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The Battle For Yukirin Continues in AKB to XX


150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00013
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00059 150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00084
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00124

Things are getting intense! Mayuyu is defending the throne, Yuihan is looking strongest, Rena is bringing out all the stops even going so far as to cheat and poor Sakura is feeling left behind.

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00003
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00007 150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00013
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00016
Mayuyu: What are you looking at? (To Souchan)
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00018

Yukirin: Calm down Mayuyu, that’s Soukantoku!
Mayuyu: Tch, like I give a..
Yukirin: MAYUYU!
Souchan: ~kowai kowai~

Before this round start, before even this round in the long winded battle for the heart of one Yukirin, Mayuyu lays down the facts and puts fear into the hearts of all her wannabe rivals! To everyone else that is not aware of this shadow war going on right before their eyes, Mayuyu gives off the image of No.1 having the best chair. That chair being Yukirin’s lap! Mayuyu will never sit in anyone’s lap but Yukirin. She has sat it that chair so many times there is a dent into Yukirin’s thighs in the shape of Mayuyu’s butt. And we all know she has the best butt in the 48G! She is the frikkin Queen, there is no way she is sitting in the same chair as the plebians!

That is the image she is giving to the ignorant. To the rivals though, Mayuyu is sending a very clear message here! She is showing them what they will never have. She is bringing out the legal papers of ownership by sitting on Yukirin right in front of everyone, Managers, Members and all the millions of viewers watching the show! Yukirin is hers. Try as they might no one else will ever have this kind of freedom and trust with Yukirin. No one! She is done with the stupid games. Yes, you thought she wasn’t aware of your shenanigans so far? Who do you think she is? Her nickname is the frikkin CYBORG! So they best stop their fruitless endeavours this instant or else. With that Mayuyu thought she had won. She thought the rivals were put in their place and wouldn’t be trying any more funny business.

She was wrong…

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00057 150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00054
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00059 150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00061
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00062
good lord


I sure to hope some of you read my short YukiRena fic I wrote about the last episode because if you did not, then you don’t know how ridiculous this is!!!!Don’t want to read? Well, then let me explain. In that fic there was a scene where Rena tripped over a chair which led to Yukirin fawning over her. Was it on accident or purpose? I wrote the fic and even I don’t know.  But it did happen!

Well, guess what just happened this episode? Rena tripped and almost fell into Yukirin’s lap!!! RENA ALMOST FELL INTO YUKIRIN’S LAP! I had to watch that scene at the speed of frame 1FPM, That’s a frame a minute! As soon as Rena tripped I paused the video and let out a shriek into the night! I tell you all I don’t know what’s happening at this moment in my life!!! There is no way someone should be this happy, this lucky!!

Sadly, for me and Rena too, she managed to save herself in time but not before she won a Yukirin touch! You could see the disappointment in herself. If only she had put in a little bit more force into it. Oh well, she figures there is more time and thus plenty of chances!

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00037
Rena: I lost to give a chance to Mayuyu because she is the Ace. Mayuyu, do your best!
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00038
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00040
Apparently she did not know that Mayuyu had lost too!

Rena you sneaky little…

There is one and only one explanation as to why Rena would not only not know that Mayuyu had also lost, but also that she would give up the chair for her. Forget that because she is the Ace bull, it’s all a farce! Rena is kind but when it comes to AKB related things, she is just like everybody else (except Yukirin of course) – competitive! So I don’t buy that excuse even for a second! Here is the real reason why she was willing to drop out of the race.

Yukirin was one of the six members that were eliminated in the first round. Mayuyu and Sakura, her enemies, were still counted for. At least she thought Mayuyu was still in. So then here is the what. Knowing this, and also seeing the members that were outed already, Rena saw her chance to be close to Yukirin again on the side lines in the losers’ corner. Maybe they would break out in small talk while the cameras and everyone else was focused on the battle going on.

And so she wanted Mayuyu to stay in the battle and thus away from Yukirin. Thus she gave up her sit for Mayuyu (They were next to one another in rotation) but what she did not know was that Mayuyu also had the exact same plan!! Sakura was behind Mayuyu and Sashiko so she talked Sasshi into giving up the seats for Sakura. Mayuyu wouldn’t care if Sakura won or not but she might as well make profit from her plans, right? And so Mayuyu too was out.

Unfortunately for them both, one of the first six to be eliminated was Milky! Milky took Yukirin’s left! Now only her right was left. But while they were too busy trying to justify their lies, Sashiko took the chance and stoke the last spot left over!

See kids, this is why resorting to cheap tricks never gets you far! But does hard work and truth and all that then lead to fruition and satisfaction? Let’s ask Sakura-tan…

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00077
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00078
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00084

Finally it’s Yukirin’s turn to out a member and she stands to look around for a target. Note how Mayuyu and Rena aren’t on her radar at all. OMG, does she know? In the end she picks Yuihan! There comes a stir in the force!

