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Merry Shipping Christmas from AKB to XX


141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00118
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00139
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00140
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00129
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00052
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00120
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00270

So, I just watched this month’s AKB to XX (Yes, it’s a monthly show! The horror!) and I literally had the craving to get out a bowl of popcorn and 3D glasses just less than 5 minutes into the episode! And I gotta say that as a YukiRena, Mayuki and CBS shipper, with a dose of SayaYuki, I am telling you now that I was not disappointed! It was gud! Oh so GUD! A lot of things happened this episode even more so where someone like me that sees even a single brush of clothes is concerned, that made me feel like flying! The grin on my face right now is not for the sane! Add on the fact that I have also just watched Tokyo Dome 2014 and I can assure I am having the happiest time this Christmas!

Let me walk you through this ep BG-vision style…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00000
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00003

From the very beginning during the opening credits my brain was already on fire! Starting with the backstage footage as we are introduced to the main members this time around, I was suddenly hit with Mayuki feels when I saw this scene! I don’t know if you all remember that elevator scene I talked about that happened during Request Hour 2013 but I joked about how Yukirin was like Mayuyu’s bodyguard the way she was walking behind her like that.

Well, I was not laughing this time around because for some reason my mind had this notion that Yukirin now really is Mayuyu’s bodyguard. And this is all in my mind but I was thinking that since the incident Yukirin has become much more protective of Mayuyu to the point of changing her tactics. She no longer brings out the rear of Mayuyu because then if someone was o attack Mayuyu (as most attacks happen from the front) it would be too late for Yukirin to act so now she takes the front. Totally full on protective mode! The staff can bring out the rarely attached rear. My shipping heart was already racing even before we had began as you can see.

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00037
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00041

Please ignore CBS for now. This is about Mayuki and as you can see, everything that came after that initial thought was viewed as support of that idea and during this scene where Yukirin entered through the door before Mayuyu, something that took me by surprise as Yukirin always gives way for Mayuyu first, but another thought totally snuffed the worries away when I thought of it as Yukirin playing her improved bodyguard game! She will let Mayuyu walk into that room (the unknown) over her dead body! What if there was a bomb there or an armed criminal in that room?! Sorry Bruh but the bullet has to go through her first before it can even think of getting to Mayuyu yo! Your assassination attempts have failed! Good luck with your life sentence in prison!

I kid you not, this was what was going through my mind watching this episode! That YukiRena leak got me good! Ah, bu we are still on Mayuki here.

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00078

Again please ignore the other notions from this cap for the time is coming for those but for now, as further ammunition for my delusions, take a look t the above cap. The only way Yukirin let Mayuyu stand ahead of her was due to the setting. Danger is more likely to come from behind them than front also note that Mayuyu is so close to Yukirin that Yukirin could bring her arms around her and hold her like lovers do, um, I mean and pull her away as fast as necessity would need her to.

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00138 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00189
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00208 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00211
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00214 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00221
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00278 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00279

As the norm of course Yukirin will sit next to Mayuyu whenever the situation doesn’t call for Mayuyu to sit with someone else. They have fun together as Mayuki do always even to the expense of others, like this moment…


Here Black Yukirin comes out and hits Akarin with a ball because Akarin was daring to do her fishing in front of not only the Queen of the game herself but all those Senbatsu members. The funny thing is that when I saw Yukirin juggling that ball and Akari doing her usual shenanigans, I had this thought of Yukirin hitting her with a ball and then it actually happened! I thought if it because I knew Yukirin would never do such a thing, well, I thought I knew, I didn’t, as it turns out! Rena too was shocked but to save her Waifu, Mayuyu does the same thing but doesn’t hit anyone instead just throws the ball across the room. What is that if not…

ai yo

And let’s not forget that moment Mayuyu made a statement to everyone!

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00288
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00290

This was probably directed at Rena since it followed right after a certain RenaYuki moment but too bad for Mayuyu, Rena was giving her none of her attention! I tell ya guys, the game was strong in this episode!
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00296
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00297

And finally of course as a testament to Mayuki’s connection, they were the only two out of this whole group that did not get to eat anything! What are you all willing to bet that the reason why Yukirin did not take part in this was because she was waiting for Mayuyu to eat something first?! I mean she did not even try to say something at all! Ah Mamarin, your love for Mayuyu brings tears to my soul!
But this was only one side of the day’s battle. Here comes a challenger in the form of…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00049
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00051
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00052
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00053
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00060 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00061
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00064
im dead

Did this just happen!?! This this scene seriously just happen?!! My mind is still full of marshmallows so someone please confirm for me that this scene did indeed just happen! Tell me that these are all not photoshopped! Tell me that that is indeed Rena walking up to Yukirn. That that is indeed Rena taking a hold of Yukirin’s arm. That that is rena doing the moe frightened girl thing while she hold on Yukirin’s arm and hides behind her for safety because Yukirin will save her!!!


