate it..

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