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Fic – Interest [Bee/Palm]


Black Gekikara
A ThirTEEN Terrors Bee and Palm Fan Fiction based on episode 9, specifically when Palm pays Bee a visit in the middle of the night.

It just had to be done guys, it had to be done. I had to get this off my chest before I went crazy! Didn’t do that much though so I am sure there will be more of these two! See what you are doing to us Thailand? This should have been a movie! It was too short for a single episode! Actually, how about we get a whole 13 episode series about this mysterious transfer student? I am sure you can manage it!

Any way, I am just so in love with these two that I had to do something, anything and so here it is. It’s a short one but I hoe you likey…

~ +++ ~

“I’m sorry”

Palm started at the sudden break in silence. She had finally calmed down enough to almost feel sleep begin over-taking her.


“I am sorry for shouting at you. You just surprised me that is all.”

The girl lying next to her in bed, a bed that she owned, turned around to look at Palm. Their proximity so close Palm could feel the air the other girl exhaled hit her straight in the face.

“No, no, there is no need for you to apologise. It was totally my fault!”

Really, what was she thinking when she did that anyway? They had just began to get acquainted and she already…

“So, you are not angry with me?”

“Wha…no! Why would you think that? If anything you should be the one that is mad! I shouldn’t have been too personal like that. I mean, we barely even know each other and there I was trying to…oh never mind.”

Palm stopped herself in time before she spilled the beans. She had kept the secret all this time and yet ever since she had met the other girl she found it was harder to stay in control.

“I still want to know what you were doing. I can deduce that you did not mean to harm me so what were you trying to achieve?”

Palm pulled the covers away from her face to stare in scrutiny at her bed-mate.

“Are you being serious Bee?”

The girl had to be having fun with her. And yet when she looked into those eyes, they were as serious as usual.

“You really are one odd girl Bee, you know that?”

“You keep saying that. Is it a bad thing? I thought everyone was different? Odd does mean something different, right?”

“Well yeah, but even as different as everyone is, there is a standard where we are all the same. Kind of a thing that separates us from cows or dogs if you get my drift.”

Palm was watching as the girl scrunched her eye brows in genuine confusion.

“But I am human. I am acting like an animal.”

Palm just stared at the girl with her mouth slack for a few seconds. She then burst out in giggles that only lasted until Bee narrowed her eyes at her.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I’m sorry Bee, that wasn’t very nice. You are odd because you don’t act like any other person I have ever met. Ah, but don’t take it the wrong way. In fact, I think it’s the reason why I find you very interesting.”

“You find me…interesting?”


Palm tried to look anywhere but at the girl next, in front and around her. She really should have thought this through more before jumping the gun and coming over! Her plan of cuddling with Bee was looking more and more like the worst mistake ever.

“Is that why you were touching me?”

Palm’s head snapped back up to Bee’s face so fast she almost saw stars at the rush it gave her.


“I said – is that why you were touching me before?”

“I wasn’t touching you! I was only meaning to put my hand around you and cuddle, that is all, I swear!”

“Isn’t that touching means?”

Palm stared at Bee.

“Oh, you are now getting a sense of humour, huh?”

“But I am not laughing”

“That’s not…Ah forget it, let’s just get to sleep, okay? At this rate we won’t get any!”

And with that Palm turned around and pulled her side of the blanket over her head.

“If that is the case then we can just skip class, can’t we?”

“Ha, you skip class? Can you even do that?”

Palm spoke from under the covers. Despite her protests she was actually really enjoying talking to the new girl. Maybe her efforts weren’t in vain after all. Sure she did not get what she came for but at least she feels that she has seen more of the girl.

“Of course! They are very few things I cannot do.”

“Is that so?”



A minute later the blanket rustling cut it, followed by the sound of Palm’s blood rushing through her veins as her heart rate picked up for Bee’s hand was on Palm’s waste.

“Is this what you wanted to do?”

Palm did not dare open her mouth. A lack of reaction was not nice so she nodded anyway. Somehow she knew the other girl would know that. But something was missing. The hand was stiff and heavy on her hip which felt like bee had just simply placed it there.

“You are doing it wrong though…”

She dared.

“How is it supposed to be done?”

Palm felt a great temptation to take advantage of the girl’s now apparent innocence.

“For starts, move closer.”

Palm heard shuffling but her back did not feel any different.


This time she felt the girl’s legs connect with her calves. Still, she wasn’t feeling what she wanted to feel.

“Come on Bee, I don’t bite. Move closer until you can’t move any further.”

That did the trick. Palm fought back a gasp that almost escaped her lips.

“That’s better, now for the hand…Oh I am going to hold your hand, okay? I am not going to hurt you or anything.”

“Palm figured she would announce this time before she touched Bee for she did not want this progress to be put to a full stop!


At the consent, Palm wiped her hand on the blanket to get rid of the sweat that was beginning to build up, then took hold of Bee’s hand and pulled it forward until she was holding it over her chest. She tried very hard to not burst out in pure glee.

“This is how you cuddle. Some call it spooning just for your information.”

“Cuddling…It does feel, positively peculiar.”

“Does that mean that you like it?”

Palm snickered.

“I don’t know. I have never experienced this before so I cannot tell if I like it or not.”

“Well, I am here if you ever want to do it again, or try something else…”

“There is a lot of things I still do not understand so I might take you on your offer.”

“I will be waiting”

More silence. Palm dared not make a move lest the girl think it was her queue to let go. As for Bee, she did not move at all, which Palm would have found strange hours ago but not anymore. She was actually really fascinated by Bee and her lack of social skills and it was making the girl that much more attractive. She was a lost cause, wasn’t she?

“I can feel your heart. It is peculiar that such a small organ keep you alive.”

“You do know that you have it too, right?”

Silence again, then…

“It does feel pleasant – being so close to another human…being!”

“Heh, what do you expect? We are emotional creatures after all!”


More silence passed and before she even knew it, Palm’s fingers were gently stroking Bee’s hand. Just as she was actually feeling sleep coming on for real this time, she was once again pulled back attention when Bee spoke again.



“I find you very interesting as well.”


… Finis …

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

4 thoughts on “Fic – Interest [Bee/Palm]

  1. I watched the episode you talked about in another post and I got the feeling something was missing.
    And this fic was exactly what I needed !
    This is sooooo sweet !
    I really like it when you write ! Thanks you a lot for giving us some yuri even when there is no real one ! =P

    Hope you did well with your exams =)

    • You are welcome Panda ^^

      But I hope you didn’t mean episode 9 when you said “there is no yuri”. I am not sure if this series has source material but from what I hear from Thai fans, it sounds certain that there is something between Palm and Bee, or there is supposed to be. Oh well…

  2. I mean, “not enough yuri” for me xD
    Even if I like it when they are not showing too much in a drama, but we can see that there are some feelings hidden =)

    • Whew, that’s a relief. You had me worried there.

      Though I do prefer light yuri, I sometimes do crave plain yuri, if just to feed the soul. So I do understand your predicament

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