141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00124 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00158
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00229
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00234 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00274
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00293
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00294

Tell me that that this girl who got the guts to put the moves on Yukirin in the presence of Mayuyu is our one and only Matsui Rena because I do not believe it! This is not Rena, this is an imposter! This is some Body-Snatching mystery quantum zone episode right here!!

And Yukirin did so not try to answer back the call with some conspicuous domination in front of Mayuyu! Either way Mayuyu saw through her which she promptly put a stop to by claiming Yukirin as we saw earlier when she put her right arm over Yukirin’s shoulder and wrapped her left around Yukirin arm in a possessive hold! Again, too bad Rena was not watching thus her efforts were in vain! Or were they?

But we are not done yet, there is someone we are all forgetting about…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00037
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00041

Enter Sakura-tan! I swear to you this episode was the battle of the ships! Not only Rena but Sakura too seemed to grow some thins time around! I was right, she has already reached the breaking point that now she can no longer just sit back and wait for fortune to fall into her hands. She is now working for it like all others that want a piece of Yukirin. For crying out loud even Mayuyu sometimes is forced to work for it!

The first doki moment came as the members were entering the room and Sakura practically squeezed through the door alongside Yukirin! Totally giving no fucks for Mayuyu! I tell you I had to pause the video at that scene, rewind to make sure what I had just seen was real, then paused again and let out a scream of pure joy!

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00043
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00078

But things did not end at the door! This was one fight no one was willing to lose and in here comes that pic!Sakura spent as much time as she could standing close to Yukirin because even she knew that once they had sat down, there was no chance! it would look super questionable for her to sit next to Yukirin with the likes of Mayuyu, Yuihan, Sashiko and even Sayanee around so she made good with what time she got and man, did she ever!

Like, look at that second pic I have already posted! Just stare at Yukirin’s surroundings and take a deep breathe the try to decipher what you are seeing! My brain had a short circuited due to information overload! As soon as I got to these facts down;

  • Mayuyu –>Front
  • Sakura-tan –>Left
  • Rena-chan –>right

There was no saving me! At least until the next miracle happened!

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00081
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00082 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00083
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00084

Don’t get this scene, how about a gif then?


OMG! Did Sakura just turn to Yukirin, ? , Sakura laughing and tere-terely looking away?!! What happened there?!! What did Yukirin say?! What did she do?! What transpired the moment their eyes connected?!! Dear God, why did you not grant me the power to read minds of people on TV?!!


At this moment I was already lost to my feelings. Feelings I did not even understand! But Sakura-tan was not done…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00167 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00173
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00181 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00211141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00195 141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00194

She finally showed off her legendary skills thanks to Sashiko to Yukirin and making her laugh so hard in the process. I mean look at that proud look and that impressed smile on her face in that last cap?! Now Yukirin knows the Evangelion legend not to mention Sakura-tan’s blowing skills, sorry, whistling skills?!

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00136

There was no doubt at all that Sakura-tan has managed to get herself a portion of Yukirin’s heart if that above cap is any testament. Just look at the lengths Yukirin is now willing to go to in order to see Sakura. Just the previous day she would do all it took to not look in Sakura’s direction but now she is even hurting her neck just to catch a glimpse of her!

You all are so unlucky to not be me because I can assure you that you want to be me right now for the feelings coursing through me are non-heard of! But before I get to the bottom of the battle, there is one more person…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00093
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00096

Sayanee too wanted in on the action but since she didn’t make a move, Yukirin decided to move things along for her. She might not look at but Sayanee is kind of weak to things like this, well, when it is any other girl other than Maachun because we all know she is the one who is always taking the initiative when it comes to Maachun. For some reason she acts like any other girl around Maachun! It’s strange!

Sadly other than this, nothing more came out of this almost ship (Not shipping it yet)! Who knows, maybe next episode, which is actually part two of this special but we have to wait a month for it which kind of takes the pleasure out of thing, at least a little bit, am I right?