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00082
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00082
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00085
Mayuyu: Are you telling me you had a sleepover at Yuihan’s?!!!
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00086
Mayuyu: Gurl, you’ve got much explaining to do!
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00093
Rena’s gaze!
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00095
Yuihan’s surprise and happiness!

Guys, I don’t even…Why? How?! Sashiko and Mayuyu were there! Yukirin should have an infinite amount of secret knowledge about those two, having been together for over 5 years and yet, and YET!!! Who did she choose to talk about?! The person that was sitting next to Sakura, the person that wasn’t any of those two mentioned! Why? Did she just need a reason to finally look at Sakura? I mean she wouldn’t otherwise from her position unless Sakura was speaking and even then she would have to strain, as we saw last episode! Or is it because she just wanted to stir things up more knowing the battle going on for her heart! I mean she is BLACK-san for crying out loud! Maybe she knew and did it on purpose purpose to ruffle Rena, Sakura and Mayuyu’s feathers!

And poor Yuihan wasn’t expecting to be picked. She was so shocked she almost chocked on the food she was eating! The look on Sakura’s face at the time >.< Poor baby! And did you see the one Rena was giving Yukirin as she looked around? She had on those puppy dog eyes begging Yukirin for attention but Yukirin was in BLACK mode so she of course completely ignored her! I sure hope Yuihan has her defences up and ready because I am fearing for her life!

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00041
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00044

As for Sakura-tan, I felt sorry for her the most. The poor girl did her best to impress Yukirin-oneesama! She went all out in that battle because if she couldn’t be close to Oneesama then she will steal her attention and what better way to do that than winning the battle everyone has their eyes on and thus Oneesama! Look at that face looking on towards Mayuyu and Sashiko as they tried to steal her thunder by insinuating that she won because of them!! Ha! Take your hand-downs else where because she doesn’t need them! She came into this battle to win, for her Oneesama, with her own hands! You just stand there making fools of thy selves!

150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00119 150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00123
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00124
Sakura-tan: This isn’t the reward I worked hard for!!
150115 AKB to XX! ep57.ts - 00126
Sakura-tan: Oneesama~ T.T)

I am so done for the day you all, so done! I have to go and re-charge my batteries before I even attempt to watch the Music Station AKB SP Medley!! This is just too much for me! And maybe I should start a series of this war! I have a feeling it is going to last longer than WWII! And it’s not just about the members mentioned here. In the other corners we have Soukantoku herself and one Sayaya, Kawamoto Saya is also a force to be reckoned with. Why? Because she already scored herself a date with Yukirin!!!! There is also Annin who not only declared on twitter that she is actually really close to Yukirin before Kurofuku even began o air, but right now they are in the middle of releasing YSWeb photos together!!!!

Here are the proof of what I just mentioned…

SayaYuki date, which Yukirin also confirmed during Shiichan’s BD LOD
306 305
205 106
AnnYuki YSWeb

Happy Saturday to you all.


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

14 thoughts on “The Battle For Yukirin Continues in AKB to XX

  1. Want to stir up a typhoon? Put Yukirin and Hashimoto Kanna together! Hospitals will be filled with patients suffering from chronic haemorrhage. Those two together is an over-overkill. And NO ONE stands a chance if that ever happens!

    In all honesty I actually and purposely ignore the AKB to XX show. After reading your declarations, I am certain as ever that my choice was correct. From your excitement and between lines reading, this episode was packed with imagery. I don’t think there is a war going on for Yukirin’s heart, she could just be fooling everyone around… Or I am simply too tired to picture that… Maybe it was Yukirin’s evil twin..wait, I had come to the conclusion that role belong to me… I should be her long lost evil twin!

    Then if we proceed with the conflict perception, whilst Mayuyu, Rena and Sakura ( in this case) are in all out offensive against each other for Yukirin to heart them, Yuihan and Sayaya are in guerilla fighters. Annin is not aiming to get beyond what she has got, she is in a nice, peaceful position. At the end, Yukirin will probably ignore them all and go outing with Nyan nyan, *giggles and evil laughter* just to pull a prank. Like they did in the NHK Kohaku.

    Sooner rather than later, it will surface, a two-shot of Yukirin and Kanna, and all efforts will become vain and useless, I will be ready when that happens. Meanwhile, I will relax listening to some amazing Jazz.

    P.S. Yukirin has more similarities to the Kitsune than to the kirin, now that I think of it. Maybe she is a mixture of both, or… I need a new brain.

    • Indeed…
      …also WAT?

      Bishoujo? More like 7.5 at best… I don’t get why does she get this much attention… -_-

      At least her voice is not annoying…

      PS: Sorry BG, I just felt like ranting.

      • Because she is awesome! Even Yukirin recognizes her. Not only is she cute, but also she can sing and dance incredible well. She reminds a bit of Yukirin but a lot more active and energetic. I tell you those two together and a typhoon will arise! I bet she can completely steal Yukirin’s heart!

