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AKB48 39th Single – I see what U did there AKS


MajisukaGakuen_KojimaHaruna_Torigoya black
Majisuka Gakuen 1 ep09 HD (1440x1080 x264).mkv - 00007
20100227_972684 100220-0046170226
Majisuka Gakuen 1 ep09 HD (1440x1080 x264).mkv - 00008 100327-0021220014
Green Flash

Green Lantern’s power is a Ring that is powered by will. Torigoya’s power is manipulating other’s will.

Flash’s power is speed. BLACK-san’s power is of course speed!

The only two super beings in the Majisuka Gakuen series (with super powers) centring a song titled Green Flash!! Coincidence? HA! I would have batted an eyelash years ago but now, with the comic book boom? No so much! That PV better be full of WTF moments or else…

This single though. Now that I have my wits about me let’s discuss! Many were like, OMG pls let it be a small senbatsu again. What do we get? The good old 16P senbatsu! Many be like, for the love of God, less sister group members and more AKB only members. Better yet an AKB only senbatsu! What do we get? An AKB only sebatsu with Sashiko and Rena as the only non-AKB members. Those two are Kami 7 so of course they are gonna be in this! And now for the best wish…

We all of the Yukirin World be like, at this rate we are going to be skeletons before AKS lets Yukirin centre a single! WHAT DO WE GET?!!!! A Yukirin frikkin single!!!


FMko4Xx - Imgur
IMG_20150125_114548 4ArPFgl - Imgur
TRtmxH6-Imgur.jpg BFtS2St-Imgur.jpg
DiGh2Cj-Imgur.jpg GWVi7DJ-Imgur.jpg

Kashiwagi Yuki & Kojima Haruna
Watanabe Mayu – Miyawaki Sakura – Sashihara Rino
Yokoyama Yui – Takahashi Minami – Yamamoto Sayaka – Matsui Rena
Kojima M – Ikoma R – Kawaei R – Matsui J – Shimazaki H– Kizaki Y – Iriyama A

All this after Yukirin shining in RH. All her singles hit Top 100 with Kazanbai, Yokaze and Temo Demo going even so far as Top 50!!! She also doubled centred with Mayuyu and was support for Miion with Mayuyu in 3rd position for Heavy Rotation! And let’s not forget all the other things I talked about so far for this year! Seriously, it’s still just Jan, right? right?!!! How are we going to survive the whole year?!!!

Back to single, 9 years! After 9 freakin years of being one of the Top cheese and this is the first time she is centring anything!!!?! Oh how long we have waited for this moment!! Even she too thought it was a prank at first apparently, until Yasusu asked her thoughts on the new song! Nine years!!!! four of these years she has been a Kami, three of these years in 3rd rank!!! Who has done that?! Who has been so stable as Yukirin has?! Who else has held three successful concerts (two of which organised by herself), has a sub-label and despite the walls in front of her did not crumble?! No one  else that’s who!!!

About time AKS saw the villainy of their ways and rewarded her! Actually this is not rewarding, this is getting what she has deserved for so long since that deciding moment when she subbed for Yuko in the early months and made her way into my life!!

But this is only the beginning! f we ever needed motivation to make her No.1 in this year’s SSK, this is it! That’s right, we aren’t being unmotivated by this, nope! We will buy all copies of this for sure, buy tens of the election single too and make her Centre just by her awesome self!

And don’t get me started on that line-up for the single…Sakura and Mayuyu right behind Yukirin! Meaning inevitable interaction in the PV or the LIVE performances!!! Oh Jesus!

IMG_20150123_220233 ufspFN2 - Imgur

And all those lovely MCs have to be watched!!!! Why do we have to wait months for the BDs, why?!!! But wait I shall! I am going to sit right here until the BDs hit…

Yep, gonna be a long wait let me tell you that

PS: Thanks to sillythings for the pics ^^

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

11 thoughts on “AKB48 39th Single – I see what U did there AKS

  1. You know I’m still not entirely sure I believe it has actually happened , It’s like the whole internet has got together to play some sort of prank on me on this!!!!

    But then there it is, Kashiwagi Yuki is a center of a AKB single…. I mean what can you say….. It’s the day we all hoped would come but also kinda did not really think it would happen at the same time, I tell you it’s a fantastic feeling 🙂

    Ok it might be a double center (but outside of the election single that is a norm these days) and it’s not the election victory we all wanted (YET!!!!!) but this is great in it’s own ways, it’s AKS finally giving Yukirin a chance at what she has deserved for many a year now an it;s something that they decided to give it to her, rather than in an election where they are kinda forced to put people in their positions and as double centers go, somehow it’s fitting that she is doing it with Kojiharu as they have been two super loyal troopers to AKB who have both taken a load of bad deals along the way because of it, it’s nice that they reward these two’s loyalty, especially as they even have stuck around during the pinch years after Acchan and indeed Yuko left where them leaving (and lets be honest they both easily could have done with the work they get outside of AKB) could of possibly been close to killer blows to AKS (and still took a load of shit during that time)……. Plus of course You know that Haruna being her will probably go around trolling Mayu, Sakura and co. that she is centering with Yuki and they are not 😀

    It’s good that it’s 16 again too, it just makes more sense, plus it makes being in that senbatsu so much more special for those involved, plus it makes Kojimako, Yuria, Sakura, and Ainnin to be selected out of the many, it makes them stand out and that’s how it should be (this coming from a fan who is a great supporter of Suda Akari who lost out to one of these girls) it brings them on and makes them feel so much more legitimate as senbatsu members going forward and that’s what you need.

    Let’s not forget about the election sing all of us (and Yukrin) want’s though eh 😀

    Also, those pics for Takamina, Yuki and Sakura, I totally say papa Taka with her waifu Yuki and child there O____O (DARN YOU YUKI FOR CHASING TAKAMINA AND PUTTING THESE IDEAS IN MY HEAD!!!!)

    • You are so right! I bet Yukirin is the only one who has ever seen Souchan nekkid, or even shared a shower with!!! We all know how tight Yukirin’s lips are about sensitive things like this so there is no way she would tell anybody!

      And I can’t wait for March when HKT release their single and appear on Ariyoshi and Kojiharu proceeds to attack! Sashiko won’t be able to stop that fight LOL!

  2. Congrats to Yukirin and Kojiharu! ❤ And I love you for those Majisuka Gakuen pics. I don't know why I love that show so much, I just do! When I read "AKB only senbatsu" I was like…No Rena? A single that reminds people of MG and there's NO RENA? WTF PEOPLE? But she is included after all, phew! *wipes sweat from her brow* You had me panicking for a minute there. 😛 The name is really cool though, I wonder what the song will be like! I can't wait to hear it!

  3. The song should have called “Chicken Shadow” and it would have been the same thing. 😀

  4. Winter and Spring, Autum and Summer. Interesting contrast. The audio sample I hear got my attention. I reckon, Yukirin and Nyan nyan as a befitting duo. Those two complement each other rather nicely. I am endorsing this single 100%. Though that makes no difference…

    May I intoduce a paradox? Since Yukirin and Nyan Nyan are centring a single together, does that means Momusu has conquered AKB48?

  5. ^ Lol. Yes, yes it does. 😛 ^

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