Speaking of which, could it be that XX are also shippers of Yukirena and Mayuki?! I mean it was same time last year that we got that Yukirena moment that was driving me mad and only a couple of episodes ago that we got a Mayuki date episode! OMG, the secret is out! Now if only they start supporting CBS too, I might sell my soul to this show!

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00240
141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00242

BTW, Sashiko has seen every single HKT girl’s nipples! According to Sakura (and confirmed by Sashiko herself), she goes around power-harassing girls into showing her their nipples!

You were right on the money Kragorin…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00258
These are the eyes of a dangerous creature!

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00078141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00081

But going back to the main point, The battle between Mayuyu, Rena and Sakura-tan for Yukirin was super intense this episode! The winner? I was kind of lost between Rena and Sakura for as while because they both showed a great deal of courage here and broke out of their shells by putting gears in motion!

But in the end, Rena accomplished more, I mean she held onto Yukirin’s arm and not only that but she got the guts to take the seat next to Yukirin too! Sorry Yuihan, Sashiko, this is serious business and we all know how Rena gets when she is serious about something! And seeing next episode’s preview,…

141218 AKB to XX! ep56.ts - 00313

I was hit with a great urge to see this battle continued! I mean imagine that Yukirin was there and Rena, Sakura and Mayuyu were all fighting for the same chair which Yukirin takes first and then Rena and Sakura and Mayuyu all fall on top of her!! Rena, Sakura and Mayuyu in Yukirin lap all at the same time…

i dead

But of course as we see, Rena beats the two (even though Sakura puts up a huge fight as well) so Rena still wins in the end and it is a WIN-WIN situation for both us and Yukirin…

Next week, can’t come any sooner!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

13 thoughts on “Merry Shipping Christmas from AKB to XX

  1. The battle of the ships! Is this a new version of the Hunger Games and the winning price is Yukirin?!

    Now I want to 1- watch this episode and 2- write an OT3 with this people. Though I already have many ideas for them.

    Ah! You just made me want to write something even though I already have problems with my writing OTL

    I totally hate you now! T-T

    But Rena’s been winning lately. I wonder if it’s because Mayuyu has Ikoma in B too or just MaYuki have clear boundaries or maybe Mayu just let Yuki have some affairs, just to go back home an punish her…. Ah… My imagination flew…

    Anyway!!! Too long and too many feelings and too many ships and too many wars and it’s all your fault that I ship all of them together. Take responsibility for your actions!!!

    • here I am, punish me all you want secnecrom, for I plead guilty as charged and not even a tiny bit sorry for it!^^

      And OT3, my Friend I think OT4!

      ———– Mayuyu ———–
      Sakura — Yukirin — Rena

      Whatever you come up if, in case you manage to put yourself back together to write something, whatever you write, I will drink up like a cup of poison.

      As for Rena, I too wonder why she is getting her game on just now! I mean, it’s been like what, 6 years since these two first met?! And yet it is now that she is putting her game on. I wonder if she saw something in Nogizaka that changed her O.O

      Then again, same goes for Sakura. But in her case, I just knew it wouldn’t be too long before she cracked! These two’s ignoring of one another is just so glaringly obvious! Or should I say, was?

      Either way you cut, the winner out of all of this is us! Great time to be a shipper!

      • I’m just here wondering why Mayuyu is not fighting more for Yukirin though, like, remember that in the past she was all clingy, possessive and just over Yukirin? And now she is just like, yeah, right, play with them all you want. I still win sort of image.

        And right! OT4! (I kind of didn’t count Mayuyu in this because of what I said about Mayu) but anyway! I will write something for real and I will totally tell you about it.

        I wrote a SakuraYuki thing a few months ago though… Lol anyway! I’ll try to go back to my writing self :3

        I guess I have to thank you for making me write again xD

      • WT?!!! A CBS fic I didn’t know about! Give me it! NAO!LOL

        Also, with the wedding at Tokyo Dome, Mayuki are now inseparable so really, you can’t blame her for having little to no concerns! Though me thinks once Sakura starts hitting, She will be worried!

      • Ah… I didn’t posted it here xD


        Ups! My bad xD

        I will post it and then give you the link xD

        And Mayu should be afraid! Evangelion-cha- eh I mean Sakuratan is progressing xD

  2. Oh, look what just happened again… I was right…

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