      • Whatever you say, doc…

  2. You know I really want to know if there were enough chairs for that first segment or were they always one short, I guess they could of been one short, I mean it might of happened but lets be honest, this is Mayuyu we are talking about, the center, surely she should be in that front row right? Nope, she had chosen her “seat” (Oh what a lovely seat too <3) well before this segment started and nothing was going to move her, not even almighty Souchan!!!

    And boy when Mayu sends a message does she mean it (again ask Souchan after taking a full bore Cyborg death stare) I mean just sitting on Yukirins lap like that? Man I think that sends a message to everyone that if you invade Yukirin's personal space then you are invading Mayuyu's as well, this was certainly Mayu telling everyone that the "MaYuki rule" is still going strong…… but is it?

    For a start Rena almost broke my computer!!! When she almost fell onto Yukirin I stood up in my shock, problem was I had my headphones in at the time which decided to attempt to bring most of the computer with them!! Fortunately it all survived (my heart was another matter) but man, talk about the what if moment of the year!!!!

    As for the musical chairs… Talk about a game within a game, surely those who needed to know knew that Yuki would be out first, it was always going to happen, the trick was to get out with Yukirin! Poor Rena thought she had got in there too but Mayu is a verteran Yuki player too so she had neatly extracted herself from the game as well, problem is whilst they were being nice to each other for the cameras they had not counted on Milky (THAT MILKY!!!) stealthing in to get some time with her "big sis" Neither apparently was Sasshi deemed a threat until she snuck in the other side, possibly in an attempt to help poor Sakura out by talking to Yuki about her during the game (BECAUSE SASSHI!!!)

    If there was a moment where Yui became a competitor in this game, this episode was it!!! (That and the latest MSta where serious shit happens which I still can't fully and sensibly talk about yet!!!) But there's Yukirin, sitting next to both Rena and Mayuyu with Sasshi there to and she chooses Yui, man talk about earning bonus points, Yui just hit a jackpot!!!

    I did feel super sorry for poor Sakura though, who I think for a second thought that Yukirin was going to pic her, at least it looks like it from the super hurt expression on her face afterwards (it was kinda hard to watch that bit) but you know that cute little smile Yui gave Yukirin in the end made it worth it, I mean there is something so sweet about Yui and Yuki together I find and it's nice to see there closeness played out on the cameras more and more these days rather than the kinda backstage only thing it was 🙂

    Not sure Rena and Mayu are though, I think you are right BlackGeki, Yuki must of had BLACK mode on, there is no other way that she could of survived Rena looking at her like that (A look that would have mere mortals fawning over her wanting to pick her up and snuggle her like the lost little puppy she looked like) or indeed would Yuki have survived the holes that Mayu was burning into the back of her head with her eyes, not sure I have seen Mayu ever look at Yuki with that look before!!!!

    I too feel sorry for poor Sakura, she's just to new to this game and she is up against seasoned pro's but she keeps on diligently fighting on trying to get Yukirin's attention in her own way (thank the lord she has Sasshi on her team otherwise…….) there is no doubt that she is the underdog in this battle, but you know what, sometimes you can't help but root for the underdog 🙂

    I wonder if some ways the outside threat is the greatest, Kawamoto Saya! she's like, "you have your battle for Yukirin, I'm just going to go off on a date with her whilst you do" I mean Sayaya looked at the rulebook and went NOPE!!! And she gets away with it because she effects Yukirin in a weird and wonderful way that not very many do, she is a threat no doubt!

    And as for Takamina, well actually she perhaps is winning because she is the only one who Yukirin is chasing, and I swear Yuki is getting more and more obvious in her advances with her since she announced her graduation, it's like it's awoken something stirring deep within Yukirin and it's something that we have not seen before really, an aggressive Yukirin chasing a member down!!!

    • ^ I agree completely! Its strangely nice to see some rare MaYuki moments and for someone like Mayu…you would expect her and maybe Yukirin in front row seats. The fact that they are one seat short…you would expect other members to give up their seat for Mayu who is a high ranked member… or maybe the guest (man with weird hat) took Mayu’s seat?

  3. Quite late but happy Sunday to you, too! :3

  4. I always enjoy reading your post about the girls fight over Yukirin xD

    AWESOME !!!

    PS. Even though I’m #TeamMayuyu as always with a little bit of #TeamSayaya – -+

    • Thanks, the battle is still going strong except now it’s happening in blogs. Too much is happening to keep up. This sudden Yukirin boom among young members is really interesting and thought inducing.

      Sayaya is going strong, not only did she already score a date with Yukirin, got a birthday letter from her, but Yukirin also helped her get her own radio show which just started airing! Like, whaaaaa

    • MAYUKI is of course still the Master Ship

  5. where can i watch all the episodes of akb to xx in english or raw???????????please i really want to watch it……

  6. seriously,,can you tell me where can i watch akb to xx with eng subs???please

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